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Don't want to give up on your comfort while camping? Think it is not possible? We have a surprise for you. Glamping tents are fully capable of providing you with exceptional comfort and home-like surrounding on your camping trip.

The tents provide a spacious area for every member and offer every facility to make your trip relaxing. However, you need to deem every element of the tent so that you don't invest in an ill-fitted option.

Gathering in-depth details on different characteristics can be a tiresome task. You may end with incorrect facts and details. On the contrary, a comprehensive buying guide presents all the necessary information in a well-organized way at a single stop.

You can quickly go through the critical pointers and strike down the best product. So without any further delay, let us dive into this extensive guide.

What do you mean by Glamping tents? Why is it important to have them?

Planning for camping again and sad with the availability of fewer facilities? Only you, your backpack, and your tent mates?

Especially when you want to spend quality time with your loved ones, you can always rely on camping. This also allows you to escape from your busy schedule.

If you are a 'home-sick' person and love a home-like environment, you will find it very difficult to adapt to the unfamiliar wild surroundings. For your comfort, glamping tents or 'the glamorous camping' tents are available.

These help you feel happy and relaxed while enjoying amidst the wilderness at the same time.

Besides having more room and comfort, you have access to the bathroom, kitchen, and wonderful living space, which resembles the home that you left behind in the city.

A glamping tent offers you a lavish stay outdoors so that you don't miss your home. If you are a comfort-loving individual looking for large bouncy beds and spotless washrooms with a royal kitchen, these tents are an excellent choice for making your outdoor stay even more pleasurable.

Why should you refer a buying guide before purchasing a suitable tent?

Going on a trip with many members often leads to a difference in opinion. Some of you may want to contribute and invest in one glamping tent while others would want to carry individual tents.

While investing in a tent, you should have a basic knowledge about its key features and how they act as the deciding factor for your choice.

To resolve your complicated situation, it is always advisable to refer to a buying guide to have a crystal clear view of the product and invest in one made from a better quality that can buy you a long-lasting service.

Before concluding and making a decision, let's catch a glimpse of all the key features and see how different features contribute to your glamping tent.

Types of Glamping tents

You may get confused several times while you're out searching for a tent with countless facilities inside it. Many people look for a glamping tent with essential needs in it, while others want it full of all the luxuries possible.

Manufacturers have poured their efforts to meet different requirements of every individual and have come up with different styles of the tents. Considering your preferences, look at all of them and choose the one you want to invest in.

They are mainly of 6 types:

  1. Yurts

It has a dome shape, which makes it lightweight and portable. It also gets assembled easily and vice versa.

  1. Teepee

These consist of wooden poles or steel made poles. If you enjoy the small things that life offers you and want a break from your technology ridden lifestyle, you can choose a teepee to give you everything that you want.

  1. Bell tents

Having a single pole in the center offers more room to you and your tent mates and has an appropriate height. Tension cables are present to hold the walls, which are staked to the ground.

  1. Safari tents

If you are going on safari and want a comfortable shelter, these tents are the best choice. These have a structure similar to a small house containing a bedroom, washroom, and even a kitchen. Because of the complicated structure, they are bulky and less portable.

  1. Huts

These resemble the huts about which you studied in your school textbooks. They are constructed by materials like straw, stone, etc.

If you care about your environment and are inclined more towards using eco-friendly tents, you can always opt for the glamping huts. Also, these are easily portable.

  1. Igloos

Have you ever dreamt of visiting Aurora and watching the northern lights? If you are that person who has that one wish, glamping igloos are the ones that will come to your rescue.

As the name suggests, these are built with ice and snow but have adequate insulation inside them.

You will come across glamping igloos in the Arctic regions or any other snowy location.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Glamping Tents


To enjoy a luxurious stay outdoors, you need a more extensive space and a taller ceiling accompanied by other facilities.

Other tents, meant only for camping, do not offer full space, and you have a lot of difficulties in sleeping and accommodating your gears and belongings. They also have a low ceiling and create a lot of hindrances while you stand or try to walk.

Glamping tents omit all these problems. They provide enough space for you to walk freely and sleep comfortably and have a taller ceiling. They have enough storage space for your equipment and other tent mates.

Also, the location you are planning to camp may have a limited area to set your tent. While choosing a tent, consider the total area you will get and pick out your best fit.


Want more features and looking for a lightweight tent? This is not possible. Since glamping tents have many features not found in the regular tents, they tend to be heavier in weight.

A glamping tent is not meant to be carried over longer distances because of its massive structure and other features.

Though the material used also contributes to this factor, the difference observed is quite negligible and not considered.

But, there is no need to worry, dear customers! There are many variants of these tents available in the market, which are little light in weight, but you will have to compromise with your luxury at the same time.

