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Inflatable Hot Tubs buying guide

Not have the permanent space to set up a traditional hot tub? Don't worry. Inflatable hot tubs are here at your service.

The tubs can be easily installed when you want to enjoy a relaxing bath. You can also have fun pool parties with your friends and loved ones.

However, selecting a suitable tub requires a study of different factors like size, material choice, price, water supply, and other additional properties.

A buying guide presents you with all the information in a well-structured way. You can quickly skim through the pointers and funnel down the best product.

But, before moving deep into the guide, let us have a brief introduction for adequately understanding the product and its benefits.

What do you mean by Inflatable Hot Tubs? Why do you need them?

Having the best quality inflatable hot tub can be an excellent option for relaxing after a long day. You can simply sit back and enjoy your leisure time in this hot tub, according to your convenience.

There are various reasons for choosing these hot tubs such as—

  1. Good for mental health

Using an inflatable hot tub, you can get relief from stress and anxiety, which can control your blood pressure, boost your immune system, reduce depression, and improve cognitive function effectively.

  1. Cost-effective

An inflatable hot tub is less expensive than the usual in-ground model. Also, you will not need to spend much to maintain the inflatable models.

  1. Relaxation

You can relax, meditate, have conversations with your partner while sitting back in the hot tubs. Overall, you can enjoy your life in a significant way with cozy water.

  1. Heat therapy for joint and muscle

When you are relaxing in an inflatable hot tub, it will increase your blood flow that helps to relax your muscles. It also reduces stiffness that is caused by overwork, ailments, or age.

  1. Entertaining

If you have an inflatable hot tub, you can easily entertain your friends and guests. Also, it can be a good option for a small weekend party or a relaxing summer evening.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Inflatable hot tubs


When you are going to buy an inflatable hot tub, you should consider the size in the first place. It will help you to decide the number of people the tub can fit effectively.

You will find these tubs available with different sizes, so you just need to pick up the right size as per your requirements.

For two persons, you can choose at least 60" outer diameter. A tub with 70" outer diameter is perfect for four. You should go for a 75" outer diameter to fit six persons inside the tub.

However, you should always keep in mind that if you have a bigger tub, you will have more space to stretch out comfortably.

So, it will be better to go 5" more than the given recommendation to make sure you can enjoy your leisure time with maximum comfort.


Choosing the right materials for the inflatable hot tubs is very important because the high-quality materials determine the durability and longevity of the tubs.

If you want to have a cheaper model, you will be going to compromise with the materials' quality. Usually, single or dual-ply is used in making the more affordable units.

For an expensive model, you may get triple-ply. Otherwise, you can choose custom made fabrics for more robust construction.

With a higher ply count, the materials become more resistant to wear and tear. So, you will not have any accidental leaks on the tub, and you can use it conveniently.

Thinner materials are more likely to get punctured within two seasons, so you can choose FibreTech or TriTech to make sure your tub will last long in the outdoor environment.

Max Temperature

This is a feature that requires the least concern while choosing your inflatable hot tub. So, you do not need to worry about the maximum temperature of the model you will buy.

Usually, the portable hot tubs come with the highest 104°F temperature despite their designs and other specifications.

You must be aware of the maximum temperature of 104°F when it comes to choosing an inflatable hot tub. If you find any unit having the max temperature over 104°F, you should discard it immediately and look for another one.

Amount of electricity needed to operate it

You must check how much electricity the inflatable hot tubs require to operate before making your purchase. Typically, a standard unit costs nearly $50/mo to work non-stop.

Usually, the hot tubs used in the home run on the 110V outlet, but they are not as powerful as a 220V connection. However, they can perform in an efficient way.

The water you are using should be somewhere between 40 and 60 degrees. It is recommended to go for 50 degrees for flawless performance.

Also, it is no brainer that you will require more energy to operate a larger model. If you have a smaller hot tub, it will take less energy to warm up. So, you can look for a 200-gallon capacity to have a standard size.

Depending on all these factors, you can be sure that the calculation of $50/mo is almost accurate. Nevertheless, you should consider several other factors like location, insulation capacity, ambient temperature, etc. to precisely know the cost.


You should pay much attention to the safety features when you are about to choose an inflatable hot tub. First of all, you should maintain proper hygiene rules and use pool chemicals in the right way to make your hot tub safe for your use.

Otherwise, your hot tub will become the favorite breeding ground of bacteria. They are more likely to grow in hot and moist areas, so if you do not use the pool cleaners properly and clean the pool water, it will cause several health hazards.

You should also shower before and after relaxing in the inflatable hot tub to avoid any type of skin problems and irritation. So, it is essential to have a quick rinse to increase your safety.

