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Are you looking to ace the game with your best stroke, but your vision and performance are being affected by the weather element? Sweat no more. Golf umbrellas are here to the rescue.

These umbrellas present a simple solution to protect you from bright light, rain, and whatnot. It is an imperative piece of equipment which can totally change your experience of playing the sport. All you need is to do is arm yourself with the proper protective umbrella.

You may think that selecting a golf umbrella is a piece of cake. You just need to find the right size, and it is done. But you will be surprised to know that while selecting an appropriate product, you need to deem about various other factors. You must check the material, grip, weight, and other essential properties to purchase a suitable option.

To ease this process, we have dissected all these factors in detail and prepared a comprehensive guide. The guide will save your time and provide you all the necessary information.

What are golf umbrellas? Why do you need them?

A golf umbrella is different from the regular umbrellas because of its enormous size. It is mainly designed to be used in the golf course to cover the players and the equipment in harsh weather conditions.

These golfing umbrellas get close exposure to the rain and wind as well. So, they are designed differently from the regular umbrellas that feature reliable water and wind-resistant facilities.

Though golfing umbrellas are made to be used in the golf course, they can be used for several other purposes. The more massive canopy is very useful in protecting you from heavy rain.

Moreover, you can use them on the beach or when you are going to hike. The wind resistance and sun protection that a golf umbrella has will increase its strength and durability for long-term use.

Standard umbrellas VS Golf umbrellas

Usually, a golf umbrella comes up with a larger size that ranges from 60 to 65 inches. Sometimes, these umbrellas measure up to 70 inches. Due to this bigger size, they can provide coverage to a larger area. In order to make a balance with this enormous size, these umbrellas have more weight than the standard umbrellas, and thus they are not so easy to handle.

A fiberglass drum is used in the golfing umbrella to make it lighting-resistant, ensuring the golfers' highest safety. Also, the material separators and the axle have a significant role in making the umbrella lightweight and portable.

Golfing umbrellas are so sturdy that the canopy does not fly away or turn inside out due to heavy wind.

The handle of the golfing umbrella has an ergonomic design, which makes it easier to hold and carry. These umbrellas have a firmer grip than the regular umbrellas, and it does not impede the natural movement of the golfers.

A golfing umbrella can be handy to protect you from heavy rain and wind and can be used for different purposes, but it is not as convenient as its regular counterparts.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Golf Umbrellas


You will find a wide variety of sizes of the golfing umbrellas, so you must be very careful to pick up the right size for you. Commonly, these umbrellas are available with a larger size, which is essential to give better coverage to the golfers and their equipment.

Having a 62-inch golf umbrella can be a good option because it has an optimum weight, and you can hold it comfortably. However, larger size means protection from the wind, so if you have a big golf umbrella, it will help you to play one round even in a problematic condition.

Also, you should select the size of the umbrella depending on its hold and number of people it can accommodate at once. You can get the size up to 68 inches.

If you have an issue to hold a large umbrella, you may go for a smaller size, but it will limit the coverage. Besides, you must check the fold-down length of the umbrella to make sure you can store it easily when not in use.


When you are planning to buy a golf umbrella, you must look for the highest standard materials to make sure that the umbrella is durable enough, and it can deal with tremendous pressure effectively.

Also, golf umbrellas need to be lightweight and portable. With a view to that, the canopy is made out of nylon, polyester, etc. The other parts of the umbrella are mainly designed with metal.

Most of the models have fiberglass ribs that can bend easily without breaking.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is more expensive than any other fabric, but it is worth the cost because of its soft and smooth texture. It has a feeling like silk material and does not have much friction, which protects the umbrella from wear and tear.

However, the main downside of nylon is that it shrinks quickly. If the outdoor weather is not favorable, it will shrink in no time, which is not so appropriate for the golfing umbrellas.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is an excellent choice for people who want to go for cheaper materials. Accordingly, it does not come with premium quality like nylon, but the best thing about polyester is that it does not shrink in certain weather conditions.

It has a rough texture to seam the umbrella when you open or close it for use. It may also create problems while folding.

  1. Pongee

Pongee is neither expensive nor cheap, so it comes within a price range between nylon and polyester. But in terms of quality, it is one step ahead from polyester.

Basically, pongee is such a material that is made out of the best qualities of polyester and nylon. It does not feel shrinkage problems like nylon. On the other hand, it never creates creases as polyester does. So, overall it is considered as one of the best materials for the golfing umbrellas.


Having better visibility is very important for the golfers, so you must consider the shade of the golf umbrellas when you are about to buy one for you.

If you are a beginner, you may not have the idea of how essential it is to be visible in poor weather conditions. In the harshest weather, the visibility decreases automatically, which invites accidental injuries for the players.

