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Are you looking to catch large fishes like bass and touts? Then you would need the best jerk bait rods. However, before you go out and grab just any road, take a moment. Think about the kind of rod you need to work with a jerk bait.

That's right! There are countless options available in the market. Even veteran fishers find it challenging to pick a jerk bait rod from the rod's length to its lining and functionality. Therefore, we are bringing you a comprehensive guide for jerk bait rods!

A jerk bait rod is your ace in the hole to quickly catch fishes. The mimicry of an actual fish is tempting to attract fishes. However, to help you simplify the selection process of jerk bait rods, this guide has some tips. Additionally, there are frequently asked questions.

Don't fall into the endless pit of multiple factors to consider. This guide brings you a straightforward approach to get the best jerk bait rods!

What is a jerk bait rod? How is it useful?

Jerkbait rod is prevalent to catch fish of larger species, especially bass. It has the bait in the shape of a minnow fish. However, the color of the fish can vary from natural to bright. The minnow fish is known as one of the common preys for predatory fishes.

Jerkbait animates the artificial bait through jerk motions, among other maneuvers. This gives an impression of a living minnow swimming in the waters. Thus, it becomes an irresistible call for the hunt from predatory fishes.

As predatory fishes are generally larger, a jerk bait rod is more durable and withstands larger weight capacity, especially when pulling. Jerkbait rods are the quickest way to catch most of the fishes. It is commonly used in frigid zones or clear water areas.

However, using a jerk bait rod requires fishing proficiency and experience. There are beginner-friendly options available in today's market, as well. Let's check out some compelling reasons to buy a jerk bait rod.

Reasons to buy a jerk bait rod.

If you don't know whether a jerk bait rod is for you or not, let's dig deeper. Here are some of the reasons that could help you determine whether the rod is for you or not. Now, remember, there is a slight disadvantage to using a jerk bait rod.

A jerk bait rod primarily uses 'jerk bait.' Jerk baits are more costly than any other standard baits and easier to lose because once they are in the grip of a fish, it's your skill versus the fish. If your jerk motions are too strong, you might lose the bait, as well.

However, if we look past there, here are some of the best reasons to buy a jerk bait rod:

Best jerk bait companion

First of all, you need to understand that a jerk bait is a type of bait. The fishing rod that efficiently uses this type of bait is known as a jerk bait rod. A jerk bait is available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are available in a group of two or three small fishes to attract larger fishes.

A jerk bait rod often has additional features, such as better length options. It has reels with different functions and ease of handling to produce jerk movements. These movements are aimed to mimic the fishes. However, it would be challenging to mimic these movements through conventional rods.

That's why a jerk bait rod is better. It enables you to mimic these movements with more ease and attract prey.

Year-round use

It might come as a surprise, but while you can use 'jerk bait' during a specific time of the year, the rod can be used year-round. You will find it easier to modify it and use it. If you learn to use the jerk bait rod all the time, you might develop an exceptional skill set as a fisherman.

Due to consistent movements, jerks, and pulls, jerk baits are more durable. They are less prone to wear and tear and won't break easily. Thus, you can use them extensively without worrying about too much. Of course, you should have a proper reel set to complement your jerk bait rod.

Better stability and control

A jerk bait rod can withstand motions and movements. Despite the flinches or sudden movements, it is a highly stable rod. Thus, if you're a fisherman who prefers control, it would be a great choice. In rods, better control also means better strength.

That's true for this rod. It has better weight support capacity. A minimum of 3 kg of weight support is available. There are jerk rods that can support 10 kgs or more, depending on your choice and investment. Thus, you can catch bigger fish.

Catch bigger fish

As jerk bait rods accompany jerk baits, you will inevitably catch fishes like bass and trout. More importantly, you have apt strength and durability to support the weight. Thus, it is easier than using conventional rods to catch bigger fish.

Other rods may sustain damage over time due to the rough handling it requires to catch bigger fish. If you're a competitive fisherman or someone who seeks a 'big catch,' you should undoubtedly have a jerk bait rod in your collection of fishing tools.

Factors to consider when purchasing a jerk bait rod

It's not an easy task to get into the store and grab just any jerk bait fishing rod. You have to consider the length, power, and weight support of the rod. More importantly, how is the jerk action? Therefore, to help you break down the selection process here's is what you need:

Understanding the types

According to your skill and experience, there are two types of rods available.

Spinning rod

These rods are more comfortable to use for beginners who want to grow better in jerk bait fishing. If you go for this, you can start polishing your skills and gradually move up.

