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Are you dreaming of climbing the most formidable mountain? First, you need to hone your skill, and making a proper grip with our hands is vital in the activity. To aid you in this process, grip strengtheners are here at your service.

The tool is quite portable, and you can practice it anywhere anytime. It improves the strength in your hand, wrist, and forearm, which are responsible for forming a proper grip over a surface.

However, while selecting a suitable option, you have to look into certain factors. Gathering correct details on these factors can suck a lot of your valuable time, and you may even end with false ones.

On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide provides all the information under one roof. You can quickly skim through them and funnel down the best option.

So let us start with a quick introduction to the product and then move further with the guide.

What do you mean by Grip Strengtheners? Why do you need them?

Are you a sports lover but not able to taste success? Do you invest a lot in your body but still fail? If yes, then you have come to the right place at the correct time.

Many of you put in a lot of effort but do not succeed because of a lack of strong supporting muscles etc. Be it basketball, Wimbledon, or rock climbing, your hands' muscles play a vital role.

Thanks to the 9 to 5 job or tiring study schedule, you find no time to look after your helpful muscles.

To overcome this big hurdle without hitting the gym, grip strengtheners are the small workout equipment you need to invest in.

These exercising tools strengthen your lower arm muscles, fingers, and the crucial joint, the wrist. These three, when combined, give enough hand grip to help you give your best.

By investing in these small helpful friends, you get many advantages. The significant benefits are listed below.

  1. Enhanced forearm muscularity

The muscles present between your wrist and the elbow are responsible for controlling your wrist and fingers' movement. If this set of muscles is robust, you can have a firm grip on different things. Using these tools strengthens the forearm muscles.

  1. Increases the endurance of hands

Regular use of this equipment increases the endurance of your hand. The enhanced endurance helps you to apply adequate force for an extended period.

This ability helps you perform excellently in activities like rock climbing or gymnastics, where you need to hold onto things for long just by gripping them.

  1. Improved hand skills

You grab objects with your hands, use them for typing or playing music. If your fingers are not flexible enough, they won't work efficiently. These tools help to improve your hands' skills and make your fingers flexible.

Why should I refer to this guide before selecting grip strengtheners?

With several models present in the market, you need all the information on different factors to make an informed purchase.

There are certain crucial factors that you need to focus on before investing in grip strengtheners. It's time to ease your tiresome task and stop browsing through endless sites and webpages. You can help yourself by referring to this buying guide.

Hence, devote some time at each section listed below to buy yourself the finest hand apparatus and taste the sweet fruit of success.

Types of Grip Strengtheners

Your hand's strength coach is beneficial and plays a significant role in your day-to-day life. This vital tool features different variants of itself to suit your taste and comfort. Let's have a look at the different styles this product has to offer.

  1. Spring strengtheners

Spring design is similar to the structure of a paper stapler. The only difference is the presence of a spring at the hinge of the two handles that enables you to apply pressure and press the handles. These have excellent adjustability that is useful to build the strength of your arm muscles.

Other considerations

  • This design offers different levels of resistance essential for an athlete to regulate between light to intense hand workout.
  • Because this tool is made combining three different parts, there are high chances that this tool may break off hence decreasing its durability.

  1. Coiled strengtheners

The coiled strengtheners are similar in work to the spring strengtheners, with the only difference in the resisting part's positioning. While spring is present at the handles' hinge, a coiled bar is present between the handles in a coiled grip strengthener.

These coils get squeezed when pressure is applied and retain their original shape upon release, just like a stress ball.

Other considerations:

  • Due to the presence of the coils, this design offers only high resistance. So, if you are looking for an intense workout, a coiled strengthener is your weapon.
  • This design does not have a hinge system and hence has increased durability.
  1. Segmented strengtheners

These have a fundamental design. You will find separate finger rings attached to a bar. These are designed to tone the muscles of your hand and the fingers simultaneously.

Other considerations

  • This apparatus uses spring to offer adequate resistance and help your hands and fingers to gain strength.
  1. Finger stretching resistance bands

If you are looking for equipment that helps you train your muscles for crushing objects or pinching them, nothing can be as efficient as the finger stretching bands.

These silicon bands enable your fingers to stretch and become flexible. Stretching helps to increase your hand's control.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Grip Strengtheners


During your search, you will come across many hand exercisers with different features. Size is the most crucial one. If your hand doesn't fit, it will become very uncomfortable and may result in injuries.

To stay safe and make your muscles strong, investing in grip strengtheners is a smarter choice. These come in different sizes designed to fit the fingers and hands of all the shapes and sizes. Besides, these have comfortable handles and prevent your hands from getting injured.

