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Are you looking to plan a hiking trip? Have you packed all the gear and equipment? Be sure not to miss your hiking gloves.

Hiking gloves possess imperative significance while you are packing all your gear for the journey. They protect your hands from severe injuries and provide proper support and warmth.

With proper inner lining and suitable external shell, they are sufficient enough to cater to your hand's needs in extreme conditions.

However, selecting a pair of suitable gloves can become a tiresome task. You need to look into several elements and carefully evaluate them with your requirements. Gathering all this information can take a lot of your time, and you may end with incorrect facts.

A buying guide presents a simple solution to this issue. It contains all the necessary information under one roof. Also, you can quickly funnel down the best product and prevent yourself from being duped in the market.

So, let us start with the introduction to the product and move on with this guide.

What do you mean by hiking gloves? Why is it important to have them?

If you use standard woolen gloves for hiking, you may have different problems, especially when it rains during hiking. Gloves that are not waterproof can not protect your hands from getting wet that makes the hands colder quickly.

Therefore, a hiking glove is essential to protect your hands from moisture, exactly how the weatherproof jacket covers the rest of your body. You must deem about the warmth level of your hands in colder conditions, so it will be better to consider these gloves as fundamental hiking gear.

As the name suggests, these gloves are specially made for hiking purposes. They are fully capable of protecting your hands from harsh elements.

These gloves are not something that you can put in with your clothing additionally, but they have some significant differences from the standard gloves.

Usually, these gloves are used to keep your hands dry and warm, but they also protect your hands from abrasions, moisture, and bugs. It means these gloves can be used in both winter and summer seasons.

When you are on the trail, you may have frostbite or any other injuries. Arming your hands with these gloves will save them from injuries and improve your performance considerably.

Why should you read a buying guide before selecting suitable hiking gloves?

With a plethora of options available in the market, you cannot blindly select any pair of gloves. As they are crucial for the protection of your hands, you need to study all its elements carefully.

By reading a comprehensive buying guide, you will be able to wrap your head around all its critical features. With a proper understanding of these pointers, you can quickly sort out the suitable pair according to your requirements and budget.

So, without any further delay, let us dig into detailed information on the different characteristics of the product.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate pair of hiking gloves


When you are going to buy hiking gloves, you should pay attention to some crucial factors. Fit is the first and foremost thing that you should look for in your gloves. In general, people want to get the right fit for their other clothing, and there should be no exception while choosing these gloves.

You should always remember that gloves that do not fit well may come with lots of problems, including the discomfort. Therefore ill-fitting gloves can be harmful to your hands.

You are investing your money on the best pair of gloves with an expectation that they will be able to keep your hands warm and dry in colder weather. But if it starts raining, sudden seeping of the rainwater can cause trouble.

Here, fit refers to several things: your hand size, compatibility with layering, and comfort.


A wide range of varieties of gloves is available in the market. What you need to do is to choose the right style for you according to your requirements. You may like mittens, or you may go for lobster gloves.

Lobster gloves are designed with three-fingers, which are mainly used in cycling. However, many people prefer them for hiking and skiing because of their comfort.

But, most of the hikers are likely to have popular five-finger gloves for hiking in colder areas.

Another important thing related to the gloves' style is that most of the gloves found in the market are unisex gloves, which means both male and female hikers are allowed to use those gloves.

You just need to check the size according to the size of your hands as it differs from one brand to another. It is a little challenging for women to find out accessible women-specific gloves so they can easily choose the unisex designs.


The warmth of hiking gloves depends on the materials they are made of. Better quality materials ensure better warmth. If you look for fleece gloves, you will find them lightweight and appropriate for autumn or light summer.

However, the gloves specifically designed for hiking consist of waterproof or water-resistant materials so that they can protect your hands from getting wet effectively.

A three-layer insulation design is found in these gloves, and this particular design helps to catch up with the body heat properly to keep the fingers warm.

Also, the waterproof shell of these gloves comes up with higher breathability to ensure weather resistance and durability in a significant way.

The lining is also handy to prevent heat loss from your hands. You can search for some liners which can be removed easily.

Moreover, it will be better to use hand warmers to hold the warmth of your hands while you are on a trail.


When you are going on a hiking trip, you should be prepared that the temperature will fall at night. Though you do not need to look for stellar insulation, you must keep the colder conditions in mind.

Hikers going for a trip during the daytime may bypass the insulation features while choosing their gloves, but the warmth will be a critical factor for people who are not daytime hikers.

The gloves become different from each other in terms of the insulation. You can select a synthetic filling for these gloves and make sure the filling is waterproof.