However, you can't expect to catch large fishes with these. As these are beginner-friendly for the best experience, you will mostly catch lightweight fishes.

The lining of these rods could be less powerful. Thus, it is better to fish in a region that doesn't have too many massive fishes.

Baitcasting rod

If you're not a seasoned fisherman, this is not the best option for you. It can get complicated to balance fishing with this rod. Often, you will attract most of the large-type fishes with this. However, the rod is just there to support it.

If you don't know the essential tricks of a fisherman and haven't mastered the fundamentals, there's no reason for you to use a baitcasting jerk bait rod. These are powerful and sturdy but require an equal level of skills and experience.

Correlatively, it doesn't mean that all professionals use a baitcasting rod. Many professionals love the simplicity of a spinning rod for an easier catch.

Action speed

Now, as you've been told, the jerk bait rods provide an 'action' to the jerk baits to make them look lively. This is the primary selling point of the jerk bait rods because that's what attracts the fishes.

The action determines how the rod will bend and when the pressure is applied to the tipThus, you have to consider the speed you want for your jerk bait rod.

Moderate to fast

If you're looking for the best jerk bait rods, then fast action is vital for them. Fast action makes the jerk bait look more lively and catches attention faster. Thus, it will attract fishes more quickly for quicker catches.

Similarly, fash action also has a jerk action to shoot the tip farther into the water for a better catch. If you don't want to attract any attention to your position (or boat), this could be a handy choice.

More importantly, if you use a group jerk bait (with more than one fish), quick action will make it look like a group of small fish is together. Thus, it would attract predators faster.

Moderate to slow

Are you a patient fisherman who likes to relax while fishing? Then a slow action jerk bait rod would be a better fit for you. It is also the right choice for frigid waters, as you don't need to show too much activity.

The fishes are consistently looking for prey. Even minor movements will attract them. Thus, slow action jerk bait would work optimally. If you don't want to catch fish that is too big, this is a suitable choice.

However, it can sometimes do wonders of attracting larger fishes that are more cautious. Anglers who believe that patience attracts better catch tend to use slow bait. However, in overall comparison, a fast-action jerk bait rod is better.

Power rating

The action of any jerk bait rod is still limited to attracting bigger fish. You need more than that to catch a fish. A rod needs to have apt strength to support your catch.

It shouldn't be too rigid. Otherwise, that can break as bigger fishes are more robust. Sensitivity plays a vital role, as well. All of these combine to bring you a power rating.

The power rating of a rod determines how big of a catch you can get. There are two ratings explicitly suitable for jerk bait rods:


A medium rod could do the job if you're more cautious about the rod. It has apt flexibility to enable you to have some 'game' before catching the fish. A medium strength is vital to catch bass that weighs anywhere between 1.5 kgs to 3kgs.

Anything more than that would require more power. Now, if you're under budget or new to fishing, this rating is sufficient for you. Otherwise, go for medium-heavy.


In any area that has bass weighing 3Kgs, you can come across a rare and adult bass. These bass weigh around 5 kgs. Thus, it would be best if you had more power rating.

A medium-heavy rating rod can support up to 10kg of bass weight easily. Some support even higher than that. However, the chances of coming across a more massive bass are drastically low.

Thus, this rod would be perfect for year-round catches of different types of fishes.

The length of the rod

The next factor to consider is the length of the rod. It determines how far you can choose the hook and bait for the catch. Higher length means longer shots with more accuracy for catches. However, in general, it is better to go for shorter rods when you use jerk baits.

Short length

A shorter rod will provide you better stability and control. You will conserve your energy in jerk movements and easily attract prey.

It would be easier for you to catch fish. More importantly, jerk baits have a risk of touching the water.

Touching water means creating ripples and other disturbance that may come under other fishes' notice. If that happens, they will run away, and you won't attract any catch for the day. Thus, shorter rods are better.

Long length

It is not even up to consideration unless you're looking for some thrill. Longer rods will exhaust you faster and require more effort for jerk actions. They will most likely create disturbance and ripples in the water, which may discourage fishes from attacking the bait.

In short, go for jerk bait rods that are minimum five and maximum eight feet long—nothing longer or shorter for the right fishing requirement.

Lure style

Of course, how can we forget the lure style? Now we are back to the bait and how it could be used with your rod. For that, you would have to consider the lure style.

For shallow waters

Consider a floating lure style, as this is the best type to work with a jerk bait. That's right! A floating lure style works optimally with jerk baits and attracts fishes better.

It makes catching easier as fishes are drawn to the surface. You don't have to compact the water's weight with the pressure of the pull from the fish.

