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Love to spend time on the beach but frustrated by clearing the sand from your blanket? Don't worry. Inflatable loungers are here to the rescue.

The product is highly portable and travel-friendly. It is relatively easy to set up, clean, and store. You can quickly inflate it and relax on your favorite beach.

However, while selecting a particular model, you have to look into certain factors. You have to deem its size, capacity, quality, inflation mechanism, and other additional properties.

Gathering information on all these characteristics can become a strenuous task. Moreover, you may even end with wrong details about the product.

On the contrary, a well-detailed buying guide presents all the information at a single stop. It saves you valuable time and provides correct details and facts. You can quickly go through them and funnel down the best product.

Also, you get answers to several common questions and queries. But, before all this, you should have a clear understanding of the product. So, without wasting any more time, let us have a brief introduction and then move further into this guide.

What do you mean by Inflatable Loungers? Why do you need them?

It is not unusual to have less information about an inflatable lounge as it is relatively new in the market. The popularity of these loungers is increasing day by day because of their ease of use.

These lounges are filled with air so you can use them anywhere you want. You can describe the loungers as a combination of sofa, inflatable pool lounger, and hammock.

They are made up of tough polyester to put up with more than 400lbs and do not get damaged quickly. The best thing about the loungers is that they can be packed in a compact size so you can transport them conveniently.

It is very simple to use an inflatable lounger. You need to open one end, inflate it with air, and roll up securely.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your outdoor trips in a relaxing way, an inflatable lounger can be the best choice for you. It is very lightweight and extremely convenient to use.

Due to this easy portability, you can carry the loungers more comfortably than a camping chair. Moreover, they are appropriate for sporting events, chilling in the backyard, enjoying BBQs, and more.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Inflatable Loungers


You do not need to worry about inflatable loungers' size because they come with a very small and compact packed size.

If you roll up the loungers and store them in a bag, they will take space not more than 11/2 feet, and they have a weight maximum of 3 lbs.

Therefore, these loungers are more comfortable to carry, enabling you to take them with you outdoors for camping, concerts, and other adventurous activities.

However, you should check how long the lounger is to ensure that you will have enough space to stretch comfortably. Also, you should consider the size, whether it can accommodate 3-4 people conveniently.

The lounger should have a longer size so that everyone can sit without having any discomfort, and you can buy it accordingly.

Usually, inflate couches have a size between 6 and 7 feet, but you can also get different sizes.

Weight Capacity

You must check the weight capacity of the inflatable loungers before you buy one for you. It will let you know how much weight the lounger can hold up without any issues. The weight capacity of most inflatable couches varies from 400 pounds to 450 pounds. It means they can carry the weight of 2or 3 adult people according to their weights.

You will find some loungers that can support almost 650 pounds. Certainly, it will be able to carry more people effectively.

It is essential to consider the weight capacity to make sure that it meets up your requirements adequately.

It does not matter whether you want the inflatable lounger for a single person or two kids and one adult; the weight capacity will significantly impact your purpose of buying the lounger.

Inflation Mechanism

It is very crucial to understand how to inflate your lounger appropriately. The inflatable loungers available in the markets are filled with air manually.

You will not need any pumper. You need to scoop the air and buckle up the lounge to trap the air inside. This is how you can control how much air you need to blow up the lounger and carry fewer items accordingly.

If you are going on a camping trip and have enough space in your bag to take more things, you can consider the loungers that need pumps.

Another essential thing you should be aware of while choosing the inflatable couches is the inflation time. Generally, most models have an inflation time of at least 2 to 3 hours.

However, you can consider 5 hours as a standard time because the standard quality loungers remain completely inflated up to 5 hours, and you will not need to worry about re-inflation.

Some models come up with stakes so that wind can not blow them away. Moreover, you will see some models that can stay inflated for 10 hours with proper maintenance.

Water Resistance

Not all the manufacturers make their inflatable couches resistant to water. But, you should always look for a model that is designed to be water-resistant.

It is needless to mention that the expensive inflatable couches come with this vital feature. If you look for cheaper models, you may not find it easily.

Usually, the outer layer of the lounger is made of a water-resistant solution. So, if you are planning to use the blow-up lounger in the pool or by the pool, on the beach, you should make sure that it has adequate water-resistance capacity.


There are some inflatable loungers that are designed with a few additional features. These features will increase the functionality of the loungers.

