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It is quite prevalent that frogging is the best way to win the battle against monsters like bass. The unique frog rods used in the activity are sufficient to give you a cutting edge over this stubborn fish.

Frog rods use frog lures, which quickly attract the fish. They are durable and sturdy and allow you to reel in the bigger fish without any unnecessary hassle.

However, while selecting a particular rod, you have to look into several factors. Investing in the ill-fitted option can ruin your experience of this activity.

To study all the characteristics, you should refer to an extensive buying guide. It contains all the essential details and facts in a well-structured way. You can quickly analyze different products with all this information and sort out the best option for yourself.

So, without wasting any minute, let us drift through a quick introduction and then dive into this detailed guide.

What are Frog Rods? Why should you buy them?

If you're looking for the most effortless way to catch a bass, relax and do nothing. Attach a frog lure to your casting line's end, and behold the magic.

Plan your bass hunt in the summer months. Bass is a very common fish species whose diet includes mainly the intake of frogs. Frogs are the organisms that show up in the summers.

These lures ensure that you get hold of a massive bass in no time.

To endure the weight of the frog attached at the other end of your rod, you need to invest in a sturdy fishing rod with a strong backbone.

Frog rods are the best option when you intend to catch monsters like bass. These rods help in combating against your competitive enemy.

Frogs quickly allure fish like the bass. That is why this method is opted by professional anglers to get hold of them.

An appropriate frog rod is designed to provide you the ease in bass fishing and enhance your chance of success by many folds. These feature the required length, along with action and power. These rods are very sturdy and do not break due to the pressure applied.

To finish off your task with flying colors, you can use living frogs instead of the artificial ones. These attract the fish more and help you find an easy catch.

Why should you read a buying guide before selecting a suitable rod?

Fishing rods of different kinds are available in the market. All these are easy to use and yield equal efficiency. The important thing that we should not forget is that each rod is made for a specific style of fishing.

If you use a fishing rod made for catching crappies to catch a bass, you will end up losing both the fish and your fishing rod.

Investing in a suitable rod that suits your style and needs is very crucial. To help you with your search and simplify it, we have come up with this useful buying guide.

This guide has the answers to all your queries. Apart from quenching your thirst for knowledge, you will also take away a lot of other vital information back with you. If you don't require this extra information, you can at least pass it on to those who need it.

Hence, let's have a quick look at the key features and what else you should look for while purchasing a frog rod without thinking further.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Frog Rods


Length is the vital factor to consider before purchasing any rod. It is measured from the end of the rod's handle to its tip.

You should take into account the type of fish you intend to catch and your fishing style. These two aspects govern the length of your rod and may impact your decision.

Frog rods have a minimum length of 6 feet. The maximum length that you will find is 12 feet. You should search for these rods that go up to 7 to 8 feet for your convenience.

This length of your rod offers you more balance and aids in fishing. These do not weigh much and are easy to handle.

The most significant advantage is that, despite having a heavy lure attached at the other end, your rod will not break. It will continue providing you the desirable support. Rods of this length help you in catching your fish even if it's hiding under dense cover.

If you opt for longer rods, there is no harm in doing so. Long rods cast longer distances, but the drawback is they bend too much. This makes them prone to breakage if your fish is hefty.

On the other hand, the shorter distance is cast by short rods, but you will find it very easy to fight against the massive monsters down there.


The material used plays a crucial role while selecting the best frog rod. Not only does the strength of your rod depend on it, but it surrounds many other factors.

Before you start your hunt, you should always focus on what your rod is made out of. Frog rods are made out of three significant materials. These materials enhance your rod's durability and make it sturdy.

Please have a look at each of them carefully. Understand the advantages and drawbacks and then opt for your best match.

  1. Graphite

You will find that most of the rods are made using graphite. Hence, graphite is the most popular rod constructing material. Rods made of graphite are quite stiff and do not get damaged easily.

Graphite increases the tensile strength of your rod. This feature is known as the modulus. A rod having a high modulus tends to be very stiff. This stiffness can break your rod if enormous pressure is applied.

Search for a rod that features reasonable modulus so that your rod doesn't break, and you can continue with your activity. Also, remember that good quality graphite rods cost a little more than the ordinary ones.

  1. Fiberglass

It is another common material used in the making of bass rods. Fiberglass made rods are ideal if you are searching for one to suit slowly to medium action. These rods can also be used to launch your crankbaits efficiently.

  1. Composite

Enriched with the goodness of both graphite and fiberglass, composite rods offer you high strength and appropriate stiffness. Composite rods are cost-effective and do not create a hole in your pocket.


