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An elite fishing rod, a cooler filled with beverages, a folding chair, and a proper fishing hat. You may think that you are all set for the fishing expedition. Stop and think for a moment. Aren't you missing one critical element? Do you really think that your regular shoes will work appropriately on the wet and slimy surfaces?

Your regular shoes will bow down to the harsh environmental conditions, and you will not feel comfortable while fishing. On the other hand, fishing shoes will keep your feet comfortable and will not hinder your moment while reeling in the bigger fish.

What are fishing Shoes? Why do you need them

People think that having a fishing rod, fish bait, fish hooks, bobbers, and swivels prepares them for catching fish. But let me break the truth, fishing shoes are as important as the items mentioned above and not having them can make the trip uncomfortable and uneasy.

Fishing shoes are the best pair for fishing purposes as they dry out quickly, are light-weighted, provide more ease of movement, and prevent the risk of an accident when you are out of water. It is because they are non-slippery.

They are also pretty fashionable and available in numerous colors and designs. The breathability that these shoes allow can make the fishing experience much more enjoyable.

Moreover, you can reach out to wet and muddy or sticky places with these shoes as they are specifically designed with the purpose of going into water and such places.

Keep reading this guide if you are not sure about fishing shoes and rather are confused about what specifications to consider while purchasing.

Slip-On vs. Velcro vs. Laces

Fishing Shoes are not only an object for fashion. They are crucial for fishing purposes. The type you select depends on fishing, environmental situations, and other conditions of the place you are going fishing.

If you have planned a fishing trip to the sea, then releases are the best option. It is because Velcro will get wet and is not suitable for rough situations, and slip-ons have a risk of slipping away from your foot.

On the other hand, laces help in securing the shoe on your foot tightly. They are perfect for rough usages and do not require constant checks.

However, if you plan for fishing in a pleasant and calm area with peaceful weather conditions, then slip-ons can be the best choice. It is because they are very comfortable.

Types of Fishing Shoes

Fishing shoes are available in a wide variety. They can vary in terms of fashion or terms of usages. Selecting a particular type is hard but not impossible. Therefore, we have mentioned and explained the five major types below to make the selection process easier.

  1. Low Cut Shoes & Boots or Waders

Low cut shoes are the best choice when you certainly know your feet are going to be wet. These shoes are waterproof. It means that they not only resist water but also completely keep it away to ensure the consistency of dryness for your feet.

However, if you will be going on fishing in a cold area, instead of low cut shoes, you should opt for boots or waders as they can keep your feet warm.

  1. Mesh shoes

Another popular type of fishing shoe is mesh shoes. These shoes have water resistance technology but are not waterproof. However, what makes them a popular choice is the breathability they provide.

These shoes allow the flow of air, which helps in keeping the feet dry. They keep the moisture in control, which is why they are also a healthy choice. Mesh shoes are suitable for wet areas. They can also help in protection from harmful UV rays.

  1. Deck or Boating Shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes are specifically designed for boating and fishing purposes. They come with water resistance technology and have a non-slippery sole.

These shoes are the most comfortable for summer wear and can withstand rough usages.

  1. Water Shoes

Water shoes are the best for summer conditions. They are extremely light weighted and stay in-tact on the feet. They have a non-slippery sole, so you don't have to worry about mishaps or accidents.

They have a pretty cool water resistance technology that allows the water to drain off your feet, keeping it dry.

They are also very breathable. Your feet will not get sweaty and smelly even with the hottest days with the water shoes.

  1. Aquatic Sandals & Clogs

If you are someone who doesn't like the weight on your feet, then aquatic sandals and clogs are perfect.

They are another fantastic option for hot weather conditions. These footwears are very open and breathable. But their openness does not mean that they cannot protect you from objects like pebbles.

Need to read a buying guide before selecting the best product

These shoes keep your feet stable and dry on the slimy surfaces. But it is vital to choose the right fit for yourself.

The buying guide provides all the necessary information equipped to make the right decision and saves you from the market's bear traps.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Fishing Shoes


The first thing that you must consider while purchasing fishing shoes is the material. Purchasing good stuff can work for years and vice versa. Here's a list of some premium quality materials that opt for.

  1. Rubber

Rubber fishing shoes are hands down the best ones, and there are several reasons behind it. One is that they take up the shape of the obstacle you step on. It helps in preventing the risk of injuries.

Another reason why the rubber is an excellent material for fishing shoes is because of its non-slippery nature. The sole of such shoes will protect you from sleeping even in really muddy and slippery areas.

  1. Synthetic material

Synthetic materials are excellent when it comes to resisting water. A synthetic material such as Nubuck can absorb little to no water keeping your feet dry all day long.

