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Are you looking forward to organizing a memorable trip outdoors? Well, folding chairs are the perfect accomplices that let you embrace the beautiful views and balmy weather.

Be it a solo or group expedition, folding chairs always prove to be beneficial for a comfortable experience that you may miss otherwise.

However, it may feel like an arduous task to get the best folding chair for yourself! The problem only arises when you see a large number of options available and get confused about picking the right one.

Don't worry! We have got you covered with our excellent guide that will act as your ultimate handbook to make the right decision.

What are the Folding Chairs? Why should you opt for them over others?

The folding chairs are a very portable type of furniture that takes up less space as they are foldable. Such chairs are light-weighted and super comfortable, which is why they can be saviors when unexpected guests pop in.

Additional Benefits :

  • These chairs are also the best mates of outdoor parties. They are indeed practical and can save both money and time.
  • Another great thing about the product is that it can be stored anywhere. These chairs are usually folded under or at the seat level. They appear to be very thin once folded, and you can easily keep them even under your bed.
  • One more reason to choose folding chairs over other chairs is their usability even during various adventure trips. These can be easily transported and used while a person is on adventure activities such as camping.

Compare it yourself. What sounds better and easier

Having a transportable chair that can be easily moved even by a ten-year-old and doesn't take up space or having a basic chair glued to one location?

So, to sum up, folding chairs are

● Portable

● Light-weighted

● Take less or no space

● Suitable for outdoor activities

● Easily cleaned

● Strong and durable

Types of Folding Chairs

Yes, there are varieties of folding chairs. These types are categorized under two headings of seating chairs and transporting chairs. They are further explained below :

Seating Chairs

  1. Plastic

These are the most common types of sitting chairs that you will find in almost any outdoor event. As the name suggests, they are made up of plastic and metal frames.

Moreover, the tubing between the rear legs keeps the chair from falling or breaking. These chairs are about an inch thick when folded.

  1. Wood

These folding chairs are the classiest ones. They're made up of wood material, which gives a fine finishing and quality look.

These chairs are about 2 to 3 inches thick when folded. They have removable seats, which makes the cleaning process easier.

  1. Resin

These chairs give out the look of wooden folding chairs but are easier to transport. They are molded of polypropylene, which gives them even more strength.

They are also UV treated. Their simple, elegant look makes them the best choice for weddings.

  1. Metal

These chairs are known for their strength and are a widely popular choice in schools. Unlike the other folding chairs, these do not stack on one another, which makes its portability and storage a little complex.

  1. Blow mold plastic

These chairs have a thicker, hollow seat and backrest. They are larger in size but relatively lighter in weight. Blow mold plastic folding chairs are also pretty comfortable and can be usually found in churches.

However, you cannot stack such chairs one above another. Therefore, these chairs are not for you if you have concerns with floor space.

  1. Bamboo

The last popular type of seating chair is a bamboo folding chair. It appears to be only for parties and themed events at first glance. But once you sit on them, you will realize how comfortable they are even for daily usages.

Storing and Transporting chairs

  1. Metal

Metal folding chairs are the most basic and convenient types of folding chairs in terms of durability, storage, and transport. They are also suitable for rough usages and have scratch resistance technology. In short, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

  1. Plastic

Another type of folding chair that stands out for its easy storage and transport are plastic folding chairs. These chairs are very light-weighted and can be moved around without effort. Moreover, their plastic body makes the cleaning easy.

  1. Wooden

Wooden folding chairs look very elegant and are best for formal functions and events. They are highly durable. Transporting and storing them is also not a big deal though they are a little heavier than plastic or metal folding chairs.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Folding Chair

Frame Material

  1. Plastic

Paying attention to the frame material while selecting an appropriate folding chair is necessary. One of the most common and popular types of folding chairs are plastic folding chairs.

Plastic folding chairs are the lightest in weight and the easiest to clean. They can also stack up together and require much lesser storage space. Transporting them is also very easy, and they are about an inch thick when folded.

  1. Wood

Wood folding chairs give out a very elegant and beautiful look. The fine quality finishing of wood makes them very comfortable as well as durable.

Such chairs are strong and can survive the roughest usages. There are about 3 inches thick when folded and don't stack up together.

  1. Metal

Another strong and durable type of folding chair is metal folding chairs. These are highly compatible with rough usages and also have scratch resistance technologies. They can stack up together, and they don't need much space as well. Metal folding chairs are also very easy to transport.

