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Are you tired of chilly fingers and hands in the winter season? Don't worry. Heated gloves are here for the rescue.

The gloves come with an integrated heating mechanism that runs on the battery. No matter how much the temperature around you takes a dip towards the lower side, these gloves will keep your hands and fingers warm and cozy.

They generate heat and can keep your hands comfy for long hours. However, while selecting a suitable pair for your hands, you have to deem certain things.

You cannot blindly make a purchase in the market. If you do, you may end with an ill-fitted product that will not keep your hands warm and comfy. You will repent wasting your money on the product.

To find the best product, you need prior knowledge about all its features. You have to look into the size, weight, battery life, fit, style, and other additional properties. Gathering information on all these characteristics can become a tiresome task.

On the contrary, a well-detailed guide will provide you all the information in a well-structured manner. You can quickly analyze all the critical pointers and pin down the best pair for your hands.

But before all this, you should have a clear understanding of the product and its need. So, let us give a quick look into its introduction and then move further into the guide.

What do you mean by Heated Gloves? Why do you need them?

Since winter is fast approaching and the onset has already started, it's time to bring out the winter clothes. Snow boots, jackets, and woolen gloves are all cool but have you ever wondered if your body doesn't generate enough heat?

While the winter clothes only retain your body's heat, there is the necessity of something more lasting. To help you stay warm and comfortable even when the temperature outside hits the negative scale, heated gloves are coming down the lane.

These maintain the warm temperature throughout while you are wearing them. You don't need to rely on your body's heat to warm you up. These battery-powered hand protectors have heating devices incorporated inside them that regulate the temperature to keep you warm.

The significant advantage of using these is that you can regulate the temperature yourself regardless of the temperature outside.

This is the ideal winter accessory for those with low blood circulation or Raynaud's syndrome. These people fail to generate their body heat.

These electric gloves are life saviors for such people and help them sustain the drop in temperature. You can easily continue your work while wearing them because these do not hinder, unlike the insulated ones.

Why should I read this buying guide before opting for suitable gloves?

Many variants of these winter hand accessories are available in the market. The moment you walk into a store or open the online shops, you will be confused about which one is better.

Thanks to this busy life! Nobody has the time to talk about this topic elaborately. This results in you making a wrong investment and repent later.

To stop making a mess and make a worthy investment, refer to this buying guide that we have formulated especially for you. Here, you will find the crucial aspects and their needs in these gloves. How they affect these and how to opt for the correct one.

Besides, you will also get to know other unique features that you may not have known otherwise. This guide caters to all your queries and offers you a simplified, well-understandable answer.

So, without any further ado, let's get to know more before the temperature drops further, and you start to freeze.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Heated Gloves


The material of any product affects it a lot. It governs many factors like durability, functionality, and many more. Heated gloves are no exception, and so searching for the right material is crucial.

The shell of these gloves is made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. These two materials are widespread in the winter clothing industries. You will be surprised to know that 80% of the winter clothes have these two materials incorporated in them.

Nylon and polyester are highly durable, waterproof, and damage-resistant. These are breathable and hence do not retain odor generated due to sweat. An essential feature of these materials is the moisture-wicking properties that these have.

Gone are the days when you have to endure your sweaty hands and work with it. With these materials in your gloves, you will always remain dry and fresh, no matter how much warmth your gloves provide you. The palm area has reinforced leather, which also enhances your gloves' durability and grip.

Size and fit

What's the use of wearing a pair of gloves if that doesn't fit your hand? If it's short, your hands won't be protected. If it's large, the cold air will enter inside, thus, freezing your hands.

To stay protected and comfortable, you should always focus on the size of your glove. Search for the ones that offer a snug fit. They shouldn't be too tight or loose; the fit should be accurate.

This ensures that you get maximum comfort, and the gloves don't restrict your palm's movements. The accurately fitting gloves are the ones in which you can easily move your fingers and grab something.

You should also look for other options that have wrist straps in them. These straps enable you to secure your glove firmly and leave no space for air to enter inside. You can also regulate the tightness of the strap according to your convenience.

Also, check the fit of your fingers. They should not be bending; otherwise, you will have pain when you take out your gloves.

Battery Life

For a glove that maintains the level of warmth on its own, batteries are crucial. The heating equipment won't work if the battery dies.

Imagine yourself in a location surrounded by snow all around, and your battery-powered glove is not working! It is a nightmare that you don't want to experience. So, to prevent this nightmare from turning into reality, you need to hunt for a reliable glove's battery.