In general, portable hot tubs come with a maximum temperature of 104°F, so you do not need to worry about overheating, and thus, your children can use them safely.

Water Supply

When it is about buying inflatable hot tubs, you must consider water availability and how easily you can access it. Without water, your hot tub is of no use, so you should make sure that you will have a proper water supply for your portable hot tub.

You should check whether you have a tap nearby or not. Also, you will need a long hose pipe to cover the tub with water.

You are allowed to use cold water in your inflatable hot tub, which is not an issue. But you should also make sure that you have enough scope to plug in the tub to power it up.

It is not difficult. You will need a standard socket, and you can quickly get the required power. Only having an outlet near your tub and an extension cord will serve your purpose appropriately.


You should decide your budget before buying your inflatable hot tub to get a model that will meet up all your requirements effectively.

Furthermore, when you think about the cost, you should include the long-term cost. You will need pool chemicals to clean your tub, new filter cartridges for replacement, electricity to warm up the water, which may have some additional cost.

Now, when it comes to the price of an inflatable hot tub, you should know that the price may vary according to the models' size and quality.

You can find the inflatable hot tub model within a price range from $400 to $1000. The expensive models have better features than the cheaper models. If you want, you can get a refurbished hot tub that comes at less price.

For a permanent unit, you will need to pay up to $20,000 to get a regular model. Permanent hot tubs can last for a more extended period, but inflatable models are more affordable and work effectively.

Filter Maintenance

You should clean your inflatable hot tub on a regular interval and check the filter properly. Also, you should replace the filters immediately if you find any severe damage.

If you use the water regularly, you should replace it frequently. You should target to clean the water at least once in one month. When the water is not regularly used, you can take more time, but it is recommended to change the water after four weeks.

You must follow the instructions properly to know how to replace the water from inflatable hot tubs. It will be better to clean the tub with mild detergent after removing the water.

There are different types of hot tub cleaners available in the market. You can choose any of them, but you must rinse off the residues before you refill the tub.

You can use a garden hose to clean the tub thoroughly. You should wipe out the water and let the tub air dry before refilling. Moreover, you should check out the pH level and maintain proper sanitization of the water.

Installation Procedure

It is not complicated to install the inflatable hot tubs if you maintain the guideline appropriately. There are some specific things that you must consider to set up the hot tubs without any hassles.

An inflatable hot tub is like a regular hot tub, but it does not have a solid surrounding like the traditional model. As the design is almost the same for both of these models, you must check all the features significantly.

Another crucial thing you should consider is to follow the manuals. You must go through the entire manual before you start inflating the hot tub. This is the most effective way to avoid any mistakes during the installation.

Not all portable hot tubs have the same installation procedure. You should look for a DVD to know how to install the hot tub without any extra effort.

Additional Accessories

  1. Drink and snack holder

Many people love to enjoy drinks while relaxing in the inflatable hot tub. But, if you do not have a proper place to keep the drinks and snacks near the tub, it will be a matter of concern.

With a view to that, some hot tub models are designed with cup holders and snacks tray, which you can remove when needed.

  1. Headrest

You will be able to increase your comfort by having a headrest for your inflatable hot tub. Usually, the headrests that come with the inflatable hot tubs are water-filled, so you can use them comfortably. They can be an excellent choice to get relief from neck and back pain.

  1. Spa Seat

If you feel your inflatable hot tub does not have enough space to sit, you can look for an additional seat to fix this problem. A durable seat can deal with extreme heats and provides ultimate comfort to the users.

  1. Pool Sponges

If you forget to take a shower before entering your hot tub, there will be a possibility that your body oil, suntan lotion, or cosmetics can contaminate the tub water. Having a tub sponge will ensure that you will get rid of these substances easily.

  1. LED Lights

Submersible LED lights can be unique accessories that you can add to your inflatable hot tub to increase your experience. These waterproof lights with different colors and hues will help you to set your mood in a positive way.

  1. Entertainment Station

It will be a great addition to your weekend party. It includes an in-built Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, dual cup holders along with a long-lasting LiPO battery so that you can enjoy your hot tub session effectively.


It may sound unusual, but you should know that there are some inflatable hot tub models that are very difficult to move. Therefore, you must check the mobility of the inflatable hot tub before paying for it.

It will be wise to get a hot tub designed with strong handles so that you can shift it from one place to another without any hassles.

You will need to move your hot tub for different reasons, and there is no point that you will keep it in one place forever. So, considering the mobility of the models will definitely help you when it comes to shifting the tub.

