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Do you want to track your fishing time, the moon phases, weather, and tidal cycles? Well, the best fishing watch is definitely your thing!

But do you know how to buy a quintessential fishing watch? Or what factors to look for while selecting a fishing watch?

Due to the availability of hundreds of options, it can be daunting to settle down with the best option. But we are here to make things easy. Go through this definitive fishing watch buyer's guide to determine the crucial factors you should check before pressing the Buy Now button.

What is a Fishing Watch and Why do You Need One?

A fishing watch is a smart device that keeps you updated about some crucial details: the time, weather, moon phases, and other such things you need to know while waiting for the fish to catch your hook.

But the question is, do you really need a fishing watch, or can you use any other device instead of the watch?

Well, having a fishing watch is essential as these are specially designed for the fisherman. With a reliable fishing watch, you will get accurate details required to catch more fish as you can predict a lot of things like the weather.

Having a good fishing watch is just like having an excellent fishing rod, so you should get one before today.

Why is a Buyer’s Guide Necessary?

You might be thinking, what is the need to read a buyer's guide before buying a fishing watch. But it is indispensable for every keen fisherman.

Modern fishing watches come with a plethora of features that it can become confusing for anyone while choosing the best one.

In this buying guide, we have elaborated on every single feature you can expect with a fishing watch. Furthermore, we have discussed some critical factors as well, which can impact your experience with the watch.

So before you make your decision, it will be a nice idea to go through this comprehensive guide to buy the best fishing watch.

Features to Look for While Choosing the Best Fishing Watch

With the following features, you can quickly make a rewarding purchase when choosing a fishing watch. We have listed almost all features you can expect so that it becomes easier for you to know what features a fishing watch can offer.

Let’s get started

Before we start with the features, there are some important considerations to make. You cannot buy a watch that's uncomfortable to wear, as fishing is a vigorous activity, so comfort is paramount. Check these factors and then look for features to select the best fishing watch for the money.

Case Dimensions

Checking the case dimensions is critical as you cannot go with a fishing watch with a tiny case. The case houses all the components of the watch and protects it from splashes. Go for a fishing watch with a decent-sized case that is big enough to display all the details even if you submerge it underwater.

The choice of case dimensions also depends on your personal preference as some fishermen love to wear small watches, whereas most of them believe in buying large fishing watches.

Strap Material

The material of the strap has a lot to do with the comfort fishing watch offers. You should go for watches that have comfortable straps so that you can focus on other activities without adjusting the strap multiple times.

We recommend buying watches with an adjustable clamping system so that you can adjust the strap as per your comfort. Most fishermen consider rubber watch straps as these don't get damaged even in saltwater and are easy to clean.

Some premium brands like Casio offer titanium straps that are comfortable, rust-proof, and sturdy.

The choice is up to you and your budget.

Digital or Analog Dial

You have to choose between digital or analog dial as good fishing watches are available in both options. Yes, digital and analog both are excellent in functioning, but digital watches offer the ease of understanding every detail.

On the other hand, analog fishing watches are ideal for the timekeepers, as you can quickly view the time and other such information displayed on the watch.


Warranty will cover most of the defects in the watch, and you get extra assurance while buying one. The warranty terms and policies vary on the basis of manufacturers, and we advise you to go through the terms before buying a watch.

Now coming back to the features that you should check while buying a fishing watch!

Water Resistance

No matter how careful you are, there will be a tide that will soak your fishing watch. Generally, all the fishing watches are waterproof as these are meant to withstand splashes. But there are a variety of options available with different capabilities.

Some fishing washes are resistant to splashes, while others remain protected from water damages even if you take a plunge into the water.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. We suggest going with fishing watches that are fully waterproof so that the watch remains functional even if it gets wet.

Waterproof watches are fantastic, and you can expect a considerable lifespan with one of these, so the investment is worth every penny.

Ease of Reading

Imagine struggling with the watch in the middle of the ocean while handling the fishing rod? It'll be baffling, right? Well, it is!

But if you have a watch, that's easy to read and understand that you can prevent this from happening to you. Always go for fishing watches that are easy to read, and you can quickly check the information you need at a particular moment.

