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Long gone are the days when women didn't match the intensity like men. Love of hiking steep and challenging terrains should never be reduced only cause your feet will give up early. With suitable hiking boots for your feet, you can enjoy your activity properly.

Hiking boots for women are specially designed to provide comfort and support to feet. On long trips, it is evident that your feet will be indulged in a lot of work. So, arming them with suitable shoes is necessary.

They will provide proper support to the ankle, heel, and paw and even protect them from severe injuries. However, selecting the right fit can become a tiresome task.

You need to study every element of the boot carefully. A buying guide does this job easy for you. You get all the information at a single stop with which you can quickly sort out the best option. Also, you get answers to all your questions.

Before starting with this comprehensive guide, let us look into a brief introduction to the product.

What are Hiking Boots for Women, and why should you opt for them?

When you plan for a hiking trip, you should invest smartly on a good pair of hiking boots. You can go hiking for adventure, exercise or just in search of some fresh air.

So, having the best quality hiking boots will ensure your comfort and protect your feet to make sure you can enjoy your hiking expedition.

If you are going on a hiking trip for an extended period of time, you should use the hiking boots for maximum support so that you do not get sore feet quickly. Also, the heavy gear you will be carrying with you can cause stress on the feet.

This is why hiking boots are also equally crucial for female hikers. For both the experienced and beginners, adding hiking boots to their hiking gear list will be an important decision.

Why should you read a buying guide before purchasing the appropriate boots?

You may think that the regular boots will work for your hiking trip. What is the dire need to invest in special boots? But wait. You are totally wrong here.

Your feet have to walk long distances and struggle with uneven terrain surfaces. Regular shoes will easily bow down under this stress and pressure. However, hiking boots will provide comfort and appropriate support to your feet so that you can enjoy your hike.

All you need to do is pick the right product from different options available in the market. Here you need an extensive guide for accurate facts and details on different elements of the product.

This guide covers all the aspects of the shoes and presents them in an organized way. You can quickly go through them and make an informed decision.

So, without any further delay, let us start with this guide.

Types of Hiking Boots for Women

  1. Hiking shoes

Usually, hikers are likely to have these hiking shoes for hiking in the daytime. These shoes come up with a low-cut design that is very comfortable for traveling long distances.

Hiking shoes are designed with flexible midsoles that support you the best on your trail. This is a key reason why ultralight backpackers select these shoes for long journeys.

  1. Day hiking boots

Unlike hiking shoes, these boots are available with mid to high cut designs that you can easily choose for day hiking trips. These boots have a shorter break-in period and provide enough flexibility for the hikers.

However, these boots are not as durable as the heavy backpacking boots, so you may have a lack of support during hiking.

  1. Backpacking boots

If you need to carry heavy gears on your backpacking trip, you should go for these backpacking trips, which are specially designed for the backcountry trips.

Commonly, backpacking boots have a high cut design so that it can cover up to your ankles. Thus they provide excellent support for the hikers.

These boots are different from the lighter footwear because of their stiffer midsoles, which makes the boots more durable, and you can use them while hiking on or off the trail.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Hiking Boots For Women


  1. Full-grain leather

There are some hiking boots for women made up of full-grain leather that are durable. These shoes are resistant to water damage and abrasion.

If you are going on backpacking trips for multiple days, you can choose full-grain leather for your boots. It is suitable for rugged terrain as well.

Although the full-grain leather is not breathable and lightweight, it is good to carry heavier loads. However, it takes a longer break-in time than other materials.

  1. Split-grain leather

Usually, split-grain leather comes combined with nylon material or nylon made mesh, so the boots become incredibly breathable.

It is also very lightweight. Split-grain leathers are not so expensive. Some of the boots are designed with waterproof liners. Without it, the material is not much resistant to abrasion and water.

  1. Nubuck leather

It is a type of full-grain leather, but it makes suede shoes. Nubuck leather has excellent durability, and it is resistant to both abrasion and water.

It also offers flexibility so you can wear the boots comfortably. But one major downside is that it takes a longer time to break-in prior to any extended hikes.

  1. Synthetic

Synthetic leather refers to polyester and nylon, which are used in modern hiking boots. They are lightweight and take less time to break-in.

But boots made of synthetic leather have more stitches on the exterior part, which can get damaged easily. But you can choose them if you want your boots in a budget-friendly range.

  1. Waterproof membranes

Commonly, eVent® or Gore-Tex® is used in constructing the upper of the waterproof boots. These waterproof membranes are breathable enough so that they help you to protect your feet from wet weather conditions and keep them dry.

But they are not as good as ventilating mesh so your feet can get sweaty in summer seasons.

  1. Vegan

As the name suggests, no ingredients are used in these boots that are derived from animals. Vegan-friendly hiking shoes are free from any animal by-products.

