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There is a famous saying that says that one should watch his steps before stepping ahead. In this case, this is quite true, and you should not be casual when your safety is concerned.

To prevent any injury that might lead to severe after-effects, investing in non slip shoes is essential. You will find many variants that claim to provide the best protection against slippage and many more hazards. However, all that which shines is not the real diamond

Safety is the most crucial aspect of your life. You can compromise with many other things but not security. It is because of this vital thing you are alive and enjoying life.

Hunting for the best pair of shoes is challenging, and to help reduce your task, we have brought you this buying guide. You will find all the key aspects that you should focus on before making your purchase.

Hence, to buy yourself the best shoes that will lend you a quality service for years, refer to this guide, and find a suitable match.

What do you mean by Non slip shoes? Why do you need them?

Your feet are a significant part of your body, helping you walk and carry out your routine activities. While hands enable you to eat, your feet enable you to earn your bread and butter.

If they don't work correctly and cannot stand, your entire life will turn upside down. Your feet come in contact with many surfaces. Some are rough and provide high friction levels, while some are super smooth and pose health risks.

Imagine yourself walking down a shiny floor that is spotless with a small amount of water on it that cannot be figured out. And now you can also imagine the after-effects of walking along that way. You can even break your bones and stay bedridden for years.

There are many variants of shoes available for preventing such accidents, out of which only the non slip shoes stand out. These shoes are slip-resistant and help you walk on a greasy or watery surface with ease. These prevent any slippage and find their use in many places.

  1. Service industry

Any office or a manufacturing site has a rough surface or slippery floors covered with soot or any other slippery material. These shoes provide appropriate friction and grip to protect you while walking on these hazardous surfaces.

  1. Everyday use

You can use them every day while going out for a walk or as casual wear. These provide you safety while walking on the streets, which are loaded with dirt and grease.

Falling in the middle of the road is dangerous. Thus, by opting for these shoes, you can easily omit this threat to life.

These can also be used while going on a fishing or kayaking trip. Since the boat or the kayak can get slippery due to water stagnation, these shoes will protect you.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate non slip shoes


When shoes are considered, you should ensure that the one you are opting for fits you well. By the word 'fit,' we mean that your shoe should adapt to every situation you are wearing it in. Whether you are running, standing the whole day, or sitting, your shoe should fit you well.

Non slip shoes are also like any other ordinary shoe, and they are also required to fit well. You need to follow certain tricks while picking up the right one.

1. When you are running or standing for an extended period, your foot swells up and spreads. If your shoes don't fit accurately, you will face difficulties while walking. Ensure that you opt for one size up so that it has enough room to allow your foot to swell and spread.

2. Before purchasing your shoe, try it and check if that makes you comfortable. It should not pinch anywhere or cause pain. Also, don't grab a large size, for it will be uncomfortable to wear.

You can search the variants of the shoes and pick out the one that suits you. When you are investing in a shoe that protects you, it should be worthwhile.


There are many different designs of these non-slip shoes. These shoes are designed, keeping in mind your preference, safety, and comfort. Listed below are some points based on which these shoes are designed. Have a look at the section below to find out your perfect companion.

  1. Color

Though these shoes are mostly preferred in industrial sites and places like the hospital, they come in black color to maintain the formal theme. However, some variants feature different shades to suit your taste.

  1. The build of the shoe

Depending on your convenience and need, you will find two types of shoes based on their building material. If you want to opt for a comfortable and breathable material, you can look for the ones made of soft fabric.

If you want to opt for something more substantial and robust, leather shoes will be an excellent option. These shoes offer you more protection against any injury.

  1. Laces or no laces

Well, this entirely depends on your shoe's usage and your convenience. If you have to remove and break into your shoes quite often, you can look for the one without the laces. The disadvantage of opting for this footwear is that you get less protection and may come out of your foot.

If you opt for the ones with the laces, you can be assured that your shoe will stay in place and give you an optimum amount of protection.


It is hard to choose between the weight and durability of a shoe as both stand at different poles. You will never find a lightweight and durable shoe because a lightweight shoe differs in the material and many other factors from a durable shoe.

The more durable your shoe is, the bulkier it will be. Since durable shoes offer more protection, they are more preferred. The reason is that they can endure the rough use and still stand firm hence protecting you from every possible danger.

Both lightweight and durability are essential features, and choosing between them is tough. Non slip shoes manufacturers have done their best and tried to combine both these features to bring out the best shoe for you.

These feature shoes are made of leather that are highly durable and not very heavyweight. These shoes are breathable and don't restrict your movement while giving you all-round protection. You can also search for other variants made of different materials and choose the one you feel comfortable with.


