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Up for trekking? Looking for a strong and sturdy backpack that will make your day? If yes, we are here to help you by easing your task with an excellent guide to make your journey the most memorable one!

In case you are still confused with which brand to opt for? Osprey company is undoubtedly the best in the world of backpacks. Thus, relying on Osprey backpacks is one of the best decisions you will make!

However, you may be puzzled by their large number of models and would want a clear guide to simplify all their features so that you can make an apt choice.

Thus, we have created this full-fledged guide to ease your hassle and help you with all the excellent features. So, what are you waiting for? Read on this complete guide to get the gist of all the top characteristics of these Osprey backpacks.

What is the Osprey company, and why should you choose their backpacks?

Osprey is a company that is well known for producing backpacks, which has been their main priority for quite some time now. They have also started to provide their users with travel packs and smaller bags for traveling.

The Osprey company is quite popular as they can give the customers high-quality material with a diverse organization. It is massively essential while you are in extreme conditions as you have to carry your equipment in these organized backpacks.

The layman often mistakes Osprey to provide packs necessary for outdoor travel like the Atmon and the Aether. Instead, Osprey, along with that, can give unique backpacks with incredible features for their customers.

The backpacks have been provided with various features and functionalities, and they are mainly used for purposes like traveling daily and gear-hauling.

The Osprey Company holds quite a good reputation as they provide the users with a warranty that can be considered essential. The 'All-mighty guarantee" is being provided by the Osprey, which favors all of its customers and the environment.

The company has ensured that their bags are quite durable to prove that they have provided their customers with a user-repair option and the complete replacement of the backpack if the backpack gets damaged.

The reserve is only possible, though, if the pack has been registered with the Osprey Company.

Categories of Osprey backpacks

  1. Kestral/Kyte:

The Kestral/Kyte are known to be the smallest backpacks available in the category for the packs. These Osprey backpacks are suitable for those trekkers that do not require much space but require the pack to be durable and provided with a range of useful quality features.

The kestrel/ Kyte backpacks have been provided with an optimum range of the back panels, which deliver overall suspension for the pack.

These backpacks are similar to the lightweight backpacks. They can handle heavy loads as they are durable.

The Airscape backpack technology allows the bag's weight to be close to the body while maintaining a constant airflow.

Features like these are known to increase the backpack's overall weight, but then again, the Kestral/ Kyte backpack is known for its comfort oversize.

  1. Stratos (Men)/ Sirrius (Women):

These Osprey backpacks are known for their incredible features, like providing the trekkers with breathability along with excellent airspeed technology.

This backpack is conclusive of a mesh net that functions to keep the pack away from the body. This backpack is delivered with optimum suspension, which assists the trekker to be able to carry significant loads with them without any issue.

These backpacks are quite similar to the Kestrel/ Kyte backpacks, but they can deliver the trekker with a large amount of space, which helps them carry heavier items.

These backpacks are highly recommended for the trekkers who travel light like for summer expeditions, and you require lighter gear. In that case, the pack is an excellent choice.

Although this backpack does not provide us with a gigantic pocket for the sleeping bag compartment and the hip belt pockets are also not that big.

  1. Atmos (Men)/ Auro (Women):

The Atmos/ Auro range of backpacks is the most popular in the Osprey backpacks category as they are the most versatile backpacks that are being used by the trekkers.

They can offer us excellent breathability, comfort, and the all-new anti-gravity suspension, which is the specialty of these backpacks.

The backpack's anti-gravity system is more like a mesh pad, which can cover the hip belt and the back panel so that the weight gets distributed and all the pressure points are eliminated. These backpacks provide more space than the bags mentioned above, so if you are looking for more space, you can consider these backpacks.

  1. Talon( Men)/ Tempest (Women):

These backpacks are perfect for trekkers who are looking for a quality package at a reasonably low price. They do not offer any frills, and they still have aluminum frames that provide optimum suspension.

The large comfortable hip belts are padded, and they can deliver the trekker with distributed weights to reduce the strain on their muscles.

These Osprey backpacks have been provided with hip belt pockets, and they are top-loading. They are not offering you more features other than this.

But those who want to travel light and are exactly not looking for more parts can easily opt for it. They want their backpack to be light in weight as the feature will otherwise add more weight to the pack.

  1. Exos (men)/ Eja (Women):

These backpacks are more like an upgraded luxury version of the Talon/ Tempest backpacks. They have an additional feature that makes them perfect for the lightweight backpack category.

