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Hiking boots for flat feet buying guide

Do you love to indulge in hiking expeditions but drop the idea because of flat feet? Are you tired of dropping adventurous plans because of them? Have you lost all hope due to flat feet?

Stop feeling disheartened and get ready to experience all your dreams. With the advent of special hiking boots for flat feet, you can easily go on long hiking expeditions.

Let us dive into the guide to know more about flat feet and the unique product.

What are flat feet?

People with flat feet have arches on their feet that are fallen and not elevated to the middle of the feet.

Your heel and toes are connected with tendons that support the arches so that you can stand and work with stability. The tendons help create a specific arch by receiving the force from day to day activities, including walking and running.

Generally, these arches are not very prominent in the kids' feet as they have softer tissues in the toes. But with age, the arches developed naturally.

In case you find it difficult to stand on your toes and feel the pain, you may have flat feet. With flat feet, you can not hike for a long time without any pain or discomfort.

So, if you have a plan for hiking, you must consider the best hiking boots for flat feet for better support.

Types of hiking boots

Several types of accessible hiking boots for flat feet are there so you must know the difference to pick up the right one for you –

  1. Hiking shoes

If you are going for a day hiking, these shoes can be an ideal option for you. They are designed with adjustable midsoles and have a low-cut structure to support you then best for hiking.

You can select trail-running shoes when you are covering long distances. Therefore, they are also a favorite of the ultralight backpackers.

  1. Day hiking boots

These boots are designed with mid and high cuts that make them appropriate for day hiking. Also, you can buy these boots for short trips with lighter backpacks.

Though they are not as durable as stout backpacking shoes, they are flexible enough to be used.

  1. Backpacking boots

You must need backpacking boots when you plan to carry more loads for longer trips. They are perfect for backcountry trips because of their maximum support. The high cut design of the boots covers the ankle for better support.

Also, they have stronger midsoles, which give them durability and make them perfect for both off and on-trail journeys.

Need to read a buying guide before selecting the right product

With so many products in the market, you can easily be duped by the salesman's pretenses. Also, it is a difficult task to compare all the products in a short time.

The buying guide provides you with all the necessary information and allows you to make an informed decision while selecting the best product.

Let us get into the characteristics of the product.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Hiking Boots For Flat Feet


The quality of the materials matters a lot for hiking boots for flat feet.

  1. Upper

Most hiking boots have upper made of leathers, including full-grain leather, split-grain leather, and nubuck leather. All these types of leather are durable, and they offer a flexible and smooth texture.

Synthetic leathers like polyester, nylon are lightweight and dry quickly. Moreover, they are not as expensive as leather. They also need more stitching on the outer part of the boots.

Boots are made up of waterproof membranes that are breathable and help you keep your feet dry in wet areas.

Vegan-friendly boots do not use any components obtained from animals.

Synthetic insulation is good for hiking boots to hold warmth in snowy conditions.

  1. Midsole

The midsole is usually made of EVA, which ensures excellent support and comes within a budget-friendly range. It is lighter as well as cushier.

For better durability, you can go for polyurethane. As it provides firmer support, it will be appropriate for backpacking boots.

  1. Outsole

Commonly, the construction of outsoles is composed of rubber. Sometimes, carbon is used as additives to increase the hardness.

Lug pattern outsoles are effective for excellent traction, so they are used in mountaineering and backpacking boots for a tighter grip.

Heel brake is also important to prevent you from sliding during hiking.


It is important to consider the terrain of your hiking before choosing your hiking boots. Especially if you have flat feet, you should be more careful.

When you are hiking on a rocky mountain, you should not go for open sandals. On the other hand, it will be better not to opt for heavy-duty hiking boots for water hiking.

So, it is up to the type of terrain you are going to deal with. Think accordingly and pick up the best shoes to give a better grip and comfort for the hiking.


The hiking boots for flat feet have waterproof designs that come with lots of benefits. Therefore, you should check this feature in the first place while buying your hiking boots.

If your boots do not have the waterproof feature, it will not prevent the moisture from getting inside the boots. As a result, the leather exterior can get damaged and shrunken quickly.

Unneeded to mention, it will create discomfort for the users who have flat feet so you can not move confidently during on-trail traveling.

Made waterproof, these shoes also ensure durability and longevity to make sure you can use them for a long period. Choose the best waterproof hiking shoes for your flat feet and enjoy your hiking without any pain or discomfort.

Ankle and arch assistance

Most people with flat feet experience a common problem while walking and standing that their feet roll inside. It reduces the strength of your arches and makes your ankle less stable as well.