Non slip shoes are not only famous for their non-slipping feature but have made a mark because of the level of comfort that they provide. Despite being so sturdy and durable, the inside of these shoes is as soft as a bird's feather. Let's see some factors that affect your shoe's comfort.

  1. The insole and footbed

The moment you put your foot inside, you won't feel like walking on a hard surface wearing any shoe. The footbed is made of memory foam or EVA to provide comfort and adequate support. You will find many variants to opt from depending on your requirement of comfort.

  1. The fit

The fit of your shoe also affects comfort. If your shoe is too tight, there are chances of developing painful blisters. If they are loose, you won't be able to walk in your usual manner. Having a snug fit is extremely vital because you will feel more relaxed and comfortable wearing a shoe with the right fit.

  1. Breathability

Breathability also aids in comfort as the moisture and sweat evaporate, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. This, in turn, also ensures that your foot's odor is not retained inside your shoe.


Shoes are meant to provide adequate support to your foot to enhance your performance. Whether you are hiking, running, or standing for hours, your shoe should support you in every activity.

While many shoes fail to show their talent in these criteria, non slip shoes never step back. Mentioned below are some points that contribute to the support offered by your shoe.

  1. The footbed and insoles

These provide you enough support to do your regular activities. Thanks to their soft and comfortable insoles and footbeds, you don't get foot sprains or joint pains.

You will also get adequate support in your heel and toe region by opting for these shoes. These aim at supporting your entire foot to enhance your performance and the level of protection.

  1. Activity specific Shoe Selection

There is one significant aspect that you need to remember about these shoes. These do not compliment every activity that you perform.

So, before you invest in these, you should be clear in your mind about the intention behind purchasing them. For instance, if you opt for water sports shoes, then be sure to face disappointment and other problems.

If you opt for them for formal events or workplace usage, you can always rely on them. The primary purpose of these shoes is to provide support, and these are an excellent choice when workplace shoe choice is discussed.

  1. The traction and soles

To enhance the level of support offered by these shoes, their soles are made either of rubber or synthetic material. This helps increase the traction of the shoe with the surface and making it slip-resistant.


Breathability plays a significant role when shoes are concerned. You don't want your foot to be sweaty while you are wearing the shoe. This can also cause slippage and skin irritations.

These shoes are made from breathable materials to combat the problem of itching, sweating, and skin diseases. This feature helps the sweat and moisture inside your shoe to evaporate into the air. The air circulation inside your shoe is enhanced, and you feel dry and comfortable.

You can search for shoe variants that have mesh upper coverings. Mesh is a highly breathable material that allows maximum evaporation and ventilation.

This helps prevent any bacterial growth or slipping problem. Also, breathable shoes do not retain foot odor, and this is a significant advantage.


These shoes are built with strong and durable materials. These shoes possess a long life and withstand the rugged use at the workplace being constructed of these materials.

To ensure that your shoes are highly durable, focus on specific aspects of your shoes. These are listed below for your assistance.

  1. The upper layer

Investing in leather slip-resistant shoes is a smart choice. Leather is a highly durable and heavy-duty material. It can ensure the rough treatment and a few scratches.

  1. The soles

Focus on the soles of your shoes before investing in it. It is the sole of your shoe that comes in contact with the rough surface. The longevity of the sole influences the durability of your shoe. Look for rubber or plastic soles as these materials are durable and lightweight.


The shoe is an essential part of your outfit. Be it nursing, teaching, serving, or any other profession, the appearance of your shoe matters. It won't be wrong to say that a man's personality is reflected by his outfit wherein the footwear plays a significant role.

Since a slip-resistant shoe is preferred in almost all the industries, the employees have to wear it mandatorily whether they like it or not. This demands that the shoes be comfortable and extremely durable, and this characteristic is imparted by the material used.

Non slip shoes are constructed using different types of materials, which have their advantages and disadvantages. These are listed below in a clear manner so that you can pick up the right one.

  1. Leather

Leather is the most durable material of all. It is water-resistant and can withstand rugged use. However, it is very strong but does not restrict your movement. Thanks to its flexibility, it has become the most preferred material in the shoe-making industry.

It is not as breathable as cloth and weighs a bit more than other shoes.

  1. Cloth

This is a soft, flexible, and highly breathable material. Your foot stays dry and comfortable in these shoes. It is a lightweight material and forms an excellent choice for slip-resistant casual shoes.

This material is not very durable and gets damaged pretty soon.

  1. Rubber

The outsole of these slip-resistant shoes is made using durable rubber. It increases the shoe's traction and aids in walking in oily and greasy surfaces. It is not very rigid and thus makes the shoe more comfortable and flexible. The material provides adequate support to your foot and keeps it protected.