If the player behind you fails to locate you on the green, he will keep playing, and it may cause severe injury for you. So, it is always better to buy a golf umbrella that has bright colors.

You should go for a vibrant color instead of plain black or any other dark colors to make sure that the umbrellas are visible from a long distance.


You need to hold the golf umbrella for a long time, which means the weight is a very crucial factor to be considered while choosing your umbrella. Therefore, you should search for a model that comes lightweight without making any compromise with durability.

The quality of the material has a significant role to play in determining the weight of the umbrella. Choosing the right material will increase the durability of the umbrella without adding any extra weight.

Fiberglass is used to design both the ribs and shaft of the umbrella, which are lighter in weight but strong enough to withstand different situations. Also, an umbrella made of fiberglass is so lightweight that you can hold and carry them without any effort.

The size of the umbrella impacts the weight significantly, but the material quality also matters. A smaller umbrella designed with traditional material will definitely weigh higher.


The primary purpose of the canopy is to help you to stay dry during heavy rain. When you are going to choose the canopy for golf umbrellas, you must give importance to some factors, including thickness, design, and material.

As we mentioned before, pongee is extremely popular for golfing umbrellas, and it is used in making the canopy because of its water resistance and sun resistance.

Pongee has all the best properties of nylon and polyester, so it will not get damaged quickly in the rain or sun.

Thicker and heavier materials also provide better durability to the umbrellas as they are more resistant to water and sun.

A double design of the canopy helps to vent out the air but does not allow the rain to get inside. But the umbrellas designed with a single canopy can turn out or fly quickly.


You do not need to go for the expensive golfing umbrellas, but you must make sure that the model you are paying for is worthy of your money.

Most of the umbrellas offer you the same protection from rain, wind, and sun, more or less. But the price matters when it comes to the durability and longevity of the umbrellas.

If you invest some more, you will get higher quality materials, a well-built frame, and longer lifespan of the products. So, you must check your budget before going to buy theses umbrellas.

Always remember, picking up a cheaper model may not serve your purposes properly.


You must consider portability as one of the most important factors when you are selecting the golf umbrellas. You should make sure that the umbrella you are choosing is ideal for your golf bag.

Your golf umbrella should have an appropriate design so that it can fit inside the golf bag with other objects like head covers, clubs, tees, etc. without any problem.

You should also check whether you can put the umbrella up and down conveniently because it is also a significant aspect of portability. For carrying cases, they should be easier to get in and out so that you can use them for traveling.

In case you are playing golf in an area where the weather turns frequently, you must look for proper packing. It will help to carry the umbrella inside your travel bag comfortably.

Frame construction

Typically, an umbrella consists of three different parts, including the handle, the shaft, and the ribs. The undercarriage part of the umbrella is composed of the joints and ribs that help to hold up the canopy properly.

The handle must have robust design with standard quality materials so that it can provide a secure grip besides durability. Some models are also made using fiberglass material. Though fiberglass makes the umbrella lightweight, it can withstand a strong gust of winds in a significant way.

Therefore, the fiberglass shaft is better than wood and steel. It helps the ribs and joints to become more flexible, and thus they support the canopy during a windy situation.

However, keep it in mind that fiberglass tends to snap when bent, so you should use the umbrella carefully.


Your golf umbrella should have a handle that is comfortable to hold. If you are not able to hold your umbrella for a long time, it will be tough to use.

In general, golf umbrellas made out of comfortable materials offer a firm grip. It will be better to get an umbrella that has a firm grip that feels cushioning as well.

EVA foam is a good option for a non-slip grip, which means it has all the essential qualities for a tighter grip so you can hold it without slipping.

Furthermore, PU coated plastics are also very useful to provide a comfortable and light grip. But it is recommended not to choose hard plastics as it will reduce the comfort of the grip, and thus it will be challenging to hold the umbrella for long hours.

In addition, the ergonomic design of the grip is essential for a comfortable fit. A handle destined with gentle ridges offers maximum comfort and protects the umbrella from slipping.


You should never overlook the design of the umbrella. Most umbrellas are likely to turn inside out in an extremely windy condition. But if you are able to find a smart design, it will be simple to use the umbrella with ease.

A double canopy will help the wind to run through your umbrella. Added to that, The frame should be well-designed so it can hold the ribs firmly.

You should also make sure the ribs are able to deal with a lot of pressure. Moreover, the umbrella should have a quick opening facility to give you better coverage when needed.

Open and close system

When you need more time than usual to get the umbrella opened or closed, it might be a big reason for your frustration.

Sometimes, you will find some inexpensive golfing umbrellas which are engineered with weak metal tab. It may hurt your fingers when you try to press them to open or close the umbrella.