Seat Comfort

Another essential factor to consider while choosing the inflatable hot tubs is the comfortably of the seats. You will be using the hot tub for relaxing and having some pleasurable experience, so an uncomfortable seat can be very disappointing.

You should choose a square or round seat according to your convenience, but you should make sure that the bottom surface is soft enough.

If you get a seat with a cushioned feel, that will surely increase your comfort.

Number of people

You must figure out in advance how many people will use the tub. Without deciding the number of people, you will not be able to choose the right size of the tub successfully.

It is a thumb rule that you should always count one extra person to make sure that you will get some extra space. In turn, you will get better comfort.

For example, if there are 4-5 people who are going to use the tub, you should look for a 6-person tub.

Chemical pH maintenance

Generally, most inflatable hot tubs come with a special kit that helps you to check the pH balance. Otherwise, you can buy it separately from online or offline stores.

You can easily test the pH, and it is highly recommended to check the pH at least once a week. If the pH balance lies within the range, you will not need to worry about that.

In case you find that the pH is extremely low, you should change your pool chemicals to avoid any kind of severe damages.

You should be careful about it because you can not fix the damages easily. What you need to do is to put the strip inside the water and take it out when you see changes in color.

Then you need to compare the new color with the pH testing kit. If you find the pH is low or high more than usual, use the right chemicals to make proper balance.

Sanitizing the bath

Buying a top quality inflatable hot tub means you will have standard quality filters that are capable of filtering the water in an efficient way.

However, it will be a crucial decision to sanitize the water properly. When you are using the hot tub, the water will be stagnant for a certain period. By sanitizing the water, you can keep the water fresh.

Especially if you do not have a high-quality model, you should take sanitization seriously. You should make sure that you are sanitizing the water every week.

You will get the sanitizing solution with your hot tub so you can use it conveniently. You should also make sure you are using the recommended amount of solution to get the best result.

How to clean and maintain inflatable hot tubs

You will be spending a hefty amount of money to buy your inflatable hot tub, so you must take proper care of the tub.

You should maintain the hot tub regularly to ensure that it is running without any hassles. You can clean and maintain the tub easily if you follow the simple steps without fail.

  1. Check the pH balance

All the hot tubs come with a pH testing kit, so you can check the pH balance whenever you need it. You are suggested to test the pH once every week.

You can follow the manuals given with the tubs, and you can add the pool cleaning chemicals according to the requirements. If you see the pH rating is between 7.4 and 7.6, it will be considered as standard. Make sure the pH level does not go lower than that.

  1. Sanitize the tub water

It does not matter whether you are using the hot tub frequently or once in a while; you should sanitize the water regularly. It is vital to keep the water fresh and healthy. You can use an excellent sanitizing solution and do not exceed the recommended dose.

Sanitizing the water can be an excellent way to bugs and germs from the water. This is how you can make the hot tub safe for your children as well.

  1. Keep maintaining the filter

You should remove the hot tub filter once in a week to clean the dirt and debris from the filter. Before removing the filter, you should check the manual guide to know the exact way to remove and clean the filter.

Not every hot tub model has the same filter configuration. If you do not clean the filter regularly, it will clog the pump and which may cause leakage or low flow of water.

You simply need to unscrew the filter attached to the exterior of the tub to find the filter cartridge. Use a paper towel to wipe out the larger debris.

For any smaller particles, you should rinse off the filter thoroughly with fresh water.

  1. Drain the hot tub

It will be a good practice to drain your inflatable hot tub after every three or four weeks. Usually, the portable hot tubs are designed with in-built drains that work effectively to empty the tub. After draining the water, you will get a better chance to clean the interior of the tub.

You can use mild soap or detergent to clean the surfaces but ensure that there are no detergent residues left inside the tub.

Another very crucial point you must bear in mind that you should not store the inflatable hot tub before it becomes dry entirely.


  1. Can I use the tub in the winter season?

We advise not to use the tub unless you maintain a warm temperature as the cold temperature can damage the water pump and motor.

  1. How should I get rid of scum from my tub?

You can use shocking treatment to remove the scum. Chlorine shocking treatment is available online and is very helpful in tackling the issue.

  1. How to combat mildew in the tub?

Use a solution of bleach, soap, and water to get rid of mildew from your product. There are also specialized products available in the market to tackle the issue.

Final Verdict

Inflatable hot tubs present a simple yet space-saving option to enjoy relaxing baths. You just have to look for the best option.

Here, we have loaded this guide with all the necessary details and facts that will aid you in selecting an elite product. Make an informed purchase and enjoy the benefits with your loved ones. / - © Copyright 2020