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With the situation getting worse outside and COVID-19 lingering around everywhere, it is unsafe to take your kids to the public pool to enjoy the summertime. But don't be stressed. Inflatable water slides are here to rescue you from this situation.

These fun rides are easy to install in your home space. You can keep an eye on your kids while they have fun on these amazing slides.

However, picking the right model is not an easy task. You cannot simply order it online or go to the store and pick the first one you see.

You have to think this through so that you don't end up wasting your money on the wrong product. There are several models available, and you can get confused quickly. Moreover, you can even fall into the market's bear trap and end up with the wrong option.

You have to look into the vital aspects of the slides. You have to consider the shape, space, size, installation system, durability, and other additional properties.

At this point, you may feel a little overwhelmed, but it is natural. To help you with the selection process, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide that contains all the information. You will get all the details in an organized manner.

All you need to do is go through the pointers and funnel down the best one that meets your requirements. You will also get answers to various doubts and queries about the product.

So without any further delay, let us start with a quick introduction and then move further into this guide.

What are Inflatable Water Slides? Why should you buy them?

With summertime around, everyone looks for a fun activity to beat the heat of the sun. Making the ride every time you want to have fun in the pool is a waste of time. So it is time to opt for a better solution.

Now, you must not miss inflatable water slides, which are here to meet all your tastes.

Well, that's the best thing you can do for your kids. You can spend time with them, and they get away from the digital world, promoting their health.

Inflatable Water Slides are the slides that are pumped with air to regulate the water park configuration.

They are inflated with the help of a blower. A water hose is attached to it so that your kids can have fun without any unnecessary hassle.

Most water slides are designed for children and are vulnerable to derogation if the adults attempt to vibe on it. But, you'll find some models that'll let you accompany your kids on the fun ride.

Your kids can have the best outdoor moments with these slides as they are safe, but you must watch and supervise your kids constantly when they are using them. Lack of supervision may lead to accidents. Any kind of negligence might bring detrimental results.

Inflatable water slides have striking features and are people's first preference. Their portability, durability, safety, and easy manual setup have won the hearts of many people.

And you needn't require a lot of water as you can use the same for many days. Thus, one need not bother regarding the scarcity or exploitation of water.

Types of Inflatable Water Slides

There are several types of inflatable water slides in the market. Let's check them out to find more details about them before making any purchase.

Bounce houses

Also known as jolly jumps, moonwalks, and bouncers, these Bounce houses comprise four corners, all possessing a strong pillar; there's a fine net between its pillars for allowing more air to lurk in.

Also, it enables the parents to take care of their kids when they go out to play.

Bounce houses provide ample themes, and the decision lies on your hand to choose what suits the event as well as your individual needs.

Bouncy castles come with baffles where there are areas that help many kids to have fun as they bounce around laughing.

Interactive Inflatables

These are specifically designed for teenagers and adults. You can find their use in events, like different parties or fun adventures.

Let's find out the inflatable types, with each subtype having its specificities.

  1. Bungee run

It consists of 2 lanes, each designed for one person who is said to have a back harness.

Kids run as well as travel far enough until the bungee pulls them back to their original position.

  1. Twister game

It is a renowned twister game holding a huge amount of fame since the 1970s. It consists of a giant dice which tells you about what body part or color should be used next!

  1. Inflatable boxing ring

This boxing ring is mainly designed for teens and college students.

It has two oversized boxing gloves and encourages physical development, balance, coordination, and exercise.

  1. Gladiator arena

It is considered quite famous amongst different college students.

Adapted from famous "American gladiators," this game has military-styled rings and a mid-evil playing style.

  1. Throwing games

Kids of any age can participate in these games. Mainly, these comprise football toss, inflatable basketball, and even toss.

Dry Slides

These inflatable slides serve well if there's a scarcity of water in your area, as these don't require water. They have various designs, as well as shapes.

Most of these provide a staircase, ladder, or climbing lane that aids comfort while kids are climbing up the stairs. These slides are of great use for indoor and outdoor activities.

Some of these slides come with netting, preventing, and protecting the users' accidental fall while playing.

Obstacle courses

These work best for aged people and require two players.

They have multiple playing areas like half walls, tunnels, nets, ball pits, and holes.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Inflatable Water Slides

To help you find the best one, we've come up with this comprehensive buying guide for reliable inflatable slides.