The choice entirely comes down to your usage. If you are going out for a few hours, you don't need to worry much about the battery's exhaustibility. This is because the battery initially included has enough power to sustain for a few hours and provide warmth.

However, if you plan for skiing or staying outside for long, that battery won't suffice. To help you out from this frosty situation, heated gloves have done their best.

These use batteries that have a long life and do not drain off quickly. These also come with an extra battery set so that you can keep them charged and use as a backup.

The charging time of these batteries is also significantly less. You don't have to wait for days to charge them completely. You can charge them the night before the trip and get them entirely charged by the morning.


If there is snow, there is water. You cannot deny its existence even if it is in solid form. Chilled water is the worst enemy of your hand in winters.

Your palm and fingertips have sensory nerves that trigger a cold sensation in your body when you touch something cold, or your hand becomes wet due to the melted snow.

Waterproof gloves are essentially required to keep yourself safe from the wetness. Other gloves being water-resistant or non-water resistant allow some water to penetrate inside and make you uncomfortable.

With heated gloves around, you don't have to worry about this problem. You can easily play with snow and stay warm and comfortable at the same time.

These gloves are entirely waterproof. These don't allow even a single drop of water to enter inside and cause problems. These are made from nylon and polyester, and as mentioned above, both these materials are waterproof.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Life seems incomplete when you don't have your electronic, most wanted companion, also known as smartphones. These are essential parts of your life, without which you cannot keep in touch with anyone or find your way when the destination seems impossible to reach.

Whether it be songs or shooting a video, your smartphone has to be around. But did you ever think about how you will use it with a covering on your palm?

While wearing a hand glove, the fabric restricts you from using the smartphones with the touch screens. This is because the fabric and the screen are not compatible. To help you stay lively and happy, heated gloves are always on.

These gloves are touch screen compatible and don't restrict you from using your smartphone. You can easily skip the unwanted song and find the way to your destination while wearing these gloves.


These gloves feature a sporty style to complement your sports activity because that's the place when you will need them the most. However, they can also be used to wear during running errands, but you won't find the ones featuring a casual style.

To use as casual wear, you can look for gloves that have only a single color. This will enable you to use them on any occasion.

The purpose of these gloves is to keep your hands warm, and so the style doesn't matter here. But to add a unique element to your accessory, you can search for other variants like the thermal mittens.

These feature some stylish elements in them, but you will have to compromise with the level of warmth.


Whenever winter accessories are discussed, comfort takes the first seat. Since you will be staying warm and engaging yourself in sports or other activities, there are chances that your hands may sweat.

Accumulation of sweat can make you uncomfortable and irritate your skin. To prevent this difficulty, heated gloves have soft inner linings, generally made of fleece.

This material is very comfortable and keeps your hand moisture and sweat-free because it absorbs the moisture and keeps your hand dry.

Besides, this inner lining also retains heat for longer. This means that you can stay outside for very long without getting bitten by the mighty frost.

With these gloves, you get the optimum level of warmth and comfort. Nothing is compromised when these gloves are on your hands.

Heated Area

Heated gloves are famous for the warmth that they offer. The due credit goes to the heating system used in these. There are a bunch of thin heating wires which are woven in the fabric of these gloves.

When you use these gloves, these wires get heated up and hence warm your hands. The main thing worth noticing here is that this heating system is not present throughout your gloves.

You will find these either at the wrist region or in the palm area. You will also find variants with these systems installed in areas where a large portion of your hand can be covered. But these gloves with a large area coverage can be expensive.

To get the maximum amount of warmth in a small investment, opt for the gloves with heating systems at the finger region and another place if possible.

The reason behind opting for a glove with a finger heater is that while hiking, skiing, or any other sport activity, it is the finger where the cold air directly hits. This can result in freezing your fingers and affecting your sensory nerves.

Hence, by opting for these gloves, you can ensure that your fingers stay safe, which in turn will keep your hands protected.

Heating Element Style

To enhance your comfort in the snow, heated gloves include two styles when the heating element is considered. Depending on what type suits you, opt for the one, and enjoy your snow riding.

  1. Panel style

A single piece of metal designed as an electric panel is inserted into a compartment. This compartment is then sewn under the outer shell. When turned on, the electricity from the battery travels to this panel.

The panels heat up, and this heat is then distributed throughout the glove. The drawback is that heating takes up time, and so does the radiation. Hence, this style may make you uncomfortable, for you will have to wait.

  1. Infrared Fiber style

In this, an infrared fiber coil is used and woven into the gloves' material. When switched on, these coils start heating immediately and radiate heat evenly throughout the glove. You don't have to wait for your glove to begin heating.