Therefore, you must buy an umbrella that works efficiently and does not let you get wet when there is an unexpected downpour.

There are some models available in the market that open automatically. You just need to push a button and wait for the umbrella to be opened without any manual help. It works so swiftly that it can open within a second.

The closure should be smooth as well. Some models can shake off extra water at the time of closing.

Wind resistance

A regular umbrella can be blown away by the wind, and it is nothing unusual. But it will create significant inconvenience for you, especially if you are on the golf course. The wind passes through the umbrella, and it flies out or turns inside out, which you never intend for.

As the golf umbrella comes typically with a bigger size, they have built-in wind resistance so that they can get rid of this problem. A 68-inch golf umbrella with no wind resistance is extremely capable of taking you away from the ground during a heavy windy condition.

In such cases, the double canopy is the best option. It not only does keep you dry from rain but also allows the wind to blow between two canopies for better protection.

Wind resistance is a fundamental feature for the golf umbrellas, and you must choose it correctly to keep yourself protected from a massive gust of wind.


It will be wise to get a golf umbrella that provides more coverage, which means you are able to protect yourself from rain, wind, and sun with efficiency. Besides you, it is also imperative to cover the equipment to keep them dry properly.

Always bear it in your mind that when you are on an open golf course, you will barely find any shelter to protect yourself from rain. Therefore, without better coverage, it is going to difficult to deal with the rain.

Golfing umbrellas are quite more significant in size, so it can cover a larger area than the standard umbrellas. Under this comfortable shelter, you are able to score your card without worrying about anything.

If you are golfing with your friend, this umbrella will be able to protect you both due to its excellent coverage.


Without a strong and sturdy handle, it is not easy to maintain a 68-inch umbrella easily. Most of the golf umbrellas are designed with a comfortable handle, which is very easy to hold. If you have a firm and tight grip, you will get more stability to maintain the umbrella.

Therefore, having an ergonomic handle is essential to hold the umbrella for an extended period of time. Otherwise, it will strain your hands quickly.

When you are holding the vast umbrella against strong winds, no doubt, it will cause fatigue and pain in your hands. In order to avoid this situation, you must buy an umbrella that has a rubber-coated handle. It will be suitable for you to use and maintain the umbrella effortlessly.


Although you will be going to get the umbrella designed with all the quintessential features, you can look for some accessories for more comfort.

There are some golfing umbrellas that are equipped with hands-free options. So, you are allowed to attach the umbrella to the golf cart to ease out your task on the fairway.

Furthermore, you can have a telescopic shaft, which means you can increase and decrease the length of the shaft according to your convenience. It makes the umbrella travel-friendly. You will not need much space to keep this umbrella inside your golf bag.


There are some additional features available for the golf umbrellas. If you want, you can also choose any or all of them to add with your golf umbrella. Some of those extra options include—

  1. Sleeve

You can use the sleeve to store your umbrella safely. If your golf umbrella has sleeves, you will be able to keep them in a safe place, and thus you can protect it from getting damaged quickly.

  1. Straps

Straps are equally useful, like sleeves. If you are facing a problem to keep your golf umbrella with the clubs, it will be handy to get straps so that you can hold up the umbrella on the shoulder.

  1. Appearance

The appearance of your golf umbrella mostly depends on the colors you choose. Picking up a vibrant color not only does enhance the beauty of the umbrella but also increases visibility so that anyone can notice you quickly on the golf course.

  1. Umbrella holder

It helps to hold your umbrella, which means having an umbrella holder will free your hand. You can attach the umbrella holder to the golf cart or trolley, and you do not need to use your hand to carry the umbrella for long.


1. Why do you need an effective opening and closing mechanism?

A great umbrella is the one that has the most convenient opening and closing mechanism. Some people even prefer automatic umbrellas. These aid in easy opening and closing in the time of need.

2. What is the most famous type of canopy?

A golf umbrella that comes with a double canopy is the best one and the most durable. Moreover, the wind can pass through more easily.

3. Why is a wind-tested golf umbrella significant?

Golf is a sport played in an open ground. Thus, there will be an onset of winds time and again, and to cope with it, a wind-tested golf umbrella is a must-have.

4. What are the main characteristics to find the best golf umbrellas for first-timers?

Look for these given features if you are a beginner:

1. Lightweight and Durable

2. Long-lasting material

3. Canopy

4. Portability

Final Verdict

With a proper golf umbrella, you can easily withstand harsh weather conditions and carry on with your game. Selecting a suitable product requires a proper knowledge about every aspect of the product.

In this buying guide, we have presented all the necessary factors that can alter the usability of the umbrella. Go through it and make an informed decision while purchasing a fantastic product. / - © Copyright 2020