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Love to go for long hikes? Make sure that you invest in proper footwear to keep your feet comfortable. Women always have to go for unisex options when selecting any footwear for these adventures. But not anymore. Hiking sandals for women are here to the rescue.

These sandals are developed according to the requirements of the ladies and provide good comfort and support.

However, with several brands gloating over their models, you have to study all the essential elements before purchasing. Gathering all the information can consume a lot of your valuable time, and you may even end with the wrong facts.

On the contrary, a well-structured buying guide offers all the details under a single roof. You can quickly skim through the pointers and funnel down the best footwear.

So, without any further ado, let us start with a quick introduction and then start the hunt for the best sandals.

What are Hiking Sandals for Women, and why should you opt for them?

You must have the right hiking gear so that you can enjoy your activities more comfortably. A pair of hiking sandals made explicitly for women's feet can be an excellent choice for the female hikers to enhance their experience.

Therefore, you must choose the proper footwear when you are going hiking. You can adjust women's hiking sandals in different terrains. Most hikers like them because they provide better ventilation and more comfort to the feet.

Especially if you are hiking in hotter conditions hiking sandals will work more effectively than hiking boots. These sandals are very lightweight, so you can also use them for camping or partying at the beach besides hiking.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Hiking Sandals For Women


Size is one of the essential factors for buying any footwear, and there is no exception when it comes to choosing women's hiking sandals. You must select the right size of your sandals to get a proper fit.

The first and foremost thing you should do to get the right size is to measure your feet' size. Moreover, you must follow the manufacturers' sizing chart to have a fair idea of the size.

If you want, you can also check the reviews of the sandals you are going to buy so that you can understand how snugly they will fit your foot.

You should always remember that having the right size of the hiking sandals is closely related to getting the right fit. Without a proper fit, you will not be able to hike comfortably. So, you should choose the size accordingly.


  1. Synthetic

Synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, or microfiber are mainly used in designing the upper of the hiking sandals for women. The best thing about synthetic materials is that they are lightweight and dry very quickly. If you want to have vegan-friendly sandals, you can go for synthetic, but it is not as durable as the leather.

  1. Leather

Usually, Suede/Nubuck is found in the upper part of the hiking sandals because it provides a softer feeling than the full-grain leather. Also, leather materials have higher durability than synthetic so they can last longer. But one major downside of leather is that it does not have a quick-drying capacity.

  1. Polyurethane(PU)

Polyurethane is extremely durable, so it has better longevity. This is why PU is used in constructing the midsole of the hiking sandals. It is very supportive, so it provides maximum arch support. However, it is heavier and more expensive than other materials.

  1. EVA

EVA can be the right choice for soft and comfortable cushioning. Most of the hiking sandals have midsoles built with EVA because it is lighter as well as softer. But you can not expect much durability from this material, and it cannot support heavier loads.

Fit and Grips

It is vital to choose the right fit of hiking sandals for women because it will be challenging to enjoy your hiking trip if your sandals have a too tight or too loose fit.

Not all the manufacturers come up with the same size as the hiking sandals, so you must follow the sizing guides before buying your sandals. You can also check the review to know about the fit of a particular model.

It will always be better to consider one size up or down to get a moderate fit for your foot. Moreover, you should look for the straps so that you can get a snug fit of your sandals.

You should also check the grip of the women's hiking sandals to make sure that they will not be wiggling much on slippery or uneven terrain.

Otherwise, you may end up with twisted ankles or sore feet, which can create discomfort throughout your journey.

So, hiking sandals that provide a firm and robust grip will ensure your safety while hiking on rugged terrain and enjoying your hiking activity hassle-free.


You will never want to compromise with the quality of the hiking sandals for women. You will invest a fair amount of money in them to check the quality before making your purchase.

The best hiking sandals come up with the highest quality. When you are hiking outdoors, you will have to handle different conditions and unpredictable terrain.

Therefore, it will be wise to choose high-quality hiking sandals that can withstand any problematic situations efficiently.

You have to consider the quality of the materials in the first place, and you should choose strong and durable materials like nylon, polyester, or leather for uppers. A rubber sole is also an excellent choice to maintain the quality of the sandals.

Moreover, you should pay attention to the construction designs that include webbing, mesh lining, etc. to increase the sandals' functionality. In turn, it will enhance the quality as well.


Another crucial buying factor is the design that you must consider while choosing the best quality women's hiking sandals.

You should remember that you will be exposed to uneven terrains and different situations when you are out for hiking. So, you should choose a design that can be adjusted with the outdoor hiking situations.

Put simply, you should check the details thoroughly, including the contoured designs to ensure it has the proper alignment to your feet, and thus you can increase the comfort of your feet.

