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Are you tired of the constant muscle and joint pain? Don't worry. Say goodbye to this pain with the amazing muscle rubs.

These rubs are easy to apply and provide instant relief from the pain. Whether you are sports enthusiasts, an adventure freak, or just tired of old age, these muscle rubs will aid you at every point.

While selecting the right one, you have to consider some core aspects. First of all, check the ingredients. Make sure that you are not allergic to any. Then you should look into the side effects, smell, function, and other properties.

To ease your selection process, we have collected all the information and organized it in a structured way. You don't have to look here and there as you will find all the useful details in this guide.

So without any further ado, let us dive into this guide and begin our hunt for the ideal muscle rub.

What are Muscle Rubs, and why do you need them?

No one enjoys stiffness or pain in their body. It is very unpleasant when you wake up in the morning with aches and pains that you didn't have the night before.

Whether you force yourself to the limit during your workout routine or just feeling sore or stiff from a weekend full of hard work, your body needs a little TLC (Tender loving care).

Applying muscle rubs on your stiff body or in a particular area where you feel pain can give you some relief.

Muscle rubs are not the permanent solution to your pain/ache, but yes, it works fine for sprains, arthritis, and bruises.

Finding a suitable muscle rub for your minor pains is a task to do. You need to pay attention to selecting an appropriate muscle rub for you. Here are some of the points to consider.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Muscle Rubs


Getting a muscle rub without knowing the effectiveness is not a worthy purchase for you. As the most important thing you want from a pain rub is relief from pain, some pain relief ointments provide you instant relief while others work slowly.

You will find thousands of options in the market when it comes to choosing the muscle rubs for your pain or stiffness. But you can easily find out whether the purchased one will work for you or not.

To find out the fact, you need to test the purchased sample or take the help of any other person already using the one. Above all these things, the best you can do is take your doctor's suggestion because no one can understand your medicines better than a doctor.

If your purchased rub doesn't work quickly and lasts at least a night, and you won't even feel relief in your pain, you should quickly change the ointment as the particular cream is not suitable for you.

But most importantly, before making any purchase, you must check the ingredients of the rub to know that there are no harmful ingredients used in the rub that might give you an allergic reaction.

Another essential thing you need to focus on is to check the duration of your pain relief ointment. By checking the pain's course, you will get the idea of how long your muscle rub is useful and how long it will get you rid of the pain.

If you feel that the cream result is not that effective and you are using it every day, then it is recommended to consult your physician.


As you already know, there are plenty of options available in the market for choosing a pain relief cream or ointment. But it is tough to get the one which suits your requirements and give you instant relief from pain.

Muscle rubs/pain relief creams are made with a variety of ingredients. Some of the ingredients will give you a warming sensation, while your skin feels tingly and cold with other creams.

In some cases, you will even feel the combination of both sensations.

Choosing the suitable pain relief ointment for you totally depends on your preference or requirements or depends on the type of pain you are experiencing.

So, finding the one that gives you instant relief from your pain is more important. Another factor you need to consider is how your muscle rub feels on your skin, whether it absorbs well on your skin or leaves the sticky or greasy feeling on your skin.

It is always suggested to choose the one that instantly absorbs into your skin and gives you a non-greasy or non-sticky feeling.


Muscle cramps and aches are something that most people frequently deal with in their day-to-day life, whether in your arms, back, legs, or neck.

Muscle spasms and aches are bound to happen, and in this scenario, something that is a top go-to item to use is muscle rubs.

Using muscle rubs in your pain is the perfect solution that can give you some relief from your muscle pain or stiffness.

But these pain relief ointments/creams come with some drawbacks, like it can give you some greasy texture on your body or heat the area where you use the cream or the worst one that everyone hates is its pungent smell.

It is the smell of the muscle rubs that is disliked by every person. Whenever you use the cream, it will leave a strong smell on your clothes or on your body where you have to use it.

Pain relief creams come with a distinct smell; some creams come with a strong smell, while others come with a light scent.

But you cannot choose your own and will start using them based on their smell. It will help if you consider your doctor's suggestion before using the one.

The use of muscle rubs is entirely dependent on the requirement or the effectiveness of the cream.

Some pain relief creams offer a distinct medical smell, but there are also some fragrance-free formulas where the scent of the cream disappears after the application.

There are plenty of options available out there, and everyone has their specifications and works differently from each other.

So, again it has been suggested to use the cream that your physician has recommended to you. Don't mind if it has a pungent smell or comes with a mild scent; use them properly as recommended.


