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Are you tired of the sweaty underwear during your adventurous expeditions? Worry about the stinking odor coming from your briefs after a long hike? Worry no more. Soft and comfortable Hiking underwear will solve all your issues.

These underwear are specially developed to tackle the sweat and stinking odor and also protect your skin from irritating bruises. Also, hiking briefs do not hinder your movement and are comfortable to wear as they avoid unnecessary chafing.

Let us get familiarized with all the features of these amazing underwear and then select the one that goes with your style and comfort!

Something about Hiking Underwear

It is a well-known fact that hiking is a high energy activity, and it requires proper bag packing and the perfect choice of clothing. Wearing the best hiking underwear is essential, or else you will have to go through the troubles of extra sweating, inflexibility, and whatnot.

Not just for comfort, but hiking underwear is also essential for hygiene purposes, and not following proper hygiene can lead to rashes but severe infections as well. All of this brings us back to the point of the necessity of hiking underwear.

Stay tuned to know more about it and clear your doubts in case you are confused about which undie will be the best one for you.

Why is purchasing hiking underwear essential?

Imagine yourself hiking in the mountains in the hot summer and getting all sweaty. On top of that feeling, inflexibility, and discomfort in your genital region caused the wrong choice in underwear. Doesn't sound appealing at all, right? Well, this nightmare can turn into a reality if you ignore the importance of hiking underwear. Furthermore, the right underwear will prevent chafing or soreness caused by uncomfortable underwear.

Chafing is one of the worst things that can happen while hiking and can ruin your whole experience and some days after you have returned as the soreness stays.

Hiking briefs are also made with antimicrobial functions. This prevents bacterias and germs from forming up. Even if you are a very sweaty person, there are very fewer chances of any genital infection.

Therefore, it is indeed a fact that hiking underwear is vital for comfort and hygiene and can make your hiking more enjoyable. Now that you are aware of its importance, you are probably wondering which type is perfect and most suitable. To find out this answer, keep scrolling.

Different Hiking Underwear Styles

For Men :

Yes, there are variations in the styles of hiking underwear as well. In terms of men styles, briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers are the best and most recommended styles. These styles are explained in details below :

● Briefs:

Briefs are short, close-fitting, underpants or knickers and are very comfortable for hiking purposes. Furthermore, if you are facing chafing troubles, you may go for briefs as they are great companions of preventing chafing.

● Boxer briefs:

Boxer briefs have the qualities of both boxers and briefs, as they are long in the leg like boxers, but also closely fitted like briefs. They are very supportive and prevent chafing as well.

● Boxers:

Boxers are elastic shorts that are very comfortable and are longer than briefs, but are loose. Therefore, you have to ensure that no bunching is formed, as that will lead to discomfort. Boxers are also helpful in preventing chafing, especially in the inner thighs.

For women :

Hiking underwear for women also varies in nature and styles. Some of the preferable ones for women are boxer briefs, thongs, and bikinis. All of them are different in design and have different specialties and are explained further below :

● Boxer briefs:

These hybrid boys shorts are also available and suitable for women. The features are similar to the ones made for men, that is, more significant length but also closely fitted.

The length reaches the top of the thighs and prevents chafing efficiently. Overall, boxer briefs are great in terms of comfort.

● Thongs:

Another suitable hiking underwear for women is a thong. Thongs are great hiking companions as they are very short in length and are also extremely light weighted. Moreover, thongs are the ones to dry out on the fastest pace adding more comfort.

● Bikinis:

Bikinis are also the right choice for hiking as they, too, are very light weighted and small. They are also very thin and provide a higher cut for legs as they have a low-rise waistband.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate hiking underwear

Best underwear Fabric To Choose

Finding the best fabric of underwear is as important as the style of the underwear. There are numerous materials of fabrics available, and the most popular ones are :

● Synthetic:

Choosing an undergarment with synthetic material is a good option. Synthetic fabrics include polyester, nylon, polypropylene, rayon, and so on. Synthetic materials are the fastest in terms of drying. Some of its key features:

  • Even if you are the sweatiest person on the planet, your genital areas will remain dry by using the underwear of synthetic material.
  • A better odor is also possible with synthetic materials. It is because these fabrics prevent the building of bacteria, which leads to odor retention.
  • Synthetic fabrics are firm and stretchable, and therefore they are durable for a more extended period. It doesn't mean that you can wear a synthetic fabric undergarment for days without washing it, as that will be troublesome.

