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Are you an outdoor aficionado? Then you must know the struggle of using a regular binocular in harsh settings. Looking for a quick and efficient solution. Don't sweat anymore. Marine binoculars are here to the rescue.

These unique binoculars are quite sturdy and have a high threshold against the wear and tear of the water splashes and submersions. They are light in weight and even float on the water surface.

So, if you accidentally throw your binoculars in the sea, you can easily fetch it from the surface.

Besides being user-friendly, the tool provides exceptional viewing capabilities. But, selecting the best product is a whole different story. You have to study different elements of the product to find a suitable option.

Size, weight, magnification, range, price, and many other additional properties define its usability and performance. Looking for all the necessary details on these factors can become a tiresome task. Also, you may end gathering incorrect details.

To save yourself from unnecessary hassle, you should consider referring to a comprehensive buying guide. You will find all the essential information at a single stop. With an immense pool, you can quickly funnel down the best product.

But before starting with the guide, let us give a quick look at a brief introduction to the product to get a clear image in mind.

What are Marine Binoculars, and why should you opt for them?

Marine Binoculars are a necessary element when you are going under the water. They are designed with durable materials and components that enable them to tackle the water's rough and tough situations.

These binoculars are waterproof, and you will also not encounter any fog-related problems. They are suitable for every season or weather condition and provide a great view all the time. Plus, they also come with a secure band to ensure that they don't fall off. Also, it provides comfort.

The marine binoculars will not only survive any situation but will also provide the best performance underwater. So, you must buy them and enjoy the perfect view of underwater life. Read this buying guide to make sure that you purchase the right product in the best quality.

Why should you read a buying guide before purchasing appropriate marine binoculars?

You may wonder that the regular binoculars will work fine while you are dealing with water bodies. You will be surprised to know that these regular ones will bow down quickly as soon as they face saltwater rigors.

Marine binoculars are resistant to water damage and can handle the threats posed by saltwater. So, you must invest in a suitable product.

Reading a comprehensive buying guide allows you to go through all the features quickly. With all the essential information, you can easily strike down the best product. Also, you get answers to different questions and queries.

So without any further ado, let us dive into this guide.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Marine Binoculars


There are certain factors that you must consider before finalizing a purchase of marine binoculars. One of these factors includes focus. You either get center focus or individual focus/fixed focus with these binoculars.

The center focus type of binoculars comes under the basic version. These are suitable for you if you intend to share the binoculars with the whole crew.

These types of binoculars have a knob in the center that allows the focus to be adjusted according to needs. So, every crew member can easily make adjustments with the focus as they want to. They are also suitable for people with eyeglasses since they have adjustable eyecups.

Their resolution is high and can give a clear focus to anything at a long or short distance. Plus, you can easily purchase this type of binocular as they are available everywhere in the market.

However, this type can consume more time as you will have to adjust the focus every time you use it.

On the other hand, the individual or fixed focus eyeglasses have a fixed focus on both the eyepieces. It can be adjusted separately.

These marine binoculars save a lot of your time. You don't have to make adjustments every time you want to use it. They provide a sharp focus even in low light conditions. They are also more suitable for waterproof usages.

However, you cannot share this binocular with the whole crew, and they are also not very suitable for people who wear eyeglasses.

Field of view

Another essential component that you have to consider while purchasing marine binoculars is the field of view. The field of view is necessary to maintain the right distance to view the full image.

You can locate the object or its image without moving your binoculars. Measurements are made in feet by keeping distances of 1000 meters or yards. The angle of the view equals 52.5 feet at 1000 yards.

The field of view is inversely proportional to the magnification. For a broad field of view, you have to compromise magnification. If you go for higher magnification, you will get narrow images.

So, you must select a balanced option to get the best of both the parameters.

Eye relief

In simple words, the gap between the eye and the ocular lens is referred to as eye relief. An ocular lens is also known as the eyepiece. Eye relief is necessary to have access to a sharp display. It manages the proper distance between the eyepieces and the viewer's eyes.

If you wear prescribed eyeglasses, then you have to pay extra attention to this factor. Otherwise, you may end up with a binocular that displays blurry and lousy quality images.

However, most marine binoculars have features of adjustable eyecups. You can easily create a balance and manage eye relief by locating the eyeglass lens near the ocular lens by readjusting the adjustable eyecups.


A good magnification is vital to have a good quality of view when working on or underwater. It will allow your eyes to process and gather the best and high-quality information through images or display.

But high magnification will provide a narrower field of view. Moreover, the brightness reduces, so it becomes complicated to blur an object. So you may face complications with keeping a particular object in view. Moreover, using higher magnification will take more time in making adjustments, which is not very desirable.