Various fascinating designs of inflatables are available in the market that features different themes, varied slides, energizing prints, and colors.

Some come with alluring designs like car-themed slides, Frozen-themed slides, and the dinosaur skeleton water slide to lure the kids.

Some may be outdated and boring, while some come with bright colors that'll drain most of your energy and time while washing.

You can select themes and colors that perfectly go on with your garden or pool or your backyard. If you are looking for your kids, you can opt according to his/her preference but be sure that they are safe.


Everybody has their purpose for getting water slides that may meet their needs. If you are going out to purchase one for yourself or your kids, its purpose is worth considering.

Do you want to purchase inflatable water slides for the pool, home, or for the parties?

If you are thinking of getting one for the pool, then ensure that the slide is of ideal height. Height is the crucial factor because it annexes comfort to the user while sliding into the pool ( either the center or the vicinity of the pool).

However, the bigger slides are preferable for conducting events like hosting parties. An occasion can be made incredible with the right and astonishing features of the inflatables.

While looking for a home, you must be cautious so that the slides occupy less space, and they are safe, strong, efficient, and possess low weight.

Recommended age of users

Each inflatable slide comes with an age restriction so that all the kids of an apt age can use them.

Age is a major concern. Some water slides are meant for the kids up to the age of 6, while others are developed for the children up to 13 or for the teens. Kids below the age of 3 are not recommended to use these inflatables.

Whenever you're making a purchase, the user's age assists you in picking out the best slide as per the proper weight and height of the kids.

Some units can hold up to 100 pounds, whereas some can reach 150 pounds. Also, it helps you to ensure all safety parameters are being met. Some of them are only for kids that age lower than 13.

You can find the best inflatable slides for adults too, which allow you to have fun with your kids and provide proper guidance to them while playing. Those slides are usually stronger, stiffer, and larger to take part in the fun.


You have to ponder a bit about the material that has been used to synthesize the Inflatable Water Slides cause it'll hamper your decision.

Cheap materials affect their quality and, consequently, their durability and stability. The best inflatable slides are usually very stiff, and the slides are puncture-proof as they might not be indulged on the smooth, soft grass only.

The top materials that we recommend are-

  1. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), most preferred material owing to its elasticity.
  2. Chemical grade nylon is elastic, durable, stiff, and lightweight.

The manufacturers of renowned companies are familiar with this. They use the best and durable synthetic materials like chemical-grade nylon and PVC to make sure that the materials used in the slides are sturdy, durable, and puncture-resistant. These slides have a long life and can be used for an extended period


You may probably think that portability is not a matter of concern, or it's not a feature to look for in an inflatable slide, but you should be well aware of the fact that you will be putting it away and taking it out again every summer.

You must be conscious and apply every possible idea to tightly pack and store them without conquering much space. Many of the slides we have reviewed will indeed provide you with this possibility.

Many of the slides are designed to be folded simply, quickly, and be stuffed into included storage bags that sufficiently decrease the space required to store them.

The larger the inflatable slide is, the more difficult it will be to fold and put them into a confined space. So, while purchasing a giant one, remind yourself to vacate the required space and leave yourself a bit of time to get it done when it's time to put it away.

Inflation process

Blowers are included in innumerable water slides for inflation, which saves your time and energy.

Have you fantasized about yourself inflating a giant inflatable with your mouth? Well, you may have to do this in low graded models, and there you repent over your choice.

There emerges the need to connect the giant elaborate inflatable slides with the blower to carry out the smooth function.

The valves and the slides' quality must be checked frequently so that one can extract out a good knowledge regarding their performance at reserving the air in and restraining you from summoning your kids and then again reinflating the whole slide.

If you've already purchased the inflatable water slides devoid of the blower, then try your best to get a pump to save your time, energy, and efforts.

Slides and Chambers

The exact number of slides and chambers that the water slides possess is worth considering and relies on the model you want to buy.

Multiple slides and chambers offer limitless fun. If the user is ample, better get a giant one, consisting of four or more slides.

But you must be sure of the space and weight as the giant one possesses much weight. Also, you've to invest much time in its installation, and this one might not be convenient for your kids.

Repair kit

If you plan to get the inflatable slides, then be sure that a repair package accompanies it. The repair kit should comprehend all the necessary tools that help you to fix any damage that happens.

If you've already bought one with no repair kit, then it will be quite challenging to repair the product. Thus, in this case, you can call an expert to help you with the product's repairs.