But they are not that pocket friendly like the backpacks that we mentioned above. These backpacks have been delivering the right frames, comfortable shoulder along with hip straps.

These backpacks are light in weight and are also able to offer adequate ventilation. Trekking with backpacks lighter in weight is fantastic as you can enjoy more when the backpack's weight does not strain you down.

Thus, these backpacks can be your perfect choice in the range of lighter bags for trekking.

  1. Aether AG (Men)/ Ariel AG (Women):

These Osprey backpacks are highly recommended for carrying heavier loads. They offer us an excellent anti-gravity suspension, which increases the comfort and stability for the user.

These backpacks are available in the small and big size range. These backs can deliver you with fantastic breathability and are also quite durable as they resist any scratches.

There is enough room in the backpack for storing and carrying more items on your trek. The pack also comprises loops, straps, and pockets for all of that technical equipment.

The top lid can also be removed from the backpack. The users are also delivered with a flap jacket to cover the pack when the cap has been removed.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Osprey backpacks

All these given incredible features make the Osprey backpacks a perfect choice for the customers:


When you are having an adventure and enjoying the outdoors, then, in that case, you require a wide variety of equipment and accessories along with your clothes.

Excluding all this, you also need to carry hiking poles, sleeping bag, which will ultimately increase the weight you will carry along with you on your back.

The overall weight can increase your shoulders' weight, which can also be a significant reason for your discomfort.

It would be best if you were at ease when you are on an extreme adventure, as the bag's weight should not ruin your fun on the experience. So you must have a bag which is comparatively less in weight as compared to their weight.


The Osprey backpacks are very light in weight and design, but that company does not compromise the bag's quality.

The company provides their backpacks with optimum support and frame. The stitching of the pack is firm, and the zips of the backpacks are also very sturdy.

The design of the bag is very abrasion-resistant. The backpack company ensures that there are no nips or knicks at all. The material is durable enough so that the nips or knicks will not be visible for quite a long time in the backpacks.

One should be well aware of the environment in which they are going to trek as according to that, they will need to care for their clothes.

For instance, winter clothes will take more space, so in that case, it will be required to purchase a backpack that has more room to accommodate them.


Each design from the Osprey backpacks has been designed to provide a central area in the bag, allocated for the specific items that such sites or pockets can accommodate.

The backpack volume will highly depend on the type of backpack the user will require. Some packs are quite versatile and can be used to store plenty of other stuff too.

Such backpacks can offer advantages that can accommodate large or small storage space for your specific types of equipment. It would help if you chose a backpack that can appropriately fit your back while it is secure.


It can be quite uncomfortable for you to carry heavy backpacks on your back and shoulders. For the same reason, experts suggest buying backpacks that have a comparatively softer lining like the tricot or the foam lining, which provides support to your back and shoulders.

Such Osprey backpacks can provide breathability, which helps increase the comfort of the trekker. It is because the webbing, the mesh materials, the AirSpeed, and the Airscape technology have been able to deliver breathability.

The breathability also has a primary role in keeping the sweat away from you. Your posture is well maintained with the harness's help, which can fit perfectly on your body.


The pockets of the Osprey backpacks have been designed explicitly with unique designs. These pouches provided in the backpacks play a significant role in accommodating the equipment being carried around by you.

These pouches can hold the necessary equipment for an extended period as required by the trekker.

These pouches are also crucial as they organize the backpack material so that at the time of the requirement, the user is not puzzled to find their belongings in the backpack.

Outer attachments:

The Osprey backpacks come along with external hangings that are present outside the backpack. These hangings play a significant role in carrying all the useful items while on an extreme adventure.

A water storage pouch is present inside the backpack, which is very useful and adds to the incredible appeal as the water pouch is a unique feature of the Osprey backpacks.

Compression Belts:

The compression belts are present inside and outside the Osprey backpacks. These compression belts' main aim is to keep the backpack in place when you are on the extreme adventurous trek to stay safe and secure.

The backpack's bulkiness is significantly reduced when the Osprey backpacks are held tight and secured in position. Overall, the backpack is stabilized by the compression belts, which further prevent the jostling.

Activity and Location

While you are in a dilemma about which Osprey backpacks will work the best for you, then, in that case, it is recommended that you narrow down your choices based on your location of the trek and the activities that you are going to perform.

The activities are going to decide the weight, volume, the material of the backpack. The backpack should also be chosen, keeping in mind the type of weather you will confront on your trek.