  1. Insulation

Some hiking boots are designed with synthetic insulation for providing extra warmth in colder conditions.


The midsole of the hiking boots for women is essential as it determines the stiffness of the boots. It also increases comfort by adding cushioning and protects your feet from any type of shock.

When you go hiking on rocky terrain, you will definitely need a stiffer boot offering better stability and comfort. With a view to that durable materials are used in making the midsoles of the women's hiking boots.

Typically, EVA and Polyurethane are used as the construction materials of the midsoles.

  1. Polyurethane

If you want a pair of hiking boots that are designed with durable midsoles, you can go for polyurethane. Moreover, it is firmer than EVA foam.

Therefore, polyurethane is mainly used in stout backpacking boots for more strength and support.

  1. EVA

EVA is cheaper than polyurethane. It is preferred by the hikers because it makes the boots cushier and lightweight.

Another essential thing about EVA foam is that it can be used with different densities in different midsoles to provide ample support as required.

For example, you will find some hiking boots which have midsoles made of EVA, and that have more density near the forefoot area.


The most commonly used materials for the outsole of a hiking boot is rubber. There are some hiking boots for women that use carbon as additives to increase the hardness of the hiking boots. A boot with a hard outsole is durable enough to go off-trail comfortably.

  1. Lug pattern

Lugs are the essential parts of the outsoles. They work like a bump ensuring traction for the outsoles. Usually, hiking boots are designed with thicker and deeper lugs so that they can increase the grip while you are traveling on uneven terrain.

It is better to look for such lugs that are widely spaced. They are handy for providing excellent traction. Also, they are able to shed mud and dirt in an easier way.

  1. Heel brake

Heel brake is all about the heel area, which is different from the arch and forefoot. Besides lugs, heel brakes are also crucial for improving grip. They help you to prevent from sliding while you are walking on the steeps.


  1. Shanks

Shanks are found between the outsole and midsole of the hiking boots. They have a thickness of 3 to 5mm, which adds stiffness to the midsoles. So when you are buying the women's hiking boots, you should check the shanks properly.

In general, the shanks come up with different lengths. You will find some shanks which can cover the midsole entirely. On the other hand, some are able to cover the half-length.

  1. Plates

This is also another insert like shanks used in hiking boots. Plates are thin and semiflexible. Also, they are placed between the outsoles and midsoles.

If your hiking boots are designed with shanks, you will find the plates under the shank. The primary purpose of using the plates in your hiking boots is to protect your feet from any injuries caused by hard rocks or roots.


You must need a snug fit to travel comfortably with your hiking boots. There are some key factors that you must remember while choosing the proper fit of the hiking boots for women.

  1. First, you should know the right size of the boots. You can go through the sizing chart for the exact size. You should check the length of your feet, and you can also take help from the specialists when needed.
  2. It is better to wear these boots after daily activities. If you get swelling feet that will be effective to choose the bigger size instead of smaller ones.
  3. If you have orthotics, you must keep them when buying your hiking boots.
  4. For the best fit, you can wear a pair of comfortable socks. Synthetic socks are better than cotton to reduce the chances of having blisters.
  5. You should wear boots and walk around the store before making your purchase to select a size that is not too small or large for your feet.
  6. The footwear specialist can guide you in a proper way to have the right fit.
  7. When it comes to online shopping, you should choose a familiar brand.
  8. You are recommended to pick up an insole providing maximum support and comfort.
  9. You can change your lacing style and knot strategy to make sure you do not have a tighter fit.
  10. Some people start using their new boots before an extended trek so that they can get a snug fit without any discomfort.


You must consider the weight of the hiking boots for women before you buy a pair for you. A lightweight boot comes with some extra benefits that can make your journey more enjoyable.

If your plan is to go for a one day hike, you can choose the lightweight boots. But, they will not serve your purposes for longer hikes. You will need a heavier boot for hiking in challenging terrains.

Sometimes, the weight differs depending on the high or low cut models. Most of the women's hiking boots are designed like sneakers that provide maximum protection for your feet.

Usually, the heavier models are able to cover up to your ankles so that you can get better support and protection while hiking in tough terrains. Moreover, they help to absorb shock as well as protect your ankles and feet from getting injured.

Hiking boots, which are specially made for women, are composed of lightweight materials to reduce weight. Therefore, you should check the weight of the boots to make sure you can hike comfortably without increasing your overall weight.


Most hiking boots for women are available with a breathable design, which reduces the sweaty feeling and improves the comfort of the boots. Usually, the materials used in the boots determine the breathability.

You should always choose a design that covers your ankles perfectly. It is necessary to provide adequate warmth to your feet. So, hikers are more likely to choose mid to high cut models instead of low cuts to keep their feet and ankles warmer in colder situations.