Size and Shape

The shape and size of the water slides are of utmost concern when it comes to the space that they will capture.

You should have a clear picture of the space where you will fit the slide. Moreover, make sure that there is enough space around the slides so that your kids can enjoy them without getting hurt.

The shape of the unit plays a major role. As mentioned earlier, the square-shaped slides need less space with their only demerit of being smaller in size.

And if you are thinking of the larger one, then you must have a proper arrangement for their accommodation.


  1. Can my kids use the inflatable water slides?

The inflatable water slides are incredibly safe for kids because they are designed to minimize the risk of injury and let the kids enjoy themselves. Though these slides are not entirely injury-proof, your kids are bound to get a bruise or two but won't experience a severe injury. However, to ensure that your kids are protected to the maximum possible, you can opt for slides specified for your kids' age group. Such water slides will keep your kids safe and give them a memorable slide experience.

  1. Can I face any legal issues if I place the inflatable water slides in my house's backyard?

Putting your inflatable water slide in the backyard doesn't make you commit any crime because it is legal. Since everyone is allowed to have a pool in their house's backyard, placing a slide adds a star to the full view. Hence, don't get intimidated while purchasing an inflatable water slide to put in your pool in the backyard.

  1. How should I maintain and clean my inflatable water slide?

To clean your slide, you can use tap water to remove the dirt. You should clean the water slide while in the inflated state because it won't get cleaned properly if deflated. After cleaning comes the maintenance, which requires you to deflate it and air dry it in the shade. Once dried, fold it and keep it in a dry place. Ensure that no drop of water is left on the deflated slide because if not paid attention, the humidity can degrade the slide's material.

  1. Do the inflatable water slides occupy large spaces?

This factor depends on how big your backyard is and what slide size you opt for. If you opt for a large slide for a small backyard, it will occupy the entire space available in the backyard. On the other hand, a small water slide on a large backyard will provide you more room to play and roam around.

Ideally, you should opt for a water slide that allows decent space all around it. It reduces possible injuries and lets you move around it freely. Hence, the space occupied by the water slide you opt for changes in reference to your house's backyard size.

  1. What material is best for my child's inflatable water slide?

Children love to play with toys that are not tough and are soft and flexible to play with. Since a water slide is the play-thing for any child during a pool party, you should prefer a water slide made using soft yet sturdy materials. Look for synthetic or PVC made inflatable water slides. These materials are soft and flexible, so your child will love to slide on them and play around.

  1. Do I have to purchase a separate blower for inflating my water slide?

You won't have to purchase a separate blower to inflate your water slide because many models include one. All you need to care about is when the water slide needs to be inflated. Many high-end models need to be connected to the blower at all times, while some can stay inflated for a few hours. A blower included with the water slide is always compatible and enables you to set up your water equipment anywhere.

  1. Can I carry my inflatable water slide to another place?

Of course, you can! An inflatable water slide, when deflated, occupies less space and can be stored inside your backpack too. It makes it much more comfortable for you to carry it to a distant place and set it up there. Hence, your enjoyment never stops, even while you are staying away from your home. It is because these water slides can be put up anywhere and anytime.

  1. Can I mend my damaged Inflatable Water slide?

Yes, inflatable water slides can be quickly fixed. You only need to identify the puncture point, deflate the water slide, and patch-fix it with some glue. You don't have to carry it to a repair shop and get it mended because the hole can be manually fixed in seconds.

  1. Is an inflatable water slide expensive?

The cost depends on what type of inflatable water slide you opt for. However, the basic price starts at $800 and may go up to $8000. You can find one that suits your budget and purchase it. Since it lasts for a lifetime if properly maintained, the price you pay is worth it.

  1. Can I use my inflatable water slide when it is dry?

It depends on whether you use a slide that acquires its stability from water or not. If your water slide is self-sufficient, you can use it with or without water. However, if your water slide uses water to stay stable, don't ever use it without water.

Final Verdict

Inflatable water slides present a safe and simple way to enjoy some fun time in the summers with your kids. All you need is to do is pick the right slide.

In this guide, you will get to know about all the aspects of the product. We have enclosed all the characteristics so that you don't have to look into different sources for the information.

We have also included a list of major questions so that you can get answers to all your queries and doubts.

Just go through the pointers and make an informed decision while picking the slide. Install an elite slide and see the magic yourself / - © Copyright 2020