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Are you frustrated with sore and painful muscles? Are you looking for a non-invasive way to get rid of the aches? Don't worry. Infrared heating pads are here at your service.

With the increasing stress and pressure in the daily routine, it is not easy to spare time for long therapeutic sessions. People look for a solution that is readily available all the time and can be used to their will.

Infrared heating pads provide you a simple solution. The pads create heat that penetrates your muscles and provides relief. You can attach them over the sore muscles and see the effect yourself.

However, while selecting a particular model, you have to deem certain elements. These elements define the usability and performance of the product.

Gathering all the information can become a tiresome task. Referring to a comprehensive buying guide gives you access to all the essential information at s single stop. You don't have to look here and there.

You can quickly analyze the points and match your requirement to select the best-suited product.

Moreover, you get answers to common questions and queries. But, before all this, you should have a clear picture of the product in your mind. So, let us start with a brief introduction and then move deep into this immense guide.

What are Infrared Heating Pads? Why should you use them?

Technology is moving at a fast pace, and it has converted the impossibility into possibility. You name a gadget you need, and you will get it on your doorstep.

The confusion still thrives whether science and technology help or ruin us, but the inventions and discoveries incline more towards benefits than disadvantages.

One such excellent innovation is the infrared heating pads. Gone are the days when you have to carry with yourself a bulky hot water bag. You are just a push away to get the comforting warmth and say goodbye to your muscle pain.

These pads are a miracle for the old generation who have a hard time dealing with the regular joint and muscle pains. Their lives have been plain sailing since these heating pads have made their way into their lives.

These heating pads provide comforting warmth to the affected areas of your body using infrared light. Unlike the other heating pads, these pads offer relief to the deeper tendons and muscles so that you stay happy and joyful.

The significant benefits of using these heating pads are listed below. Let's see why they are so important.

  1. The primary purpose of these heating pads is to provide you relief from the unbearable pain.
  1. With the heat that penetrates inside the tissues, blood flow and muscle contraction improve.
  1. Since the pain vanishes, your stress hormones return to their normal state and keep you calm and relaxed.
  1. This equipment also reduces weight as the fat and calories burnt due to the heat provided externally.

Difference between Conventional Heating Pads and Infrared Heating Pads

Though both these heating pads provide you comfort and relief from the pain, they have many differences. The section below elucidates the details and points out the differences to opt for the best heating pad.

Conventional Heating pads

The conventional heating pads consist of two variants: portable heating belts and electric units. Let's have a detailed look at both these variants.

  1. Portable heating belts

These heating pads/belts are first heated using a microwave and then wrapped around the affected area. It can also be stuck on that body part as it includes skin-friendly adhesives.

  1. Electric conventional heating pads

These heating pads have heating coils inside the unit, which gets heated to provide relief when plugged into a power source. This heating gives rise to electromagnetic waves, which include high radiations not good for the human skin.

This overheating results in skin burn, irritations, and other skin-related issues which you never want. Though these heating pads are more effective than the portable ones, the burning sensation and marks they leave you with are horrible.

The main reason for these burns is the direct heat transferred from the coils into your inflamed tissues. Also, the amount of heat transferred is not enough to travel deep and provide relief.

Infrared heating pads

These heating pads involve carbon fibers and jade stones that emit infrared rays for offering you high-intensity comfort. There is no requirement for any microwave heating.

The infrared rays can easily penetrate deep to relax your inflamed tissues and muscles so that you can resume your activity. These heating pads are so efficient that they keep you healthy and improve your entire body system's functioning.

The crucial aspect is that they don't apply heat directly to your skin so that it burns. The process of heat transfer by this heating equipment is slow but incredibly effective and long-lasting.

Though these are quite expensive than the other heating pads, the innumerable benefits and long-lasting pain reduction that these pads offer is amazing.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Infrared Heating Pads

This era full of latest technologies and inventions has made your lives so effortless that you hardly get up to switch on the lights or get a glass of water. This comfortable living solution has made you lousy and inactive due to which many health diseases crop up.

Studies had shown that an average adult's life span is up to 60 years, which is a saddening fact because when things were underdeveloped, an individual lived up to 100 years.

However, to reduce the difficulties in your lives, some practical innovations have been introduced, including this heating pad that emits infrared rays. This infrared heating pad is a one in all solution for the majority of your health issues.

Many variants of such heating pads are flooding the market, and searching for the perfect one is exceptionally challenging.

To help you find the eligible one and save our time and money, we have brought you this buying guide.