You do not have to compromise your comfort with synthetic materials as these materials are also very breathable and usually light-weighted. Most of the synthetic materials are most suitable for summer weather conditions.

  1. Felt

Felt is another fishing shoe material that makes a great choice. Like rubber, felt too is capable of making a firm grip even in sticky and muddy regions.

Felt is a somewhat waterproof material. Therefore your feet will be safe and dry.

Grip and traction

Having a firm grip and traction is crucial, especially in terms of fishing. One of the worst nightmares for fishing is to slip and get all muddy or hurt.

Grip and traction are necessary to prevent such a situation. The risk of slipping exists even when you are on the boat. This is because of all the muddy patches that come along with the fish or shoes.

Fishing shoes are a savior under such circumstances. This footwear has a solid grip and traction. Moreover, they form a stronghold with the surface. One reason for this is the sole, usually made from materials like rubber, mesh, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds.

These components are made with a specific reason to help the anglers with forming a tight grip and traction. In terms of boots, waders are the best with grip and traction. These boots perform amazing on wet rocks or other slippery areas.

However, there is one demerit of these boots. They are not so compatible with water. Therefore before making a purchase, you must consider the environment or situation you will be using the footwear in. Then buy accordingly.


Comfort matters even when you are going on fishing and thinking that you will be sitting around all day holding a fishing rod.

The fact is fishing is not an easy activity, and it involves a lot of movement. Moreover, fishing takes a lot of time, in some cases, even a whole day.

And the person does not want to have a heavyweight or unbreathable feeling on their feet. To solve such issues, buy fishing shoes.

These shoes are made with the purpose of fishing. They are light-weighted and breathable. They also have water resistance or waterproof technologies, which help keep your feet dry and, hence, provide you comfort.

They also maintain the perfect moisture, and they are healthy for your feet. It is crucial to buy the right size for the utmost comfort. If you are purchasing the footwear for cold weather conditions, say boots, then purchase one size bigger as you will be wearing socks underneath.


There is no doubt that you will be in a wet environment when you are fishing.

If you are fishing from a boat, the floor can be slippery due to the water coming along with the fishes or the mud that comes along with shoes. If you are fishing through wet rocks, then the stones itself are enough to make you slip.

Sleeping will not only get your clothes all dirty or make you feel embarrassed, but it can cause injuries. The best option to save yourself from such possibilities is to opt for fishing shoes as they are made with the slip-proof sole.


When we speak of style, we not only talk about the eye-catching looks but also the category. Fishing shoes are available in a wide range of styles.

You can find various designs, colors, and patterns with these shoes and popular categories such as hiking style or light sneakers.

However, it is crucial to keep quality in mind. Don't let the classy look or brand fool you. It is recommended to check the condition yourself. If you are ordering online, then cross-check the reviews.

After all, your shoes may not last if you don't give importance to the quality.

Sole type

Another factor that you must consider is the sole type. This feature is essential as many functions, including the grip and traction, depend on it. Some of the best sole types that you should look for are :

  1. Rubber

Rubber is undoubtedly unbeatable when it comes to sole type preferences. Rubber material has an inbuilt feature of modifying its shape based on the obstacle it is stepping on.

Because of this, it can hold a firm grip with the surface preventing you from falling. You can also use rubber sole shoes for other activities such as hiking or trekking.

  1. Waders

Waders are another great option when it comes to the shoes' sole. These boots also have a strong grip on wet and slippery surfaces because of the inbuilt metals spikes. They are perfect for cold weather conditions.

However, the only demerit they have is that they may not work adequately or feel uncomfortable with them on dry surfaces. This is because they are designed for the purpose of fishing in cold and wet areas.

Versatility and Durability

Your money is going to be wasted if you don't consider versatility and durability while buying fishing shoes.

There is some footwear made only for fishing purposes, yet they don't last for a month. Hence, you need to pay attention to these elements.

The primary factor that can decrease the versatility of shoes is the weather condition. Boots can not work for hot weather, and slip-ons cannot work for cold weather. Therefore, consider the environmental and climate conditions before merchandising.

Durability, on the other hand, refers to how long the footwear can last. Ensure that the sole is stitched and not glues as stitched soles last longer. Also, ensure that the shoe tongue is attached tightly to the shoe corner or tear up fast.

Material is a significant element of importance when it comes to durability, so you must consider it as well.

Water Draining Feature

You will be in or near water when you decide to go on fishing. Fishing with wet and sticky footwear is as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Moreover, wet footwears tend to be heavier and can cause irritation and rashes on your feet, so water draining property is vital in fishing shoes.

