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No matter whether you love hiking or running on the trail, you need a fleece jacket that keeps you warm. Fleece jackets are highly popular as they are lightweight and have ultimate insulation. You can even do layering with a fleece jacket, and that is another reason to buy it.

Manufacturers these days are using blends of blends of fleece to make the jackets even more fantastic. But the availability of different combinations has made it daunting to choose a fleece jacket.

You should buy a jacket that is comfortable to wear and lasts longer without any issues. To help you buy the best fleece jacket, we are here with this definitive buyer’s guide.

The guide comprises various factors that you should check before buying a fleece jacket. Continue reading to find out what a fleece jacket contains and what blends are available in the market.

What is fleece? And why is it so popular?

You might have heard backpackers and climbers talking about fleece jackets, as they are immensely popular. A fleece jacket is excellent to keep you warm and is available in an extensive range of designs and styles.

Fleece is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight and soft. Further, the material has excellent insulation, and the fabric keeps you warm all day long. Jackets made using fleece are perfect for the outdoors, and you can wear an outdoor suit on the jacket to get extra warmth.

Benefits of a fleece jacket

You might be thinking that an outdoor jacket can protect you from the cold, then why buy a fleece jacket. Well, there are tons of benefits of wearing a fleece jacket such as it keeps you warm, resists wind and water, and looks stylish.

Here are some reasons to choose a fleece jacket.

Resistant to wind and water

Jackets made using fleece are resistant to wind and water. The material is hydrophobic, so there will be no wetness even if it drizzles or you cross a pothole. The reason why fleece jackets are highly popular is due to the nature of the material.

The material resists wind, and you will feel warm throughout the day.


Fleece jackets are highly comfortable, and if you need comfort, you should go for one. The jackets have a soft inner that is touchable and gentle to the skin. Furthermore, there are no allergies or irritations caused due to fleece, so it is another reason to love these jackets.


As compared to other materials used to manufacture outdoor jackets, fleece jackets are lightweight and non-bulky. You can pack the jacket in your backpack as it occupies less space. Further, you can wear a base layer with the fleece jacket as they are sleek and have a minimal profile.


Fleece jackets are highly durable and don’t wear out quickly. When you invest in a good quality jacket, you can rest assured that it will last some seasons provided that you take care of it and wash it frequently.

Factors to look for when buying a fleece jacket

Here is a list of factors that you should look for in a fleece jacket before buying it. The amount of warmth and breathability depends on the type of fleece and jacket, so it is essential to check these factors.

Types of fleece

There are multiple types of fleece available in the market that are made using different blends. Every type has its own pros and cons, so it is important to learn about the different types before buying a jacket.

Micro fleece

The micro fleece is the lightest among all, and if you need a superb jacket that is highly warm and lightweight, then go with jackets made using micro fleece. Micro fleece jackets are good for running and other activities where you need a light jacket.

Also, these jackets are easy to pack and are washable. The best thing about micro fleece jackets is that they are breathable, and you won’t feel sweaty due to overheating.

Jackets with fleece around 200g/m² come under the category of microfiber fleece jackets.

What are these jackets best for?

The fleece jackets made using micro fleece are best if you need a highly breathable jacket. The jackets are lightweight and a decent option when the climate is moderate. You can quickly pack it into a backpack, and the jacket doesn’t add any bulk to your overall luggage.

Furthermore, the jackets are good for layering, and you can wear it over the base layer depending on your requirements.

Mid-weight fleece

Mid-weight fleece is heavier than micro fleece, but it still feels lighter than the other types. The jacket has around 200-300 g/m² fleece that has great insulation and protects you from the cold weather.

The jacket can be worn under an outdoor suit as they are good for layering. You will find multiple mid-weight fleece jackets out there that are available at affordable prices. Some people even call them as 3-in1 jackets as they are highly versatile and can be used for cooler as well as moderate conditions.

What are these jackets best for?

Fleece jackets made using midweight fleece have decent breathability, and you will not feel overheated in these jackets. If the weather is not too harsh, then you should go for jackets made using midweight fleece.

You can wear the jacket over a layer to fight the cold. If the activity you want to do doesn’t involve a lot of running and high impact workout, then midweight fleece jackets are perfect.

Heavyweight fleece

As the name clarifies itself, the fleece is heavy and offers ultimate insulation to keep you warm even in colder regions. The weight of the fleece is somewhere around 300g/m², and you will feel the thickness and weight of the jacket after wearing it.

Further, heavyweight fleece jackets have limited flexibility, but they are good if you don’t want to compromise with the warmth. The jackets have limited breathability, and there is no need to do any outer layering with them.

What are these jackets best for?