Going by the label of any product without examining it is similar to a person walking straight and falling into a manhole. There are many shoes out there that claim to be slip-resistant and offering full protection.

As an aware citizen, you know that they may be wrong, but the label of discounts and cashback attracts you towards them, and then you fall into their trap.

This is not the case with this non-slip footwear. These stand true to their claims and promises and to testify that you can always examine their tread patterns and quality of the material.

You will never be disappointed with the features that these shoes offer you. Your safety is kept paramount, and any fowl play with that is considered a breach of trust. Hence, with their high-quality features and materials, these shoes stand out from others and fulfill all your needs.


These slip-resistant shoes feature three different types, which are explained below. All these types are made to suit the needs of an industrial site. Hence, take a closer look at each of them and then opt for a suitable option.

  1. Shoes with laces

If you are looking for a shoe that gives you a snug and secure fit, shoes with the laces are the ones for you. These enable you to regulate the shoe's fit according to your convenience and ensure that it stays in place.

  1. Shoes with the velcro straps

If you want a snug and secure fit like those with the lace but don't want to fumble around tying them, the shoes with the velcro straps are the best. These fasten up pretty fast and offer a secure fit.

  1. Slip-on shoes

These are very easy to break into because you don't need to tie laces or straps. You can remove them or wear them as many times as you want with ease. The only drawback is that over time they tend to get loose and start slipping off.

Tread Design

The tread pattern of your shoe helps make it non-slip. The different designs increase the grip on the rough surface and prevent you from slipping. If your shoes have a useful tread pattern, there are fewer chances of you slipping off while running or walking.

These shoes have open tread patterns because this design does not trap water or any other liquid. The pattern is not shallow, and instead, it is buried.

This design doesn't make your sole flat and helps increase the traction of your shoes. Hence, these protect you more than the other shoes.


Price is the outcome of the integration of all the features. Be it the material, manufacturing cost, or any other quality; all these combine to become the cost price of any product.

In the case of shoes, you will get many brands that sell different variants. These may be real or fake, but the price is not the deciding factor. Before choosing any shoe, make sure that you have a close look at its quality, material, tread pattern, and other crucial features.

After having examined it, the next step is to check the price. If you opt for high-quality shoes with many features, the shoes will cost more and vice versa. But there are instances where a high-quality shoe comes at an affordable price.

Therefore, don't chase the price; instead, focus on the shoe's quality and the features it has to offer. This way, you will be able to decide what you want and what you can omit without compromising with the safety, and accordingly, you can tailor your budget.

How to Determine Your Shoes Are Non-Slip?

The most general way to determine your shoe's non-slip feature is to check its outsole and its design. It is the outsole of your shoe that influences its non-slip quality.

To ensure that your shoe is non-slip in nature, look for the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The next step after the certification stamp is to check your shoe's outsole's material and design. Preferably, the outsole should be made using rubber with geometric or lug designs. This increases the traction and the slip-resistance of your shoe.

How To Clean and Maintain Non slip shoes?

To clean your shoes, you need to follow specific steps. These are mentioned below to which you are required to adhere to increase your shoe's durability and life-span.

  1. Clean the upper of the shoe

It depends on the material used and the type of coating if any. If your shoe's upper is made of leather, wipe it with a clean cloth and if it is made of fabric, washing it in the machine or by hand is advisable. You can use a mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush to scrub away the dirt.

  1. The insole and the outsole

To remove the dirt and debris from the outsole's fine crevices and clean the dust from the insole, use a brush with soft bristles. If there are oil stains in the insoles, you can wash it with soap and water.

After the cleaning is done, keep your shoes in the air to dry. Make sure that your slip-resistant shoes are completely dry and moisture-free before storing them.


  1. What makes the shoe slip-resistant?

The slip-resistant feature depends on the material used in the base of the shoe and its design. The grooves in the bottom make all the difference, and different materials have their own pros and cons. So look into both the aspects before investing in the right option.

  1. Is the product worth its value?

Yes, the slip-resistant boots provide a firm grip over the slippery surfaces and provide adequate comfort. All you need is to pick the best pair for your feet.

  1. How does the slip-resistant shoe work?

The fundamental premise behind the functionality is that the softer the base of the shoes is, the more grip it will create over the surfaces. Moreover, the soles of the boots push the liquid, such as water, oil, etc. away from the base to form a firm grip.

Final Verdict

Non slip shoes present a simple yet effective way to keep your feet comfortable and walk smoothly over slippery surfaces. All you need is to select the best pair.

Here in this guide, you will get all the details in a well-organized manner. Go through the pointers and choose an ultimate pair of boots for your feet. / - © Copyright 2020