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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that freediving watches are every diver’s best friend! The watch helps you track the depth duration of the dive and other such details you should know when roaming deeper into the abyss.

Using a freediving watch may be easy, but selecting one is not! From the strap, material to dial size, and features, you have to look for a variety of things to ensure that you are buying the best one.

This freediving watch buyer’s guide will assist you in selecting an excellent watch for the money. We have covered most of the features these smart devices offer and what factors to look for when purchasing one.

Let's get started:

What is a freediving watch? And why do you need it?

So you are confusing your scuba diving watch with a freediving watch? Well, both smartwatches may look the same but offer different features. A freediving watch is a device that keeps track of various details like the dive time, depth, and much more to give you an accurate report about the diving session.

A diving watch is essential for you because freediving is a sport that involves no apparatus like a gas tank or other things used in scuba diving, so you need something to help you throughout the dive.

Some watches even have alarms that notify you when it is time to return to the boat. There are many such reasons to buy a freediving watch today, like the device stores the details of the previous dives to help you with the progress you've made over time.

Furthermore, checking the depth is essential in freediving, so using a watch will solve multiple purposes. These smart devices have bigger and colorful screens that are visible in the darkness of the water.

In a nutshell, a freediving watch is something you need to ensure safety while diving. The watch comes with a plethora of sensors that track multiple things you need to know while enjoying spearfishing or just exploring the deep corners.

Why is this freediving watch buyer's guide essential?

This buyer’s guide contains all the information you need to know about freediving watches. There are multiple options available to choose from, so it becomes daunting even for the experts to select the best watch.

And that's where this buying guide comes in! With this comprehensive guide, you can note down the essential features to look for in a watch. Also, it will help you in funneling down the best options from the list.

How to select the best freediving watch: a complete buyer’s guide

Using a freediving watch is just not limited to your safety. It will also boost your performance, and you can check the progress you have made over time.

Now there is no need to leave anything on the guesswork when you have a personal assistant that is with you tracking those essential details and saving them for further use.

When selecting a diving watch, you need to have a look at the durability, the strap material, and the size of the dial, so it becomes comfortable to wear and use the watch underwater.

Here are the features to consider in an ideal freediving watch:

Dive planning

Diving is fun, but it can be very stressful if you don't plan the diving time. In the excitement to catch the fish or to explore the deeps, most divers forget to plan their dives, and it can have some fatal results!

The surface interval means the time you need to take some rest before plunging back into the water. With a freediving watch, you can keep track of the dive plans.

The watch will let you know when it is the time to return to the boat and when you should venture back into the water. Some smartwatches calculate the NDL (No-Decompression Limit) automatically, so there are no such hassles to enter the details manually.

Check if the watch you are planning to purchase offers dive planning, as it is the foremost thing you need to look for. Further, some manufacturers provide automatic saltwater and freshwater adjustments in the watches.

A dive watch should be good enough to adapt according to the type of water. Also, it should offer precise details when helping you with a thorough dive plan.

The dial

Just like regular dive watches, freediving watches also come in round and squarish dials. The dial's choice depends on your preference, but make sure to choose a dial that's big enough for you to read all the details.

Plus, the dial should not be too big for your wrist. Check the screen type of the watch and then consider the dial's shape to make a good choice.

Easy to read

Imagine the pain of getting a watch that's hard to read when you plunge in the water! You need a freediving watch that's easy to read so you can read everything available on the screen at a glance. Look whether the watch’s display offers backlit so you can see the screen in the deep parts.

Strap material

The choice of the material depends on how you are diving like with the suit or without it. Most freediving watches come with polymer straps that are comfortable and resistant to water. Furthermore, polymer straps are flexible, and you can wear them comfortably for a prolonged time.

Metal straps can also be a good choice if you don't like polymer straps. However, ignore going with metallic straps if you want to wear the watch over a wetsuit.

User-friendly interface

Would you like a freediving watch that comes with a multitude of features, but all of them are hard to use? We know you don't need a watch that requires a lot of effort to understand and use the features.

Go with the options that have a user-friendly interface, and you don't have to struggle to check the details while diving. The sole purpose of a freediving watch is to keep you updated about essential details, which is only viable if you choose a watch with a simple-to-use interface.