If your sandals are designed with articulated lug patterns, they will provide more traction. For a closed shoe design, you should select the sandals having bumpers to get additional protection.

Women's hiking sandals constructed with mesh fabric linings increase the sandals' creativity to a great extent.


Needless to say, having waterproof hiking sandals for women will be an excellent choice to deal with wet terrains.

You may come across different weather conditions during hiking, so it will be wise to look for the sandals' waterproofing features.

It will make sure you can continue your hiking journey even if you are caught in the rain or if you need to cross small rivers, streams, etc.


The hiking sandals you are going to purchase should provide maximum support so that you can hike on uneven terrains without any risk of falling.

The top-quality hiking sandals for women are incredibly supportive because of their design. Made with sturdy nylon shanks hiking sandals, more stability, and better arch support, you will stride securely.

Moreover, you will find some hiking sandals which offer excellent off-trail performance and flexibility as hiking boots.


Generally, hiking sandals are lighter than hiking boots or any other sports shoes, but you should check the weight of the hiking sandals for women before buying.

If you opt for lightweight women's hiking sandals, they will not weigh you down. Instead, your feet will feel better and more comfortable while walking.

Having lightweight sandals means you will be able to hike without any extra weight. However, you should keep one thing in mind that lightweight sandals come with flatter soles.

It means your feet will be closer to the ground, so you should also check the sandals' overall design for more support and stability.


Besides support, you should also consider how much traction you will get from your hiking sandals. Traction is vital for any footwear because it helps to determine the stability significantly.

Usually, rubber is used to make the outsoles of the women's hiking sandals to provide an adequate traction level. Rubber is more durable than other materials, and it is known for its natural grip and ruggedness.

Therefore, if you want more traction for your sandals, you should go for the rubber outsole, and it will support you to walk on any terrain.

Toe Guards

Another crucial feature that you should not overlook while choosing hiking sandals for women is the toe guards.

Especially if you are searching for the closed-toe designs, you will see toe guards or toe bumpers, which are mainly constructed to provide extra protection to your feet and toes.

The main reason for using the toe guards and bumpers is to absorb shock effectively to take your steps without any discomfort.


You will want to buy women's hiking sandals, which are durable and long-lasting, and that is why you need to check the quality of the sandals beforehand.

So, if you want your hiking sandals to last longer, you must choose the midsoles made with EVA because it offers longevity as much as a regular running shoe does. Also, they are required to be replaced after 3 to 6 months.

EVA is exceptionally resistant to shock and provides better cushioning to your feet. Still, it retains the foot shape and tends to mold to it, which leads to reduce the effectiveness of EVA over time.

On the other hand, midsoles that are designed with Polyurethane have better longevity than EVA. It is incredibly resilient and durable, so it can last more than six months effectively.

If you can care for and properly maintain the hiking sandals, they will easily last for more than a year.


You will need to wear your hiking sandals for an extended period, so it will be better to buy cushioned hiking sandals for women to give maximum comfort to your feet.

Cushioning of the footwear is directly related to their comfort, so if you choose hiking sandals with softer cushioning, it will help you to walk on rougher terrain with ultimate comfort.

Typically, You will find two types of midsoles, including EVA padding and Polyurethane padding. Both of these paddings come with higher durability, and they are extremely resistant to shock.

The standard quality hiking sandals designed with durable materials can absorb shocks from any impacts, and they are able to withstand more pressure when in use. They do not break or compress quickly.

Sole and Straps

  1. Sole

You should pick up the rubber sole for the hiking sandals because rubber is durable and lightweight. You will also get more flexibility from rubber, which will help you walk a longer distance effortlessly.

The rubber sole can be an excellent choice because it will not get damaged quickly, and it can effectively withstand wear and tear.

Moreover, you should make sure that the soles of the hiking sandals for women are waterproof so that they do not get wet quickly and keep your feet dry.

  1. Straps

If getting maximum support is your main concern, you can go for thicker straps, but you should know that they are not breathable.

Similarly, if you choose slimmer straps, they may dig into the feet, so it will be crucial to maintain a balance while selecting the straps.

Different types of materials, such as leather or nylon, are used in making the straps of hiking sandals. However, You can get the straps according to your personal preferences.


You must check the comfort of the hiking sandals for women before buying because comfort is an essential buying factor that can improve your hiking experience.

The midsole is one of the essential things that play a vital role in determining hiking sandals' comfort.

Typically, Polyurethane or EVA is used in designing the midsoles, so it becomes extremely durable and provides better cushioning to your feet. Also, they have great shock absorption capacity.

Most of the brands come with a contoured structure of the hiking sandals to make sure they align the feet properly on the footbed. This is how you will get a more natural fit that helps you to move comfortably.