A side pocket can be very useful to keep your belongings where a neck pillow can provide better comfort. You can also look for a carrying bag to store and transport your lounger when you do not use it.

The primary purpose of considering these extra features is to maximize your comfort and ensure that you can use the lounger with convenience.

Especially if you check the neck pillow, you will see that the shape of the pillow goes hand to hand with the lounger's shape. But you can also add this feature to enhance your comfort.

The side pockets come in handy to hold your phone, sunglasses, and other small items, so there will be less chance of losing them. With the carrying bag, you can protect the inflatable couches from damages at the time of transporting.


When choosing the inflatable loungers, you must pay close attention to this feature before making your purchase. It is essential to consider because the duration will tell you the amount of time your inflatable lounger can trap the air inside it.

Most of the high-quality loungers can hold air for up to 4 hours. It completely depends on you whether you want more duration or not. However, you should make sure that the inflatable lounger you are going to buy can maintain the inflation for a more extended period.

You will find some inflatable couches that can hold the air for 10 hours. It will be a better choice to enjoy your outdoor activities without any headaches. Otherwise, a lounger that remains fully inflated for at least 4 hours can be considered as standard.


Usually, inflatable loungers have a compact size so you can put them inside your bag or in the car without having any problems. They have a compact size so that they can be packed easily without taking up much space.

Therefore, it is convenient for a user to carry the loungers from place to place without putting any extra effort. Besides, these inflatable couches are very lightweight, which increases their portability to a great extent.

You should always look for a lounger with a weight of 2 pounds or even less than that when deflated. It will be a practical choice to carry the loungers conveniently.

So, you should consider the portability as an essential buying factor and choose a model that you feel comfortable to carry.


You should not overlook the inflatable couches' overall quality because it will determine the performance and longevity of a particular model.

The first thing you should check is the thickness and durability of your lounger to ensure that it can deal with the air pressures efficiently when someone lays on it.

Usually, the best inflatable couches are designed with the highest quality materials like nylon so that they can last long for an extended period of time.

On the other hand, if you want to use the lounger in water for floating and relaxing, you will look for some other features. In such cases, you will need a model that is durable as well as waterproof.

On this note, you should remember that you do not have a waterproof lounger then do not use it in water. Otherwise, it will deflect instantly.


You need to spend a hefty amount of money to have the top quality inflatable loungers. Therefore, it is essential to check the warranty before you buy any model.

You must consider the warranty because it is a convincing way to confirm the credibility of the lounger you are choosing.

One thing you should remember that different manufacturers offer a different warranty, so it will be better to go for a more extended period of warranty.

Moreover, you should have a proper understanding of the coverage included in the warranty. If there is any defect in the product, you will get it repaired by the manufacturer without any hassles.

So, it will be a crucial decision to know the coverage in detail while checking the warranty. Thus, you will have less chance to get disappointed if you experience any issues, and you will always be aided by the manufacturer.


Choosing the right quality of materials for the inflatable loungers is incredibly essential so that they can have better durability to last longer.

You will use your inflatable lounger outdoors, which means there is a huge possibility that the lounger has to withstand the harsh elements anywhere, anytime. You can not predict the weather before.

So, it will be wise to pick up the best material. The thickness of the material has a significant impact on its longevity.

Polyester and nylon are mainly used in designing the inflatable couches because they are resistant to ripping. You should always choose military-grade materials that are lightweight and resistant to water.

It will also help you to use your inflatable lounger for floating on the water.


When you are planning to buy an inflatable lounger, you should fix a budget beforehand so that you can choose the best quality model within your affordability.

It is nothing difficult to understand that cost has a vital role in helping you to make the right decision about purchasing the lounger.

However, you do not need to break your bank account to buy a standard inflatable lounger that has all the essential features.

For a top-quality product, the price range varies between $30 to $80. But you can check from different manufacturers to avail of a great offer and the best price.

Another important thing that can help you to decide the amount of money you need to invest in your product is the frequency of use.

You may want to use it in the summer season or a family camping. You should be sure that you are getting all the required features within your budget.


The strength of the inflatable loungers is closely related to their durability. People are more likely to invest in a model that ensures higher durability and can last longer as well.

If you want to have a strong and long-lasting inflatable lounger, you must examine the quality of materials along with construction in the first place. You will definitely want to avoid a model that will start to lose air when someone sits on it.