You must consider the ankle and arch assistance feature when you are about to choose hiking boots for flat feet.

The hiking boots having the right support for the ankle and arch can reduce your pain during hiking. This is the best way to get relief from the ankle aching without any hassle.

These shoes are very comfortable for your outdoor journeys as well as they provide you with extra stability for better support.

Because of this ankle and arch assistance, your overall body weight will be distributed evenly on the feet, and thus it will protect your feet from having sprain, strain, and twists during hiking.


In general, the sizes of the hiking boots for men and women with flat feet are not the same.

But, nowadays, you can find some shoes that are designed for both men and women. Some brands offer sizes of the shoes appropriate for male hikers and female hikers as well.

However, you must go through the size chart in advance and make sure you are choosing the right size for your feet.

Keep it in mind that a right-size shoe is essential to have the proper fit. So, check the size required for your flat feet and go ahead with it.


Flat feet bring inevitable ankle pain, which causes extreme discomfort for the hikers. If you also have flat feet, you should look for the hiking boots that are specially made for flat feet.

These boots will help you with the highest comfort so that you can get more support to walk confidently. Selecting a hiking shoe for flat feet also comes with other benefits.

They are good for heel and arch and provide a soft and flexible footbed. It is recommended to wear socks with these hiking shoes to enjoy your hiking with maximum comfort.


Another important factor to consider while buying hiking shoes for flat feet is weight. Some people do not pay much attention to the weight, which may result in difficulties during trailing on the hard terrain.

It will be a better decision to go for lightweight shoes if your plan is to trek for the whole day, or you are heading towards a long journey. However, you can choose heavy-duty boots for multi day backpacking.

As hiking on tougher terrain causes potential damages to the shoes, you can choose a heavier design to ensure the durability and comfort for a better hiking experience.

Cushioning soles

For the fallen arches, choosing hiking shoes with cushioning soles is very important. Flat feet people have to experience pain and discomfort, which means they must wear shoes with comfortable soles.

If you decide to buy hiking boots for flat feet, you should look for cushioning soles that are not strong but work conveniently. Most of the hiking boots are designed with cozy soles, which eliminate the chances of blisters and reduce the stress on your toes.

Therefore, you can trek on the rocky surface and go for long distances without worry about foot pain.


The hiking boots for flat feet must have excellent support to stabilize the walking and standing of the hikers. It will also be helpful for your ankle.

Hiking shoes offering stronger support is able to reduce foot fatigue effectively. During hiking, the tendons of your feet get stretched continuously.

Foot arch helps to remove the strain. However, people having fallen arches are not lucky enough to get relief from the discomfort naturally. This is why they need proper support for their feet and heels.

Moreover, people who have flat feet know how their feet roll inwards frequently. It causes maximum discomfort, and your shoes have wear and tear quickly. In order to get rid of the back and joint pain, you should choose the hiking shoes that provide you with incomparable support.


No matter what, you should not compromise with the protection of your hiking shoes for flat feet. You know how difficult it is to go hiking with dropped arches. So you must confirm the safety and security of the shoes before making your purchase.

Always go for high-quality materials that are able to protect your shoes from dirt and debris during your journey. With a view to keep the feet dry, you can look for waterproof protection.

Hiking shoes equipped with Gore-Tex are not only waterproof but breathable also. Waterproof protection allows your body temperature to remain the same even though your feet are wet for a long time.


Sufficient padding is advantageous for flat feet. Do not forget to check this feature when selecting the right hiking shoes for flat feet.

Always remember that flat feet have to bear more during the journey on a trail, so choose the padding accordingly.

You can go for a highly padded footbed to get better arches at the time of hiking. It will allow you to enjoy your journey without any foot fatigue or ankle aching.

With the proper padding, you can walk on the trail comfortably. Also, you will get better support to take steps without any troubles.


You should get a proper fit for your hiking boots that are made for flat feet. Having a snug fit of the shoe means there is less chance of slippage.

When you have the right fit of the shoe, there will be no extra room, so it will not come off your feet during walking. It is suggested to search for the hiking shoes which are not too tight and too loose.

If you have a loose fit, the shoe may slip off. However, the tight fit may cause blisters and irritation after a long walk. So, you must check the sizing chart carefully and not go for any size

until and unless you are confident about it.


There are some hiking boots for flat feet that are designed with breathable materials. Breathability is important for the hiking boots to keep your feet dry.

