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Winters can be extremely chilly for people living in very low temperatures. So, how can you ensure being warm and insulated in such an environment. One super-effective and straightforward solution to this problem is by wearing heated socks.

These socks impart natural warmth and keep the cold away from you completely. However, it is crucial to buy the right product for the best results.

For this, we have created this comprehensive buying guide that covers all the critical aspects of a good pair of heated socks. We are sure that once you reach the end, you will have an idea already and choose what is best for you.

Let's read on to know everything about its excellent characteristics!

What are heated socks, and why should you opt for them?

Do your feet turn extreme cold during winter? Do you find it troublesome to keep it warm? Well, we have a solution that might help you in solving this problem. Ever heard of battery heated socks?

These new types of socks work with the help of batteries and help you keep your feet warm both from top and bottom. They are amazing as you can ski or even snowboard wearing them.

These heated socks are easy to use, maintain, and also durable. They come with tons of fantastic features that will protect you from the harsh cold. To buy them, read through our guide to get the best ones to protect yourself.

Types of Heated Socks

There are different types of heated socks. However, before buying one, you must know about them that will help you make your purchase.

  1. Socks that have external batteries as a feature

These particular kinds of heated socks are like two in one ice cream. These socks can be worn normally as the battery has to be purchased separately and used externally.

When you need to warm your feet, all you have to do is put the batteries inside and wear it. The heat will pass through your feet eventually and keep you warm.

In case you are traveling, it won't be difficult as they keep you warm for an extended time period.

  1. Socks that come with rechargeable batteries

Imagine experiencing cold feet, as you are enjoying with your family outside in the cold! It is such a mood spoiler as you feel that the cold does not let you move.

However, socks that come with rechargeable batteries are a wonder. They work for 10-12 hours and can be recharged quickly.

They have three modes: high, medium, and low. These socks are a wonder as you can wear them on rainy days too. They are comfortable and breathable too. One can easily travel for hours wearing them.

  1. Heated Insoles

These socks are like inserts that can be put in your shoes and help you keep your feet warm. These are better as compared to the standard battery heated socks.

The inserts work by heating your feet from the bottom. The best part is that it can be used for up to 10 hours if it is in the lowest heating mode.

However, the problem lies in purchasing the perfect heated insole as it is not compatible with every shoe size and is super-expensive.

  1. Socks with Warm Insulation feature

Insulated socks have been a thing for a long time. This type of heated socks comes with an insulator, which helps balance your body's heat.

A fantastic feature of this system is that even after turning it off, it reaches the desired temperature and keeps your feet warm. They run for a longer time and keep your feet dry, warm, and give you comfort.

  1. Microwavable Socks

Does the name sound funny to you? Just like a microwave has made our life easier when it comes to cooking food, it is now also handy from protecting you from the cold feet.

All you have to do is, put these socks inside your microwave and get them heated up, and it is ready to use!

It is simple, and a very thoughtful gift for someone who might be suffering from cold feet just like you.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate pair of Heated Socks

As you are on a quest to hunt the best heated socks for yourself, you must have some information about their features to get the best value for money.

This guide will help you understand their traits, and you will finally understand what to purchase.


The first question you should ask yourself while purchasing such socks is, "For what purpose am I going to need it?" The socks have different uses that differ from person to person.

  1. Indoor usage of heated socks

To make it clear, these socks can be used indoors to cure medical issues like diabetes, hypothyroidism, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and many more.

  1. Outdoor usage of heated socks

However, when it comes to outdoor use, they protect you from cold feet while carrying out activities like snowboarding, motorcycling, fishing, etc.

All heated socks have different features apart from just warming your body. It will be wise to scrutinize every purpose of yours and then make a decision. So, before buying, be sure about your purpose as that will give you more effective results.


The material of these socks is an essential feature as it results in providing you the right temperature of heat that you are looking for. They are made out of elastic materials blended with other types of fabrics.

Most heated socks are made out of cotton, wool, and polyester as they provide high thermal qualities. It is all because of being excellent insulators.

Wool as an effective material

Wool provides warmth naturally, as it is an animal fiber. It is the ideal type to wear indoors, as they provide high-warmth and insulation. Even though wool dries very slowly, it is a perfect choice as it deals with moisture effectively.

