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When packing your gear for jigging, you have to make sure that you invest in the right jigging rods. These rods have to fulfill some contradicting metrics. The prime thing to look into is that the rod should be light in weight, whereas they should be sturdy enough to withstand the force of the big fish.

Nobody wants their rod to break when struggling with powerful fish in the water. Other than this, the rod should support the load of heavy lures.

So, picking the best rod for yourself is not a piece of cake. You cannot just walk into the store and grab the one that shines the most. You have to be familiar with every element. Looking for all the details can become a tiresome task.

By referring to this guide, you will get all the useful information and details. We have covered every aspect of the product so that you can quickly funnel down the best rod for your adventures.

So, without any further ado, let begin with our hunt for the best rod.

What is jigging, and why should you choose a perfect jigging rod?

Jigging is mainly a custom of fishing with a jig, fishing entice. Fishing can be uncomplicated and complicated for different people, as they wish to make it. It can be a lifelong challenge if one becomes gravely involved in it.

Fishing with family and friends is always fun. And that fun will be doubled when you have excellent quality jigging rods. But it is also true that fishing isn't easy at all.

You may always require the best conditions along with an appropriate blend of patience, knowledge, and excellent skills. You will need a proper tackle and gear to carry home something big.

One crucial element to every fisher's equipment list has the Jigging rod. These rods help anglers get the lures and baits in water with accuracy, distance, and power.

Not every jigging rod is made with the same material. There are plenty of varieties available, but every rod is made with different components.

Here we have tried to make it easy for you to find the best for jig fishing to have superior quality and fantastic durability. Here are some of the buying tips for you to choose the best jigging rod

Jigging Rods vs. Normal Rods vs. Spinning Rods vs. Trolling Rods

Jigging rods

They are usually not short and are made keeping in mind the requirement of the user. These are made with huge metals that drop straight down and work in a vertical motion, probably over a reef or the boat's structure.

A jigging rod is said to be best when it has two characteristics;

  1. Pulling power- A rod needs to have good pulling power as it becomes easy to pull a fish as far as possible.
  2. Lightweight- When the rod is light enough to handle, it is comfortable for the user to do fishing at ease.

Some rods are labeled as jigging rods and fulfill the condition of other rods like Spinning rods and trolling rods.

Spinning Rods

They are suitable for fishing, which includes spinning with lures, and can also be used for methods involving casting where the rod is matched with the spinning style real ( for example, egg beater). Spinning rods have high durability if one chooses a well-established brand.

The fast action spinning rods bend at the tip, which is a very sensitive part of the rod, while the slow action spinning rods bend at the area close to its reels.

It is also considered that the higher the number of carbons used, the better rod is produced.

Trolling Rods

They are used to attract a large number of fish by dragging a fish. These kinds of rods are not modified and are available in different categories. This kind of rods helps the user to get a vast number of fish at one go. These rods will also need patience and expertise as skill develops with time.

Normal Rods

They can be defined as the standard fishing rods with a simple stick with a hook attached at the end. There are several categories of rods available in this modern era. Regular rods can be very heavy and difficult to handle. The materials used are also not modified and are also not very user friendly.

Regular rods are not specially built for extreme conditions and will be a bad idea for beginners. These rods will be a disadvantage if one is not familiar with fishing.

Things to be kept in mind while choosing jigging rods


The jigging rods are usually of 5'8' or seven lengths, making it comfortable for them to handle the jig, especially when you are a beginner. Once you excel, you can prefer a long or as it is suitable for you.

The rod's length should also go with the rod's flexibility because when size and flexibility go hand in hand, it allows hole-hop or inside the shelter. Jigging rods with a length of 7' can also give you an advantage with storms and various fishing techniques. Rods as short as 5' 8' can also help with vertical jigging.

Short length with high flexibility and lightweight can be used for heavy throw and massive fish like Amberjack and kingfish.

Short jigging rods can be strong and more at ease to handle than the jigging rods with long lengths. After keeping all these points in mind, one should be open to choosing the jigging rod, which has more grip and comfortability.