  1. Resin

These chairs can successfully fool you to believe that they are wooden ones. They may have a little essence of wood but are not totally made up of that. They are usually plain and white, which is why they are highly demanded in weddings.

These chairs are UV treated, so you don't have to worry about the sun rays affecting them and their color.

  1. Bamboo

No one can beat bamboo folding chairs when it comes to funky looks and designs. These chairs are mostly seen in themed events and parties.

However, their comfort can make you forget about the party and just sit on them all day long. You may also wish to turn every furniture at your home into bamboo folding chairs once you get known to it.

  1. Blow mold plastic

Blow mold plastic folding chairs are large chairs that are used by most churches and other large gatherings. But don't let the size get you as even though they are larger, they are very light-weighted.

However, you may face some space issues with them as they do not stack up together. So you either have to buy a special cart for them or give them enough storage space.

Seat Material

It is crucial to always consider the seat material before making a purchase, or else you may end up with the hurting back.

There are mainly two types of most comfortable seat materials. They are :

  1. Fabric Padding

The seats with fabric paddings are soft and comfortable. They are the most suitable for indoor applications and can manage and resist temperature changes.

  1. Vinyl Padding

Vinyl Paddings on seats are more suitable for outdoor and office usages. They offer better protection against moisture and are apt for long-hour jobs. They are super-easy to clean.

Weight and Height

Weight and height are more major elements that must be brought into consideration before making a purchase of folding chairs.

Light-weighted chairs are usually the better option as they are easier to transport and store, and the same goes for height. Also, the environment for which you are buying the chairs plays a crucial role in deciding the weight and height.

Also, ensure that the weight is not so light that it affects the quality of the chair. Everything should be in balance. It is always the best option to test the product yourself and see if it is comfortable for your size or not.

Weight Holding Capacity

Folding chairs are usually lightweight, but that doesn't mean they can't hold enough. They can carry up to 300 pounds of weight even though these chairs weigh around 15 pounds.

Sometimes even the lightest weighing chairs can survive the toughest situations, whereas the heaviest ones fail. It is why sitting and judging the chair yourself practically is the best way to know you are getting the right product. If you are making an online purchase, then cross-check the reviews.


The best comfort comes out from the perfect dimension in the size of a folding chair. Furthermore, the size of the chair matters for the comfort level and portability.

Firstly, it is important that the size of the chairs suits you and you find yourself relaxed in it. Secondly, the more perfect the size dimensions are, the smaller the chair will be when folded. Keeping both these factors in mind is important in deciding which folding chair to purchase.


Style matters even with folding chairs. These chairs are available in lots of patterns, designs, and colors that are suitable for different occasions.

For example, resin folding chairs are suitable for weddings as people usually prefer plain white chairs during such occasions. On the other hand, bamboo chairs serve the theme parties and events in the best way because they appear funkier.

Easy To Set-up

One of the basic reasons people prefer folding chairs more than normal ones is that they are easier to set up.

You can use the chairs all the time, even when you decide to go on a hike with the folding chair. They can be located and transported anywhere. Folding and unfolding are also two very easy processes that can be done in seconds.

These chairs are common among hikers and campers, and why wouldn't it be? After all, they provide the best comfort with the least requirements.


The usage of folding chairs is difficult to account for as there are plenty of them. In a mood to chill in your balcony? Or planning an adventurous trip? Or celebrating an event or gathering with lots of people? Just hold onto your folding chair, and you are good to go!

Basically, folding chairs are useful whenever you want to sit or arrange a gathering. However, different types of chairs are suitable for different kinds of scenarios. Therefore, keep the purpose in mind before buying these chairs.


Folding chairs either have both the seat and backrest or just the seat and no backrest. The ones with no backrest usually have an X shaped model. This model is usually covered with a piece of clothing or some other material.

Both of the two options offer ultra-comfort and are suitable for different purposes. It is you who needs to make a choice between them according to the purpose and make the purchase.


Comfort is the basic pillar of the folding chairs. There is absolutely no point in spending money over a chair that fails to provide comfort.

The quality and dimensions of seat and backrest are important, and so is the factor of armrest and space. But not every chair made will provide you comfort. It is why getting in-depth details of the product is important.

The best option is to sit and test the chair yourself and know if it is the one for you or not.


Portability is another element of great importance when it comes to folding chairs. Light-weighted chairs are usually the best when it comes to portability. It is because they can be folded and carried easily.