Applying a muscle rub on a stiff or cramped body is like a blessing, especially for those who have a strict workout routine or professional athletes who often face injuries in their day-to-day life.

A suitable body ache ointment will help them deal with their body or muscles' stiffness and soreness. There are different uses of muscle rubs; here are some of them:

  1. Neck and Shoulder tension

A gentle massage of muscle rubs will help you deal with the shoulder, neck patches, and strain. Studies have shown that one-third of the world population deals with neck and shoulder tension.

The leading cause of this tension or pain is their routine task, whether it is official work or the job that is performed at home. But these pains can be cured by doing some regular light exercise.

But in today's busy life schedule, people don't have time to focus on themselves and face this issue.

A regular gentle massage on the shoulder and neck will help you to deal with this pain. But it is good to consider the doctor if you often feel pain or increase pain relief cream usage.

  1. Strains and Aches

Ingredients available in muscle rubs, such as camphor (Cinnamomum camphor- a flammable, waxy, transparent solid with a strong aroma commonly used in ointments, lotions, and creams) increase blood flow to the surface of the skin and creates a warming sensation that can deflect stiffness and pain.

Camphor and menthol are often used in every pain relief ointment and help you improve blood circulation to the muscles, reduce inflammation, and potentially speed up healing time.

  1. Deals with Headaches

Having a headache is quite a common issue these days, and every second person faces this same issue. It is due to the lifestyle in which we all are living.

You have to deal with numerous things in your routine life, whether it is the office or home. This busy and stressed life leads to headaches, and most of you start taking pills for instant relief.

But this needs to be avoided; you can use a muscle rub, which equally provides relief for your headache. The combination of camphor and menthol used in the ointment increases blood circulation, which is more effective at relieving headaches.

  1. Back pain

People often use muscle rubs to relieve back pain, especially in the lower back, as it gives relief from the lower back's stiffness and soreness.

Some people use certain raw ingredients of the pain relief ointment like camphor and menthol. Both of the elements are often used in pain relief creams and helps to increase the circulation of the body, which helps in pain reduction.

  1. Joint pain

Pain in joints is common mostly in old age people who are in their fifties or sixties. It is the age where every person feels a painful sensation in their joints and feels difficulty in doing their routine work.

However, people use muscle rub to ease aches and pain, which are related to osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis causes pain and loss of density of bones, due to which they become brittle over time. Using a muscle rub helps relieve joint pain and helps in reducing swelling.

  1. Potency

The toughness of the pain relief cream/muscle rub relies on the effectiveness of its action. Usually, almost every pain relief ointment is made with a great fusion of menthol and methyl salicylate.

These two ingredients are used as the main ingredients for muscle creams that give a great cooling sensation and help you overcome severe pain.

These two ingredients (menthol and menthol salicylate) come with their different conflicts. As a result, you will see the different strengths of the cream. And these different strengths provide you more extended relief and help you to deal with pain.

Before purchasing muscle rubs, you need to know that there are two varieties to choose from. First, there is a rub that gives you a warmer feel while the other one gives a cool sensation.

It depends on which sedation is beneficial for you or what your physician recommends after analyzing your situation.

Apart from that, the best way is to pay more close attention to the list of ingredients for ointment listed on the back of the box.

It is because some people have some allergy issues with ingredients used in the cream. Thus, they might face some serious allergic reactions and end up to the dermatologist.

The ointment usage also depends on how hard and how often you do a physical workout or how much pain you feel in your joints, so you should keep all these conditions in mind whenever you head out to purchase the muscle rub for yourself.

It is always suggested that you don't choose the ointment, which is cheaper. It is always good to choose the one that helps you deal with the joint pains or the stiffness of your body.

As cheaper, one may not offer you the active ingredients essential to dealing with your pain issue.

  1. Value

As you already know, there are countless options available for muscle rubs for pain. Some rubs are multitaskers, while others come with some specifications, like there are different options for joint aches, headaches, and back pain.

Some muscle rubs come in the form of a gel, while others come in a state of oil or cream. All these variations come with different costs, some are expensive, and some easily fit your budget.

But it would help if you choose what needs to be bought from your earned money. Thankfully, most of the market's muscle rub products have high accessibility by providing you relief from the pain.

However, many brands made some efforts to give sustainable rubs provided with supreme-quality material. It has become easy to grab muscle balms, claiming to use different organic fixings to eliminate your pain easily.

