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So, you want to buy a fleece jacket, but you don't know which one will be best? Well, it happens with everyone and especially the folks that are buying their first fleece vest. A fleece vest or jacket will keep you warm, while the fabric is breathable, so you will never feel short on comfort.

If you are buying a fleece jacket without any expert's help, then you are taking a significant risk. Maybe the vest you are buying isn't lightweight or waterproof, and there are some other things that can happen if you buy a vest barely using your guess.

Thus, to help you buy the best fleece vest, we are here with this comprehensive buyer's guide. Gon, through the guide and learn about the essential factors that you should consider before buying a vest.

What is a fleece vest, and why should you buy one?

Fleece is a lightweight material that isn’t fluffy and soft like polyester fabric, but it is lightweight and warm. The fabric has excellent breathability and insulation properties, and that is why hikers and travelers love to wear fleece vests.

The fleece is a combination of wool, elastane, and polyamide that blends together to form a fabric that is lightweight, durable, and warm. There is a myriad of benefits of choosing fleece over synthetic materials.

Unquestionable reasons to buy a fleece vest

If you have ever thought of buying an outdoor jacket, then most probably, you have thought about a jacket that's windproof, waterproof, durable, warm, and lightweight. Well, modern fleece vests boast all of these properties, so you should go for a fleece jacket.

Highly comfortable

No matter if you want to go hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, or any other activity, you will find fleece vests highly comfortable. The vests are made using soft fabric that keeps you warm all day long. In short, you will get the required comfort from a fleece vest.

Wind and waterproof

Most of the fleece vests are hydrophobic, so water doesn't sit on it. You can rest assured that the vest will keep you dry and protected from heavy winds. Wearing a fleece vest will be great during cold weather when spine-chilling winds are blowing.


Fleece vests are lightweight and can be worn on any type of clothes. As vests don't have arms, so you will find it easy to pack the vest in your travel backpack.


If you find wool and other synthetic blends itchy, then you will love to wear fleece vests. The vest isn’t itchy at all, thanks to the superb fleece material.

Machine washable

After returning home from the long vacation, you can toss the vest into a machine. The fleece vests are machine washable, so it would be easier for you to keep the vest neat and clean. Another benefit is that the vests dry quickly, so there will be no odor due to moisture.

Factors to consider when buying a fleece vest

To buy a fleece vest that lasts longer and remains in good shape, you need to buy the best one. From material to size, and type you need to consider a plethora of factors to make sure that you get a decent fit with the vest, and it snuggles around your body to keep you warm.

Here is the list of factors that you should consider when purchasing a fleece vest.

Types of fleece vests

When looking for fleece jackets, you will find many options, and choosing the right one is imperative. Here we have explained the common types of vests that you will find on the market.

Knitted fleece vests

Knitted fleece vests should be your choice if you need a good-looking vest that has an urban look. The material has a weight of around 200m/m². You will find some vests that come with a detachable hood. The inner surface of the vest is soft; on the other hand, the outer surface is rough, so you get a sporty look while wearing the vest.

Knitted fleece vests are a bit heavy due to the thick layer that keeps you warm. And you will not find a lot of options in the market as a few manufacturers offer knitted fleece vests.

Traditional fleece vests

The traditional fleece vests are made using processed polyester that's soft and durable. The vests have soft inner and outer, so you will love to feel its softness. Further, the material's weight is similar to knitted fleece vests, i.e., 200m/m², but you will feel that these vests are lightweight.

You can wear these fleece vests under the outdoor jacket to keep yourself warm and protected from the cold. Moreover, traditional fleece vests have ultimate moisture management, and you will never feel suffocated as they are breathable as well.

You can do layering if you have a traditional fleece vest as they are lightweight and thin.

High loft fleece vests

High loft fleece vests are made using teddy fleece that’s fluffy but lightweight. The vests are warm and durable due to the fine and long polyester fabric. You can wear a high loft fleece vest anywhere such as for hiking or kayaking.

Smooth-face fleece vests

You might have heard your friends talking about stretchable fleece vests that are incredibly comfortable. Smooth-face fleece vests are made using a blend of elastane, polyamide, and polyester. These vests are soft on the outside and inside, so you will love to touch the material.

Furthermore, you get a tight fit with the vests, so optimum warmth and comfort are guaranteed. Folks that are into strenuous activities such as rucksacks should go for smooth-face fleece vests due to the comfort and durability.


