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Finding the best OTG ski goggles can be a pain in the neck, as there are numerous options available in the market. When buying these ski goggles, there are a variety of things to consider such as comfort, ventilation, ease of wearing, and much more.

In short, you need to look for multiple things before you go for a pair of OTG goggles. To make things easier for you, we are here with this detailed guide.

The guide contains a list of factors that should be in your mind when looking for ski goggles. Read on, and find out how to choose these goggles to ensure a snug and comfortable fit while skiing.

What are OTG ski goggles?

OTG ski or over-the-glasses are the goggles that you can wear with your prescription glasses. These goggles have a bigger frame that fit on your glasses, so you get clearer and better vision.

You cannot wear regular ski goggles with glasses because of their tight fit, and that’s where OTG goggles come into consideration.

The goggles are big but comfortable, so anyone, including kids, adults, and the elderly, can wear them to enjoy in the snow.

Benefits of wearing OTG ski goggles

There are numerous benefits of buying OTG ski goggles, and that’s why they are popular among people that wear prescription glasses. Here are a handful of benefits that you should know about before you choose a pair of OTG goggles.

No need to ditch your prescription glasses

One of the biggest benefits of wearing OTG goggles is that you don’t have to ditch your prescription glasses. The hollow space inside the frame lets you wear the glasses with ultimate comfort.

Ultimate glare reduction

When skiing, clear vision is indispensable so that you are very well aware of the obstacles coming in your way. With OTG goggles, you can reduce the glare up to a great extent.

Alike, regular ski goggles, OTG goggles also come with multiple lens options in different colors. These goggles reflect the light back, and you get an uninterrupted vision, which is essential for skiing safely.

Protects the eyes from debris and cold

The spine-chilling breeze is harmful to the eyes, and that’s where OTG ski goggles can help. The goggles protect your eyes from debris and cold. Furthermore, these goggles seal the eyes properly, and you will feel warm inside.

Your glasses don’t fall off

If you have ever tried skiing with prescription glasses, then you will surely agree on how risky and dangerous it can be. Your glasses can fall off, and the situation can get out of control.

But when you are wearing a good pair of OTG glasses, your glasses remain secure in place. The OTG goggles are designed to fit with your glasses, and you get ultimate comfort with them.

Advanced UV protection

With OTG ski goggles, you get great UV protection, provided that the goggles have UV-resistant lenses. The harmful UV rays from the sun cannot harm your eyes, so you get a better experience skiing with your friends and family.

Comfortable to wear

Another significant benefit of using OTG ski goggles is that they are comfortable. Some people think that the goggles can lead to pain as the prescription glasses get crushed between it and the face.

However, you will experience good comfort if you purchase a pair of OTG ski goggles using this buyer’s guide.

Things to consider when buying OTG ski goggles

Buying OTG ski goggles isn’t as easy as choosing a pair of regular ski goggles. There are multiple things to consider, such as the size, ventilation, and fit to ensure that you have a great experience skiing with the goggles.

Below are some essential factors that you should take into consideration when looking for OTG ski goggles.

Frame size

The first thing to check is the frame size. OTG ski goggles are available in a range of options with different frame sizes. However, the frames are a bit bigger than regular ski goggles as there is some space for your prescription glasses as well.


Large frames are great for people with bigger heads. If you are an adult who loves wearing a ski cap under the goggles, then you should go for a bigger frame.

Also, the size of the lens is bigger, and you get a wider field of view.


Medium-sized frames are great for ladies and teenagers as they have a small head. Furthermore, these frames are highly popular because of the fit and comfort they offer.


Small OTG ski goggles frames are recommended for kids. If you want to take your little one skiing, go for small frames that fit well with his prescription glasses.

When selecting a frame, make sure to check the hollow space inside it. The hollow space is there to fit the prescription glasses, and it should seal the eyes properly so that cool air cannot enter inside.

Lens type

You get two options when choosing the lens setup: cylindrical and spherical. Both lenses have some significant differences in their performance, and it is important to choose the right one.

But before we explain the types of lenses you get with OTG ski goggles, let’s have a look at the lens category to help you make an informed decision.

Lens category

OTG ski goggles are available in a range of options with different lens colors and technologies. You should go for a pair that improves your vision and has an excellent field of view. The color and shape of the lens have a huge impact on brightness.

OTG ski goggles lenses are rated using VLT or visual transmission light rating. Lenses with lower VLT rating allow lesser light to pass through them, and that’s why they are great for sunny days.

These lenses have a darker color, and you cannot use them in low light conditions. If you want a pair of goggles to ski in low light, look for lenses with higher VLT.

It is essential to check the VLT rating of the goggles before buying them.

