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Are you frustrated by paddling your kayak? Are you looking for an easy option to enjoy the activity? Don't sweat. Motorized kayaks are here to the rescue.

These kayaks allow you to enjoy the activity and catch tons of fish. They provide you proper speed and control over your boat. You can quickly track the route and reach your hotpots.

However, while selecting a particular kayak, you have to look into several factors. These factors define the usability and performance of the product. Gathering information on all these characteristics can become a tiresome task, and you may end with wrong facts and details.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide provides you with all the information under one roof. You can quickly analyze them and pin down the best option. Moreover, you get answers to common questions and queries.

So, let us begin with a quick introduction and then move further into this guide.

What do you mean by Motorized Kayaks? Why do you need them?

A motorized kayak is more like a traditional kayak that runs by the motor. If you have a regular kayak, you can quickly turn it into a motorized kayak by adding a motor that matches the kayak.

Initially, the kayak was a small watercraft, and double-bladed paddles were used for propulsion. But when it comes to covering a larger lake for fishing, you may find the task tiring.

Paddling your kayak thought the day is not an easy task, and you will end up with some random aches.

Therefore, having a motorized kayak will help you to achieve more speed and hands-free propulsion. Also, it will help to reduce fatigue.

Besides fishing, you can use a motorized kayak for several purposes, such as surf play, ocean kayaking, etc.

Motorized vs. Pedal-driven Kayak

Many people get confused about whether they should buy a motorized kayak or pedal drive kayak. It will be better to know the difference between the motorized kayaks and pedal drive kayaks before making your final decision.

Both of these kayaks come up with some advantages and disadvantages.

Pedal kayaks have hands free propulsion so you can move on the water quickly. It can be a great choice to deal with high winds and strong waves. The best thing about these kayaks is that the leg muscles work more powerfully compared to the arms.

However, pedal kayaks are not ideal for kayaking in shallow water or thick weeds, which is a big downside.

If you have a motorized kayak, you will cover a larger area at a faster speed. It is also less strenuous, and you do not need to worry much about strong waves and winds while fishing from a motor kayak.

Like the pedal kayak, these motor kayaks do not perform well in heavy weeds and shallow water.

But you will be happy to know that both pedal and motors kayaks have a more functional design that works well than a traditional kayak operated by a paddle.

You are allowed to take the advantages of hands-free propulsion, which reduces fatigue and increases the kayak's speed so that you can catch fish efficiently.

If your primary concern is to achieve faster speed, you can consider a motorized kayak to have a more distance coverage hassle-free. Moreover, motor kayaks can be appropriate for any fishing conditions.

Pedal drive kayaks also serve the same purpose effectively, but you may need to put extra effort into getting the propulsion that can cause leg fatigue and back pain quickly.

On the other hand, pedal kayaks are healthier than a vessel run by trolling motor, so it is up to your requirements which one you need the most.

Both of these kayaks can get tangled in shallow water, so it will be a wise decision to carry an extra paddle to get rid of any problematic situations.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Motorized Kayaks

Size and Weight

You must pay attention to the size and weight of the motorized kayaks because they have a significant role in determining the kayaks' agility and stability.

It is essential to decide in the first place whether you are going alone or with friends. If you are planning to go in a group, you will surely need a larger kayak.

Having a larger kayak means you will get better water stability, and it can be a plus for the beginners. But you may find it a little challenging to maneuver the kayak because of its larger size.

On the contrary, if you have a longer but narrower kayak, you should not expect much stability. However, these kayaks are very convenient to handle so you can have faster turns.

Ease of Exit and Entry

You will want a kayak with easy access to enter and exit the water. But it depends on the design of the kayak, whether it is sit-on-top or sit-in.

Choosing a sit-on-top kayak will allow you to use the kayak more efficiently because it does not restrict your movement. This type of kayak will be very convenient to board if it is upright.

But you can have a safety issue, and this is why a large number of people do not prefer sit-on-top kayaks. Instead, they go for a sit-in model.

A sit-in kayak will allow you to sit in safely but can not have a free movement like a sit-on-top kayak.

Both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks have their good and bad qualities, but they ensure that you will have fun when you are on the water.

Motor Performance and Compatibility

There are two options to get a motorized kayak. You can either buy a kayak designed with a built-in motor or pick up a motor-ready kayak and install the motor separately.

On this note, you should remember that kayaks with a built-in motor will be more expensive. Nevertheless, you will be free from the hassle of buying and installing the motor on the kayak.

A wide variety of motors are available in the market, so you need to select the right motor that perfectly matches your boat.

Usually, the motors used in the electric-powered kayaks come up with a thrust rating. You should consider a powerful motor that can move your weight along with the gear in addition to the kayak's weight.