● Merino Wool:

Merino Wool fabrics are another excellent choice for hiking underwear. This fabric comes from the merino sheep and is known for its exceptional quality and properties. These qualities are :

  • Merino wool fabrics are suitable for both cold and warm environments. This fabric does a great job in keeping you warm in the cold weather as it is a wool material, and this fabric releases the moisture held in when it is too warm, making you feel the perfect amount of cold even in hot weather.
  • The durability of Merino wool is excellent as well. This fabric can last for a long time if you keep it properly and avoid scratching on it as that will make the fabric thin, and it will lose its durability.
  • You will never feel irritation or rashes from the merino wool, as these fabrics are perfect in controlling the moisture. However, this fabric does take more time to dry out than others.

● Hemp:

Hemp is another suitable fabric for hiking underwear. It is made from very high yielding crops and is one of the most versatile fabrics. Other benefits of hemp fabric are :

  • Hemp material provides a UPF 50+ UV protection, which means it protects you from any kind of harmful rays.
  • This material is also extremely durable, as it is very stretchable and strong. This fabric also holds the shape, and it always looks brand new.
  • This fabric is also very comfortable and breathable. You will not feel as if something is holding tight on you because of this material's flexibility. However, this fabric does take a little time to dry out.

Underwear Fit

Always ensure that the underwear you are choosing is not too tight, as that will make your hiking experience horrible. Rather prefer purchasing a comfortable one that fits just perfectly on your body and is the best size for you.

If you choose tight hiking underwear, that may lead to discomfort and problems of soreness or difficulty in blood regulation. Choosing very loose underwear can also be troublesome as you may face difficulty in handling it, and it may get bunched up and cause chafing.

Try and look for tagless waistbands as those scratchy tags can be uncomfortable. Also, it is better if the hiking underwear has flat seams as it won't press against your back when you carry your luggage.


We have already discussed the importance of comfort, especially when doing an activity like hiking. Maintaining comfort is possible by choosing the perfect fabric and style for your hiking underwear.

However, alongside that, there are more points that you must consider before getting underwear for hiking. Hopefully, you are probably aware of what type of underwear suits you the best and is the most comfortable for you, and so it is the best choice if you look for underwear of that particular type.

Chafing can be one of the biggest reasons for discomfort because of underwear, especially when hiking. It can lead to soreness and itching and even pain. Also, always cross-check the length of the underwear before purchasing it. Trust me; you do not want your underwear to roll up as it will be extremely uncomfortable.

The elastic of the underwear must not dig into your skin. It will cause pain and leave marks on your skin for days. Keep all of these points into consideration before purchasing hiking underwear. You may end up in an uncomfortable situation.

Odour Resistance

Words are not enough to emphasize the importance of odor resistance in terms of hiking underwear. Not only for you, but the person walking/hiking beside you can also feel disgusted and frustrated if your pants smell.

It brings us to the point of why underwears with odor resistance are extremely important. Moreover, odor resistance is vital for hygiene purposes. Also, underwear with odor resistance helps in preventing the building up of bacterias and germs.

There are chances of not getting time to change or wash your underwear every day when hiking. And in such a scenario, if your underwear is not odor resistance, things may take a horrible twist. Even wearing it inside out won't be possible if the fabric is not odor resistant.

Therefore, make sure that underwear purchasing has odor resistance. Merino wool fabrics are one of the most suitable ones for such cases.

Antimicrobial properties

Antimicrobial properties are the most important, yet underrated ones. These properties not only help in resisting any bad smell, but they are also beneficial in keeping the fabric light-weighted and comfortable on the skin.

Fabrics with antimicrobial properties are the most pleasant ones and help prevent any kind of itchiness or soreness. Antimicrobial is an agent that kills the germs and prevents the bacterias and germs from growing or expanding.

Moreover, these properties can also increase the durability of the fabric or undergarment, making it last much longer than expected. Furthermore, fabrics with these properties are also environmentally friendly.

Antimicrobial property is the best choice for reducing the risk of any infection and ensuring that your hiking journey remains comfortable but safe.


Another important element to look after for hiking underwear is its washability. Some fabrics tend to wear out and fade even after the first wash. Make sure that you do not end up purchasing such an item.

Also, it is better if the fabric is both machine and hand wash material because you are not going to carry a washing machine on your hiking trip. Always ensure that the underwear you have bought does not leave the color as then it may damage your other pieces of clothing.

Most of the undergarment fabrics can be washed in both cold and warm water. However, if the one you are looking at has a particular type of requirement, then it is best to avoid purchasing it to avoid future complexities.

The more the underwear's capability is to be washed without fading, the better choice the undergarment is to purchase. However, remember that even the best one will be torn out or fade slowly.

