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The popularity of hydro flasks is booming every day, and there is a reason behind that. Hydro flasks are better as compared to regular water bottles and are much more durable. Whether you want to carry something hot or cold, a hydro flask will help the liquid maintain its temperature for a long time.

Further, the flasks don’t reach with the drink you are carrying, so they are perfect in every aspect. But when it comes to buying a hydro flask, it can be a little difficult as you get hundreds of options available.

You need a hydro flask that is easy to wash, lightweight, and highly durable. In order to help you buy the best hydro flask, we are here with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

The guide comprises various factors that you should be checking while buying a hydro flask. Read on to find out more about hydro flasks and how they can make your life easy.

What is a hydro flask? And why do you need it?

A hydro flask is a bottle made using metal and has an inner protective layer that retains the temperature of the liquid for a long time. No matter if it is summer or winter, you can use a hydro flask to carry your drinks.

They are safer as compared to plastic bottles and are perfect for traveling. A hydro flash bottle features a holding loop so you can carry it without any hassles.

Here are some benefits of a hydro flask.

Easy to clean

Hydro flasks are easy to clean, all thanks to the removable lid that lets you put a cleaning brush inside it. Furthermore, hydro flasks are dishwasher safe so that you can clean them without any problems.

Most of them have wide mouths so that cleaning will be easy, and you can keep the bottle sanitized to sip your favorite refreshing drinks.

Keeps the drink hot and cold

You can use a hydro flask with a hot or cold drink as they are designed to retain the temperature. It will be an extreme pleasure to sip icy drinks during summers and hot soups during winters. The temperature retention depends on the model and the temperature shield it comes with.

When you go for normal water bottles, then there is no temperature retention at all, and that is why hydro flasks are better.


Hydro flasks are affordable, and you don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality flask. Yes, they are a bit pricey compared to regular water bottles, but you get immense benefits with them, so it is worth getting a hydro flask.


Hydro flasks are made using metal and have a rubber layer on them. You can rest assured about the durability, and a good hydro flask will easily last for years.


Hydro flasks are good for a plethora of enthusiasts such as hikers, runners, climbers, and bushwhackers. You can keep a hydro flask at hand to stay hydrated all day long.


Despite the fact that hydro flasks are made using metal, they are still lightweight. Most of the best hydro flasks are extremely lightweight that you will enjoy using them because of the less weight.

Why should you trust this guide?

You might be wondering that buying a hydro flash is easy and doesn’t require a buyer’s guide! But that’s not true. Buying a hydro flask depends on multiple factors, so it is essential to go through a guide that helps you with on-point information about the hydro flask.

The guide contains multiple factors so you can quickly decide which flash will be right for you.

Factors to consider when buying a hydro flask

Here is a list of factors that should be in your mind when buying a hydro flask. These bottles are available in multiple size options, weight, and capacity, so you should buy the flask that fits into your backpack and keeps you hydrated.

Size of the flask

The volume or capacity of the flask depends on how much water you need. If you are traveling with your family, you should go for a flask with more volume so you can carry more water or the drinks you love.

On the other hand, smaller flasks are good for individuals and kids. If you buy a small flask the get ready to refill it again and again. It is essential to get the right size as in some areas; you will find it hard to get fresh or potable water.

Always keep a note of the volume of the bottle and check its weight as well, because flasks with more capacity will be heavy, so it can be a task to carry them while backpacking.

Why do you need a flask?

To determine the right size of the flask, we have classified it further. Read on to understand why buying the right size is important.

For shorter trips

If you are planning a short trip and want to come back by the end of the day, there is no benefit in using a massive hydro flask to carry more water. For shorter trips, you should go for compact flasks such as the 12-ounce options that can fit into the elastic pocket of your backpack, and you can enjoy your journey without carrying the load.

For bigger journeys

For bigger journeys, you should go for hydro flasks with better volume, such as the 64-ounce options. As the flask holds more water, so there is no need to refill it over and over. However, get ready to carry some extra weight if you want to stay hydrated during the journey.

When traveling with a team or family

Get a bigger hydro flask if you have plans to travel with your family or a team. You can carry more water for everyone. The hydro flasks for families start from 64-ounce, and you can even look for some options with bigger capacity.

Weight of the flask

The weight of the flask depends on the model you choose and the volume. It is essential to check the weight because for backpackers, every ounce counts, and you cannot afford to make a wrong choice.