Choose the one which suits you and your campsite among the various types available out there.


Tents are not the daily needs that you buy now and then. You invest in it maximum once or twice, but when it comes to a luxurious tent, you always invest only once.

Purchasing a glamping tent may weigh a little extra on the investment side. Once you get hold of a good quality tent, there's no looking back.

A tent, being a shelter provider, should protect you against the evil face of the wilderness. You never know when you may come across a heavy shower while facing a strong storm at the same time.

Your tent needs to be strong and stable enough to withstand all the adversities. While doing your search, you will find your tent commonly made of four materials, they are:

  1. Nylon

It is a man-made synthetic fiber, and it keeps the tent insulated and saves you from the chilling cold. It imparts durability to your tent and keeps it waterproof.

  1. Polyester

Easy to maintain and waterproof, tents made of this material have sealed seams to prevent water from entering inside.

  1. Cotton canvas

This traditional tent fiber makes the tent lightweight but also absorbs water during rainfall. This can lead to water seepage inside your tent.

  1. Combination of all

A tent made from combining all these materials is the best. This is because all these three materials impart their distinguished and extraordinary properties into your tent, which makes it lightweight, and it lasts longer.

Coatings and Frame

Glamping tents also have PU or polyurethane coating on them. This acts as a protective layer for your tent and helps it become more waterproof.

If you are opting for a tent made out of the cotton canvas, look for the options which also include PU coating on them.

What will you do with the fabric if your tent structure is not stable and secure? A powerful gust of wind hits your tent, and there you are, left only with the tent fabric, looking sadly at the shattered frame.

To ensure that you don't face this situation ever in your life, search for glamorous camping tents that have steel poles. They can withstand strong winds and don't bend or fly due to the intense pressure.


A luxurious tent calls for more investment and durable fabric to hold up the entire structure. It not only protects you but stays longer.

Glamping tents are made of high-quality material, strong zippers, sealed seams, and walls with double layers in them for extra durability.

These also provide strength to your tents, though these features make your tent a bit heavier, those can be ignored if you are getting access to a luxurious camp stay.

Cleaning your glamping tent also contributes to increasing the durability of your tent. Make sure that you clean your tent regularly and store it in a hygienic place.

Ease of setup

Camping is appreciated because of the liberty that it gives to spend quality time with your family. If you are making high investments in your luxurious tent, which makes it tiring for you to set up, then purchasing it is an utter waste of money and time.

A glamping tent features fewer poles and has a simple design. This makes your task easier and offers you more time to enjoy yourself with your companions.

Depending on the type of terrain you are planning to visit, search for a convenient glamping tent for yourself, and make lots of memories in it.


When you are staying with more than one person (including you) inside your tent, you feel stuffy and congested.

Ventilation plays a very vital role, especially when you are residing inside a tent. Fresh air circulation is vital to eliminate the stink, and the stuffiness built up inside.

A tent is bound to have doors and windows. Having quite a few of them is the best part. You will have air moving all around you!

Glamping tents have windows and doors with mesh on them. They allow fresh air to move in and monstrous insects to stay outside. This is not the end. There are variants available that have mesh on the ceiling also, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful view outside.

Besides, these tents also have floor vents, which are an additional feature. Search for tent fabrics that are breathable so that the moisture is not trapped inside and evacuates from the tent.

If you are opting for waterproof tents, make sure that they have numerable vents. It is because the waterproof material is not breathable and traps the moisture inside your tent.

Windows and Doors

More than one door in your tent is what you should look for while selecting an option. Having it allows you and your tent mates to exit the tent in a hassle-free manner. This reduces the chance of anyone disturbing you or vice versa.

Also, having numerous windows increases your comfort and relieves you from the congestion inside.

These also allow sunlight to enter during the day time in ample amounts, and you feel nicer and enjoy the natural things that nature has to give you.

Search for glamping tents that have double-layered doors and windows. A layer of mesh allows air to flow in, and a fabric flap provides you complete privacy. You can also use these interchangeably according to the weather condition you are experiencing.


If you have an average height, a glamping tent having a standard size will be the best for you. But if your vertical length is 6 ft or more, you need to emphasize on the height of your tent.

Glamping tents have a decent height to accommodate individuals with varying heights. Having a taller ceiling allows you to walk freely inside the tent without bending your head. Frequent bending may lead to severe spinal disorders.


Glamping tent means luxury and this, in turn, means having lots of facilities which make your stay convenient and comfortable.

Search for glamping tents that have extra facilities to simplify your life and give you a lavish feeling. Look for a higher number of doors and windows. Also, ensure that your tent provides you wide space to move and sleep.

If your tent has a coating on it, which blocks UV rays, it will be a plus point for you. This helps you stay protected from the harmful rays and enjoy the warmth on a typical winter day.