This guide will help you throughout your search spree to pick out the best heating pad for infrared heat therapy. Let's start your journey and help you find a suitable match to stay healthy and happy forever.


Unbearable pain might erupt at any place and anytime, and to get comfort and relief, you need a heating pad that can be easily put on that area for utmost relaxation.

Infrared heating pads come in different sizes and suit all the other body parts. The choice depends on your need. If you want to opt for a heating pad covering several body parts simultaneously, you should look for a larger size.

The large size will provide warmth to a vast area. You can also search for location-specific variants like the heated braces, etc. if the lower back is the pain triggering area. Once you start your search, you will find many different sizes to suit your needs.

Heating Control and time

Infrared heating pads have gemstones, healing crystals and gemstones in them, which offer an apt amount of high-intensity heat that you require.

This adequate amount of heat helps reduce inflammation in less time and provides long-lasting relief that is not found in other heating pads. These pads are usable for both less affected and severely affected body areas and hence, come with heat settings.

This variation in heating controls enables you to set the desired temperature and enjoy your home or office's sauna type comfort.

You can keep the temperature at the minimum when you want to reduce the regular muscle or joint pain and are opting for long therapy sessions.

On the other hand, you can keep it at the maximum to get instant relief and then get back to work. A higher temperature setting is desirable when any part is severely affected due to workout or any other reason.

Some variants also have a memory setting that remembers the temperature setting that you most prefer. This setting comes handy when you are using the heating pad alone. However, you can change this setting to share it with other members.

Besides, you also need to keep an eye on the time that you are using it for. If used for an extended period, there are chances that you may burn your skin while expecting for a great relief.

The timing controllers are a vital part of these heating pads as they enable you to set a specific time. This setting cuts off the heat when the time limits cross to stay safe and not get burnt even if you are sleeping.

These heating pads are so efficient and easy to use that you need to set the desired temperature and the time limit and leave the rest on this incredible heating equipment.

Ease of Control

These heating pads feature an ergonomic design, which is effortless to use and stay relaxed. A digital controller is included in this heating pad, which makes controlling the temperature and time much more comfortable.

This controller enables you to get the desired results from this heating device and keep yourself cheerful throughout the day. You can release your entire day's stress and stay healthy.

The controller has a switch in it, which lets you put it in to work when needed and stop the heat transfer when you are done. You get the full liberty to customize the heat effect and other settings to get the most out of this product,


Since these heating pads can be used anywhere, you get variants that feature different weights. You will get the bulkier ones and the lighter once as well; however, the choice depends on your location of use.

If you want to wrap it around your body's affected area and move about in the office or at home, you should opt for the lightweight infrared heating pads.

On the contrary, if the bed or the couch is your preferred location where you want to relax and release your stress, the weight won't be of much significance.

These heating pads don't add any weight to your body and are very comfortable to use and walk around with. Also, the point of attraction is the fancy bag that they come in. These bags help you carry it conveniently wherever you go.


The power of these heating devices is dependent on the number of stones included, the heating system of this pad, the overall design, etc. Before you opt for any variant, focus more on these minute details to invest in the best product.

The ones with the larger size covering several body parts include more stones than the smaller ones. More stones affect the power of this heating equipment and make a huge difference.

With more stones and large size, these pads have low energy efficiency because they offer more warmth and relief by consuming more heat energy. At the same time, the smaller heating pads are just the opposite.

Hence, depending upon your requirement, search for the one you find suitable and then make an eligible purchase.

The output of Negative Ions

Negative ions emitted from any place gets absorbed by your body's cells. These ions help rejuvenate your cells and calm you down by maintaining the correct level of hormones.

If your stress hormones and sensory nerves are right, you will always stay happy and cheerful. The technology involved in these heating pads provides warmth and feeds your cells with these negative ions.

The stones inside these pads are the primary source of negative ion output. These ions enter your body to improve the metabolism, which induces fat reduction and helps to uproot all the unwanted diseases from your system.

Negative ions are why these heating pads are filled with stones and release your stress and pain in no time.


Muscle and joint pain is a recurring phenomenon which is quite common these days. You will always find a person complaining of this issue and seeking a remedy.

Infrared heating pads are the best remedy for reducing the pain but purchasing them is an expensive affair. This high price is because of the stones and the latest technology involved. These pads are more expensive than conventional ones but are more efficient than those.

By investing in this heating equipment, you won't ever feel that your money got wasted as they are worth the penny spent on them.