If you want the dive watch to the last longer, make sure you are going with a durable option. The strap of these watches ranges from silicone to metal and rubber or polymer. Additionally, the choice of material will impact the comfort you will get with the device.

Polymer straps are highly durable in fresh and saltwater due to the non-corrosive nature. Further, these straps can withstand abrasion while rewarding you with a decent lifespan.

Metal straps also deliver excelled longevity, but polymer strap freediving watches are far more durable and reliable.

Depth tracking

Generally, all the freediving watches have depth tracking indicators that let you know when it is the time to stop descending in the water. Also, most of these watches let you know about the exact depth you are diving at while calculating and saving the essential details.

You will get to know about the ascend/descent rate as well, so these smart dive computers are perfect for ensuring safety underwater.

Dive modes

How about you can use the freediving watch for scuba diving also? Sounds great, right! The smartwatches with multiple dive modes will make it happen. A limited number of diving watches come with the choice of dive modes so you can use these for spearfishing or while diving with the gear.

There is no need to invest in two separate devices when you can get the job done from one device only.

Dive log

If you want to keep a track record of your previous dives for any purpose, then checking the dive log feature is essential. The total number of dive logs you can save depends on the internal memory of the watch. Some freediving watches allow you to store data of up to 100 dives, whereas some excellent models even allow you to store more data.

Another benefit of the dive log feature is to track your progress and dive time, which is only feasible if you have data of the existing dives.

PC compatibility

The freediving watches with a dive log are compatible with the PC so that you can transfer the data quickly to track your progress. PC compatibility is beneficial as you can transfer all the collected data to free the watch's internal memory.

Furthermore, using the PC, you can update the watch's firmware, which is necessary to access some new features released by the manufacturer.


Using the alarm, you can make sure to spend a specific period of time underwater. Also, the alarm will trigger when you reach the specific depth so that you can know that it is the time to go back. Alarms in freediving watches are indispensable because these make you aware of various critical things.

The alarms are available in vibration and audio forms. You can set the alarm as per your convenience to improve the experience underwater.

Battery life

The battery life of the diver computer depends on various factors like how frequently you are using it and what its capacity is. The batteries that last longer are ideal because you don't have to worry about recharging it after a few dives.

Check the battery life of every watch model to ensure that you can have a good time using it.

Decompression limits

The decompression limit of the diving computer decides how deep you can go without buzzing the alarm. There are various limits set by the authorities for freedivers, and it is not advised to go deeper than the suggested limits due to safety reasons.

Go for a good diving computer with a good decompression limit, and it doesn't buzz up the alarm right after you go some meters deep into the abyss.

A pro tip: Look for premium models from manufacturers like Suunto, and Casio as these freediving watches have extended compression limits.


Well, this may be obvious, but sometimes an irresistible deal can pull you to make the purchase of a cheap-quality diving watch! Always go with branded options if you want the watch to last longer while offering extreme water resistance and other harsh conditions.

Further, these computers deliver precise details, and the manufacturers roll out timely firmware updates to make the watch even accurate. You also get good after-sales services when you choose trusted brands that are backed up by the trust of thousands of divers.


Don't forget to check the price to avoid overspending. Freediving watches are available at a myriad of prices, starting from a few hundred dollars, and the price can range up depending on high-end features.

Make your budget before you start shopping for a diver's computer to get an excellent device in your budget.

Top benefits of owning a freediving watch

If you are wondering what the benefits you will experience with a freediving watch are then here are a few to name:

Make the dive highly safe

Freediving has a lot of risks if you spend a lot of time underwater or go deeper than the limits, and that's why a diver computer should be your priority. The watch will send you alert messages in the form of vibrations or audio to make you aware to stop.

Also, the watch tracks the ascending and descending rate, which is beneficial while freediving.

Precise details

The details provided by a reliable freediving watch are highly accurate, so you can rest assured to count on these details. If you are a keen diver who loves to keep a log of the previous dive, then it is only possible with a diving computer.


Freediving watches are extremely sturdy, and you can expect a decent life with these watches. The computers are designed to withstand abrasion and harsh climatic conditions.

Easy to use

Most freediving watches are easy to use, and you will not have a tough time setting up the device. You can check everything at a glance even when you are underwater, and that's a significant plus point.