Furthermore, chairs that can stack up together are easier to transport as they don't require any special cart. After all, people buy such chairs because they can be transported easily. In case you are buying the chair for outdoor activities, then portability is the top element of importance.


Another important thing to consider is whether the folding chair is budget-friendly or not. After all, selecting a folding chair will be of no use after finding out that it is not pocket-friendly.

Moreover, it is not compulsory that if something is expensive, it will be good. You can find the best and most durable folding chairs in an affordable range as well.

Thus, it is important to first plan and decide your budget and then go for folding chairs shopping.

Space Coverage

Folding chairs have the specialty of covering less space when folded. Some of them are about an inch thick when folded, which means that they take very little space.

Some of them are around 3 to 4 inches thick after folding. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how much storage space you can allow and make a purchase.

If you need a chair for daily usages or outdoor adventures, buying a chair with fewer storage requirements is better.


Pockets are additional features of folding chairs that are always nice to have. Features like pockets allow you to get extra storage with the chair. You can keep your snacks or glasses or mobile phone or whatever you want to store easily.

Some of these pockets also have zips and cup holders. With such options, you can definitely have the cinema hall experience at home.

Not only that, but some of the manufacturers provide inbuilt cooling in cup holders. It can save you from running marathons from chair to fridge. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

How To Maintain your Folding chairs

Maintaining folding chairs is not a difficult task at all and can increase the lifespan of your chair. All you have to do is follow the basic and very simple steps that are mentioned below :

Maintain cleaning

It is important to clean the chair whenever you find it dirty or after outdoor usages. If you are using the folding chair for indoor usages, then it is fine. You don't have to clean it every time.

However, chances of the chair getting dirty are more with outdoor usages, especially when you are returning from an adventurous trip. In such scenarios, simply wipe it with a clean cloth.

Cover and store

Always store the folding chairs away from any potential danger. A corner in the garage or store room will hopefully do the job.

Ensure that you have covered the chair/chairs with a cloth. It will help in preventing the dust from sitting on them. So, always cover the chair if you want a clean one for use.

Moreover, this method can also help in protecting the chairs from insects that can harm the chair or make a home in it.

Regular checks

Make sure to check the chair whenever it has been long since you put them in the storage place.

There is always a risk of termites in case your folding chair is made up of wood material. Keeping an eye on the chair can help in avoiding such problems.

If the chair is made up of metal, then rusting can occur. Which again is a reason why you should look after the chair regularly.

Seat material

The seat material is always a target of rats. Somehow the soft fabric seems to be very appealing to them.

If you keep your chair in the storage unit for long, chances are an un-welcomed guest and its family will welcome you.

Not only that but if a rat decides to reside there, it will eventually ruin up the whole chair, especially the seat material.

If you don't want such a thing to happen, then it is better to bring the chair in use regularly or pay frequent visits to it.

Or, you can get pesticide services and prevent the risk of any potential danger.


  1. What are noticeable points to check the wear and tear of a folding chair?

It is important to do a routine check so that you are aware of the wear and tear of the chairs. Inspect them regularly for cracks, missing screws, broken welds/rivets/brackets, etc. In this way, you will be able to know about the well-being of a folding chair and keep them perfectly.

  1. Are folding chairs best suited for different outdoor activities only?

No, Folding chairs are perfect for all occasions, be it indoor or outdoor. It makes them quite versatile and highly portable. Thus, you can take them up for camping or any outdoor ceremonies or even sit in the chair and enjoy your coffee through the window. Just look up for different types of folding chairs to get the best one that caters to your needs well.

  1. Is it hard to fold such chairs?

No, these chairs take just a few minutes to open as it depends on a simple technique to easily flip and open it. So, you don't need to follow any hard and fast rule for it.

  1. Is it important to clean these folding chairs occasionally?

No, It depends on the usage of these chairs every now and then. If you think that the chairs you are using are getting filthy, you can wash them with a wet cloth and, if needed, scrub the stain. However, you need to take care of the finish of the chairs.

Some Last Words

This well-structured guide covers all the ins and outs of folding chairs. The best part is that it keeps you equipped with full details to assist you in getting the ideal folding chair in no time.

Read it thoroughly and get your facts straight so that you are clear about what you require in your apt folding chair. Once you are done with it, we are sure that you will find your perfect folding chair for your terrific outdoor experience.

After all, who doesn't like to carry their comfy chair to different destinations so that they can sit and relax anywhere! / - © Copyright 2020