For deep waters

In frigid or deep waters, you will have to get a sinking lure. While it is not great for a jerk bait, it is an indispensable requirement. You might cause a little disturbance in the water, but it is the risk you will have to take.

A sinking lure would enable you to reach down to the warmer part of frigid or deep water. It also allows you to catch larger fishes compared to the ones found at the surface. The right combination for deep lure is to get a slow action rod.

Sinking lures are great for deep rocks and structures.

Type of rod

This is not the same as the model of the jerk bait rods. A type of rod has more to do with portability, durability, and longevity of the rod. There are three options for you to choose from:

Two-piece rod

This is the best option for a travel-friendly choice that you can carry anywhere. You can easily split it into two pieces to fold it and carry it. However, it lacks strength in comparison to other rod types available in the market.

Saltwater rod

If you want to catch bigger fish, you will most likely go fishing in the saltwater. In that case, you need a saltwater rod. These have a special protective coating to ensure that your rod can survive the saltwater's corrosive nature.

More importantly, these are highly durable and long-lasting. Correlatively, if you want a year-round jerk bait rod, then this is the right choice.

Freshwater rod

This is the standard type available for jerk bait rods. A freshwater rod is moderately durable and capable of catching light to medium weight prey.

These are limited to freshwater use, and any other use would end up damaging the integrity of the rod. If you want to experience jerk bait fishing, this is the right choice.

Other parts to consider

Here are some other factors of the jerk bait rods to consider before you make a buying decision:

The grip

You will have to produce the motion for you to play the lure game. That would enable the fish to recognize the bait and rush towards it. Sometimes, you might have to perform the motion for a prolonged time. A grip should be comfortable but firm.

That would enable you to produce the motion quickly. More importantly, you might be casual about the catch and not 100% attentive all the time. Thus, if a fish suddenly catches the prey, you have to make sure that the rod doesn't slip. For that, you need a proper grip to support your hands.

Line of the rod

The line of the rod makes an impact on its durability. More importantly, it will ensure that the strings are not tangled, and you can quickly reel it back. Thus, you need a good line for the rod, especially when jerk baiting.

For an average jerk bait rod

Do you want to cut to the chase and want to buy a jerk bait fishing rod? If you don't want to contemplate too much, you can grab a well-versed rod. Now, remember that these factors are for you to get an 'average' jerk bait rod. It is not with the consideration of the best jerk bait rods available in the market.

So, here's the quick guide:

The length of the rod

A rod between 6 to 7 feet in length would be best for a jerk bait. It would provide ease of use in a long or short distance without restricting you.

Speed of action

You are aiming to use a jerk bait. Thus, you should have proper jerk action. You need a rod that has a 'fast' speed for action. It would enable you to catch the most attention of the fish and attract them.

Power rating

If you're looking for average use of jerk bait to catch standard sized bass and tout, you can go for a medium-powered rod. You can tweak it up to medium-heavy power, and that's all you would need. It would prevent the fish from taking the bait away.

FAQs: Best Jerkbait Rods

Q: What is the best time to use jerk bait rods?

A: Jerkbait rods can be used year-round as they can function as the conventional rods. However, if you mean the jerk bait technique, then spring, fall, and winter are the best time. Most of the time, in a colder climate or frigid waters, jerk bait can prove to be an invaluable skill to master.

Q: Which type of reel should be used with jerk bait rods?

A: If you're a beginner, you should go for simplistic spinning reels to be easier to handle. Once you grow a knack for jerk bait fishing, you can try your luck with baitcasting reels.

The quality of the reel and its strength would matter according to your requirement and the type of fish you seek to catch. Consider the drag ratio of the reel and always opt for the best option available. It's not a good idea to get cheap reels, especially for jerk bait rods.

Q: What kind of water is jerk bait for?

A: Jerkbait is suitable for shallow and deep waters or frigid waters. It is best when used in clear water, as it would be easier for the fishes to see. Similarly, it would be best if you didn't use jerk bait in running waters because it will fail to attract and prey.


The jerk bait rods can be a compelling choice for you for year-round performance. Make sure to know when to use them and how to maintain them. These rods mostly require standard measures and don't have much difference except for the ease of motion and jerk bait support.

You may consider the material, but that's not the critical factor in choosing the right jerk bait rod. A proper rod will combine action, length, and power to bring you the best fishing options. This is your one-stop-solution to all the fishing rod questions.

Whether you're a beginner, a relaxed fisherman, or someone who likes fast catch with power-packed performance, these are all the considerations you have to make to get the best jerk bait rod! / - © Copyright 2020