Therefore, you must consider the materials and the overall structure of the women's hiking sandals to maximize the comfort of your feet.

Brand and Price

  1. Brand

Brand determines the reliability of women's hiking sandals. So, it will be wise to choose your sandals from a well-known brand to ensure the credibility of the product.

You can also look for the smaller brands that maintain a good quality of the sandals. However, it completely depends on your personal choice of which brand you will prefer to have.

You should check that the brand you are choosing can meet up all your requirements effectively.

  1. Price

Price is also a matter of concern because not everyone has the same budget. You will choose your hiking sandals within your affordability.

There is a wide range of prices so you can choose your sandals without exceeding your budget.

But, you should not compromise with the quality of the hiking sandals to get a cheaper pair.

Instead, you should look for all the essential features that come within the budget.

How to care for and maintain Hiking Sandals for Women

You will spend a lot of money on your hiking sandals expecting that they will last long. In order to maintain the sandals, you should follow the five steps properly—

  1. Cleaning
  2. Drying
  3. Treating
  4. Repairing
  5. Storing


After you return from the hike, you should clean the sandals properly and follow this rule every time without any fail. It is important to clean the sandals on a regular basis so that you can prevent the accumulation of dirt and mud on the outer fabrics.

Otherwise, it will have bad impacts on the waterproofing features. Also, it will decrease the breathability of the sandals.

It is very simple to clean hiking sandals. You will need a soft brush or sponge along with lukewarm water to clean the sandals.

Before cleaning, you should remove dust and debris from the upper sole. Then, you should dip the brush into the water and clean the strains from the exterior.


This is a very crucial step and should pay much attention to drying the sandals. Though most of the hiking sandals can breathe, you will have sweaty feet, and they may get wet in the rain.

So, you must keep your sandal dry to achieve good performance. You can easily dry the sandals. You will need to loosen the laces so that the sandals can dry faster. Keep them at room temperature to dry.

If you store the wet sandals, it will create molds on the fabrics, so let them dry in the air at least for a day.

You should not expose the sandals to direct sunlight or do not use blow dryers to soak the moisture from the fabrics. It will cause cracks and damages to your hiking sandals.

Leather takes more time to dry, so if you have leather sandals, make sure you dry them in an appropriate way to avoid damages and premature aging.


After cleaning and drying the women's hiking sandals, you can apply any products to treat them efficiently.

You will use re-waterproofing sprays or grease on the sandals to increase their durability. You can buy these products from any sports stores or online stores.

  1. Re-waterproofing Sprays

Over time, the hiking sandals may reduce their waterproofness, so you can apply the re-waterproofing sprays to restore the waterproofing features.

You need to apply the spray evenly on the sandals and then leave them to dry for 24 hours.

  1. Re-waterproofing Grease

If you have leather sandals, it will be better to consider re-waterproofing grease instead of sprays. It makes the sandals water-repellent and protects them from premature aging and cracks effectively.

But it does not affect the breathability of the leather footwear. You can use a piece of cloth to apply the grease to your sandals.


You should examine the sandals carefully to find whether they have any cracks or damages. If you see any, you should take them for repair.

Having loose stitches or torn insoles will cause blisters, so you must check the hiking sandals before you set for your hiking trip.


You will not be using your hiking sandals throughout the year, so you must store them properly when not in use. Choose a well-ventilated and dry area to store the sandals.

You should avoid direct sunlight, and also you can stuff newspapers inside sandals to keep their shape intact.

To keep your hiking shoes odor-free, you can use some dehumidifiers such as silica gel or tea-bags when you are not using the sandals for a long time.


  1. Why should you opt for hiking sandals rather than boots?

The hiking sandals are relatively lightweight with more stylish and edgy support. Carrying them requires less space and a convenient hike without any bulky elements. These sandals are incredibly versatile and can be used on different occasions.

  1. Do hiking sandals provide arch support?

Yes, Hiking sandals impart arch support that helps in proper bone, muscles, and joints support. Also, they safeguard them from different injuries. The nylon shanks and deep heel cups help in protecting your feet appropriately.

  1. What is the best material for hiking sandals for women?

High-quality materials like nylon, leather, and rubber are all the best materials for getting the most support for your feet. They are all lightweight, durable, and quite amazing.

  1. How does more cushioning help?

Cushioning is beneficial in offering maximum comfort to your feet while you are onto the rough terrain. When you wear a heel with high cushioning, you get the best relief, and your feet remain in excellent condition just like they were before the hike.

Final verdict

Hiking sandals for women present a comfortable and breathable way to enjoy long hikes. All you need is to pin down the best fit.

With this guide, you can quickly access all the critical pointers that will aid you in your selection process. Purchase an elite pair and enjoy your expedition safely / - © Copyright 2020