Snow and low light conditions

In these conditions, you should use lenses with VLT category 1-2. You can wear these goggles in low light and when there is no sunlight around.

Variable conditions

In variable conditions, the sun sometimes comes out of the clouds and then set back. In these conditions, you should use lenses with VLT category 2-3. The color of these lenses can be brown or tinted with excellent UV protection.

Bright conditions

To wear in the sun, you should choose OTG goggles with VLT category 3. The color of the lenses is dark so that it filters the light and prevents the glare from disturbing you.

Very bright conditions

In very bright conditions, you should choose lenses with VLT category 3-4. These lenses have a quite dark color to filter the light. However, you cannot use these goggles during the dark or in low light conditions.

Now let’s get back to the shape of the lenses.

Spherical lenses

Spherical lenses are slightly curved, and you can feel it by touching them. The curve is vertically and horizontally, giving the lenses a streamlined design to cut through the air.

There are multiple advantages of using these lenses with OTG goggles because you get a better field of view and improved vision. Furthermore, these lenses reduce the glare drastically due to the shape.

There are a lot of color options available when you choose OTG goggles with spherical lenses.

Cylindrical or flat lenses

Flat lenses have round edges, but the central part is flat. They are good for recreational use and not for everyday skiing. If you are looking for a pair of OTG goggles that your kids can use when you take them out for skiing, go for cylindrical lenses.

OTG goggles with cylindrical lenses are cheaper when compared to spherical lenses. However, they don’t have an excellent field of views because of the flat design.

Color of the lenses

After choosing the shape and VLT category, you should look for the color of the lenses, as there are multiple colors available under dark and light lenses.

Below we have explained some common color options you get while looking for OTG ski goggles.


Goggles with a clear lens are great for low light conditions due to the lower VLT rating. If you want to ski in stormy weather or in the dark, then you can choose goggles with these lenses.

Furthermore, you get clear vision with your prescription glasses on. However, you cannot use these goggles in bright light conditions.


OTG goggles with rose-colored lenses are highly popular because of their deeper perception. You can use these lenses in flat light conditions. The VLT rating of these lenses is around 1-2, so you can use them in stormy conditions.

The only downside to these lenses is that you cannot use them in bright and sunny conditions.


Ski goggles with amber-colored lenses are great for stormy and grey weather. As per some experts, amber and slightly brown color are best for ski goggles because of their ability to filter out the blue light.


Just like amber, gold-colored lenses are great for medium to low light conditions. Popular for being highly versatile, these lenses are good if you are a recreational skier. If the weather is stormy, go for gold-colored lenses with OTG ski goggles.


OTG ski goggles with yellow lenses are great for flat light conditions. These lenses have excellent sharpening and perception. You can use these lenses in variable light conditions. However, they can be too dark for skiing at night.


Orange-colored lenses are often known as an all-rounder because they go well with low and bright light conditions. In fact, orange-colored lenses are highly versatile as they adapt according to the outdoor light conditions.


If you want to wear the OTG ski goggles in bright conditions, then gray is the best color to choose. The dark lens filters the light, and you can enjoy skiing comfortably without any issues.

Lens technology

Ski goggles manufacturers are experimenting with ski goggles lenses to make them even better. Now you get multiple technologies with these lenses, which improves your skiing experience.

Here are some technologies you need to know about before purchasing a pair of OTG ski goggles.

Mirrored lens

Ski goggles with the mirrored lens are great for skiing in bright light. The mirror coating on the lens reflects the light back into the sky, and that helps in reducing the glare.

Also, your eyes remain cool, and you can enjoy skiing. Mirrored lenses are good for bright sunlight because they are great for reflecting light, and there is lesser light in stormy weather and night.

Double lens

Ski goggles with double lenses are amazing when it comes to reducing the fogging. The double layer of the lens creates a barrier of heat for improved safety. You will find a multitude of OTG ski goggles in the market at reasonable rates.

UV protection

It is important to save your eyes from the harsh UV rays when skiing. The UV rays bounce into your eyes as the snow reflects them. Ski goggles with UV protection safeguard your eyes from these rays.

The sunscreen will save your skin from UV rays, but to save your eyes, you need lenses with UV protection.

Anti-fog lens

Fogging is common in OTG ski goggles, and that’s why the manufacturers introduced lenses with anti-fog technology. There is a coating on the lens that prevents fog build-up, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it multiple times.

These goggles are great for people who are into skiing sports and other such activities and will be using the goggles every day.

Polarized lens

Ski goggles with polarized lenses effectively filter the vertical light, and that reduces the glare. Furthermore, you get increased clarity, which makes them perfect for extreme sports.