If you go for the best fleece vest, then rest assured that it will be durable and the vest will last longer provided that you follow the cleaning and maintenance regime. The factors that impact the durability of the vest are the material and construction.

If you choose fleece vests made using high-quality materials, then the vests will last longer, and you won't have any issues with them related to durability. Moreover, a durable jacket will perform well by withstanding wear and tear so that you can focus on your goals without worrying about the vest.

The most durable type of fleece has a synthetic blend because they are waterproof and can withstand normal wear and tear. Also, synthetic fleece has a mixture of plastic and polyester to make the vest extra durable and resistant to wind and water.

Check every other thing of the vest, such as the seams, to ensure that they are durable. Also, check the zippers as cheap zippers will break down easily, making the vest unfit for use. The best way to determine the durability of the fleece vest is by checking the customer reviews.

By checking the reviews, you can find out how durable the vest will be, and it is waterproof or not.


To determine the warmth offered by a fleece vest, you should check the weight of the material. Heavier fleece will offer more warmth, and you should purchase a heavy vest if you are traveling into an area with freezing weather. Below we have explained how you can check the weight of the fleece to make sure that you get the required warmth from it.


Jackets with this weight range are big and fluffy. If you want a vest that keeps you warm no matter what, then you should go for vests that fall in this weight range. However, you will feel the weight of the vest due to the thick fabric layers. Also, the breathability wouldn’t be that great as the thick layer will act as an obstacle.

You cannot wear a heavy fleece vest when the temperatures are moderate i.e., not too hot, not too cold.

What are these fleece vests ideal for?

If you need a fleece vest that keeps you warm no matter what, then these fleece vests should be your choice. The vests are heavy, but you can rest assured about the warmth you will get.


Most of the fleece vests fall in this weight range, and you will find tons of good options in this range. You can wear the vest only to keep yourself warm without putting on a thick outdoor jacket. The vests aren’t bulky and have decent breathability so that you will get optimum comfort.

What are these fleece vests ideal for?

If you want to travel through an area with cold temperature, then go for these fleece vests. The vests have a thick layer of fleece that ensures great breathability, and you will not feel suffocated or sweaty. You should use these vests during hiking or other such activities.


If you need a vest that's highly breathable and performance-oriented, go for the vests that are made with lightweight fleece. As the layer of fleece is thin, therefore you won't get ultimate warmth from it. The vests are good for wearing on a t-shirt, and you can comfortably move around without feeling any bulk.

What are these fleece vests ideal for?

These fleece vests are ideal for running and other such activities that require strenuous workout because the body generates heat. Using a lightweight fleece vest will make you feel comfortable, and you won’t feel suffocated while running.

But once you stop, then you may feel the cold, so keep an outdoor jacket with you so that you can feel the warmth all the time.


When looking for pockets, check the fabric used with the fleece to line the pocket so that you can keep your hands warm all the time. Also, check the number of pockets and make sure that there are enough of them to keep your accessories such as a smartphone, compass, and much more.

You will find two pockets on the front side of the vest and two pockets on the inner side of the chest area. Check how many pockets you need, and then search for the best fleece vest.

Overall construction or design

The overall construction or design of the fleece vest should be functional. The vest should be stylish and lightweight. Furthermore, everything on the vest should be simple, so that you can enjoy wearing it.

Look for high collars so that the vest protects your neck from the cold. Usually, fleece vests don’t have hoods, but some manufacturers are now offering detachable hoods that you can use if required.


The fit is an essential factor that you cannot miss to check as a fleece vest with an ill-fit is of no use. Yes, you can check the size chart, but that will help you in determining the size but not the fit. Most folks confuse fit with the size.

When looking for the right fit, make sure that you follow the below-mentioned tips so that it gives you a clean fit:

  • If you want to layer with the fleece vest, then make sure that the vest fits you great and isn't baggy or boxy. A thin vest should be your choice so that you can wear an outdoor jacket on it.
  • If you want to wear a heavy backpack on the jacket, then go for a fleece jacket that is slimmer and sportier. You will find a multitude of options in the market when looking for a sportier vest. The sportier vests will allow you to move around freely.
  • To ensure excellent coverage, you need a fleece vest that has a high collar and reaches below the torso level. The best way to test the fit is by wearing the vest and then raising your hands in the air to check if the vest exposes your stomach or other areas.