It is a saying that good things come at a price, and this equipment is a fine example of this line. Hence, don't think twice before investing in them because these pads are way cheaper than your hospital cheques.

Warranty and FDA Approval

These heating pads come with a warranty that assures you quick return or replacement if you don't find a suitable product. The warranty period differs with different variants, and it would be wise if you check it before purchasing it.

Also, these heating equipment are FDA approved, ensuring that they are made from safe materials and cause no harm.

Always search for the stamp while selecting the product so that you can be assured that the product you are investing in is incredibly safe for your use.


The infrared heating pads use a combination of different stones to cater to all your requirements.

This combination includes amethyst, jade, and tourmaline. You may also find variants that have only a single kind of stone or a combination of two. These stones have different individual properties that contribute to your well-being and comfort.

Amethyst helps the heat penetrate deep into the tissues and muscles, ideally up to 6 to 8 inches. Whereas, jade generates more power to give you the desired satisfaction from this equipment.

The power generated by jade is more than any other stone, making it a suitable component for these heating pads. Also, the high energy generated covers more areas, unlike conventional heating pads.


While searching for suitable heating pads, you need to keep in mind the range of features that they offer. Some might provide high-intensity heat, while others might come with large size.

This variation in features can put you in a dilemma, and your decision making will be delayed. To eliminate this delay in picking out the best one, search for infrared heating pads.

These heating devices feature many variants with different shapes, sizes, heat intensity, etc. Also, you will find variants which include all that you need.

These heating pads feature body wrapping pads and the ones you are supposed to lie on. The smaller ones for a specific area and other variants can be used for general relaxation and release stress.

You can find all these fascinating features only in these heating pads, which form an integral part of your lives.


These heating pads are incredibly safe as they radiate infrared rays and not the harmful ultraviolet rays. They are skin-friendly and don't burn your superficial layer; instead, they penetrate deep inside the tissues to uproot the leading cause of pain.

However, you need to take some precautions while using this because they emit high-intensity rays after all. You should always set the temperature at the desired level to stay comfortable and not be exposed to these rays for very long.

If you use them regularly, ensure that you don't expose yourself to these heating pads for a very long period because it can lead to eye and skin damage.


These heating pads are made of mainly two materials that are polyester and cotton. Both of these materials are very comfortable and soft to feel. They do not irritate the skin and are highly breathable.

They absorb the sweat and keep the area they are applied to dry so that you stay comfortable and relaxed.

Some variants also come with an outer casing. This casing is removable and easy to clean. If you opt for the heating pads with the removable case, you will find it more manageable and hygienic.

Area of Body where you want to treat

Now that we have come this far, you must be knowing that these heating pads come in different sizes to fit your needs.

These heating pads can be conveniently wrapped around or laid flat to sit or lie on. You also get variants designed for a specific body part like the lower back, shoulder, behind the elbow, knee, or many more.

To get excellent heat therapy and get what you desire, invest in these heating devices, which are the best pain relievers. You can also search for the ones with any belt of the velcro strap that keeps the pad in place while you are on the move.

Working of Infrared Heating Pads

These heating pads have a reliable cord attached to the unit, which has to be plugged into a power source that offers the desired power output.

There are temperature and time controllers that enable you to set the desired temperature and time with just a dial turn. This maximizes the level of comfort you get and is extremely easy to use.

The heat transfer process is slow so that your skin doesn't burn or get damaged. In a span of 30 to 40 minutes, you will notice that your pain is getting reduced, and you are starting to get comfortable.


  1. Are the infrared pads safe?

Yes, you can safely use the pads to get relief from the pain. If you are worried about the electromagnetic radiation, then you should know that the amount of radiation produced by the pad is negligible. There will be no damage due to it.

Moreover, some models come with extra protection against it and are very safe to use.

  1. How does the pad work?

The pad encompasses a wiring system and stones. When plugged into the power, the writing system heats the stones, which produce negative ions and infrared rays. These rays penetrate your muscles and provide relief from sore muscles and aches.

  1. Is the infrared heating pad worth its value?

Yes, the infrared pads provide relief from the soreness and muscle aches. They are user-friendly and don't pose any harmful threat to your health. You can use them anytime you feel uncomfortable and get proper relief.

Final Verdict

Infrared heating pads provide a simple and effective way to get relief from the sore muscles and aches in the body. All you need is to select a good-quality product.

Here, in this guide, we have presented all the pointers in a well-organized way. Go through them and purchase an elite pad for yourself. / - © Copyright 2020