You can travel light if you do not require warm clothes or with less gear based on what activities you will perform on the adventure.

Price and Aesthetics

The price is the main factor that is going to narrow down the purchase of your required backpack.

Everyone has some budget that they need to consider while purchasing items, although you need to pay the higher end for certain advanced features that you want in your backpack.

Features like the rain cover, increased volume, etc., will increase the cost of the backpack.

Your choice of the backpack can not be with many advanced features and can also be light, but that does not mean that you should compromise in terms of the backpack design.

The beauty lies in the beholder's eye, so the buyer will purchase the backpack based on their color and style. Lastly, they are the ones who are going to wear the bag, so the choice of the pack lies with them.

Back System

The main engine of the pack is considered to be the back system. Thus, the back system should be highly prioritized while purchasing your choice's pack.

We have listed three designs offered by the Osprey backpacks that deliver the users with their backpacks' unique styles.

  1. AG Antigravity:

The anti-gravity feature has been designed specially to distribute and balance the weight evenly all around the body. The experience of carrying the backpack's weight will be great via the contoured body design and the sprung hipbelt.

  1. AirSpeed:

The foam requirement and the heavy materials have been eliminated with the lightweight mesh panel's help. The AirSpeed creates extra space between the back and the bag, which provides ventilation and eases you.

  1. AirScape:

The Airscape by the Osprey backpacks has set some new standards for the industry, which helps them be used in various ways like the expedition backpacks and the lightweight backpacks.

Warranty and Refund Policy

The Osprey backpacks have completely satisfied the users with the warranty and product quality they have been to offer.

This company provides you with unique backpacks, but you can have all of your back if you are not satisfied with the backpack. But for that, you need to be well aware of what the warranty means before you buy yourself a backpack.

It would be best if you looked over the components that are being covered in the warranty. The stuff included in this policy will generally include things that cannot get damaged by your fault, like the stitching of the backpack or the worn-down strap.

In short, the warranty will cover the components that could have broken down by their fault. In that case, you will be delivered with a generous refund from their side.

The warranty often covers the fact that you will be required to follow specific steps to get your money back.

  1. If you have to mail them the backpack, they will send over the refund to you. You will also be required to show the receipt you might have when you would have purchased the backpack.
  2. The receipt is vital proof needed to obtain a refund, so you should always keep it safe with you. The physical tickets might fade away after a while, so you need to take a picture of them after you have bought Osprey backpacks to avoid any circumstance due to which you cannot avail the refund.
  3. If you are not satisfied with your backpack, then the Osprey company provides you with an option to return the pack right away, making the process easy for both parties.
  4. The warranty is more helpful and accessible if you are not satisfied with the product and need to return it after some years of using the backpack.
  5. If the backpack is all new, you can quickly contact the seller, and they will arrange return shipping and pay for it so that you can have your money back as soon as possible.

Additional Features:

The Osprey backpacks are provided with the extra added features that are available in the backpack. The additional features are provided with the rain cover.

These rain covers are watertight as they resist the absorption of the water. The rain covers cover all the backpack material with a flap jacket that can suitably shield all the backpack contents.


  1. How to know that you are picking the right model?

Each Osprey backpack model comes with specialized features, and once you set your exact budget, you can explore all the options on the official website.

It will not only ease your headache of opting for the best model but also help you know about all the range as per the particular activity.

  1. How to pick the right back system for your backpack?

Back systems play a crucial role in selecting top-notch back support that is vital while traveling with your backpack. You can refer to all the different types of back systems available above to get acquainted with the correct information.

  1. Can you opt for these backpacks when flying?

Definitely yes! You can easily use it while flying to a new location as these backpacks are super versatile and can be carried anywhere without any hassle. So, next time you fly, you can opt for them without any second thought.

  1. What are the cleaning instructions for these backpacks?

These backpacks are quite easy to clean and come with handy instructions that can be read from their small manual. You will get all the required details about rinsing it without damaging the fabric on reading it thoroughly. Do follow all those instructions properly before washing them.

Final Verdict

Here is everything to know about the Osprey backpacks. You will get all the useful information under one roof.

You can quickly skim through the pointers and funnel down the best one for your adventures. We have incorporated a section of different types of bags. Analyze your needs and select the best type.

With the right type, you can keep your essentials safe and access them whenever you want. Skim through the pointers and pin down an elite one for your upcoming adventures. / - © Copyright 2020