Heavyweight fleece jackets are good for getting protection from the cold. The jackets are made using thick material that keeps you warm, no matter what. You will feel the bulk of the jacket due to the material.

Also, these jackets have the ultimate insulation and lack of breathability. If you want to retain the heat inside the jacket, then make sure that it is made using heavyweight fleece.

Textured fleece

If you need a jacket that looks trendy and attractive, go for fleece jackets made using textured fleece. Textured fleece has a pattern that makes the jacket look fantastic. The weight of the fleece is similar to heavyweight fleece, and you can expect incredible warmth from it.

However, these jackets are expensive and require more care.

What are these jackets best for?

Jackets made using textured fleece offer fantastic insulation, just like heavyweight fleece jackets. However, the jackets look luxurious, and you will love to wear one if you have a good budget.


After determining the type of fleece jacket, you need, it is essential to determine the fit. The fit depends on multiple factors, such as the construction and type of fleece used to manufacture the jacket. The best way to determine what jacket fits you perfectly is by taking measurements.

Get a cloth tape and start measuring your body. Measure your chest, area across the shoulders, and other parts such as the arms. You will find these details mentioned in the size chart of the jacket.

When looking for the right size, use these dimensions to determine the fit. Also, check the customer reviews to make sure that the jacket you are going to buy fits as it promises.

Furthermore, the size of the jacket depends on the layering. If you need a jacket to wear with the base layer, then make sure that it gives you a loose fit so that you can wear the layer as well. On the other hand, if you don't want to wear a layer with the jacket, then you should go for jackets that offer a snug fit.

Similarly, the choice of the jacket should depend on where you want to travel and your backpack. If you go for a sporty jacket, then it will give you the flexibility required for running and climbing.

The best way to determine the size is by wearing the fleece jacket. Get a jacket, wear it and consider walking or running a bit to make sure that it is comfortable to wear.


There is no benefit of buying a fleece jacket that isn’t comfortable to wear. Go for a jacket that is highly comfortable so that you can wear it all day long without getting tired. The comfort of the jacket depends on the type of fleece and size.

Before buying a jacket, make sure that it fits you perfectly, and there is nothing that can cause discomfort during the journey. If you want to travel with a heavy backpack, go for thin jackets that are sporty and have ultimate flexibility.

Layering is also another important thing to check to determine the comfort you can expect from the jacket. Go for branded fleece jackets if you want to experience ultimate comfort.


How many pockets do you need? The reason we asked the question as the choice of pockets depends on your requirements. If you need a jacket with multiple pockets, then it's a matter of personal choice.

Fleece jackets come with multiple pockets such as there are pockets on the inside as well where you can keep your smartphone or other such things. The outer pockets are common among all fleece jackets that help you keep your hands warm.


When buying a fleece jacket, it is essential to check if it is durable. A good jacket will last multiple seasons, and you will get the true value of your investment. To determine the durability, you should check things like the material, fit, and the case the jacket needs.

One of the major drawbacks of cheap fleece jackets is that they pill over time and become unusable. Make sure that the jacket you are going to buy resists pilling and retains its color and shine.

Some jackets fade over time as you wash them, so don’t buy such jackets. Another thing to consider before buying a fleece jacket is its zipper. The zipper should be durable so that it doesn’t come off after a few uses.


Buying a versatile fleece jacket will reward you with the freedom of wearing it anytime. It is not necessary to wear a fleece jacket only in winter. Go for a jacket that you can wear during fall, spring, and winter.

These jackets have decent insulation and are breathable as well. Investing in a versatile jacket can be a great idea if you love to explore the outdoors. Furthermore, you can wear multiple layers with these jackets as they aren’t that thick.


Fleece jackets come with a hood that protects you from the cold winds and drizzles. Moreover, hoods add a lot of versatility to the jacket as you can wear it whenever required to experience ultimate warmth without compromising the breathability.

If you don’t like a jacket with a hood, then look for jackets that have removable hoods so that you can keep it at home when not required. Fleece jackets are available with or without hood, and the choice is up to you and your requirements.

Anti-pill material

The material used to manufacture the fleece jacket should be anti-pill so that the jacket lasts longer, and you can wear it to enjoy the outdoors. Check if the manufacturer has listed whether the jacket is anti-pill or not. Or check the customer reviews to find out if the jacket is resistant to pilling or not.


You cannot overlook breathability when buying a fleece jacket. The breathability helps you determine how hot the jacket will be. When you stay active, the body temperature rises automatically, and therefore breathability plays its role.

If you buy a jacket that has less breathability, then you will feel overheated, and it can lead to removing the jacket and walking in the base layer. Fleece jackets have excellent insulation, and you may feel wrapped into a sweat if the jacket is not breathable at all.

