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Are you looking to reel in the bigger fish smoothy? Don't worry. Freshwater lures are here at your service.

With the right lure, you can catch tons of fish and enjoy the activity. But with several models available in the market, you can quickly get confused,

To select the best option, you have to look into every characteristic. You have to look into type, size, color, and other additional properties.

Gathering all the information on these features can waste your valuable time. On the contrary, a comprehensive guide presents all the details at a single stop. You don't have to look here and there. You can quickly skim through all the information and make an informed purchase.

So, let us start with a quick introduction and then move further into the guide.

What are freshwater lures, and why should you opt for them?

The sweet aroma of the fleshy freshwater fish tempts you every time you cook it on the barbeque. Be it in your camp or your house; the fish forms a tasty dish that can be served on any plate.

The way it melts in your mouth and blends with the herbs and spices pampers your taste buds, and you ask for more.

It is because of its unbeatable taste that many people are inclining towards fishing these days. The serene landscape and the calmness that you are exposed to is incredible.

Moreover, fish is an easily cookable delicacy that forms an integral part of any outdoor activity. Thanks to its availability in abundance, finding it is not the 'mission impossible.' It would help if you had some patience and plenty of freshwater lures.

Though any fish lure can fish the freshwater trout and bass, these lures are more efficient than others. Since these water bodies differ in visibility and depth, the specific type of interests is designed to match the requirements.

These lures differ in color, size, and strength from the other ones, enabling you to catch the best catch quickly.

Using the correct type of lure, you can save time, find different freshwater dwellers, and have an enjoyable fishing trip. With these benefits in hand, let's have a close look at the contents of this guide.

Types of Freshwater Lures

Different types of these are used to attract a specific fish breed. Having the correct type increases your chances of getting the best one in a short span.

To help you find the appropriate one, we have listed below some variants of these lures concisely.

  1. Spinnerbaits

The most effective of them all is that these lures have an oval-shaped blade attached to the end of your fishing line.

This metallic blade is coated with reflective material that tends to shine inside the water, and it is the shine of this blade that attracts the hungry fish.

This lure type also has a tail at the end, attached to hide the fishing hook. Due to its propeller-like motion inside water, catching becomes effortless. These come in different colors, styles, and sizes to choose

Another significant benefit of using these is their pulsation. They vibrate, forming water ripples, which is another efficient technique to attract the fish towards them. These are incredibly successful in their job and offer you the ease of fishing.

  1. Crankbait

These types of lures have an appearance similar to those of a real fish. These also feature different shapes and sizes, including color. With their 3D eyes and a form like an actual fish, these excel in grabbing a catch.

If you are hunting for bass, nothing can match their efficiency. The depth of water plays a vital role in the choice of crankbaits. You should look for one that suits the depth of water in which you plan for fishing.

The lip of the crankbaits determines how deep it will dive. If the lure has bigger lips, it can dive deep, but the smaller ones cannot sustain deep waters. This difference in depth can cause difficulties in your fishing.

  1. Spoons

The name 'spoons' is given to these because of their concave shape, similar to that which we use in the cutlery set. These are the most preferred types of lures of the professional anglers and have a legacy of years.

The entire structure of the spoons includes a long body made of shiny metal pieces. The front part has a hook to hold onto the fish, and the end has a tail or a loop.

The entire piece is differentiated into two halves: one painted with colors while the other half coated with reflective material that shines inside the water to grab the fish's attention.

You will also find variants with both the halves coated with reflective material. However, the choice is entirely up to you and what type of fish you are hunting for. The best part about this lure is it moves when cast.

This movement is quite similar to the actual fish, which makes fishing much more comfortable and effortless.

  1. Worms

These are the perfect choice for trapping bass. Like the crankbaits, these, too, have a realistic appearance and aid in fishing. These can be used very easily, and their real movements help attract the fish.

Because these look like the real warms, the fish get attracted quickly and bite them. This establishes a firm attachment and helps you lift your fish with ease.

  1. Topwater

If you are fishing at a place with many weeds, these lures are an excellent choice. These float on the surface of the water and are lightweight. Being floatable, these attract the fish hiding in the weeds to come to the surface and have a bite.

Baitfish fishing is fun with these topwater lures because they move in schools, and upon seeing this floating in the water, they attack together and destroy your lure in seconds.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate freshwater lures

With the market overloaded with different fishing tools and lures, finding the one suitable for your fishing style is challenging.

However, the hunt is not impossible if you have this guide in hand. With this buying guide, you can not only find yourself the perfect lure but also be able to learn about different techniques and other features.