Some of the most rated Jigging rods brands make these rods extremely light to maintain comfort for the user. The weight of the jigging rod also depends on the materials used for it.

For example, the mixture of graphite and fiberglass is used for the blank to keep the weight yet strong, pulling the power to haul large fish. Lightweight with comfortable EVA grips is mostly preferred.

The rod's weight should not compromise with the strength it possesses, as the strength of the jigging rods plays an essential part in defining its efficiency. The reason behind most of the short jigging rods is their weight. They together can work powerfully.

Jigging is a physical workout, so the jigging rod's weight also defines how long you can jig for, i.e., you get tired after 2-3 jigs, or you can jig the whole day without discomfort.

Lightweight jigging rods help you to move it comfortably in the up and down direction. While choosing a jigging rod, be sure of the weight and its effect on your hand movement.


A jigging rod's performance is considered best when it works with vertical ease movements with substantial dance for far-reaching periods. The practically twofold twist enables the angler to take a chance and get an advantage.

Jigging rods that can bend because of their thickness and the material used works for covering larger areas compared to those that bend less and cannot work under extreme conditions.

The gear and reels' performance can also affect the jigging process because if the gear is of cheap quality, it will cause a huge amount of pressure on your wrist, causing fatigue.

The reel with a high dragging capacity of around 10-20kgs will be able to stop a heavyweight fish.


Those with a high interest in fishing can spend a whole day catching fish, and therefore, the jigging stick needs to be strong enough to hold the jig's pressure. The user will take time to get accustomed to the stiffness of the rod.

The user will be using the rod for longer periods and will need a rod that is durable enough to hold the pressure exerted from heavyweight fish.

The tip of the rod is very sensitive and, therefore, will need at most care while choosing one. It should be subtle when detecting the bite of the fish. Higher graphite content will increase durability.

The beginners, in order to get used to the jigging rod, should have a reliable and robust grip to ensure a comfortable hold of the rod. The aluminum reel seat is also added for durability.

Brand and Warranty

Whenever you are buying a jigging rod, you are advised not to go for local brands or cheap ones because you might get some cheap or economic jigging rods, but it won't be efficient for you when it comes to durability, strength, weight, and length.

There are some high rated brands that are considered very well for jigging because of the materials used for its making.

You might get fooled by the copy of the established brands, which shows them to be economical, but according to most of the reviews and rates of the brands, it is advisable to choose a well-established brand. It might cost you a hefty amount of money but will definitely give you a fantastic experience for a lifetime.

Choosing a well-established brand will not only be worth your money spent on it but will give you a warranty, which is an advantage for you.

Warranty is not only beneficial for beginners but also for the users who are accustomed to it because the tip of the rod is very sensitive, and heavy fish can end up breaking it.

Having a warranty is an important criterion, but it should be considered as you may observe some complicated techniques and therefore will need it.

Fishing place

Deciding a fishing place will first need you to determine what kind of fish you prefer to catch. Fish like bass and sunfish will be found at the shallow cove.

If you prefer to jig for a fly fish, then you will have more patience and skill. Fish like salmon will be found in deeper lake areas. Whenever you are choosing a place for fishing, you should cast as far as possible.

You are experienced enough in this, you can go for places where you need to jig on large surfaces, but if you are a beginner, you should buy short jigging rods and go to places that will not have large exposure.

Early in the morning and late in the evening is considered better to fish at the fishing place. The color of the water also is one of the criteria to look at. If a strong color the water provides fish with the cover in daylight, and if the water is clear, many of the fish will not venture inland.

Therefore, it is essential to look at criteria like watercolor and the type of fish you want to go for in order to decide the Fishing place.


The equipment-related sensitivity differs with the rods, and the fish one chooses, i.e., a bass picks up a jig differently and inhales a crankbait, whereas fish in cold water is less aggressive and come with a lighter bite.

The bite of the fish can also change within a day for some reasons, which is challenging to analyze, and this is the reason one should have a good rod with a better sensitivity range.