If you have a waterproof shoe, it will only stop the water from getting inside. But without proper breathability, it will be difficult to get rid of sweat. Sweat can cause hiking blisters that will restrict your mobility while hiking.

For hotter conditions, you can select mesh materials for better ventilation. However, Gore-Tex is appropriate for colder weather that works like a waterproof breathable membrane.


In order to keep the feet warm, you can buy hiking shoes that are engineered with good insulation facilities. When you are going hiking in colder conditions, you should wear well-insulated hiking shoes having motion control features. It will support you to move comfortably on the rocky surface.

Besides, leather is equally effective to hold warmth in low temperatures. Consider the insulation features only for the colder environment. For the warmer condition, it is better to have shoes designed with mesh panels for higher breathability. Thus your feet will be cool.

Steps people with flat feet must consider while hiking

People may have flat feet from severe injury, medical conditions, or genetics, but that can not stop them from enjoying hiking. There are different types of hiking boots for flat feet available in the market. What you have to do is to choose the right pair of shoes for you and follow the given steps while hiking. You will experience a comfortable walk on the trail without any pain and foot fatigue.

  1. At first, you should take time to stretch your toes and bare feet before hiking. It will help to wake up the toe muscles and warm up the ankles and arches. Also, lift the heel from the ground for more stability.
  2. If you are a beginner, you can contact a podiatrist and know whether the custom orthotics can help you or not. Having an expert opinion will make you confident about your journey.
  3. It is better to spend a little more money to get the best quality hiking shoes. Do not go for any cheaper shoes that are designed with thinner soles. For the regular trekkers, it will be wise to buy shoes appropriate for different terrains. You can use comfortable socks for softer padding. It will also reduce the chance of hike blisters. Always go for the right fit so it will not slip off the feet.
  4. Having a foot massage after hiking is also very essential. It will heal your feet effectively. You can use natural oil for massage. Also, a tennis or golf ball can serve the purpose. For more relief, soak both feet in lukewarm water after covering long distances.

How to know about the right fit

Without a snug fit, you can not travel comfortably wearing your hiking shoes. So you may consider the following tips to know about the right fit of the hiking boots for flat feet.

  1. Start with knowing the right size of your shoes and follow the sizing chart to confirm the right size.
  2. You can try the shoes after regular activities. You will have little swelling feet, and that will help you to avoid the smaller sizes.
  3. People having orthotics should keep them while choosing hiking shoes.
  4. You can wear a pair of comfortable socks to get the best fit of the shoes. It is better to select synthetic socks instead of cotton one to avoid blisters caused by hiking.
  5. Before making the final purchase, you can wear the boots to walk around the store. It will help you to decide on a shoe which is not too small or too large.
  6. You can consult with a footwear specialist regarding any type of fit issues. They will guide you with the best way to get the proper fit.
  7. In the case of online shopping, opt for a familiar brand. Usually, the brands maintain their consistency for the models so you will have the perfect fit easily.
  8. You should consider the insoles that provide you with the highest comfort and support.
  9. For a tighter fit, you may change your lacing style. Changing the knot strategy is a significant way to improve fit.
  10. Start using your boots before your first trek, so your feet get accustomed to the boots' texture in advance.


  1. What is the best way to take care of the flat feet while hiking?

For a flat feet hiker, the best gift would be to invest in a supreme quality pair of hiking boots for flat feet. This will help eliminate any discomfort your feet might face besides making your hike a memorable one. Also, the boots will provide proper support to your feet and keep them safe from several injuries.

  1. Is shoe padding very important?
    Yes, for a person who is buying hiking shoes and has flat feet, shoe padding is a crucial element to keep the feet completely comfortable. It is because padding soothes the feet while you are hiking, which would not have been an issue if you had well-defined arches.

  1. Do crampons need to be bought too?

No, crampons are not a necessary item when you go hiking. They are only important for your safety when you wish to go mountaineering or backpacking. If you are going for a simple hike, you do not need to buy them.

  1. Are these hiking boots versatile?

Absolutely yes! Hiking boots are multi-functional and can be worn at any time, be it for off or on-trail. Thus, you should be glad that your one-time investment in these boots will help you for many years of comfortable footwear.

Final verdict

After being tired of painful experiences in your hiking expedition, you may bow down to the stress and pressure. Hiking boots for flat feet provides you a simple and efficient solution to counter the stain and enjoy your adventurous hike.

In this guide, we have listed all the crucial characteristics to deem about while selecting the right pair for yourself. Evaluate all the points and select the best fit, which suits your feet and comes under your budget. / - © Copyright 2020