You should search for different variants of this hand exerciser and opt for the most comfortable one that suits your hand size and fit wells.


These grip strengtheners are made using different materials to give you a better experience and make your muscles strong enough to support you in every situation. The material used requires a lot of attention if you want to invest in something that pays off.

The materials impart their characteristics to the product that is constructed out of them. If the material is not up to the mark, how can you expect the product to be right?

  1. Pure metals

These use pure metals instead of alloys. Some alloys tend to be brittle and break into pieces when pressure is applied. To increase the strength of the hand muscles, an enormous amount of pressure is required.

Pure metals can withstand massive amounts of stress and are very durable. The only drawback is that these are not adjustable.

  1. Rubber and plastic

Though rubber and plastic are not very strong and tend to wear off soon, nothing can match their versatility. These have excellent adjustability to offer you all levels of resistance.

The significant advantage of using these materials is the variety of shapes that you get access to.


If you want to get more muscular and broader forearms and want to look like a professional athlete, you need to invest in the hand strengthener's right design. The correct choice of design aids in strengthening the muscles of the area that you use often.

To help you with your hand's workout, grip strengtheners feature different designs to tone the muscles. These are listed below. It is recommended that you opt for the design that is suitable for you.

  1. 'A' shape

If you want to opt for an apparatus that aids in your entire hand's exercise, it is advisable that you look for the standard A shape hand trainer.

This shape enables your fingers to experience a crushing action, your wrists gain more strength, and your forearm to build up stronger muscles.

  1. Finger holders

Search for variants that have finger holders if you want to strengthen your fingers alone. The finger strengthening bands will work the best if you like this type of training. This trainer also aids in strengthening your wrist and precision in control.

Fixed vs. Adjustable

To help you throughout your training journey, these hand trainers have come up with an excellent idea to give the freedom to choose your required level of strength.

Whether you want to opt for progressive workout sessions or directly want to jump on to the intense side, the choice is entirely up to you.

You will come across two types of mechanisms that are employed on the hand strengtheners. These distinct types are listed below. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for the one that offers you comfort.

  1. Adjustable mechanism

Hand trainers with an adjustable mechanism are very comfortable to use. It does not restrict you in any manner and offers every level of resistance. You can use it in your way irrespective of your level of training.

You will find variants that offer the least resistance and the ones with a high level of resistance. This mechanism is ideal if you want to improve your grasping skills.

  1. Fixed mechanism

Unlike the adjustable hand trainers, these do not offer you different resistance levels. You will find that these have a fixed level of resistance inclined only towards intensive training.

This mechanism limits you to only one level of training. But there is nothing to worry about!

Due to increasing demands, the designers have introduced a pack of hand trainers with a fixed mechanism that includes different pieces. These pieces have different levels of resistance in them, thus allowing you to cross every level of training.

While the adjustable mechanism offers you an all in one solution, a fixed strengthener with the exclusive pack may add extra pennies to your budget. The decision is entirely up to you. Hence, focus on these minute details and then make an informed purchase.

Durability and Quality

The durability and quality of any product matter a lot. Whether it be your house furniture or the clothes that you wear, the quality is paramount.

The same is the case with the hand trainers. You cannot carelessly overlook the crucial aspects of this apparatus.

To ensure that you invest in the best grip strengtheners and buy yourself a long-lasting exercising tool, focus on the material and the design that they are made of. Construction is a crucial aspect that always goes into consideration.

You cannot deny that it will break into two halves after a few uses if you purchase a low-quality tool. The firm the material will be, the more your hand trainer will last.

Hence, before you make any purchase in haste, focus on some features like the mechanism, the grip, design, material, and flexibility.

Resistance Level

The resistance level of your trainer depends on certain factors. To know more in detail, refer to the points mentioned below.

  1. Skill level

Before purchasing your hand strengthener, check your skill level. The resistant level of your grip trainer is affected by your training level. If you are a beginner, you should opt for a tool that offers multiple resistance levels.

The best option will be the one with an adjustable mechanism. If you are already in this business for many years, a fixed mechanism will work great for you.

  1. Athletic use

If you are a professional athlete and often participate in competitions, you should opt for a hand training tool that offers appropriate resistance to maintain your skill level.

If you opt for the wrong choice, it may result in the decline of your strength and, thus, your skills.

  1. Rehabilitation use

If you had an injury and want some exercise to bring back the initial strength, you should look for tools with adjustable mechanisms. With the multiple levels of resistance offered by this mechanism, you can have a progressive workout and regain your initial strength.

  1. Occupational therapy

If you are burdened with stress or want to quit your bad habits, hand trainers are the best tools to keep you diverted. For catering these small needs of yours and uprooting your bad habits, search for hand trainers that offer low resistance levels.