Some boots use breathable fabrics which are not found in the solid leather hiking boots. So, choosing the mixed material can reduce your discomfort in such cases. You should check whether the padding and materials of your hiking boots are breathable enough or not.

But one thing you should always keep in mind is that breathable boots should be waterproof so that they do not absorb the moisture and inside it. Accordingly, it will prevent outside water from getting inside your boots so that your feet remain dry and comfortable.


Another very crucial factor that you should never overlook while choosing hiking boots for women is durability. Having a pair of durable hiking boots means you will be able to go on hiking trips safely.

It is needless to mention that higher quality materials ensure more durability of the boots. Most of the available hiking boots designed for women are durable enough to last long for years. They offer more support and better protection for the female hikers.

Some of the waterproof models come with higher durability. It is possible because they have good water resistance.

Furthermore, you should go for a boot that has impressive seam work to make sure it is capable of holding the boots together without any issues. You should always welcome standard quality seam work to get a durable pair.

It will be wise to consider that your hiking boots need to deal with rocks, roots, muds, etc. With the durable hiking boots, you will get a better chance to clean and maintain the boots in an effective manner. Thus you can use them for a long period of time without any replacement.


When you are about to buy hiking boots for women, you should look for the water-resistant feature.

During hiking, you will have to deal with different types of weather conditions. If you are hiking in a wet and rainy area, your boots will get wet. But waterproof boots will keep you dry so that you can complete your journey without having any discomfort.

Therefore, hiking boots are needed to be waterproof, which will keep the feet dry from rain and snow as well.

Waterproof hiking boots are breathable enough, so it can help inside heat and sweat to release quickly. So, you can easily use them on summer days without having any problems.


Last but not least, you should consider the usage of hiking boots for women before buying so that you can get the best pair of boots for you. With a view to that, you should determine the area and frequency of using the boots in advance.

For instance, you hike on a daily basis, so you will definitely need a reliable and sturdy boot. Similarly, when you hike in an area covered with water and mud, you should select the waterproof boots for women.

You should also pay attention to the usage of these boots as it has a direct impact on the price of the boots. Usually, more durable boots come with a higher price. Expensive boots are made up of the best quality materials.

If you go for a lower price rate, you may need to compromise with the quality of the design. So, you should decide your requirements beforehand and look for the hiking boots accordingly.

How to maintain hiking boots for long

  1. Separate the laces and insoles from the boots

Before you start cleaning the hiking boots for women, you should remove the insoles because insoles can absorb a large amount of moisture. Dry the insoles properly and sprinkle some baking soda on them to reduce the odor.

Without removing the laces, it will be difficult to clean the lace holes effectively. Wash the laces with warm water and dish soap. Finally, leave them to dry completely.

  1. Scrub your hiking boots

Take some warm water along with mild dishwashing detergent that will help to remove the toughest stains from the boots. You can use a soft cloth to scrub the boots gently.

The soft-bristled brush also can be a good option for scrubbing. For suede boots, you should not put much pressure on the boots to avoid any type of damage.

You can consider a toothbrush or eraser to get rid of the dirt efficiently.

  1. Clean out the soap

You should not forget to wipe away the dish soap from your boots. It is recommended to use a wet cloth that will help you to remove the soap from the boots.

  1. Remove sap by keeping your boots inside the freezer

For most of the users, sap, gums, and wax seem like a big issue. The best way to get rid of this problem is to put your boots inside your freezer. Let the sticky spots harden. Then it will be easier for you to remove them quickly.

  1. Waterproofing

Undoubtedly, it is crucial to waterproof your hiking boots. If you are a beginner, you can take help from the boot experts to know how to waterproof your boots. Besides, you can follow the manufacturer's guide for better information.

  1. Conditioning

After waterproofing your hiking boots, you must apply conditioner on them. You should always choose a product which is appropriate for the material used in your boots. You can use the cotton swab for polishing the lace holes to prevent rusting.

  1. Drying

Keep your boots in an airy place where they can dry naturally. Never keep your shoes under direct sunlight.


1. How to determine that these boots are comfortable?

You will have the most comfortable boots ever with superior quality material and the right fit.

2. Is there any difference between hiking boots and shoes?

Yes, hiking boots are heavy and are known to have a unique shape, while shoes are lightweight and come in a variety of designs.

3. How to loosen up leather boots?

Leather boots come with stiff material when they are manufactured. So, you need to soften up the material against your feet.

4. What does a perfect fit for boots depend upon?

A perfect fit for boots is defined when you wear boots that are quite stable and supportive. Also, the boot's traction and sole are other significant factors that need close consideration.

Final Verdict

Don't let your dream of traveling tough terrains fade against its challenges. With special hiking boots for women, you can ensure proper protection to your feet.

In this guide, you will find critical pointers that define the usability and performance of the product. Study them carefully and select an elite pair of boots for your trip. / - © Copyright 2020