Multiple Rooms

To have enough privacy or separate space for small kids, you should look for tents that have multiple rooms in them.

Thanks to the glamping tents. These have multiple rooms which allow you more privacy and space for storing your equipment.

Also, consider the number of members who will go along with you and their size. This will help you in deciding what size of tent you will require.

Ensure that you have enough space in your tent so that everyone has a decent space for themselves and some extra storage place for their equipment.


A shelter is a place that gives you protection. In the middle of the wilderness, your tent is the only place which provides you protection. You must ensure that your temporary shelter is capable enough to withstand all the adversities out there.

Opt for a glamping tent that is made of sturdy material and is strong enough to face the worst situations.

Since you will be camping in different seasons and you want to invest in an all-season compatible tent, you should look for variants that can endure snow, heavy rainfall, intense heat, and biting cold.


If you plan your trip, especially in the rainy and winter season, you will want your tent to be water-resistant and waterproof. To ensure extra protection, you can invest in a durable rainfly.

Glamping tents include a rainfly that eliminates your extra investment. These ensure that not a single drop of water enters inside your tent, and you remain safe and dry.

Rainfly also comes with mud retaining mats so that you can leave your muddy shoes on the mats. These ensure that your tent remains clean.

The Right Way To Maintain A Glamping Tent

Camping invites grime and dust, which is natural. These coarse particles damage your glamping tent, and its condition deteriorates over time.

This also affects your tent's durability, and your investment goes waste. To increase the lifespan of your beloved tent, clean it regularly!

Cleaning the tent is not a complicated task. It just needs a little bit of time and a lot of patience. The following are the various steps to clean your tent efficiently.

Gather the materials required

You will need liquid detergent, which is fabric-friendly, a cloth or a sponge, and a tumbler full of water.

Detect spots and immerse

The best way to clean your tent is to detect the various muddy spots in your tent. Scrub gently and remove them. After the stains are removed, immerse your tent fabric and other gears into the water tumbler for some time.

The water temperature should be lukewarm so that the grease on your gears and oily stains on your tent fabric get cleaned easily.

Rinse it well and leave to dry

Make sure that you rinse your tent fabric and gears thoroughly so that all the soapy content gets washed away. After rinsing it, leave it to dry at a shady place. Drying under the direct sun may fade the color of your tent and damage the material used.

After you finish washing your tent, it's time to store it in a dry and hygienic place away from the pests. You want your glamping tent to stay for years, and to make it happen, you need to store it correctly.

  1. Before storing your tent, dry the fabric completely so that no moisture is retained. Moisture can also damage the material from which the fabric is made.
  1. Store your tent in a bag, preferably made of breathable cloth. This allows airflow in the bag, and your tent remains intact and damage-proof when not in use. Choose a dry place where heat cannot penetrate.

Only cleaning and storing does not suffice your tent's needs. Using it with the utmost care and precaution also matters.

  1. You should go through the instruction booklet, which comes along with your glamping tent, to get an idea on how to keep your tent safe and make it long-lasting.
  1. Your tent consists of many poles and zippers which secure your tent. Ensure that the poles are rust-proof and are not damaged and check if your zippers are operating smoothly. If not, apply some greasing material for smooth operation.

  1. As mentioned above, cleaning your tent fabric and the rainfly regularly is exceptionally crucial. Make sure you follow the regime correctly. The more care you give to your tent, the more service it will provide you.
  1. Last but not least, storing a tent with moisture in it is a very big mistake any camper can commit. Moisture not only damages your fabric but also traps odor. To have a fresh tent on every trip you go for, make sure your tent fabric is completely dry before you store it.


How to change your camping tent into a glamping tent?

It is difficult, yet not impossible. All you need to have different elements:

  1. Upgrade the different parts of the tent such as bed etc.
  2. You need to increase the luxury items in the tent such as the refrigerator, TV, DVD player, etc.
  3. Add electricity to gain all benefits from these luxuries.
Can you DIY a glamping tent?

Yes, a glamping tent can be easily implemented at your place if you have a lot of time. All you need to do is gather all the necessary items and add them to your glamping tent:

  1. Get the best tent of the apt size.
  2. Add a power source option to increase the level of your luxury items(TV, refrigerator, DVD player).
  3. Enhance the tent using some accessories.
Are these tents worth their price?

Yes, the glamping tents are more expensive than a regular tent, but they are totally worth their price. They include all the essential supplies with several luxury items to elevate your comfort level.

Summing Up

With glamping tents, all your needs are serviced, even in the outdoors. Here in this guide, we have laid down all the essential pointers that define the performance and usability of the product.

Evaluate them with your requirements and arm yourself with an elite product. With a suitable glamping tent, you are all set for your relaxing expedition. / - © Copyright 2020