Types of Grip

If you are new into this muscle building world, you should know various gripping styles. You need to have a different kind of training to perform these various styles with ease. To get familiar with these different types, have a look at the points mentioned below.

  1. Pinch grip

You pinch someone using your fingers and thumb, the same style of gripping an object, is termed as the pinch grip. This type of grip is seen when you use your hand to lift the heavyweight plates.

  1. Support grip

If you often engage yourself in doing pull-ups, you certainly use the support grip. This type of grip helps you to hold an object for an extended period. So, the next time you go on a shopping spree, do not forget to use the support grip.

  1. Crushing grip

Focus on your hand's movement when you crush your beer can or any ordinary bottle. How do you do it? You use your fingers and the broad surface of your palm. It is known as crushing grip. You also use this type while shaking hands with another individual.

Hand strength and coordination

It is always advised to start with something more manageable and comfortable. If you directly start doing intense hand workouts, you will end up with a sprain instead of strengthening your muscles.

To avoid such accidents, you should opt for grip strengtheners that coordinate with your hand's strength level. The best way to start your exercise is by using stress balls to compress with your hand easily.

These balls help in warming up your muscles and also provide multiple resistance levels. If you want something more intense than stress balls, you can search for finger trainers to exercise your fingers.

After having mastered these and gained adequate strength, you can progress towards the next stage.


The primary purpose of using a hand trainer is to strengthen your arms muscles and make them strong enough to help you in every task. Grip strengtheners have excellent versatility because they are capable enough to train your entire arm from top to bottom.

Using just a single tool, you can gain strength in your fingers, wrist, and the muscles present in the forearm. With such a strong arm, you can even destroy a tank. Imagine what wonders you can do by investing in such a small apparatus!

The story is full of more stuff than you think it has. Not only do you get one single tool to use it for different areas, but you also get variants that are specially designed for a specific location.

If you want to exercise only your fingers separately, you will get a finger exerciser, and there are many such designs available for other parts of your hand.

Ease of Use

All the different types of grip strengtheners offer comfort to your hand and are very easy to use. You do not have to follow any guidelines or have to use them at a dedicated place. You can use them in your office, dining room while walking, and lots more.

These are very easy to hold and do not cause any pain or injury (if you use the right design). These are meant to be used by both genders and have a perfect size and shape. You will have lots of fun while using them and not feel like exercising.

How To Use a Grip Strengthener?

To effectively use a grip strengthener, you need to follow the crucial steps listed below. Once you follow these, things will quickly fall in place, and you won't have to make any unnecessary effort.

  1. Picking up the correct hand strengthener

Depending on the area you want to work on, choose for a hand trainer made exclusively for that part of your arm. Check if the apparatus is comfortable and does not cause sprain or injury.

It is advisable that you start with a lower resistance level and then increase it according to your comfort and needs.

  1. Squeeze with straight arms

To avoid any mishap, use your exercising tool with straight hands. This negates the chances of any twisting or spraining since the muscles are aligned in one direction.

  1. Warm-up your hand before use

It is better to warm up your muscles first before beginning any exercise. This helps in preparing your hand's muscles to endure bulky loads further.

  1. Give some time before starting the next set

You should always let your hands rest after every 8 to 10 squeezes. This prevents your muscles from getting tired and prepares them for even more intense workout.

Also, do not discontinue your exercise for a longer duration. This will destroy the hard work that you did before. So, make sure that you perform this exercise at regular intervals.


  1. How many times should I use the tool?

You can use this tool up to three times a week. The rest of the time will allow your muscles to rest and regain energy. Relaxation time is vital as increased pressure on the muscles can lead to injuries and will halt the progress which you have made till that time.

  1. Is the tool worth its value and performance?

Yes, the strengtheners are highly portable and user-friendly. They come in a compact size so you can carry them around easily. You can use them anywhere in your free time.

They focus on increasing the strength of the wrist, hand, and forearm muscles. With varying load capacity, you can progress your way up comfortably. Moreover, the product comes with a budget-friendly price tag.

  1. What will happen if I use the product every day?

If you use the same load capacity every day, then you may encounter some severe injuries. When a muscle is subjected to a load every day without any rest, it can increase the pressure and strain on the muscle, which will halt the process of strengthening.

So, you should change the load and include proper rest intervals in your regime.

Summing Up

Grip strengtheners present a simple yet effective way to build your strength for a firmer grip. You can train your muscles any time you want irrespective of the place. They are handy and come in affordable price ranges.

Here in this guide, you will find all the necessary pointers that will aid you in pinning down the best product. Examine them and purchase an elite tool for your regime. / - © Copyright 2020