It will be wise to select the top grade material such as polyester or nylon to increase the strength of the inflatable couches.

Most people prefer these materials because they are not only resistant to water but also they come with UV protection so you can easily use your lounger for outdoor activities.

It is highly recommended to search for thicker material, and thus you can protect your lounger from rips and punctures. Choosing a rip-stop fabric can be a practical choice for the blow-up couches.


You will want an inflatable lounger, which is actually very convenient to use. Therefore, you need to look for the packability of the product before you pay for it.

There are some inflatable couches available with a carrying bag that will help you to transport the gear effortlessly. If you need to cover a long distance, it will be better to go for an ultra-portable inflatable couch.

So, you should choose a lightweight model and smaller in size so you will be able to pack it in a compact size. You can also choose a carry bag and backpack straps to carry the lounger without any difficulties.

For a standard packed size, you can select an inflatable lounger with a dimension of 4x18x15 inches. It will take very little space in your backpack or in the car, and thus you can transport it with utmost convenience.

How to use and inflate a lounger

If you know the right method to blow up a lounger, you will not find it difficult to use the inflatable loungers. You need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the opening of the lounger and hold it up to let the air run inside.
  2. You can run in the same direction the wind blows, or you need to stand still and sweep the lounger right and left to have air in it. Close it tightly so that no air can go out.
  3. When you have sufficient air inside the lounger, roll up the opening and sit in.
  4. You can use the attached straps to close the opening, and you are done with inflating your lounger.

You will need to make proper use of the breeze to fill the lounger. You should wave it properly in the air so that you can catch up with the air quickly. Finally, roll it up and start using it.

However, you should be careful while setting up the lounger. Never set it on any sharp objects, including glass.

Though these loungers are designed with strong and durable materials like reinforced nylon, they can not be damage-proof. Generally, they are resistant to wear and stretching, but you should never take any chance. Examine a spot thoroughly before laying it out.

When it comes to deflating, you need to open up the opening to allow the air out. Then you should start to roll it up from the close end. Make sure you roll up the lounge in a smaller size so that it can fit into a carrying bag easily.

Tips for inflatable loungers

  1. Check weight limitation

Inflatable couches come with a specific weight capacity just like any other inflatable products. There are some excellent reasons for it. These loungers will function properly if you only treat them in the right way. So, you should never cross the weight limit of your lounger so that you can avoid any damages.

  1. Keep distance from sharp objects.

You should not set your lounge on a glass. Similarly, it will be a bad idea to use a knife or any sharp objects while you are sitting in the lounger. You should also avoid using rocks, seashells, sticks, etc. to protect the lounger from damages.

  1. Clean it thoroughly

Clean your inflatable lounger when it is dirty. Also, you should clean it properly if it is covered with mud or sand. This is the best possible way you can use the lounger for an extended period without any replacement.

  1. Store it properly

If you do not use your inflatable lounger throughout the year, you must put it away correctly. Store your lounger safely when it is not in use. You can choose the storage bag. It keeps the lounger clean as well as effectively prevents rips and punctures.


1. How to clean and maintain the inflatable loungers?

The inflatable loungers can be easily cleaned whenever they get dirty. Given below are the steps to clean them:

1. Shake to remove any excess debris

2. Use a brush to remove dirt particles

3. You may also use a mild detergent and water to wipe the stubborn dirt with a cloth

4. Once done, you can easily dry and fold it.

2. What is the average time for an inflatable lounger to stay inflated?

Usually, an inflatable lounger stays inflated for at least 2-3 hours, and then, it starts to lose its air. Don't go on any advertising that states the average time to be for 8 hours.

3. Is an air pump required to inflate air?

No, it is not necessary to buy an air pump for air inflation. There are different designs in the market that come with a pump-free air filling mechanism. You can quickly go for this design for an excellent pumping experience.

4. What are the steps to follow when an inflatable lounger gets damaged?

In case it gets damaged, it is vital to check for an existing warranty. If yes, you can contact the company to get the product fixed or a new product in place of it.

Final Verdict

Inflatable loungers present a simple and effective way to relax on the beach. All you need is to sort out the best product.

Here in this guide, we have laid out all the pointers that will aid you in the selection process. Go through them and purchase an elite product. / - © Copyright 2020