The tip of your rod bends when pressure is applied to it. This pressure can either be applied by you or the fish. Your rod's action determines to what extent the rod's tip should bend to catch your fish.

Your rod's power, the cast, and the sensitivity also depend on the action performed by your rod's tip. Frog rods' action is dissected into three categories.

  1. Fast action

Rods featuring fast action, bend at the tip. This type of action can be used in any type of fishing. Fast action also helps to lift your fish quickly without causing any damage to it.

  1. Moderate action

You will notice that in rods featuring moderate action, as soon as any catch nibbles on to your bait on the other end, the rod tends to bend precisely at the midpoint. You get access to more distance for casting your line by using these rods.

  1. Slow action

If your rod bends at the top, be sure that you are using a rod with slow action. Slow action rods have very soft tips. These are not desirable if you are dealing with a fish having tender jaws. The hook will rip off the fish's mouth, and you will fail to catch your fish.


More the power, the stronger your rod will be. Your rod's power or strength also defines your rod's bending capacity when pressure is applied to it.

Your frog rod is light to heavyweight in terms of power. You can opt for any of these to complement your fishing type based on your skills and catch choice. Let's see which one is suitable in what circumstances and how to choose the best one.

  1. Lightweight

Rods with light power bend very quickly when pressure is applied. These are ideal to use if you are using lures and baits that are lightweight. To catch small fish, you can always rely on these rods.

  1. Medium weight

If you intend to use multiple baits on your rod and look for catfish, rods with medium power are the best. These can support the weight ranging from 1/8 to ¾ ounces. These rods tend to get stiff quickly when compared to the ones with soft power.

  1. Heavyweight

You need to apply a tremendous amount of pressure to bend these rods. For lures like frogs, these are very suitable and also cast very deep. Bass hunters happily use rods with massive power.


During your quest, also pay attention at the end of your desired rod. A small end-tip can make huge differences while fishing for bass. These are located at the bottom of your rod.

To get the best out of your fishing trip, opt for frog rods. These rods feature fast-acting tips that enable you to catch your fish quickly. If your end-tip is not fast enough, you will fail to trap your fish with the rod's hook, and it will swim away.

Faster tips also ensure that your catch does not get damaged and lands on your boat in one piece. The tip of your rod also impacts its power. Before you pick any frog rod, make sure that you have a close look at your rod's end and its features.


While you are fishing, the climax scene is performed under the water. Being on your vessel, you cannot see what's going inside. Is your lure being nibbled?

Sensitivity is a feature in your rod that helps you know when a fish is nibbling your lure. The vibrations from the bait reach you through the line and the handle of your rod. This makes sensitivity a vital feature.

There are many other aspects like the weight of your rod, its action, etc., that affect the frog rod's sensitivity.

During frog fishing, you should have access to a frog rod that is very sensitive. A frog rod cannot show you the condition of your lure visually. It leaves you with no choice but to rely on the sensitivity of your rod.

Therefore, search for variants and pick the one with a clean line and a sensitive handle. It will enable you to feel every vibration and catch your bass.

Rod Handle Grips

A rod's handle lets you raid efficiently in the habitat of the fish. With a good grip, you can catch more fish and fight against the rude ones easily.

If you do not get a good grip on your rod, you will not have the right balance and control. Besides, tackling the fish and lifting it will be another problem. To make your experience more smooth and comfortable, frog rods use cork to construct the rod's handle.

Cork is a lightweight and durable material. The best thing about cork is, it offers the liberty of casting it any shape. The shape can be altered according to your convenience.

You will find handles with finger imprints, narrow middle area, etc. So, to make the most of your trip and catch a bag full of bass, opt for a good quality frog rod.

Frog Rods and Reels

You will find rods for every fishing style in a walk-in store. For carrying out frog fishing, you are required to have a specific frog rod. To invest in the best frog rods, focus on the power, weight, action, and the tip of your rod.

Your rod should have fast action, heavyweight power, and a fast tip to yield the desired results. By having access to such a rod, you can have better control over your frog lure.

You can also pull out the hiding bass effortlessly in no time. Also, search for rods with good pitching setups. This is beneficial when you have a fixed budget and want a multitasking rod.

After the rods, comes the reel. Though reels are not as crucial as rods, they do make a difference. Having access to a suitable reel is very advantageous, especially when you are fishing a bass.

Reels are continuously being improvised so that you get the ease in fishing. The best frog rod features a fast-spinning reel. Dense covers are the best place for the bass to hide. It becomes challenging to steer them from their hiding place.

Reels come in handy when dense covers are present. With your reel's help, you can cast your line very deep and get your fish hooked. Even if your fish is very far away, your reel's fast speed will bring it closer to your vessel in a short time.