Adjustable hems

Most buyers overlook the adjustable hems when buying a fleece vest, and that can turn out to be a mistake. The adjustable hems allow you to adjust the fit, and you can tighten or loosen the vest whenever required.

Moreover, there is no need to remove your gloves when using the hems, so it is vital for a fleece vest to have this feature.

Quality of fleece

The life of the vest depends on the quality of the fleece it is made with. If you want the vest to last longer even after you wash it multiple times, then check the quality of the material.

When you are buying a fleece vest online, there is no possible way to test the quality of the material. Always buy vests manufactured by premium brands to ensure that you get a high-quality vest that lasts longer and remains good as new for years.

Furthermore, check the quality of zippers and inner lining as they are also an essential component of the vest. Show your research skills and look for some customer reviews to determine the quality of the materials.


If you buy a fleece vest that's versatile, then you can wear it during three seasons i.e., spring, winter, and fall. Most of the fleece vests are made using thin layers, so they are highly breathable and durable.

If you need a vest that you can wear in all three seasons, then go for thin jackets so that you can add more layers in winters and fewer layers during the spring when the temperature is moderate.

Versatility is essential as you don't have to buy multiple fleece vests, and you can modify your vest according to the temperature and climatic conditions.


Comfort is imperative when choosing a fleece vest, so you should ensure that the vest you are buying is comfortable to wear all day long. Check the material quality and the construction of the vest. Additionally, check the collars as some people don’t like high collars as they may cause irritation in the neck area.

Buy a vest that is of your size and gives a proper fitting. Not buying the right size will hamper the comfort, and you will not wear the vest for prolonged hours. Furthermore, check the breathability, as vests that are breathable are good to wear in hot and humid weather.

Overall, with these factors in mind, you can buy the best fleece vest that is highly comfortable.

Thumb loops

Never ever forget to check the thumb loops as they will be useful to get full coverage. You can put your thumbs into these loops to keep the vest in place.


The price of the fleece vest depends on the material type, brand, and other factors listed in this guide. To buy a fleece vest under your budget, you should consider how much you can spend so that you get a good vest without spending too much.

FAQs: Best Fleece Vest

Q: How to wash a fleece vest?

A: if you want your vest to last longer, it is essential to wash it properly. Below we have listed the correct way that you should use to wash your fleece vest.

The first thing that you should understand before washing the vest is how many times you should wash it, and how frequently the vest requires washing. Never wash the vest after single wear as it will downgrade the quality of fleece, and there is a chance that the vest loses its color.

As fleece vests are machine washable, therefore you don't need a tub or bucket full of water. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Empty the machine and wash the fleece vest alone so that no other clothing apparel loses its color on it.
  • Before putting the vest into the machine, turn it inside out and then make sure that the pockets are empty.
  • Now add a mild liquid detergent, and use the machine on a cold setting. If you use hot water to wash the fleece vest, then the fabric will start to pill.
  • If your fleece vest smells funky, then you can add a little amount of baking soda to the detergent.
  • After washing the vest, hang it for drying and don’t put it in direct sunlight.
Q: How long does a fleece vest last?

A: The lifespan of the vest depends on multiple factors, such as the quality of the vest, the size, and how frequently you are washing it. If you follow a proper caring regime, then the vest can last for 2-3 years without any issues. However, most folks don't care for the vest, and that is why it doesn't last that long.

Q: Can I wash the vest by hand?

A: Yes, you can wash the fleece vest by hand if you don’t have a washing machine available at the time. Read the instruction label to learn about the cleaning and care tips that you should follow when washing a vest.

Q: Are fleece vests worth it?

A: When you buy a fleece vest, you are investing in something that's highly durable and warm. The vest will protect you from winds, water splashes while making you feel comfortable all day long.

Q: What are interactive zippers?

A: You will find that some fleece vests have interactive zippers. These zippers get combined with the waterproof jacket, and you can use a common zip to open or close both jackets. If you are traveling in an area with rains, you should buy a vest that has interactive zippers.


With all the tips in mind, you can buy the best fleece vest. Check all the factors and then read the FAQ section to understand what considerations to make when buying a vest. Check the size chart and read about the material before clicking the buy now button.

Look for vests manufactured by popular brands so that you get a good quality vest that lasts longer and is comfortable as well. Also, read the customer reviews to find out some more important information about the vest, which isn't mentioned by the manufacturer.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the versatility so that you can wear the vests for multiple seasons by adding and removing layers. / - © Copyright 2020