Many of them manage to merge entirely herbal composition with efficacious pain relief. It has always been suggested to choose pain relief that is rich with 100% herbal ingredients.

So, whenever you purchase a pain relief cream or rub, you must check all the ingredients written on its label.

It will help you understand that you are getting a high-quality product or simply rebranding products that have not changed for years.

  1. Side- Effects

It has been noticed that some people have some side effects with muscle rubs. Although it is rare, some people do have some side effects with the ingredients available on these pain relief ointments.

In any case, if you find any rash or feel itching in the area where you have to use the rub, you immediately need to consult with your doctors to prevent the seriousness.

Some severe allergic reactions like rash, blistered, redness, itching, hives swollen, wheezing, peeling skin without any fever, tightness in the throat or chest, heavy breathing, unusual hoarseness, swallowing, or severe swelling of the mouth, throat, tongue, face, and lips. There are other critical reactions, as well:

  1. Chest pressure or pain
  2. Bad passing out or dizziness
  3. Bloody, tarry, or black stools
  4. Redness
  5. Skin irritation
  6. Bad belly pain
  7. Feeling weakness of the one side of the body
  8. Trouble speaking or thinking
  9. Blurred eyes or drooping on one side of the face
  10. Or a change in balance

All drugs contain some side effects, but not every person gets infected with the side effects or can say they have only minor side effects.

But if you are dealing with any of these side effects, get immediate medical help or call your doctor before it becomes serious.

Core Ingredients

Menthol and Methyl salicylate is the core ingredient of the muscle rubs. Let's have a look at what they are.

  1. Menthol

It is an organic compound naturally found in peppermint and other mint plants or can be made synthetically in a lab. It is a crystalline, waxy substance, white or clear in color.

Menthol provides you a cooling sensation and is often used to soothe throat irritation and minor body pain. Moreover, menthol can also be added to the products as a flavor in beverages, cough drops, and gum.

  1. Methyl salicylate

Methyl salicylate is also known as wintergreen oil, which is actually an organic compound.

It is an external analgesic available in OTC (over-the-counter) medicines that temporarily soothes minor body aches and muscle and joint pain related to strains, backache, sprains, arthritis, and bruises.

What is the working of Muscle Rubs?

Using muscle rub on your pain works exceptionally; it works dexterously by deceiving your mind by covering the pain for a little while.

The active menthol use, which is one of the rub's main ingredients, first gives a cool sensation to your body and then slowly turns into warmness. It is quite helpful for your body as it distracts your body from the annoying pain that you were experiencing in your joints or muscles.

It is a bit tricky for you because your body keeps sending two different messages to your brain simultaneously, both cold and warm. So these cold and hot stimuli ultimately obstruct all pain signals from reaching your brain.

Muscle rubs actually are not painkillers, but they actually hide your pain by providing you with a cool and then warm sensation to your body. These rubs hide the pain from your body and are readily available in the market at a very affordable price.

How To Apply Muscle Rub?

Muscle rubs are the best way to deal with the stiffness and soreness of your body. These rubs are easily available and come in different variations; you can choose the one with your doctor's suggestion.

And can apply them either with the help of your hands or with others' help if you have back pain. But there is a caution you must be careful about, as some people are allergic to muscle rubs.

It is not the muscle rubs they are allergic to but the ingredients available in the ointment. So you need to check the component before choosing the one for you, or the best you can do is to consult your doctor and take the one with his/her recommendation.


  1. How do these rubs actually work?

The ingredients in these rubs trick your body by distracting the brain from pain. The simultaneous cold and heat signals distract the body from the feeling, and you feel relaxed from the ongoing pain.

  1. Are these rubs safe?

Yes, mostly all the rubs are safe. However, you should be careful if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to the rub's core ingredient.

These creams give quick relief in case of emergencies when you cannot opt for the proper treatment. However, when you are in the condition to get proper treatment, you should always opt for them. These muscle rubs are like the first aid in case of muscle pains.

  1. Do these creams leave stains on the clothes?

Yes, some creams can leave stains on your clothes, so you should be careful when you use them.

Final Verdict

Muscle rubs provide an easy to use and cheap way to deal with intense muscle pain. All you need is to find the right one that suits your skin.

In this guide, you will find all the information regarding the product. We have listed the core ingredients, so get familiar with them before you make a purchase.

Different creams have different functions so pick the one that you need. Hopefully, you will get answers to all your doubts and queries.

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