On the other hand, the summer gloves are designed with fleece to increase the comfort of your hands without having any sweaty mess.


You must buy a pair of hiking gloves offering maximum durability. The feature of durability depends on the quality of the materials. If you look for upscale design, it will definitely last long without any damages.

It is recommended not to go for cheaper gloves as they will rip very quickly and fail to serve your purposes effectively. So you should consider a design that is made out of durable materials and secured with seam-lock stitchings.

Besides ensuring the protection, your gloves should provide a stable and firm grip so that you can hold something tightly during your hiking. Therefore, you should also be careful about the inner materials along with the surface design.

You can choose silicone or leather to make the palm area more durable, and thus you will get more power to grip while climbing in a snowy or rainy condition.

Simply put, you should pay for the gloves, which will be durable and long-lasting, so that they can withstand any elements and support you in the best possible way when you are hiking.


Nowadays, many gloves are available with some additional features which increase their usability to a great extent. So, you must look for those special additional features, including removable layering, carabiner loops, nose wipes, and single-pull adjustable technique, etc.

Another essential feature is touchscreen compatibility, which comes handy for the hikers using their phones during hiking. It makes sure that you are allowed to use your smartphone without any hassles even after wearing these gloves.

Materials like leather or silicone are used to make these gloves that are compatible with a touchscreen device. Silicone palms also provide a firm grip so that the device does not fall from your hands accidentally.

Nevertheless, you should determine your requirements first to make sure you are not wasting your money on some features that are not actually needed.


It will be wise to check the size of the hiking gloves before making a purchase. Always remember that without having the right size, you will never get the right fit.

If you choose a smaller size, it will fit your hand tightly, which may impact mobility. It will make you feel uncomfortable as you are not able to move your hands and fingers freely.

Similarly, choosing a larger size means there is a chance that the gloves may slide off anytime. So you should look for the gloves which are not too large or too small.

Commonly, the gloves are available in four sizes, such as small, medium, large, extra-large. If you do not know your hands' exact size, you can take assistance from the store representatives.

They will help you measure your hand size accurately to make sure you can buy the right size of the gloves.

You may find it a little tricky while buying the gloves online. It will be better to follow the sizing chart given by the manufacturers for a clear idea of the size of your gloves.

Outer shell

It is needless to mention that the hiking gloves' exterior design has a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the gloves when you are on the trail.

Usually, the regular gloves are made up of some common materials without having any significant differences. But when it comes to the gloves specifically made for hiking, several types of materials are used to make them more durable.

The exterior of the gloves is also crucial for protecting your hands from the elements.

Therefore, you must decide clearly where you will be using these gloves. Also, you should make sure the outer shell of the gloves is capable of dealing with the damages properly.

In addition, you should find a design that has a waterproof and breathable outer shell. Though it is not so easy to get both of the features, you can pick up the gloves having removable liners. It will be ideal for your comfort. Besides, synthetic uppers maximize the durability of the gloves.

Inner lining

The inner lining is as essential as the outer shell for hiking gloves. Sometimes, hikers do not give much importance to the inside as they do for the outside. But, if you fail to choose the right material for the inner lining, you will end up with your hands wet. Admittedly, this is not something you will intend for.

The interior of the gloves is crucial for the comfort of your palm and fingers. It will help you to keep your hands wet all the time. For example, if you are caught in heavy rain during hiking, the inner lining can protect your hands from the rainwater.

Furthermore, it is useful to keep your hands dry from snow and sweat as well. There will be less chance of discomfort if you can opt for better quality interior materials.

Also, the inner lining you are choosing should be breathable enough to reduce your discomfort.


You must determine the weather condition of the area where you are planning for hiking. It will be beneficial while choosing the best materials for your hiking gloves.

Having the standard quality of the materials ensures that you will get better breathability. Most of the branded gloves come up with a waterproof exterior and a breathable interior.

However, if you are going hiking in the summer season, it will be wise to buy single-lined gloves that offer the highest comfort for your hands. It not only ensures breathability but also increases the durability for better performance.

Another important thing that you must know is that breathable gloves do not rip quickly. If you think your hiking trip is going to be tricky and challenging, you should go for a breathable pair of gloves to perform efficiently.


The design and mobility of the gloves go hand in hand. So, when you want to have optimum mobility, you must pay attention to the gloves' design.

You will find some gloves like lobster gloves, which have a three-finger design. Though they are easier to wear, you can not have good dexterity as a five-finger glove.

