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Fishing pliers buying guide

A fishing plier is an indispensable gear to carry while going on fishing expeditions. Every angler, expert or newbie, should carry this tool to save their fingernails from several injuries.

Selecting the right pair for yourself can be a little tiresome as there are a plethora of options available in the market. You need to consider every factor that affects the performance of the product.

Reading this extensive guide will allow you to gather all the necessary information on all the factors quickly. With this, you can evaluate all the factors with your needs and choose a suitable product.

Why should you read a buying guide before selecting the right product?

Carrying the right plier with you can solve many difficult tasks easily. However, before selecting a plier, you need to think about different elements like nose length, grip, type budget, and whatnot.

Looking for different resources to collect all the information can be a challenging task, and sometimes you may encounter a bogus pool of facts.

We have prepared a comprehensive buying guide to save your time and provide you with authentic and useful information.

Let us dive into in-depth detail about the different characteristics of the product.

What actually is a Fishing Plier? Why should you opt for them?

Fishing pliers are extremely helpful and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for crimping, cutting lines, pulling hooks swallowed by the fish, removing the hook, and so on.

They are one of the most versatile gadgets used for fishing. Their primary function is to form a tight grip, but they can do a lot more than that. Having the perfect fishing plier can definitely make your fishing experience or trip ten times better.

Their maintenance is also pretty simple, and they are also safe and user-friendly.

If you are not sure about fishing pliers yet or are confused about making a purchase, then keep scrolling as this article deals with everything related to it.

Type of Fishing Pliers

There are three most common types of fishing pliers. Making a choice between them can be a little tricky but not difficult if you know the specialty and usages of each type. The three types are basic pliers, feature pliers, and fancy pliers. They are further explained with the points given below :

  1. Basic pliers

The basic pliers are made up of stainless steel and can last for a long time under suitable circumstances. They do need a little care and maintenance, but they are very good at handling the fish.

  1. Feature pliers

The second most common and useful type of fishing pliers is the feature pliers. These pliers are suitable for fishing in saltwater as they have high resistance to rust. They also usually have features like special braid cutting tools, split-ring tips, and so on.

  1. Fancy pliers

Just like the name suggests, these fishing pliers are extremely fancy looking and highly durable. They have the best and the sharpest kind of blades with titanium handles. However, they are very expensive when compared to the other pliers.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Fishing Pliers

  1. Material

The very first thing that you must consider while purchasing a fish plier is its material. The material should be something that suits your fishing style, and it is better if it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Titanium is one of the best materials for a fishing plier as they are highly durable and strong. Another strong and durable material type is stainless steel.

However, even if you purchase a strong material, you need to ensure that it is coated with another layer to increase the rust and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum is another material that is good for fishing pliers. Aluminum helps in preventing rust and corrosion and therefore increases strength and durability.

No matter what material you end up with, just make sure that the material is strong and has extra layers of coating. Also, it can survive the wet and humid environment and can control moisture. If it fails to do so, then problems like rust and corrosion will occur quickly, and the plier will be of no use.

  1. Grip

The grip is another important thing to consider when purchasing a fish plier. A strong grip helps with proper tension application and dexterity. A tight grip is needed to pick up the slack.

The grip helps in making the handling process and management easier. A good grip technology of a fish supplier can help in handling even with wet and slippery hands. It is best to choose pliers with ergonomically designed handles.

Make sure that the size of the handle forms a perfect and comfortable grip in your hand and is never too small or too big. You can also choose fishing pliers with rubberized or molded grip material. Such materials also offer a strong and secure grip.

It is best to buy a fishing plier from a store where you can physically visit and practically test and hold the plier for yourself.

  1. Lengthy Jaw

Jaws are the shaped spots present on the inner side of the cutter. Their basic functions are for stretching, holding, unhooking, and molding. You must look for a lengthy jaw in the fishing plier. The jaws provide an amazing grip.

High-quality materials invested in jaws can increase the durability and strength of the fishing plier. A fishing plier with a good lengthy jaw can withstand maximum force and difficult situations and perform various complex tasks.

One the other hand, a short and weak jaw can easily get damaged and is a complete waste of money. Therefore, ensure to get fishing pliers with lengthy jaws, or else you may end up with waste and weak products.

  1. Nose Length

The choice of nose length depends on the environment and circumstances in which you will be fishing. And also, what type of fishes you are planning to catch.

In the case of fishing in saltwater, a longer nose length like a needle-nose length is recommended. This is because it is better for handling large and toothy fishes, for example, snappers and groupers.

The length of the needle nose pliers and the nose design helps to reach deeper into the fish while removing the hook. This is one reason why nose pliers are important to consider when purchasing a fish plier.

If you are deciding or planning on fishing in freshwater, then a shorter nose length will be enough for you and will help you in handling small fishes like trout and bass.

Overall, the best and ideal type of nose length completely depends on the purpose you are buying it for and the environment and circumstances it will be used in.

  1. Cutting Options

There are two cutting options available with fishing pliers. They are line cutters and side cutters. It is best to purchase a fishing plier that gives both the options so that a variety of cutting purposes can be fulfilled when fishing.

A side cutter is needed to be strong and durable. This is because it performs the functions of cutting hooks, steel wires, and other strong and tough materials. This is why having a side cutter is always an advantage when fishing.