Fish with the softest bites make it difficult for the user to catch them.

The handle of some of the jigging rods is able to transfer the sensitivity to the angler providing ultimate control to the handler.

Good crankbait rods have a parabolic bend, which will have the strength to catch big bait and will act as an advantage.


While choosing a jigging rod, one should always consider its material, which is essential for its efficient working. Modifications in the jigging rod have made the options even more versatile.

Materials like graphite, fiberglass, and carbon fiber are used for maintaining the grip and lightweight of the rod.

  1. Graphite

Graphite ensures its stiffness and extremely light quality, because of which the sensitivity of the rod increases.

  1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is comparatively less sensitive and economical in nature. The stiffness also decreases along with its sensitivity.

  1. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is comparatively costly, but its performance is unparalleled, defining its price.

The material of the handle should have a grip and, therefore, should be comfortable enough to use it under extreme pressure.

  1. EVA

The EVA foam, which is one of the materials used for the handle, is softer and cooler along with a rough surface maintaining a grip, as maintaining a grip is essential while dealing with a walleye.


The jigging rod's power is essential, especially when you are fighting to get a big fish such as halibut, snapper, grouper, redfish, Amberjack, etc.

To catch all these big fishes, you will not only need a workforce, but your fishing rods need to be powerful enough to face the situation.

To get the giant fishes, you will need a heavy or extra power rod that provides you full support.

You should prefer a jigging rod capable enough to provide you with robust performance while fishing for something big. A heavy rod will have all the endurance and strength to pull fish out of deep waters and heavy cover.

Apart from this, power ratings with robust build components are essential to handle the heavy-duty style of fishing.


Checking the rod action is essential as it shows how well your rod will aid in proffering the apt action to catch different fish.

A stiff rod can make your rod hard to maintain and achieve an excellent rhythm. While the soft tip, too, won't recover to the top, making your jig of no use and rod completely unresponsive.

There are modern and traditional jigging rods available in the market but finding one can be difficult. Nowadays, jigging rods being fabricated are perfectly designed to provide you a top-notch fishing experience.

While modern jigging rods work more differently than the traditional ones, traditional jigging rods are super stiff with extra fast actions.

The new rods come with more flexible designs and are entirely parabolic (In mathematics, it is a plane curve that is mirror-symmetrical and is U-shaped) and can easily bend without snap.

It is why your jigging rods need the composite build with both fiberglass and graphite. Glass is stable but slow in action with a soft feel. Carbon fiber or graphics are renowned for high flexibility, good action, and sensitivity.


  1. What is the need to invest in the specialized jigging rods?

Although you can perform the activity with any rod, you will not get the comfort and experience of the sport with them. Every activity requires explicit equipment that is vital to enjoying it.

The jigging rods are specially fabricated to support the heavy lures and reel-in the big fish without any unnecessary hassle. So you can enjoy the activity with full safety and comfort.

  1. Are the rods worth their price?

Yes, the rods are worth their price. They are lightweight and sturdy. You can hand heavy metal lures, and they will never break under high pressure. They can withstand the harsh weather elements and will allow you to reel in tons of fish without any unnecessary hassle.

  1. Which is the best action in jigging rods?

Picking the best action is one of the vital decisions you have to make while picking a particular rod. You have to understand that if the rod is too soft, it will curve from the middle, and you will not be able to maintain the up and down rhythm.

On the contrary, if it is too stiff, then you are able to create any rhythm on the first point. So, think carefully and then pick the best one that suits your needs.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a beginner in the jigging world or an avid angler, everyone knows the importance of proper fishing gear. Jigging rods present a simple and effective way to handle jigs with perfection.

To narrow down your search for the best rod, we have prepared this guide that contains all the critical pointers of the rod. All the details are presented in a simple, organized manner so that you can get familiar with all the aspects.

All you need is to do is analyze your requirements with the pointers and pin down the best rod. Hopefully, you will get answers to all your queries. Select an elite option and catch tons of fish on your next upcoming trip. / - © Copyright 2020