Photochromic lens

OTG ski goggles with the photochromic lens are getting popular among skiers. They work well in a bright and dark light as the lens automatically adjusts its color. In the dark, the lens becomes lighter, and in bright conditions, the lens becomes darker so that it can filter the light.

However, these ski goggles are costly when compared to other lens models.


Ventilation is an essential feature of OTG ski goggles. If you buy a pair of goggles without ventilation, then the fog will build upon the lens, and you have to clean it multiple times.

Go for OTG ski goggles that have multiple vents on the sides so that the hot air passes out and there is no condensation at all.

Also, some goggles have a fog-resistant coating that minimizes the fog built-up, and you can enjoy skiing. In a nutshell, you should check the air vents and anti-fog coating in a pair of OTG ski goggles before buying it.

Interchangeable lenses

You might have heard about OTG ski goggles with interchangeable lenses. These OTG ski goggle frames let you change the lenses depending on the light conditions.

You can use a dark lens when it's bright outside and a lighter lens when it's dark outside.

Closure system

These ski goggles come with different types of the closure system. It is essential to check the closure system and its closure system to ensure that you have a decent experience with it. Below we have listed the common types of closures that come with OTG ski goggles.

Clip system

Ski goggles with a clip system are amazing because of their durability. The clip fits into the loop to keep the goggles secure. However, using this system can be a bit challenging in the beginning, so it would be great if you practice it beforehand.

Magnetic system

The magnetic closure system is the easiest to use. All you have to do is attach the straps together, and the magnetic closure system will get closed automatically.

Click system

Click systems are widely used because of the durability and ease of use. You hear a click sound that’s a green signal that closure is attached properly.


It is important to check the strap material to ensure that it is comfortable and water-resistant. Most of the OTG ski goggles come with soft silicone straps as they are sweat-resistant and comfortable to wear.

Wavelength filtration capability

You will find multiple OTG ski goggles in the market with excellent wavelength filtration capability. The lens filters the vertical light because of its prism-like design.

When you buy these ski goggles, you get a clear line of sight, and that’s essential for skiing.

Extra features to look for in OTG ski goggles.

If you are in love with skiing, then you should buy OTG ski goggles with some special features. Here are some features that only a handful of goggles have.

Camera mount

Ski goggles with camera mount, let you attach an action camera on it. You can record videos of skiing without holding a camera in your hand. It is important to check if you can attach a camera with the goggles before buying it.


The built-in GPS in your ski goggles let the people track you in cases of emergencies. There is no need to carry a dedicated GPS when it’s present in the pair of ski goggles.


OTG ski goggles are available at a range of prices. The price of the goggles depends on multiple factors such as lens type, lens color, lens shape, and other such features that the goggles offer.

You will find these goggles at affordable rates, and there are some high-end models available as well for the people that need the best OTG ski goggles.

FAQs: Best OTG Ski Goggles

Q: How to take care of OTG ski goggles?

A: Taking care of the OTG ski goggles is essential to enhance its lifespan. Always clean the goggles before and after skiing so that you can clean the debris and snow formed around them.

Clean the lens with a soft cloth, and rub it on the straps and other components of the goggles as well. Furthermore, buy a good-quality case so that you can store the goggles to protect them during transportation.

Here are a handful of tips you need to know:

  • Don’t keep the goggles in direct sunlight, as the UV rays can damage the lens, which can hamper visibility.
  • Don’t touch the lens with bare hands, as your fingerprints can hinder the FOV.
  • Protect the lens from any hard objects to safeguard it from scratches and damages.
Q: Are OTG Ski goggles more expensive than regular goggles?

A: The price of the goggles depends on multiple factors, including lens type and much more. However, it’s not true that these goggles are more expensive than regular ski goggles. You can buy good OTG ski goggles at reasonable rates using this comprehensive guide.

Q: How durable are OTG ski goggles?

A: The durability of the goggles depends on multiple factors such as brand, lens type, lens shape, lens color, and other such factors. But you can enhance the durability of the goggles by following the tips we listed above.

These goggles aren’t built to withstand the impact of something hard. However, they are durable and perform pretty well in the harsh conditions outside on the ski track.


With this OTG ski goggles buyer's guide, you can purchase the best pair of goggles that’s comfortable, durable, and great to wear. Whether you want a pair of goggles for your kid, wife, or for yourself, this guide is a perfect way to make an informed decision.

Just skim through the factors, and start searching for the best goggles depending on the brand and customer reviews.

Lastly, we have listed some FAQs as well that you can go through to get more information about ski goggles. One thing that most people overlook when buying ski goggles is the warranty. Always buy a pair that comes with decent warranties. / - © Copyright 2020