The best way to calculate the total weight you have to carry is by finding out the weight of the flask and adding its volume to it. Convert the volume into pounds, and then add it to the weight of the flask, you will get the total weight or a hydro flask filled to the top.

Carrying heavy flasks is a task, and you cannot even put them in the elasticized pocket of your backpack.


It is imperative to buy a hydro flask that is durable so that it doesn't leak, and the liquid doesn't spill out of it when you are traveling. The durability of the flask depends on the construction, material, and brand.

As hydro flasks are made using stainless-steel so, you can expect decent durability. However, some options are incredibly durable and can withstand impacts and exposure to water. Further, you should check if the innards of the flask are durable, and it doesn't start leaking after it drops on the ground.

The reason why hydro flasks are garnering a lot of popularity is due to the fact that they are highly durable as compared to regular water bottles.


Insulation is one of the most important features of hydro flasks, and without proper insulation, a hydro flask is not more than a regular water bottle. Check for the insulation shield of the hydro flask before buying it.

Most of the flasks these days come with TempShield insulation that is excellent in retaining the temperature of hot and cold liquids. Another thing that depends on the insulation is for how long it retains the temperature.

Some flasks keep the drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours. The time frame depends on the quality of the material, construction, and type of seals used by the manufacturer.

If you want a hydro flask that retains the temperature for a longer time, then you should go for branded hydro flasks only. There are tons of popular brands out there that offer affordable flasks with excellent insulation, so you will not have a hard time finding the best flask.

Dishwasher safe

Not all hydro flasks are dishwasher safe, so you should check it beforehand. There are some solid benefits of getting a dishwasher-safe flask like it is easy to clean, and you don’t have to spend time cleaning it standing around the sink.


Hydro flasks are made using stainless steel, but there are other parts also which are either made using plastic or aluminum. Check the construction of the flask as it has a significant impact on its durability and insulation.

When searching for the best hydro flasks, you will come across single and double-walled options. These are the walls made using stainless-steel, that helps the flask with better durability and insulation. However, the weight gets an increase, and also the cost.

So, what should you choose?

Single-walled hydro flasks:

Hydro flasks with a single wall are lightweight and affordable. However, the temperature retention capacity is less as compared to the double-walled flasks. If you don't need a high-end flask and all you need is something under your budget and easy to travel with, go with single-wall hydro flasks.

Double-walled hydro flasks

Hydro flasks with double walls of stainless steel have excellent durability and temperature retention. The flask will keep the drink hot or cold for more time, and they are good for traveling. However, the flasks are heavy and are costly.

Filtration system

Hydro flasks usually don’t have built-in filtration systems, but you will find some options with a built-in mesh that traps the sediments and other impurities so that you can sip clean and purified water. You will also see flasks that come with a UV pen that you can use to exterminate the bacteria.


The lid of the hydro flask is a critical component to look for as it impacts the ease of drinking. Some flasks come with a wide mouth so that you can easily pour water into a glass, whereas some flasks have beer growlers so you can sip directly from the flask.

Also, some have straw lids for the ease of drinking and for preventing spillage.


If you want to sip your favorite drink while walking or jogging, then go with hydro flasks with a straw lid. The straw lets you sip the drink with ease, and there are no chances that the drink will spill out due to the congested opening.

Further, these flasks are easy to clean as the lid is attached to a wide mouth, so you can remove the lid to clean it.

Beer growler

A beer growler rewards you with the ease of pouring beer into the glass. You can use flasks with beer growlers to carry pints of your favorite beer. Wide mouth flasks aren’t that great when it comes to carrying beer. So, go for flasks with beer growlers.

Wide mouth

Hydro flasks with the wide mouth are good for pouring water or juices into the glass. There is no straw attached to the lid, and you can remove the lid to pour water directly into the glasses.

These hydro flasks are easy to clean and are among the highest-selling options.

Opening width

The opening width is the diameter of the mouth of the flask. Some flasks have a narrow mouth, whereas some have a broad mouth opening. Flasks with a bigger mouth opening let you add some ice cubes on the go. Furthermore, cleaning the flask becomes easy, and you can use a standard bottle cleaner to sanitize it.

Before you click on the buy now button, check the width of the mouth to ensure that the flask is easy to clean. Even some big hydro flasks have a smaller mouth opening, so it is essential to check.


If you are a travel freak, go for hydro flasks with a built-in handle so that you can carry it without any issues. These flasks have handles attached to the lid. You can even attach a lanyard with the handle so it will be even more comfortable to carry the flask.