Check if the watch has a bigger screen so that you can even read the information in a rush. A fishing watch that displays multiple data modes with minimal struggle should be your choice to check the essential information without brainstorming about the features your watch offers.


If you don't mind fishing at night, fishing watches with backlit features should be your choice. Due to a lack of visibility, it can be challenging for you to check the essential information displayed on the watch.

Check whether the watch has a backlit feature, or it illuminates in the dark before buying it.

Battery Life

Longer the battery life, better the experience you will get with the watch. The battery life of a fishing watch varies from model to model, and the manufacturer. Some good quality watches even last a few months after a single charge, and you don’t have to indulge in the hassles of recharging it all over again.

Furthermore, some fishing watches come with solar charging support, and the battery keeps on recharging if you are under the sun.

Check the battery life and make sure that it matches your requirements. If you are an avid fisherman, then go for watches with longer battery life.

If fishing is just a side hobby, you can get any model as you get enough time to recharge the watch.


The primary purpose of a barometer is to measure any changes or fluctuations in the air pressure. Fishing watches with a barometer will help you predict the upcoming weather with the help of the air pressure.

High pressure signifies a sunny and bright day, whereas low air pressure means cloudy and rainy weather. If you are an expert angler that has to do a lot with the air pressure and climatic conditions, then you should go for a watch with a barometer.

Not every fishing watch comes with a barometer, so it becomes critical to check it beforehand.

Vibrate Alarm

You should go for fishing watches with a vibrating alarm as the noise of the waves and winds can easily suppress a normal alarm. If you have been on shoreline fishing before, then you might know the noise created by the winds.

A watch with a vibrating alarm will ensure that you don't miss the important tasks you have scheduled. The watch will remind you when it is time to pack up the stuff, and you won't get late at any time. Some fishing watches offer both audio and vibrate alarm features, which are cherries on the top.

Tidal Information

There are multiple theories that have proved the impact of tides on fishing, and that's why a fishing watch that displays tidal information makes a lot of sense. Low and high tides both have different impacts on fishing, and you can easily find the type of tides using the watch.

Some fantastic fishing watches come with a tidal information feature that keeps you updated about the lunar phases so that you can reckon the tidal situation.

Again, the choice is up to you and your end requirements. Fishing watches with tidal information can be pretty expensive due to this excellent feature, so you should be prepared to spend more money to experience better features.


It's quite common to immerse yourself into fishing as it is addictive, no matter if you are a professional or a beginner. While you are flowing with the currents, it is important to keep track of your location. A fishing watch with GPS or compass will help you in reaching back to the shore.

You can quickly navigate the locations using the compass, so there will be no hassles at all. If you are not looking to fish on a kayak or boat, then you can go with watches without a compass.

The choice depends on you and how you are going to use the fishing watch.

Smartphone Compatibility

With smartphone compatibility, you can fetch the information to your device in minutes. If you want to keep track of the information, then consider fishing watches that are compatible with smartphones.

There are only a few good watches that connect with the smartphone, so you should be extra careful while making the purchase.

Moreover, you can receive push notifications on the watch to use it as a smartwatch connected with your phone.


An altimeter is another type of barometer that calculates the atmospheric pressure to determine the descent and ascent time of divers. You can use a fishing watch for diving as well with this particular feature.

However, every fishing watch doesn't need to have an altimeter.

Sunset and Sunrise Details

Go for a fishing watch that displays the sunset and sunrise details. Generally, fish are highly active during some twilight moments of sunset and sunrise. And you can be in the best place at the right time using the sunset and sunrise details.

This feature is available in digital watches, and you can toggle in the menu to check the details whenever you need them.

A Few Tips to Maintain Your Fishing Watch

To get the best lifespan from your watch, you should follow these tips religiously. Undoubtedly, a fishing watch can be expensive, so it would be great to be safe rather than being sorry.

Check the Water Resistance Rating

Have a look at the water resistance rating of the watch before you take it for fishing. Every watch has a different water resistance level. If you want to take the watch deeper into the water, go with better water resistance options.

Take it off in Saunas.