Therefore, as you progress towards the payment option, look at these rods and reels features. They are essential and can have a strong impact on your decision making.


Guides are tiny loops in the shaft of your rod. Through these loops, the line is placed to provide control over the rod. Guides are made of two materials:

  1. Metal

Metal guides have ceramic centers. The mixture of metal and ceramic make this rod more costly.

  1. Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide guides give an edge during the casting and pulling process. They provide a smooth surface that reduces friction and is used by many anglers.

Reel seat

The reel seat is the position where your rod holds its reel. Reel seats are usually made of graphite since they are lightweight and robust. Two types of reels are primarily found:

  1. Spinning reel

These reels are situated on the underside of your rod. Spinning reels are ideal for using baits and lures having a small size. These reels feature an anti-reverse mechanism.

  1. Casting reel

Casting reels are the most effective for gaining control when casting or launching your bait. They're positioned on the side of the rod and have a button.


Your rod's weight determines the amount of weight your rod will be able to handle. Also, once you know it, you get to realize the strength of your rod.

Weighing your frog rod is achieved by a 'pound examination.' Using that weight, you get a rough picture of the ideal line weight used in your rod. The mass of your rod also determines the load of the lure you may carry on your rod.

Additional Tips and tricks

The market is full of fake vendors who make baseless claims and fool you. Even if they are selling a forged rod, they will still do their business with a broad smile on their face.

You, as a customer, should not fall victim to their laid traps. Fishing gears like rods are very crucial. Never show any negligence while investing in them. The key to getting hold of a worthy frog rod is to focus on its quality.

Good quality rods are independent of cost. You may find expensive rods and cheaper ones at the same time having good quality. Instead of chasing the price tag, looking for the best quality rod is worthwhile.

Indeed, a high-quality rod costs a little bit more. This is because of the material and additional features that are used in making these. The material has to be sturdy and durable.

This adds to the rod's amount. It is the material that makes it resistant to the harmful elements

and makes it so useful.

Besides, opt for a rod that is comfortable to use and ensures you catch effortlessly. Fishing is all about fun, and any discomfort can instantly kill your mood. Look for the appropriate handles, hooksets that can be easily used, and the reels along with lines.

These are some essential features that you should emphasize on. Once you have found a rod that is up to the mark and harbors all these key features, there is no looking back.

After you have found the best rod for yourself, it's time to get acquainted with some fishing technique tips. Here are some crucial tricks and tips:

  1. Know your fish

While using a frog rod, you need to make a list of species that are attracted to frogs. Not all the fish include frogs in their diet. So, you have to be careful while selecting the correct breed. Bass is the best when frog fishing is considered.

  1. Prepare your frog

Before you start your activity, it is vital to know the breed of frogs on which the bass feeds. List down the types of frogs available in that location and then buy your lures. What's the use of investing in a frog that doesn't attract the bass?

  1. Be silent

Bass don't move in schools. Hence, you need to be calm and be silent while you are fishing for bass.

  1. Let the frog move

If you are using a live frog, you don't need to make it move. If you are using an artificial one, you need to make it move like a living one. Some expertise is required to do so, but if you master it, rest is all assured.

  1. Monitor your area

Fishing demands for an area full of your target fish. You must travel to a location where a large number of fish are available. If you search for bass, the best areas to find are bushes or areas with dense covering.

  1. Pulling the line

The moment you feel any sensation, you should quickly pull your line. Pulling faster will result in hooking the fish at the right place and firmly. This will ensure that your fish doesn't escape.


  1. What is the other unique equipment required for the rod?

You need to invest in a braided line and a suitable reel. The braided line will allow you to use heavy baits without snapping under the heavy load. The reel will allow you to get full advantage of your skill by improving power and control.

  1. I am new to this activity. What are the fundamental metrics that I should look for while purchasing the rod?

Try to opt for the rod that is between 7 feet to7 feet 6 inches range. Look for heavy power rods with fast action. As being a beginner, you will find this setup quite convenient while catching the bass.

  1. Are frog rods worth their value invested in them?

Yes, the rods are quite sturdy and allow you to stand firm against the bass in the classic fishing battle. The rods will not snap under pressure, and you can comfortably reel in the monster.

Final Verdict

With all this information in your hands, all you need is to arm yourself with a suitable rod. Frog rods allow you to catch the fish without any unnecessary hassle and enjoy the sport safely.

We have developed this guide in an organized manner so that you can quickly go through all the characteristics. Analyze all the options and make an informed decision while purchasing an elite rod for your exposition, / - © Copyright 2020