Cotton with polyester

If you buy a pair of cotton and polyester socks, they are amazing when it comes to wicking off the moisture. They are highly warm and also breathable. Do not opt for just cotton material as they leave the socks wet with sweat, and it becomes very uncomfortable to wear.

Choose a material that has a high insulating factor and will also keep you warm.


Don't you find it annoying when you have everything in a product you are looking for, except that it is not of your size? Honestly, it kills your spirit to buy that product.

Scrutinizing the size of a product is a crucial factor when it comes to heated socks. You cannot just wear something too tight, as it may cause problems with your blood circulation.

Also, something that is extra loose does not provide you with the purpose that you bought for. These unique socks are no different than the standard ones. They also come in different sizes and shapes.

Some of them are unisex, to accommodate to everyone's feet irrespective of their gender. As the size of the female's feet is smaller than a men's feet, you must measure your feet before purchasing the product.


The primary factor before purchasing any kind of heated socks is checking its insulation. It serves as an addition to the layer of socks for the winter season.

You have to buy the type of heated socks that have very high insulation. It is because the main motto to wear such socks is to protect yourself from cold and stay warm.

The top-rated ones are made of such materials and stitched in a very professional way to trap the heat and transfer it from your feet to top.

Less insulating socks will eventually result in a wet and uncomfortable situation, which one might not like. There are specific socks that are made with layers like Thinsulate so that it can keep you warm for a more extended period.

Thinner socks are less insulating than the thicker ones. However, an inspection is advised so that you can accommodate according to your use.


Nothing comes before the comfort of a product. The other factors are void if you are not at all comfortable with the socks that you purchased.

Since these socks are used for many activities, you expect assistance from them in every possible way.

The socks that you need to buy must be breathable and designed such that the heels and the toes part have a soft padded cushion-like substance. They help you to walk or run as comfortably as you want.

You should even examine the material before buying as cheap materials, cause irritation, and trap moisture easily. It will leave your feet all sweaty, which will turn out to be uncomfortable for you.

Once you realize how to put together the features like material, design, and insulation, you will be very comfortable in your socks!


As heated socks have different purposes, the design is a crucial factor when it comes to buying them. Mostly you plan on using such socks for outdoor games.

If you are into adventurous activities like skiing or snowboarding, make sure to buy the socks that have a slight arch-reinforcement.

To protect your feet from extra tension, and ensure wearing them for a long time, buy the ones designed with built-in pads to assist and support you.

In case you wear boots, then it is best advised to buy the ones whose height reaches up to mid-calf at least.

In a nutshell, look for a design that will protect you and make you comfortable when you are out there in the snow.

Heat Duration

If the socks you purchased do not stay warm for a more extended time, then that turns out to be a waste of money. Look out for socks that come with extra-battery life, or ones that recharge quickly.

For example, if you are traveling for hours and your socks do not provide you with the warmth that you expected, it is quite troublesome and uncomfortable.

Always make sure to buy the heated socks that provide you with a more prolonged period of warmth.

Materials like wool create high insulation and are also useful for protecting you from cold. Heat duration is one of the critical factors. You should go through all the reviews and summaries about the brands before deciding on your purchase.


The most primary purpose of heated socks is served when you are out in a rough environment. The socks' design is a vital consideration as it assists and supports you when you are out.

Activities like hiking, skiing, or snowboarding require a lot of hours. You must choose such a design that gives you a longer period of durability. Materials like wool, polyester blended with cotton serve as the perfect combination to extend your durability.

You also need to look for a product that can get recharged easily after hours of outdoor recreational activities. The design should also accommodate every season and provide you with the required warmth when you are out in the woods.


Make sure to buy from top brands that provide you with an extra feature of compression so that your circulation in your feet keeps going on perfectly.

These socks are mostly for indoor use. People who need medical treatment regarding illness like diabetes or Raynaud's disease commonly use them. Being medically tested, they would not cause any trouble.

Thus, you must review every brand before purchasing any type of heated socks.


Even though heated socks are easy to maintain, it is slightly delicate when it comes to washing. Do not make any different attempts to wash them apart from what is given in the label instructions.

It is easy for the ones whose battery you can take out and wash the socks. However, if the battery is fixed, follow the instructions step by step, and you won't encounter any kind of difficulty.

In case you are confused, make sure to call the agents from the very brand that you have purchased. Do not dry them with the help of a dryer.