Enjoying a sauna can be great after a long and tiring day of fishing, but you cannot take your fishing watch in the sauna for various reasons. Take your watch off if you want it to last longer.

Clean it Properly

Even if the watch is resistant to saltwater, you should consider cleaning it with freshwater before packing into the box. The cleaning regime has a lot to do with the longevity of the watch, so you shouldn’t miss it at any cost.

FAQs about Best Fishing Watch

Q: How to clean a fishing watch?

A: Cleaning a fishing watch is not like cleaning your regular watch. You have to be extra careful while cleaning these watches. Avoid using a microfiber cloth as the fiber can get trapped in the watch’s bezels. You can use cotton buds to clean the accumulated grime after removing the straps.

It would be best to use eye lens cleaning cloth for cleaning the watch lens as these are soft and won’t damage or scratch the watch lens.

You can wash your fishing watch multiple times because these are waterproof. Lastly, avoid rubbing it with a towel if you want the watch to look like new for years.

Q: Are fishing watches unisex?

A: No matter whether you are a man or a woman, you can use a fishing watch to entertain your purposes. Make sure to check the strap and case dimensions before buying a watch so that it fits you perfectly.

Q: What is the average battery life of a fishing watch?

A: It depends on various factors like the brand and the type of watch you have. Some reliable fishing watches can last for months on a single charge, whereas some models need to be recharged frequently.

Some other factors impacting battery life are the usage and health of the battery. You can go for watches with energy-saving modes if you want the battery to last longer.

Q: Do I really need a fishing watch?

A: Having a fishing watch by your side makes things comfortable, like you know what time it is while setting alarms. Moreover, these devices keep you updated about some essential details, including tidal time, lunar phase, and much more, which are crucial for fishing.

Q: Can I use a fishing watch as a regular one?

A: Yes, you can use a fishing watch as a regular one, but we don't recommend doing it! There are multiple disadvantages of using these watches on an everyday basis; for example, you cannot use it in a sauna or hot water bath.

Q: How much does a good fishing watch cost?

A: The cost of a good fishing watch depends on multiple factors like the brand, features you are considering in it, and much more. You will get some excellent options under $100; however, high-end fishing watches are pretty expensive.

Q: What’s the best fishing watch brand?

A: There are many brands that manufacture phenomenal fishing watches, i.e., Casio, Suunto, Garmin, and much more. These brands have the best models available in the market. However, you can go with other brands as well if you find a good option.

Q: Do I get a timer feature in a fishing watch?

A: Some fishing watches offer a timer feature as well so that you can use it whenever required. Make sure to check it before buying the watch as the feature is not common among all watches.

Q: Do these watches come pre-configured?

A: Some automatic fishing watches come pre-configured from the manufacturer, but you have to configure them again, depending on the time-zone. Configuring a watch is easy, and you can do it by referring to the instruction manual.

Q: Are fishing watches shock-resistant?

A: Yes, you will find some models available in the market that are resistant to gravitational, mechanical, and vibration shock. These watches are durable and can deliver a significant lifespan.

You can go with some watches offered by Casio as these are highly resistant to shocks.

Q: Where can I buy a fishing watch?

A: You can buy a fishing watch from various places, including Amazon. Always go with trusted sellers so that you get a genuine product that functions correctly. Avoid falling for websites that claim to be irresistible but are nothing more than a scam.

Q: Can I receive an SMS notification on these watches?

A: To receive SMS notifications on the fishing watch, you need to buy one that is compatible with your smartphone. Furthermore, look for SMS push notifications in the particular model to ensure that it will keep you updated about the important texts you receive while fishing.

Q: How accurate are fishing watches?

A: Fishing watches are highly accurate, but the accuracy depends on the model you are using. Prominent manufacturers like Casio, Garmin, Suunto manufacture quality watches which guarantee high accuracy. You can also test the accuracy of a watch by setting it up and taking it out for fishing


With this quick and easy buyer's guide, you can select the best fishing watch that's worth your money. Check all the factors listed here and look at the features every specific model offers to funnel down the exemplary models from the list.

There’s no better device than a fishing watch, so having one will be beneficial for you. Lastly, consider checking the FAQ section as well to get some more information about the latest watches available on the market.

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