With the water drainage feature, the shoes will not absorb or store water. Instead, it will be drained out, and the shoes will dry quickly. It will help in keeping the boots dry, which leads to dry and comfortable feet. Moreover, this also prevents the risk of slipping or falling.

There are boots available with 100% waterproof technologies. So, you can purchase them for cold weather circumstances. Though they are a bit pricey, they tend to be more durable.

Ankle Support

An appropriate pair of fishing shoes is the one that can also provide excellent ankle support. There is a high possibility of you hurting your ankle because of the tricky and twisty obstacles under the water.

The slippery surfaces can also cause sharp pain in the ankles. Excellent ankle support creates a better balance and decreases the chances of you sleeping and twisting your ankle.

Therefore, you must look for ankle support in the footwear you purchase to prevent such injuries on your ankle or other unpleasant experiences.


Breathability is another vital element that must be present in fishing shoes. Proper airflow and ventilation in the footwear enhances the overall experience and increases the comfort level.

Problems of sweat and smell decrease with the presence of breathability. Your feet remain moisturized, and issues of rashes and itching do not occur. Your feet feel light-weighted, and because of this, you can concentrate more on the fishing task.

If you are fishing under hot weather conditions, then mesh is an excellent option for footwear. On the other hand, Neoprene is a better option for cold weather circumstances as it keeps your feet warm.

Easy Maintenance

Fishing shoes do not require high maintenance. They are usually pretty easy to maintain, and no extra efforts are needed. If a product states that it requires high maintenance, then it is better not to purchase it.

Little maintenance steps can help the shoes last for a much longer duration and save you some money. Some of these easy maintenance steps are :

  1. Cleaning the footwear after every trip
  2. Checking the eyelets for rusts or corrosion
  3. Looking inside the shoes to ensure no sand particles or pebbles remain inside.
  4. To check the shooting and see if it is tightly attached or is tearing up.
  5. Visit a specialist in-case you notice a torn area.


Budget is the thing or element that decides the whole shopping or choice of fishing shoes. There is no meaning behind selecting a product that does not suit your budget or exceeds your budget.

Therefore, you should first plan out a suitable budget and then look for products whose price range is pocket-friendly. Remember, the most expensive products are sometimes of the cheapest quality and vice versa.

Therefore, don't just make decisions based on brand or price but look for the quality and material in depth by yourself.

Steps To Maintain your Fishing Shoes?

We already discussed the importance of maintaining and some steps that can be taken for that purpose. Now let us study this step for maintenance in detail.

  1. Get the dirt out

The first thing to do after you return from your fishing trip is to get the dirt out of your footwear.

Ignoring this step can lead to the emergence of rusting and corrosion that can decrease the durability of your fishing shoes.

  1. Clean the sole with warm water

The sole of the shoes attract the most mud and dirt and therefore need the most care. Always remember to clean the sole with lukewarm water as it will help in removing the dirt instantly.

  1. Use fresh water

Once you are done with cleaning the sole, use fresh water to clean the footwear. Freshwater will help remove any remaining dirt or dust from the overall shoe in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Wipe with a dry cloth

After you are done with cleaning the footwear with freshwater, it is time that you wipe it with a dry cloth. It will help in getting the excess water out of the shoe.

  1. Dry in the sun/dryer

The final step is to dry the footwear off completely. You can keep the footwear outside in sunlight for a day so that it can dry, or you can put it in a dryer only if the shoe is compatible with it.

Ensure that the footwear is not worn out or other stitches are not breaking apart. In case of any damage, then consult a footwear specialist or a cobbler for repair.


Should I wear socks with my shoes?

No, it is not essential to wear socks with shoes as nowadays there are shoes that do not require socks to be worn. However, if you still want to be sure, you can go with neoprene socks that help in giving you an extra layer of warmth.

What are the best shoes for offshore fishing?

While on an offshore fishing trip, you must wear footwear with a rubber sole that is quick-drying. You shouldn't wear flip flops, except that you can go for shoes, boots or sandals. You can also try sneakers that impart a firmer grip.

Can I wear fishing shoes outside the water?

Generally, fishing shoes are very versatile. They are lightweight and offer great comfort. Thus, there is no problem in wearing them outside the water. However, you need to take care that if you are going to indulge in some water sports, you need to be careful about using them.

What is the fishing shoe bottom made of?

The fishing shoe bottom is made of something stable or durable. You can wear footwear with a material that is not slippery such as molded rubber. It will impart the essential grip necessary to handle all the soil types, be it muddy or rocky.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a newbie or an expert angler, you should understand the importance of proper footwear gear and invest in the right product. The fishing shoes protect your feet from several things, and they also help you enjoy your activity.

In this comprehensive guide, we have explained every aspect of the product so that you can easily choose the apt one. / - © Copyright 2020