Therefore, you should make sure that the motor you choose can produce a thrust of 2 pounds for every 100 pounds of the overall boat weight.

Mounted Motors

This is also a vital feature that you should consider while choosing the motorized kayaks.

The electric motor used in a fishing kayak is also known as a trolling motor. Generally, trolling motors are preferred for their slow speed.

The best thing about a trolling motor is that it is very silent, so you can catch fish without scaring them. Moreover, it is environment-friendly because it does not create gasoline fumes or sound pollution.

You can find two electric motor types, including the built-in motor and mounted motor. Some kayak models come with a built-in motor installed.

But many people like mounted motors because there will be less chance of damages caused by bottom obstacles.

Adjustable Seat

When you plan for kayak fishing, you should prepare yourself to sit in one place for an extended period. It is possible only if you have a comfortable seat on your kayak.

Therefore, you must choose an adjustable seat when you are looking for the motorized kayaks. If you can adjust the seat according to your convenience, you can have more fun while fishing.

You should choose a seat that can conform to the shake of your body. The seat should also be flexible enough that you can place it the way you like-recumbent or upright.

The seat should be positioned in a way so that you can get relief from back pain. For the paddlers, their leg should touch the paddles comfortably.


Another essential factor that you must look for when you are about to buy a motorized kayak is the storage capacity. If you find there is a lack of space to store your fishing gear properly, you should consider another option.

Typically, there are two types of storage options available with the kayaks. It can be either a dry hatch or a bungee system. You will find any of these storage options in all kayaks.

But when it is about a sit-on-top kayak, the story is quite different. This type of kayak has a flat and straight deck space, so they offer more storage to keep your gear securely.

The bungee system allows you to strap a waterproof bag on the kayak's deck. This one bag will be enough to store all your essentials. You can even store a tent if needed.

A dry hatch can be a better choice for your electronic devices. Made watertight, they can keep your gears dry. Even if the kayak upturns, your gears will be protected from water.

However, it is crucial to position the dry hatch system within reach of the rower so that they can have easy access to their belongings.

Ability to stand

When you are in search of the motorized kayaks, it is not just about choosing the right size or having the best motor. There are some additional factors which you will never find in the manufacturing guide.

Your ability to stand in the kayak is such a thing of paramount importance, so you should not ignore it while making your purchase.

You should select a kayak that allows you to stretch the legs and stand without having any issues. It will ensure how comfortably you can fish from the kayak.

Besides, you should check the capability to locate the fish from a standing position, which will help you to cast the line in the right place.

Therefore, you will need a kayak, offering you more stability so that you can stand in and catch fish conveniently.


You must have a budget fixed before you go to buy your motorized kayak. Generally, motor kayaks are available with a wide range of prices depending on their feature and build quality. The handling quality matters as well.

So, if you determine your budget in advance, it will help you to curtail your choices effectively. It is recommended not to look for a higher price tag because a costlier model is more challenging to handle.

If you look for expert's opinions, you will see most of the kayakers are likely to have speed and easy handling features. But, it will obviously increase the price range of motors.

Otherwise, you can buy a regular kayak which has all the facilities to install a motor separately. You can also buy a motor and mount it on your boat, reducing the overall expense.


Considering some additional features of the motorized kayaks will ensure better performance. In turn, you can have an excellent fishing experience hassle-free.

The first thing you check is the battery. For a motorized kayak, the battery's quality plays a crucial role, so you should always pick up the best. You can choose a high-quality cover to protect the battery when not in use. Also, cover your kayak in the same way.

You may find kayak racks designed with the hoist, which can help protect the kayak. You can use it as long as you want.

You must understand that safety is a vital aspect when you go kayaking in open waters. So, you can choose a kayak flag as well as an anchor to deal with emergencies.

The accessory list can go on, and you can add different things to it. If you want to keep it minimum, you should go for kayak shoes, kayak gloves, a helmet, and last but not least, a good quality life-jacket.


Having a comfortable seat on your kayak has a significant impact on your overall fishing experience. You will have to sit on the kayak for an extended period of time. If you fail to choose the right seat, your fun may turn into misery in less time.

Without having a comfortable seat, you will end up with a backache or several other spinal issues. So, you should check the seat beforehand to make sure it will provide maximum comfort.

Furthermore, the seat should be adjustable enough so that it can fit your body shape and size perfectly.

You should search for a seat that is able to move back and forth or designed with a footrest where you can keep your feet for rest.

If you think your seat is not comfortable enough, you can remove it and mount a chair according to your convenience.

Battery Requirements

Motorized kayaks are different from the boats operated by outboard engines. Electric motors are used in motor kayaks, so the battery is essential to generate electricity for the motors.