Most hikers are likely to have the traditional five-finger designs, but you should choose the design depending on your purposes. For some tricky activities like lacing up boots, maintaining a compass, etc. the traditional designs will support you better than any other available designs.


You should keep in mind that your hiking gloves are also like the other pieces of clothing that are required for hiking. So, it is nothing unusual that the gloves can come with layering too. The best thing about the layered gloves is that you are allowed to customize the gloves exactly how you want.

Many winter gloves are designed with a removable inner lining, which is made out of fleece or other materials. Make sure the materials are capable enough to wick away the body heat. Besides, you are able to use the liner separately in light summer.

Layering is essential to keep your fingers and hand warm in colder conditions. You can also go for an outer shell made of synthetic material to enhance the durability and waterproofing features.

It is suggested to check the interior of the gloves to get the right size and proper fit so that it does not reduce your mobility or comfort.


When you are about to buy gloves for hiking, one factor you should never overlook, and that is the feature of waterproofing. It will be unreasonable to search for a hiking glove, which is completely waterproof. But, you can easily get some designs that are incredibly resistant to water.

If you know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof, you will be able to make your choice without any hassle. Having the gloves with minimum waterproofing can be useful for long term uses.

There are some gloves designed with only liners that do not have any waterproofing features. But it can be combined with an outer waterproof shell. In general, lining gloves are best for a warmer condition, but the waterproof exterior can effectively increase their functionality.

Gloves having one layer can be 100% waterproof. They are mainly made of strong and durable synthetic material. Neoprene also offers better insulation for waterproof designs.


A buying guide about the gloves remains incomplete without talking about the dexterity. You should buy the gloves with better dexterity to make sure you can move every finger without any discomfort. Dexterity is all about the ability that allows the gloves to hold and grab a thing conveniently.

You should go for the materials with stretch that will provide excellent dexterity. The stretch ensures a comfortable and free movement of your fingers.

It is very clear that dexterity is closely related to the mobility of the gloves. Usually, a better stretch offers better mobility. You can choose the multi-directional stretch in the materials to get better dexterity.

You will typically find 3-way, and 4-way stretch choice completely depends on your preference.

Both types allow the materials to provide free movement to your fingers and don't keep them stiff and rigid.


The mobility of hiking gloves is as essential as dexterity, and they are closely connected with each other. Dexterity of the gloves has a big role in defining their mobility.

When you wear gloves, you should feel your hands properly so that the hands and fingers can move with freedom. Mobility of the gloves provides a secured grip, which means with higher mobility, you will have a higher chance of grasping things tightly during the hiking.

If you are not allowed to use your hands effortlessly, it will make you frustrated after a certain point of time. Struggling with your hands to hold on to something during a tricky climbing is very inconvenient and dim the purpose of the gloves.

You can select waterproof gloves to have maximum mobility.


Here, the cost comes last on the list, but it is equally significant as the above-mentioned factors when it comes to buying the best gloves for hiking. You will invest a good amount of money to buy your gloves so you must make sure that the gloves are worthy of that money.

You should check the price tags carefully so that it will not create a big hole in your pocket. Different types of gloves are available in the market with different price ranges. So, it will be silly to go out of your budget.

You should determine the features you need prior to making your purchase. Also, choosing the gloves within your budget that can meet up all your needs will be a good decision to avoid spending more money unnecessarily.


1. What are the steps to clean the hiking gloves?

The key to cleaning your Hiking gloves lies in keeping in mind all manufacturers' instructions. If you follow them religiously, you will surely get properly washed gloves in no time.

2. How many layers of insulation are there in hiking gloves?

There are three layers of insulation in hiking gloves. These three layers consist of waterproof and breathable materials that aid in faster insulation of the gloves. These gloves also come with removable liners along with an inner fleece liner.

3. Where can one use hiking gloves?

Hiking gloves can be used by different mountaineers and hikers who are always on one or other terrains. If you ask any seasoned hiker, you will know that they cannot easily predict a fixed climate.

4. Do you need to know about the trails for purchasing these gloves?

Yes, if you are a regular hiker and are always in search of new trails, you will surely know that each trail demands a different set of gloves. Depending upon the altitude of a particular trail, you need to pick the gloves that will keep you warm in that particular environment.

Final verdict

Hiking gloves provide efficient protection to your hands in harsh conditions on your expedition. Arming your hands with a suitable pair will allow you to enjoy your trip safely.

This guide here contains all the essential facts and details about different characteristics of the product that define its performance and usability. Go through them and make an informed decision while purchasing an elite product. / - © Copyright 2020