Breathable jackets are made using micro fleece, and they have less insulation. When you buy a jacket that has excellent breathability, then you should understand that the jacket will have less insulation, so you need to wear multiple layers with it.


The warmth of the fleece jacket depends on the material and insulation. Jackets made using heavyweight fleece have excellent warmth, but they are less breathable. Below we have explained the warmth offered by fleece jackets depending on the type of material and its thickness.

Fleece jackets lightweight

These jackets have minimal insulation as they are designed to offer breathability. If you are not traveling in an area with extreme temperatures, then go for fleece jackets that are made using lightweight fleece.

You can wear a base layer with the jacket to stay warm during the night.

Fleece jackets midweight

Fleece jackets made using midweight fleece have moderate insulation. The jackets offer a mix of insulation and breathability, so they are highly versatile. You can wear the jacket with a layer when you need warmth, and wear it without anything when you need breathability.

Fleece jackets heavyweight

These are the jackets with ultimate insulation. You will get excellent warmth from the jacket, and wearing them on a cold day will be a great idea. These jackets aren’t great for sunny and hot days.

While choosing the insulation, make sure that the jacket that has more insulation will have limited breathability. Go through some customer reviews to find out if the insulation the jacket offers.


The fleece jacket should be washable so that you can keep it clean while removing the dust and dirt build-up. The material should be of high quality, and it shouldn't shrink on washing. Always go for branded fleece jackets manufactured by prominent brands. Also, check the wash care before you toss the jacket into the machine.

Adjustable hem

Fleece jackets with adjustable hem let you tighten or loosen the jacket depending on your requirements. You will find the hem loops on these jackets so that you can adjust the fit according to your need. Not all fleece jackets come with an adjustable hem, so it is essential to check them beforehand.

Thumb loops

The thumb loops are the holes on the arm of the jacket. The loops let you rest your thumb in the loop to stay warm and to keep the jacket in place. If you don't want to wear gloves go for jackets with thumb loops.


The price of the fleece jacket depends on multiple factors, such as the quality of the material, its thickness, and the brand. You will find some cheap as well as expensive jackets in the market. Before you start searching for a fleece jacket, make your budget so that you can buy it under your budget.

Tips to take care of your fleece jacket

If you want the fleece jacket to last longer, then you should follow some care and maintenance tips. Below mentioned are the tips that you should follow to enhance the life of your fleece jacket.

  • Don't walk near direct flames.

When wearing a fleece jacket, avoid walking near flames. The material is prone to catching fire, and it can be disastrous. Stay away from the flame, or remove the jacket if you want to feel the heat.

  • Protect it from flying sparks

Even flying sparks can be harmful to the fleece jacket, so stay away from sparks if you want your jacket to last longer. The sparks can cause various holes on the jacket, which can make it unfit for wearing.

  • Never use fabric softener while washing.

When washing a fleece jacket, don't use fabric softener. Fleece is a naturally soft material, and it doesn't need an external softener.

FAQs: Best Fleece Jackets

A: How to wash a fleece jacket?

A: Washing a fleece jacket is essential to keep it clean and last longer. Here are some tips that you should follow when cleaning a fleece jacket.

  • Before you toss the fleece jacket into the washing machine, consider reading the instructions label.
  • Check all the pockets, and make sure that there is nothing that can harm the jacket while washing.
  • Use a front-loading machine to wash fleece jackets as they are gentle.
  • Close the zipper, and turn the jacket inside out to make sure that there is no pilling while washing.
  • Choose a gentle washing cycle.
  • Pour a little quantity of a mild cloth detergent.
  • Never use fabric softener when washing a fleece jacket.
  • Wash the jacket on a normal water temperature setting.
  • Don't spin it in the dryer, and dry it in the shade.
Q: How to remove stains from a fleece jacket?

A: Whenever you see a stain on the fleece jacket, immediately follow the tips mentioned below to make sure that it looks neat and clean.

  • Start blotting the stain so that it doesn’t get deeper into the fabric.
  • Use a mild detergent and rub it gently all over the stain.
  • Put the jacket in the washing machine for a quick wash.
  • Put it in the shade for drying.


With a fleece jacket, you will feel warm and comfortable throughout the day, so it is important to buy a good quality jacket. Follow this guide to know about the factors that you should check before buying a fleece jacket.

Note down all the factors and then start searching for the fleece jacket based on these parameters. Check everything carefully as you should buy a jacket that fits you perfectly and has excellent insulation to keep you warm.

Consider good brands that have a reputation in the market for manufacturing durable fleece jackets. / - © Copyright 2020