To find yourself the suitable freshwater lures, and have excellent fishing experience, scan through the sections below. So, let's start before you change your mind.

Right Size

Every fish stays at different water depths and feeds on different types of organisms. Some eat small fish while others binge on the mid-sized ones. These lures' right size affects your fishing because you might lose your targeted catch if not opted for the right one.

Before you start your search, keep this fact in mind and gather some facts about the fish you want to catch. Search for its habitat and feeding habits. This will help you to decide the lure that suits the water depth and attracts the fish.

But wait! You don't need to stress yourself over finding these things and waste time. We are here to reduce your task, and hence we have brought you the list of a few fish you may want to catch.

  1. Bluegills, Perch and Crappies White bass and river trout

You need to opt for lures within the range of one to three inches long to catch these.

  1. Smallmouth and largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass get attracted to lures having a size of two to five inches, while a largemouth one hunts for appeals with the size of two to six inches.

  1. Walleyes

Walleyes can be easily caught if you use a three to six inches long lure on the other end of your line.

  1. Lake trout and Salmon

A lure with a size of three to seven inches is ideal if your target fish is the salmons and the lake trouts, which have juicy flesh and great taste.

  1. Pikes and Muskies

These require big lures to get attracted. A lure with the size range of four to twelve inches will undoubtedly get you a big and healthy pike or musky.


Color choice is quite essential when fishes are to be trapped. If you have some interest in science, you might be familiar with the fact that the color fades as you go deeper into the water. This is because of the varying wavelengths of these colors.

Whether you are opting for red, green, blue, etc. it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that how visible your lure is. Since freshwater lures are meant to be used in freshwater bodies like ponds and lakes, you don't need to opt for vibrant colors.

Subtle colors that don't shine much will do the job. If you opt for metallic shades, it will be smarter because they will look more realistic and help you catch the fish effortlessly. Also, keep in mind to opt for a shade that can be used both on cloudy and sunny days.

Since you will be making a one-time investment, so ensure that you opt for the best one that is versatile and can be used in any circumstance.

Water Temperature

Depending on the water temperature, you need to remember a golden rule of fishing. According to this rule, fish are less active when the water is cold and more active when it is warmer.

In cold water metabolism of the fish slows down. The fish don't feed regularly.

However, when the temperature rises, the metabolism also reaches its peak. Hence, to find food, the fish become more active, and the activity rate increases. Listed below are some points which you need to keep in mind before you opt for any lure.

  1. Coldwater

If you are fishing in cold water, you should opt for lures like jerks, baits, and gliders. Since pikes and muskies are the only breeds on the move in the cold water, these types of traps will help you catch one of them. These are small and highly attractive.

  1. Warm water

Spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and inline spinners are the ideal lures that you should use in warm waters. These have fast retrieving ability and can easily attract the fish.

Ball Bearings

Yes, this term sounds intimidating because this is quite unusual to hear if you are a newbie in the fishing world. For professional anglers, this term is just like any other ordinary term.

Back to the main point, ball bearings are metallic weights similar to the paperweights we use. These bearings are installed inside the freshwater lures. This is a unique feature of these lures which are not found in others.

These come handy for many purposes. When the lure is put inside water, it starts moving, and these ball bearings hit the body of the lure to generate vibrations. These vibrations help in attracting nearby fish because this vibration sounds similar to an actual baitfish.

The second use of these bearings is to add weight to the lures. This added weight helps you cast this fish trap at long distances that ordinary appeals cannot cover.

Hence, whenever you opt for these lures, ensure that at least one ball bearing is inside it. This will increase the chances of catching a fish faster and easier.

Tackle boxes

A tackle box helps you keep all your lures and other fishing equipment safe and organized. The size of these boxes plays a crucial role because you will be storing all your lures in these boxes, and if they are small, you cannot carry enough lures with you.

To fit in an ordinary tackle box, freshwater lures come in a set of five, three, or one. This helps you to store these lures in any tackle box that you own. This calculation negates the need to purchase another tackle box dedicated to keeping only the lures.

Also, you need to keep extra lures while fishing because you never know the exact amount you got to keep. Hence, these boxes also have extra room for the additional pieces that you might keep to make your fishing more worthwhile.

Depth of Fishing Ground

Fishes move to different depths in different seasons, and this makes their location very unpredictable. The depth causes a lot of chaos while searching for the apt fish lures.

The best way to search for a suitable lure to catch these fish is to refer to the points below. This is relatively easy, isn't it?