FAQs: Best Freediving Watch

Q: How frequently should I charge the watch?

A: We recommend you to charge the watch before every dive so that the battery doesn’t fail when you are diving.

Just like any other electronic device, the battery of a diving watch deteriorates with time. Check if the watch you have allows you to replace the battery, so you can use a new one to get good performance again.

While charging makes sure not to overcharge the battery as it can get damaged, and the charging-cycles will be affected.

Q: How to access the dive log?

A: To access the dive log, you have to connect the watch to the PC. Some manufactures offer downloadable tools you can use to configure and update the watch using a computer. Lastly, you can delete the logs with the computer only to get some more free memory for new logs.

Q: How to clean a freediving watch?

A: Cleaning your diving watch is imperative to make it free from mineral and salt deposits that can damage the straps. To clean your watch, you can rinse it with regular water.

Wash your watch until all the salt and minerals come off. Also, you can rub the strap gently to clean it better. Let the watch dry for some time, and then you can use it again for another diving session.

Q: Why are most dive watches blue and red?

A: The reason why most freediving watches have bright colors is due to improved visibility. Our eyes can clearly see bright colors even in the dark areas, which is the only reason behind it.

Q: Do diving computers track heartbeat?

A: Yes, diving computers track your heart rate to decide how much more time you can spend underwater. These smart devices come loaded with a heart rate sensor that actively tracks the heartbeat every time you are underwater.

The sensor wakes up automatically and stops working once you are out of the water, relaxing on the boat.

Q: Can I replace the battery at home?

A: If you have a diving watch that allows battery replacement, you can replace it at home without any professional help. Casio, Suunto, and some other manufacturers offer reliable freediving watches with replaceable batteries.

Always use batteries of trusted manufacturers like if you have a Casio watch go with Casio batteries only.

Q: Can a freediving watch be used as a smartwatch to get text notifications?

A: Yes, some high-end models act like a smartwatch, and you will get text notifications on the watch after pairing it with your smartphone. These watches are good if you don't want to miss any notification even while diving.

However, to get smartwatch capabilities in a diving watch, you have to pay more to get the top models.

Q: How to update the firmware?

A: To update the firmware, you need to pair the watch with the computer. Download the software application recommended by the manufacturer to install the firmware on the watch.

It is essential to update the watch whenever the manufacturer rolls out an update so that it remains functional, and you get precise details with it.

Q: What is the lifespan of a diving watch?

A: In order to improve the longevity of the watch, you need to pay extra attention to it. Always clean the watch after every dive session and protect it from abrasion at any cost. To enhance the life of the battery, don’t overcharge it.

This way, you can have a long lifespan from the diving watch, and it will perform accurately, providing you with the details you need.

Q: Do these watches come pre-configured?

A: Yes, dive computers come pre-configured from the manufacturer, and you don't have to spend a lot of time setting it up. There are minute details that you have to fill, such as weight, height, gender, time zone, and much more to make the watch fully functional.

Q: What strap material is ideal for spearfishing?

A: If you wear spearfishing wetsuit, then there is no chance to go with metallic straps as these don't have the required elasticity. Go with polymer or rubber straps that can adjust according to the width of the wrist. You can use polymer strap watches with or without a wetsuit.

Q: How much internal memory will be suitable for a regular diver?

A: If you are a keen diver who frequently loves to explore the underwater world, then go with diving watches that can store more than 100 watches. You can access the dive log by connecting the watch with the PC.


Freediving is something everyone should experience once in a lifetime, and having a freediving watch will improve your safety while enhancing the experience. If you love diving, then having a diving computer is a must due to multiple reasons.

This freediving watch buyer’s guide will assist you in making a quick decision when you get distracted by a selection of multiple watches. Check the watch against these features to ensure that it will provide accurate details while lasting longer.

There are many excellent diving watches available at reasonable rates, so you can buy a good watch even if you don't want to invest a lot of money. However, there are some high-end models available for keen divers who want to keep track of everything related to the dive.

Don’t forget to check the FAQ section to get some more information about the freediving watches. Lastly, these watches are different from regular swimming trackers, and you cannot use a swim tracking watch for freediving. / - © Copyright 2020