Another benefit of the built-in handle is opening the lid becomes easy, and you don't have to struggle with it. Some flasks have a thumb loop that lets you secure your finger in it, and you can carry it on the go.

Ease of use

Buy a hydro flask that is easy to use, so that you don’t have a hard time with it. Go for a flask that even your kids can use to stay hydrated. Check the lid and the mouth opening of the flask to ensure that it is easy to sip even if you are riding a bike.

Some lids can be hard to open with one hand, so they aren’t good when you are riding your bike. The best way to determine the ease of use of a hydro flask is by reading customer reviews.


You might be thinking that the color of the flask doesn’t matter, but it does matter! Go for flasks that are easily visible even during the night. Furthermore, the color of the bottle makes it aesthetically fantastic, and everyone wants to have a flask that looks great.


Usually, hydro flasks come with a lifetime limited warranty, so there is no need to worry about anything. But you will also find some models that have less warranty. It is important to check the warranty before buying the flask so that you get something that’s backed up by the manufacturer in case the flask starts leaking.

Further, buy branded flasks only so that you get a lifetime limited warranty on them.


The price of the hydro flask depends on the model, type, size, and manufacturer. Before you search for the best hydro flask, make your budget and then buy the one that fits in your budget.

Accessories to buy with a hydro flask

Here are some accessories that you should buy after deciding the best flask. All the accessories are important to have and can make your journey easier.

Extra lid

You can change the lid of the flask as per your convenience. If you are traveling with your family, you can use a normal lid with a handle. On the other hand, if you are riding a bike, you can go with a lid that has a butyl-in straw for the ease of sipping the drink.

Cleaning brush

You cannot clean the flask with a normal brush, so you need a brush with a bigger handle to clean the innards of the flask. Further, invest in a good quality cleaning kit that lets you keep the flask sanitized.


Carrying a heavy hydro flask can be a challenge, so you should buy a cover with it. Get a good quality cover with a carrying strap so that you can carry the flask on your shoulder. Some manufacturers offer covers with the flask, and you can even go for these options.

Lanyard strap

Go for a lanyard strap and attach it with the handle of the hydro flask for the ease of carrying it. If you don't need a shoulder strap, then you should go for a lanyard strap.

Bike mount

A reliable bike mount will help you keep the flask handy at all times. You can put the bottle into the mount, so it will be easy to stay hydrated when you are out with your bike.


Want to make your hydro flask look even better and quirky? Go for some good stickers that are waterproof, and look attractive on the flask.

UV pen

Hydro flasks don't have a built-in filtration system, so you can use a UV pen to purify the water. Get a portable UV pen that runs on the battery so that you can exterminate the bacteria from the water.

FAQs: Best Hydro Flasks

Q: Are hydro flasks more expensive than regular water bottles?

A: A short answer to this question is, yes! Hydro flasks are a bit more expensive than regular water bottles, but you get numerous benefits from them. A regular bottle doesn’t keep the water hot or cold, but a hydro flask does.

Also, hydro flasks are made using food-grade stainless-steel, so you get better material. Overall, it is worth investing in a good quality hydro flask rather than buying cheap plastic bottles.

Q: Is it safe to use a hydro flask?

A: Yes, using a hydro flask is safe, and you can drink water or beer without worrying about anything. There is a thick layer inside the flask that keeps the drink safe and suitable to drink even after hours.

Q: How to clean a hydro flask?

A: Cleaning a hydro flask is easy, and you can do it in a few minutes. Here is how to clean a hydro flask.

  • Open the lid, and empty the flask.
  • Rinse it with water, and prepare the cleaning solution.
  • To prepare the solution, pour some liquid detergent into a bowl and add water.
  • Pour the solution in the flask and get a flask cleaning brush.
  • Scrub the inner with the brush, and use a microfiber to clean the outer to avoid scratching the steel.
  • Rinse the flask again with fresh water, and let it dry.
  • You can even use a flash in a dishwasher if it is safe to put it in a dishwasher.


It is important to buy a reliable and durable hydro flask that lets you sip your favorite drink whenever you feel thirsty. With this buyer’s guide, you can buy the best hydro flask that is perfect for you and is under your budget.

Go through these factors and compare different flasks to buy the best one. Consider the weight and volume as the foremost factors, and then check the other factors as well. Lastly, go for prominent brands only so that you get a good warranty and excellent after-sales service / - © Copyright 2020