When you wear it and switch on the heater, your palms will instantly warm up and make you comfortable.


Heated gloves have safety features like automatically turning off during electric short circuits or less power generation through the batteries used. These ensure that you stay safe even if water drops on your gloves.

The batteries generate very low power, which is enough to keep you warm but inadequate to start a fire. Also, these have auto-regulators that switch off the heaters when the maximum set temperature is reached.

So, there is no way by which the panel or the wires can harm you. These gloves aim at keeping you comfortable and extremely safe.


A lot of factors contribute to the price of these gloves. Starting from the materials used and ending at the heating element's type, all these factors play a significant role in the manufacturer's price.

Nylon and polyester are not expensive materials, but the inner lining and reinforced leather can add some pennies. If you consider the heating element panel, the conducting metal used is costly. Besides, making the gloves entirely waterproof also requires a lot of craftsmanship.

These, however, add to your investment, but the foremost thing still is the quality. If you want to invest in durable, high-quality material, you need to be flexible with your budget.

There are instances when you can get lucky and find a high-quality glove at a lower price, but you cannot always rely on your luck. Another thing that makes an entry here is the battery. If you are buying one with a long life, you should be ready to spend more pennies.

Hence, search for variants with the desirable features and opt for the one that is suitable for you. Make sure that it has all the features that are essential and then make an informed purchase.

How Do Heated Gloves Work?

While searching for the ideal pair of gloves for yourself, you will find that these gloves work by two methods. These are listed below. Go through them and then decide the one which makes you more comfortable.

  1. Chemically heated gloves

The gloves with this working method have tiny pockets to store the air-activated packets that contain certain chemicals that act as hand warmers. These pockets can be situated either in your palm region or on the backside.

The chemicals present in the packet consist of iron, activated carbon, water, salt, and cellulose. These are conducting chemicals. The iron oxidizes when brought in contact with air.

Due to the process of oxidation, heat is generated, and this heat keeps your hand warm. These packets can be replaced every 8 to 9 hours, after which they become ineffective.

  1. Electrically heated or battery-operated gloves

These gloves use the battery, metal panels, or wires to warm your hands, as stated above. Electricity is generated from the batteries and distributed throughout your hand. The best part is, the batteries stay for very long and can be charged again.

How to Take Care of Heated Gloves?

Your gloves need to be maintained to maintain their functionality and durability. The second crucial thing to remember is that these contain electronic equipment that can get damaged if soaked in water.

So, to clean them effectively without damaging, follow the steps listed below. These will help you in cleaning different materials in different ways.

  1. Leather

If you are using a leather glove, make sure that the material is conditioned and made waterproof. Conditioning will enhance its durability and performance.

  1. Nylon and Polyester

The gloves made of these materials should not be machine washed. This will damage the fabric, and the water will destroy the heating element.

Always use warm water, mild fabric-friendly detergent, and a soft cloth. Wipe the gloves using the cloth. If there are tough stains, spot them out, and scrub that area gently. Do not soak these gloves at any cost.

After cleaning them, leave them for air drying. Tumble drying or machine drying is prohibited. Remember to dry them thoroughly before storing them because if there is moisture, the gloves will get damaged.


  1. How much time does it take to charge the gloves?

It depends on the battery of your product. If the gloves have large batteries, then it will take a long time to charge them. However, they will last longer and keep your hands warm for a long duration.

Typically, it takes two to five hours to charge the product completely. Before the first use, it may take longer, up to twelve hours, to charge the product.

We advise investing in gloves with large battery capacity as they will keep your hands cozy for an extended period once fully charged. You don't have to charge them again and again.

  1. Can I machine wash the product?

No, never wash the product in the machine. The heating mechanism is quite delicate and will fail if washed in the machine. You can go for spot washing if there are any spots with cold water and mild soap solution. You can use a disinfectant for the outer layer of the product.

Once the gloves are clean, leave them in the air so that they dry properly. Never store the gloves if they are not completely dry as moisture can ruin the heating mechanism.

  1. Should I invest in the models that also provide heat for the fingers?

Yes, if you want to keep your fingers warm, you should invest in the option that heats the fingers. Typically, most of the models provide heat to the palm region only, and some heat the whole hand. So, deem about your requirements and budget before selecting a particular model.

Final Verdict

Heated gloves present a simple yet effective way for your hands to counter the chilly weather. All you need is to opt for the best fit.

In this extensive guide, you will find all the pointers that define the usability and performance of the product. Go through them, select an elite pair of gloves for your hands, and keep them warm and cozy. / - © Copyright 2020