Remote Control

Many heated socks come with a remote control. This feature makes it easy to use and less fussy for you when dealing with them.

You can do anything without having to bend down or adjust the settings as per your requirement. You can control it by moving with the remote in your hand.

Recently, they have come up with a Bluetooth-enabled feature. It means that you can connect them with your smartphone and control them. You can easily change its heating temperature without any extra movement.

All you have to do is make a few clicks on your smartphone or your remote. And voila, your work is done. Bluetooth pairing and remote control also make it easy to turn on and off according to your wish.


One of the crucial elements regarding the purchase of these special socks is safety. Since you are dealing with batteries, you can get an electrical shock or even reactions.

You must choose a brand that comes with all safety measures if your socks turn out to be wet or damp. Since you will be wearing these socks for a more extended time, make sure it is made of such materials that it can wick moisture very fast and keep your feet dry and safe.

The automatic on and off feature is much appreciated if you will be working in snow or rain. The heating will turn off automatically according to your discomfort.

Always buy a product that ensures your safety. You can also read the summary and reviews of every brand before purchasing it.

Battery Life

Another important factor while hunting for heated socks that you should keep on your mind is battery life.

Since the most served purpose of these kinds of socks is outdoor activities, make sure that the product you are purchasing keeps you warm for an extended period. Moreover, these should at least sustain for a year.

Recharging can be an additional feature that can help in improving your battery life. An ideal choice will be if a battery can last throughout the day or night and keep you warm.


This factor wholly depends on the purpose of you buying heated socks and also what you prefer personally. Remember your shoe that you are going to wear, and determine the thickness of your socks according to it.

For example, if you are into skiing, liner socks are better for your ski boots than the chunky knit ones. In case you are using heated socks for indoor use, make sure to buy accordingly. Your comfort comes first always.


There is no such guarantee that high-priced socks are much more favorable. Even though it is an indication that the materials used in making them are of high quality, you still need to research before buying one.

Always buy the ones with high durability, longer life span, and the ones that make you comfortable. Also, keep in mind about the insulation and thickness, as per your convenience.

There are a lot of brands that sell heated socks at a reasonable price. It is better to buy after comparing them with two or more products of a different company.

Do read the summary and reviews before settling down to purchase.

How to Use Heated Socks Safely?

Every coin has two sides. The heated socks have brought in a change when it comes to staying warm even in the harshest climatic period.

However, one must understand how to use this product as it works on electricity and can be fatal. If you want your product to run for a long time, follow these instructions, and take the necessary precautions.

  • Firstly, make sure that the batteries are fully charged before you connect it to the socks. Always charge them even if you are using it for the first time. The socks run long if it is fully charged.
  • Even though these socks provide you the warmth that you want, it is best advised not to wear them directly. Try wearing a soft or lightweight sock first and then put on your heated socks. Often directly wearing them, results in small burns and irritation as the heating element turns hot. The added layer of standard socks protects you from any burns and helps in trapping the heat and keeping your feet warm.
  • Make sure to check the cables before putting on your heated socks. Untangle them if needed and see that they are not twisted near your feet when in use.
  • Always examine the setting of heat before using your socks. Wear them on with the lowest heating and then adjust accordingly.


  1. How to keep these heated socks clean?

You need to wash these socks with your hands. It will help to avoid any battery errors that might occur in a machine. Also, it will safeguard the socks from getting wrinkled quickly.

  1. How long do these heated socks work?

The heated socks come in 3 different temperature settings. For a low temperature setting, the socks work up to 6 hours. However, for a high-temperature setting, these socks work for only 2-3 hours.

  1. Can I get heated socks at a cheap rate?

You can easily get heated socks at a cheap rate rather than buying a whole pack of 5-6 pairs. Just wear a pair of your regular socks under these socks. In this way, you will easily trap the heat for a long time without the need to change them frequently.

  1. Is it easy to replace the batteries?

Yes, heated socks come with extra batteries that can be used in place of damaged ones. You can also buy new batteries from the market if you didn't get any at the time of purchasing the socks.

Summing Up

Once you have gone through every individual feature of heated socks, you would have a clear picture of your perfect socks pair.

If you still have any doubts, refer to our FAQ section that has all your queries answered. Now it's time to check the different pairs and compare your needs to pick the classic pair for yourself! / - © Copyright 2020