If you do not want to face such complications, make sure that you purchase marine binoculars that have a maximum of 7x conservative magnification. Magnification more than that will only create difficulties for you by focusing on an object and having a broad and nice view.

So, make sure that you maintain the perfect balance in terms of magnification to enjoy the benefits of these binoculars in the best form.

Waterproof/fog proof

A person always looks for waterproof and for proof products when working on or under the water. The same rule goes for marine binoculars. You have to ensure your waterproofing and fog proofing for preventing any future complications.

All the openings with O-rings are sealed to make a binocular waterproof. This is also useful in keeping the dust and moisture away from entering the binocular body.

Some manufacturers also use dry nitrogen gas at more pressure than the normal atmospheric pressure level. This helps in forming more strong waterproofing.

Nitrogen gas is beneficial as it cannot hold any moisture. Therefore it prevents the formation of fog. The problem of fogging also disappears with no presence of moisture. However, waterproof binoculars are not exactly fog-proof. The moisture can easily form on the outer parts of the lenses, leading to fogging.

We can say that all fog-proof binoculars are waterproof, but not vice versa. Waterproof ones need additional work for fog proofing. Keep this in mind when buying a binocular for marine purposes.


Prism is used to invert and magnify an upside-down image. They are usually of two types, that is, Porro and Roof Prism.

Most of the users consider Porro prism as a most suitable and superior option with respect to its optical performance. These types transmit more light and therefore display brighter images. They are also said to provide better depth perception as their objective lenses are farther apart.

However, some uses contradict these statements by putting roof prisms in an argument with its phase shift coating that provides excellent performance as well. So, deciding which type in particular to buy is your choice.

Prisms are available in two glass types, BK-7 and BAK-4. Both of them have their own benefits and are efficient. However, BAK-4 is said to produce more sharp and bright images than that of BK-7.

Coating on the lens

Lens coating is crucial to reduce internal reflection. Internal reflection is not a desirable element as it harms the image quality of the object by decreasing the sharp quality and brightness.

So, it is better to buy marine binoculars that include more lens coating and layering to prevent internal reflection. This will lead to more efficiency in light transmission, producing more sharp and bright images.

There are four different choices for lens coating available. They are :

  1. Coated

It is the type where a single layer is used to coat single or more surfaces.

  1. Fully coated

It is the type where a single-layer coating is used for the air to glass platforms.

  1. Multi-coated

It is the type where multiple layers of coating are used for one or more than one platform.

  1. Fully multi-coated

It is the best type of lens coating. In this, multiple layers of coating are used for all the air to glass platforms.

Make sure to choose wisely from these choices and determine which one will be the most suitable for you.

Size and Weight

Another vital component to consider is the size and weight of the marine binoculars. The size and weight of these binoculars must be perfectly balanced and not bulky at all.

No one wants to carry extra weight as it leads to further complications. However, a larger size of binoculars can provide a better and broader view with more focus and bigger lens size.

If we are planning to use the binocular occasionally, then you may find the heavy one suitable. But, if the purpose is to carry them around the whole day, then you must go for the lighter options in terms of weight.

Some manufacturers design the binoculars that provide big lenses with more focus and higher quality of view along with less weight and easy maintenance. So, you may also look for such a product for a better experience in both aspects.

Center Focus

We have already discussed the center focus and individual focus or fixed focus and the benefits of both of them. The center focus came out to be more beneficial in various aspects. So now, let's discuss the importance and drawbacks of center focus in detail.

The center focus is a very suitable option, especially if you are sharing the marine binoculars with the whole crew. This is because they have a knob in the center through which the focus can be adjusted. The center focus also provides a more efficient, sharp, and brighter view of an object.

They can also give the best view even at the shortest distance. However, they do have one drawback. This drawback is their little time taking nature as you have to adjust the focus before using the binoculars. Also, you may encounter problems with waterproofing adjustment with these binoculars as well.


Rangefinders are yet another very essential component that you must look for when purchasing marine binoculars. They are really beneficial in determining the distance of an object.

They use a reticle for this purpose and not the laser rangefinders as reticules are more useful for water purposes with vast distances. If you are interested in finding the distance between the object and knowing how far it is, then a rangefinder model is the best option.

An efficient rangefinder can definitely enhance your experience with the binoculars. They make gathering the information regarding the object more comfortable and also provide a better idea in terms of locating the object and how close or far it is.

Even though this element is not mandatory for you to look for, having it in the binoculars is a choice you should consider when purchasing such a set of binoculars.