There are some models that are available with the battery. But in most cases, you will have to buy a battery separately to run the motor.

What type of battery you need depends on the size of the motor. For a smaller motor, you can choose a 12-volt marine battery.

However, if you have a more powerful motor, it will be wise to buy two or three batteries. You should consider more than one battery when the overall weight crosses 80 lbs.

Another critical point is where to keep the battery. You can find a motorized kayak that has a separate battery compartment that allows you to store your battery safely. It ensures that your battery will remain dry and protected for a long time.

Rod Holders for Fishing

If your main aim is to catch fish with comfort, you will indeed like this feature. Nowadays, most of the top grade motorized fishing kayaks are designed with rod holders.

Like other accessories, rod holders can be an excellent addition to your kayak. So, if your kayak does not have an in-built fishing rod holder, you should install one additionally.

You will be able to see a tremendous difference in your fishing experience after having these accessories. You can keep the rods resting in the holder when you cast a line.

By using these holders, you can prevent juggling the gears, and you can enjoy your fishing without any headache.

How to maintain motorized kayaks?

You should have a fair idea of how to take care of your motorized kayak so that you can use it for a long time without any replacement.


This is the time when you should prepare your motorized kayak for the upcoming season.

  1. At first, you should check the hull thoroughly to find any damages.
  2. Also, you should conduct a rigging inspection carefully.
  3. You can remove the old parts and damaged accessories if required.
  4. You must restock your emergency gear and the first-aid box as well.


You will maintain your kayak to head forward to the journey.

  1. You can consider a kayak cart specifically made for kayak transportation. You should not drag it on the ground. Otherwise, it will get damaged.
  2. Cleaning and washing the kayak is essential.
  3. Do not keep the kayak under direct sunlight. You can spray 303 Protectant to protect it from harmful UV rays.
  4. You should always cover the cockpit adequately.


Once you are done with your kayak fishing, you should store the kayak for the rest of the season.

  1. You should make your kayak ready for storage. Make sure that the kayak is washed and dried properly before storing it.
  2. You must pay close attention to the rigging components.

Safety tips while using motorized kayaks

Kayak fishing can be very adventurous as well as enjoyable if you know how to use the kayaks in the right way. There are some tips to follow so that you can avoid difficult situations and enjoy your fishing safely.

  1. It is very crucial to check the weather conditions where you are going to fish. Also, it would be best if you had an idea of the water temperature in advance.
  2. If you know the climatic condition of the area you are going for kayak fishing, it will help you to have proper clothing. You should choose the appropriate clothes that are suitable for particular weather.
  3. You must always keep an eye on the off-shore winds. Otherwise, it can get challenging to return back to the shore effortlessly.
  4. Every place has its own boating rules, and it is mandatory to abide by those local rules without any fail.
  5. Kayak fishing is all about fun, but you should not allow for alcohol or drugs while boating.
  6. When you buy your kayak, you will find a weight range given in the manufacture guidelines. You should never exceed that specific weight range under any circumstances.
  7. It is highly recommended to check the gear thoroughly before taking them to the water. Therefore, you can remove or replace the damaged one according to your requirements.
  8. You should have a basic knowledge of first-aid. Moreover, you should know how to paddle in the correct way and how to maintain water safety.
  9. You should practice the procedure of self-rescue in calm water. Once you get accustomed to the techniques, you can try it in rougher water.
  10. You are suggested to wear the floatation device when you are kayaking in the water. Choose a high-quality life jacket, and do not remove it during your kayaking activities.
  11. You should let your friends, family, or any responsible person know that you are going for paddling.
  12. It is incredibly essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout the time. So, you must stock plenty of drinking water with you.
  13. If you are going to a new area, you should make yourself familiar with the local conditions, including weather patterns, currents, rip tides, and more.


  1. Can I add a motor to my standard kayak?

Yes, you can add it, but you have to be careful. You have to look into the mounting options that will be suitable for both the items. Also, if you have a larger boat with a lot of extra accessories, then you have to opt for a powerful motor to power it. So, deem carefully about the weight and size of your kayak.

  1. What benefits do I get with an electric motor?

You don't have to paddle for a long time, and you can reach your favorite spot for fishing in no time.

  1. I am looking for a stable option in a kayak. What size should I opt for?

Opt for larger and wider kayaks. They are relatively stable and sturdy than the other options, and you can safely enjoy the activity.

Final Verdict

Motorized kayaks present a simple yet effective way to maneuver your kayak. All you need is to select the best option.

Here, in this guide, you will get all the pointers to select a fantastic product. Go through them and analyze them with your requirements to sort out an elite product. / - © Copyright 2020