  1. Summers

If you plan to go fishing in the summer months, make sure that you opt for lures that can travel deeper inside the water. Since fishes thrive in deep waters to stay away from the heat, having a deep diving lure proves to be beneficial.

  1. Fall and Spring

During the fall season and the Spring, when the fish spawn, they swim to water with shallow depths. This helps them find food quickly and spawn in the shoreline. If you plan any fishing trip during these seasons, freshwater lures that are great to be used in shallow waters will be perfect.

Style and design

You should always look for the lures that have attractive patterns and designs. Since catching a fish is not easy for everyone, focusing on the designs and style can help.

Investing in freshwater lures is worth it because these are very affordable and feature attractive designs and styles. You can easily catch plenty of fish by using these lures.

Whether it be a trout, perch, or a bass, these lures are great for all of them. Just sit back and relax till you feel something nibbling your lure.


When you search for a suitable hook, you will find a wide range of these. Octopus hooks, jig hooks are some of them, but the most preferred type is the treble hook.

This single hook is equivalent to two hooks and works efficiently. There are three bants and points that enable you to catch the fish in no time. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used to catch any breed of fish.

These hooks are incredibly durable and robust. They are very sharp and hook into the target fish as soon as it starts nibbling the lure. The strength and durability are imparted by the stainless steel, which is used to construct these hooks.

This material ensures that the hook stays damage-free and corrosion-resistant. It also provides you a great time fishing without worrying about the hook down there.

Ease of use

Freshwater lures are effortless to use. These don't have complicated designs and get hooked onto the fish quite easily.

You save a lot of time that is put into hooking the fish and get to catch plenty of them in less time. These are highly attractive and easy to use despite being so small in size. After using this, you won't feel the need to use others because these are incredibly fantastic.


These lures last long and are incredibly durable. You can use one set for many years and don't need to make any extra investment.

Their durability helps you catch even the large species with much ease. Their damage and corrosion-resistant features are worth paying for.

These will pay off your investments and won't disappoint you. No matter wherever you go fishing, you will find the use of these.


ABS Plastic is used to construct these lures. This variant of the plastic is very durable and damage-proof. This high-quality material is not vulnerable to breakage and lasts long.

Even if the fish bites your lures hard with its pointed tooth, these will sustain the damage and still work. These are highly reliable, and every fishing trip without them is incomplete.


Quality is what you should focus on while searching for the apt freshwater lure. It won't be wrong to mention that cheap lures tend to get damaged pretty soon than those made of high-quality material.

It all comes down to the material used and the quality of that particular material. Since the entire lure is made of ABS Plastic and stainless steel for hooks, these are inexpensive and highly affordable.

These also mean that these are durable and won't break easily because their materials are top-notch quality. Hence, at an affordable price, you get a durable and long-lasting fish lure.

How to use freshwater lures?

To catch a fish efficiently, there are specific steps you need to follow. Refer to the points given below to take your fishing to the next level.

  1. If you use live baits to attract your target fish, make sure that you hook multiple baits on your lure so that you don't have to waste time hooking another bait regularly.
  1. If you opt for artificial bait, make sure that the bait's head is hooked to your lure. This will keep the tail free, and the bait can move underwater, attracting the fish.
  1. When you are planning fishing, make sure that you take different types of lures with you. This will allow you to use the others in case the one you are using isn't working. This enables you to experiment with them as well as your fishing techniques.
  1. You should keep jerking your bait because it causes a moving motion and makes the fish feel like some fish is moving. This movement attracts the fish more, and they become an easy target.
  1. Do not cast at only one location. Since the fish's movement is unpredictable, casting in different areas will increase the chance of getting one.


  1. Is the color of the lure a critical characteristic? Should I look into it?

Yes, having the right color will attract the fish more quickly. Typically, if you are going to fish in clear water, you should choose a light color. If the water is stained, then you should opt for fluorescent variants.

  1. Is it necessary to invest in a special lure for different conditions?

Yes, there are certain conditions where some types perform very well. So, you should analyze all the factors and then invest in a particular model. This will allow you to catch tons of fish with the utmost ease.

  1. Are the lures reusable?

This depends on the damage done on the lure after the catch. If the lure is severely damaged, then you can use it again. However, if the condition is good, then you can comfortably reuse it and lure different fish.

Summing Up

With all this information under your possession, all you need is to select the best product. Here in this guide, you will get all the information in a well-organized manner.

The lures allow you to catch your favorite fish without any unnecessary hassle. Select an elite product and enjoy your trip. / - © Copyright 2020