Therefore, it is best to purchase hiking underwear with the least amount of washing requirements. Merino wool is one such fabric that is super easy to wash and does not come with numerous instructions on how to wash and maintain. Though these fabrics do take more time to dry out than most fabrics, they remain a superior choice, and they can easily be thrown in a dryer to increase the drying speed.

Overall, choose hiking underwear of any fabric that does not require much cautions and instructions on how to wash. Rather, it has the easiest washability to enjoy a fun and adventurous hiking experience without issues.


Durability is another important factor that must be taken into consideration before purchasing hiking underwear. After all, you do not want to spend money frequently buying undergarments.

Furthermore, imagine how uncomfortable and embarrassing it would be if your underwear gets torn apart while you are hiking? Durability is crucial to avoid such nightmares.

You can look for flatlock seams in the undie as they ensure durability, add strength, and provide comfort, especially while doing high-energy activities such as hiking.

Because in the end, the best underwears are the ones which can stay in-tact even in the hardest situations without causing discomfort or troubles.

Quick Drying

Always make sure that the hiking underwear has quick drying abilities, or else you may get yourself in big trouble. Most of the time, while hiking, you do not have access to dryers and rely on the sun on drying your clothes.

However, some fabrics need special drying care, and sun rays are not enough to dry them out. With such underwears, possibilities are that you may end up with wet underwear, and I don't need to describe how extremely uncomfortable hiking in wet underwear can be.

Furthermore, soggy underwears are not good with moisture management and can create problems of rashing and chafing. Light-weight fabrics such as nylon or polyester synthetics are the quickest ones to dry out and are indeed a better choice for hiking.

Unless you have a portable dryer, make sure you buy hiking underwear that is fast in terms of drying and will not bring you in any uncomfortable, wet, and damped situation.


Fly is another must-have feature in hiking underwear. Fly is the covered opening in the front of a men's underwear made for the convenience of urination.

It is not possible or extremely difficult for anyone to keep their backpack down and go in the woods somewhere in a hideous place every time for urination.

Rather than doing that, it is much more convenient and easier to use an undergarment with a fly feature for urination.

Furthermore, undergarments with the fly are more breathable and comfortable in general and are a much better choice than those which are closed tight and have no air source. So, always look for hiking underwear with a fly.


  1. How to maintain your hiking underwear?

Maintaining hiking underwear is not a cumbersome task. It is pretty simple just as you wash your regular underwear. You can go for a machine or hand wash; it really doesn't matter. The steps for both of them are given below:

1. For Machine wash, you need to put your dirty underwear in the machine along with a little detergent and water. After washing, you can either use the dryer or let it dry in the open.

2. For Hand wash, you just need to wash it with your hands using a little detergent and water. You can then hang it in the open so that it dries quickly.

  1. Being a beginner, which hiking underwear should I buy?

For all the beginner hikers, it is vital to keep two noteworthy points in mind: comfort and warmth. While you are just starting with your first hike, your body should feel relaxed and light. You can go for synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon that aids in getting a perfect hiking trip in no time.

  1. What is the best hiking underwear style for me?

Opting for any particular underwear style for your hike is your personal preference only, although we suggest that you go for the style that is not-too-tight and imparts comfort in your regular routine. The whole purpose of buying special hiking underwear lies in adding a layer of extra-comfort during your trip. Thus, choose a style that offers it in the best way without any hassle.

  1. Is buying underwear with flatlock seams essential?

Flatlock seams are formed by putting 2 fabric pieces side by side so that sewing can be done by keeping their edges together. They are crucial to impart comfort and prevent chafing, which makes them a perfect choice for anyone looking for the best anti-chafing underwear. Since some fabrics have flatlock seams in-built while the others don't, thus, it is not mandatory to buy underwear that has them.

For people loving synthetic fabrics, you should always buy the one with flatlock seams. However, people who prefer merino wool cannot opt for flatlock seams as this fabric always has regular seams coming with them.

  1. Why is cotton not a good option?

We agree that cotton underwear is perfect for regular use; however, when you go on a hiking trip, it is essential to choose a fabric that doesn't hold moisture. Cotton takes a lot of time to dry up and can cause irritation and chafing during the trip. Nevertheless, if you are a cotton-lover, you can carry extra spares to change whenever you feel wet in your groin.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have explained every feature of the hiking underwear in this guide, all hiking enthusiasts know the importance of good hiking briefs.

Either you are up to a relaxing hike or thrilling mountain climb; these underwears will protect your skin efficiently.

Lookup for a good pair and you are all ready to have a fantastic hiking experience! / - © Copyright 2020