Additional features

There are many modern and advanced versions of marine binoculars with certain beneficial additional features that you must know about. These additional features are further explained with the help of the points given below :

  1. Floating strap

You will have to purchase a floating strap additionally if the binoculars don't have it in them already. A floating strap will prevent the binoculars from getting lost in the water.

High buoyancy components are used to form these floating straps. Such materials present the binocular from floating and getting lost in the sea in case they fall.

If you are spending or investing enough on the binoculars, then you must look for floating straps with it. In one way or another, you will have to purchase floating straps for additional security of the binoculars.

  1. Rangefinder reticle

As already discussed, a rangefinder reticle is not compulsory for you to have in the binocular. Having them can definitely enhance your experience as they help determine the distance between the object and you.

They are very efficient in providing information on how far or close the object is. Therefore, having this advanced technology will only bring benefits to you.

  1. Compasses

Some manufacturers make binoculars with an in-built system of a compass. The compass is located right below the binoculars that help in providing the right and quick details regarding the directions and also assuring safety.

Some of these binoculars also have digital compasses that can be illuminated.

Having such binoculars is extremely beneficial, especially in terms of safety. Therefore, it is better if you pay attention to this factor.

  1. Image stabilization

The additional feature of image stabilization helps in compensating the observer's movement or swaying of the vessel. Many manufacturers also fit in the gyroscope in binoculars for image stabilization, which helps reduce movement in the high-powered binoculars.

Objective lens size

The lens that is present at the end of the binoculars is called the objective lens size. They control the range of use by controlling the amount of light that comes in the binoculars.

More light will enter with a large objective lens size. It will allow a bright formation of images, especially in low light areas. Though, keep in mind that the size of the objective lens is directly proportional to the size of the binoculars.

The binoculars will be larger if the objective lens size is large. It is better to purchase objective lenses of size varying between 30mm and 50 mm. They are the most suitable one with the most suitable size of binoculars.

Any size more than the maximum range value will be difficult to carry. Also, it will start giving a bulking effect.

How To Take Care of Marine Binoculars

Taking care of marine binoculars is not complicated at all. All you have to do is follow some straightforward steps. These steps include :

  1. Clean off the dust

The first thing that you need to do for cleaning before storing the binocular is to clean the dust and dirt sitting on the lenses.

You can use a soft brush for this purpose and gently clean the dust so that no scratches occur there.

  1. Wipe

The next thing you will have to do is take a clean and dry cloth and wipe off the water you used to clean the binoculars. Ensure that you are using a soft piece of clothing for this purpose. Any harsh fabric will ruin your lens.

  1. Storing

Once you are done with cleaning, make sure to cover the binoculars and then store them in a safe, clean, and dry place. Covering is vital to prevent any dirt or dust from sitting on it and making it unclean all over again.

That is it. This is all you have to do for maintaining a nice and clean binocular safely without risking any potential future troubles with it.


  1. Are marine binoculars worth their price?

Yes, the binoculars are quite handy when you have to deal with a lot of water splashes and submersions. With water and fog protection, these binoculars never allow any element to disrupt your vision. They have high resistance to the corrosive nature of the saltwater.

You just need to purchase the right product, and you will see the benefits for yourself.

  1. What do you mean by 7X50 binoculars?

Here the first number represents the magnification power. In layman words, you will see the object 7 times more magnified, as seen by the naked eyes. Whereas, the second number represents the diameter of the lens in your binoculars. This value tells the amount of light the lens will allow to enter in the binoculars for image formation.

  1. How can I judge the brightness of the binoculars?

With more brightness, you will be able to see clear images, even in dim light. To find the approximate brightness level of your tool, you just have to divide the lens diameter with its magnification and square them. For example, for 7X50 binoculars, brightness will be approximately near 50.

  1. What is the advantage of rangefinder over the standard compass?

With a proper rangefinder, you can find the height and distance that is not possible with the compass. The feature will hike the price. However, in the hour of need, it returns all the value of investment invested in it.

  1. Should I invest in the model with floating straps?

If your model has the floating ability, then don't opt for floating straps. Otherwise, you should invest in the model with the straps. They keep the binoculars floating on the water surface in case of any fall off. You can easily rescue them without losing them forever to the depth of the sea.

Final verdict

Marine binoculars are quite handy when working with water bodies. They don't bow down under the harsh conditions. In the moment of adversity, they can save your day and prevent unfortunate mishaps.

In this comprehensive guide, we have presented all the necessary details properly. You just need to go through it and arm yourself with an elite product.

Arm yourself with a suitable option and enjoy your sea voyage. / - © Copyright 2020