On the other hand, the line cutter is an important feature that is used for cutting monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. A line cutter must be extremely sharp and hard so that it can cut braided lines with ease and without causing problems with injuries.

Also, if possible, then purchase a fishing plier with replaceable cutters. Cutters are bound to wear down with the passage of time and usages.

So, if the cutter is replaceable, you can easily exchange it with a brand new one. Also, ensure that the material is strong and will work for a long time, even with rough and tough usages.

  1. Ergonomics

Another important thing that your fishing plier must fulfill is the feature of ergonomics. The best fishing plier is the plier which is light-weighted and comfortable to hold and use.

You can easily operate a light-weighted and comfortable fishing plier with one hand. However, if the fishing plier is heavy and is bulky to use, then using both of your hands will not be enough.

It is best if you could purchase fishing pliers that have spring-loaded handles. You will not have to continuously adjust the grip or feel uncomfortable by mistakenly prying them open by pressing it together, with the spring-loaded handles.

Hence, it is better to buy pliers with larger spring-loaded handles. However, make sure that you don't buy a cheap quality, spin-off spring-loaded fishing plier as they are almost impossible to handle and have the tendency to completely ruin your fishing trip.

  1. Lanyards

These are rubber or nylon ropes that elevate the portability of the product. They are another essential item that you must consider and keep in mind when you plan on purchasing a fishing plier.

Most of the good and reputed manufacturers provide the option of lanyards with the fishing plier. Lanyards are pretty simple to use and can be attached easily with your waist, bin, or clothes by simply hooking them to it.

Having a lanyard is not mandatory, but it definitely makes the fishing experience easier to handle. You can grab and store your tools efficiently and be prepared all the time with lanyards.

  1. Sheath

Sheaths present an organized and simple solution to store fishing pliers. Moreover, it also keeps your hands and pliers safe and secure.

This is because usually, most of the fishing pliers are made up of razor-sharp blades and edges that can cut your cloth or cause an injury on your skin if not stored properly. However, you get protection with a sheath, and therefore, it also prevents the risk of such incidences.

A sheath is also easy to carry and can be simply attached to your belt or any other clothing item or accessory, whatever feels convenient and comfortable to you.

  1. Weight

No one wants to carry extra and additional weight, especially when traveling. Heavy fishing pliers can increase your weight and create discomfort.

Moreover, carrying pliers while fishing can also restrict movements. Therefore, it is important to have a fishing plier that is light-weighted for better and enhanced experience.

Light-weighted fishing pliers are more efficient with more portability. You can easily carry them and move around, and they don't restrict any movement related to fishing. Rather, it helps in increasing efficiency and making your fishing trip more easy and fun.

A number of difficulties can be limited with the help of a light-weighted fishing plier. Therefore, it is indeed a mandatory element that you must consider before making a final purchase. In case you are ordering online, then go through the description given and the customer reviews as well.

  1. Durability

Durability is another important phenomenon that must be present with the fishing plier. Nobody wants to visit the shop again and again to buy the same product and waste extra money.

Therefore, always ensure that the product is durable to prevent such a scenario from happening. You can ensure its durability through the quality of its primary material as well as the layers of coating.

Remember that sometimes the most famous brands offer the cheapest quality product. Therefore, don't let the brand or its price overwhelm and fool you.

If you are looking for the product online, then make sure to cross-check the reviews and feedback given by the customers who have already used the product.

  1. Crimper and Split Ring Tool

Another feature that can make the fishing pliers more exceptional and desirable is the crimper and split ring tool. A crimper is a tool that enables you to make joins and crimping leads and sleeves. They are mostly available with pliers with a crimping notch in the jaws.

Split ring tool enables you to set up split rings. This feature is really handy for bass and saltwater purposes. This tool is best for or replacing and changing a hook. It makes this purpose really fast and safe and also easy to perform.

If the plier does not have this feature, then you will probably have to use your fingernails for opening and installing split rings.

Therefore, even though it is not compulsory, it is best to get a plier with both the tools of the crimper and split ring for more convenient and easier fishing.

  1. Additional features

The best and most premium quality fishing pliers must be light-weighted, secured, and easy to use. After all, what is the point of buying a fish plier that cannot be easily carried and transported to various locations?

A light-weighted fishing plier won't be a burden or external responsibility to carry around and will surely not cause troubles while you are fishing.

Furthermore, look for options that comes with a protective sheath and lanyard. These features provide extra security and protection, and you won't have to worry about cutting your skin or losing the plier in the water.

It is even better if the fishing plier has multiple usages and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as knives or light. It will reduce the number of essential items you will need to pack, ultimately decreasing the packing weight.

How To use Fishing Pliers

Using a fishing plier is not complicated at all. They are basically used to remove the hook from the fish. The risk of injuries reduces by using a fishing plier.

Moreover, the functions don't just limit here, but fishing pliers can also be used for opening split rings, crimp split shot, changing hooks on your lures easily, safely, and fastly.

If you purchase a good fishing plier with strong material, then it can last for a very long time, or maybe forever. Moreover, fishing pliers are usually easy to carry because of their portable and handy nature or design.

Using a fishing plier in different activities on your expedition is very beneficial. After all, safety is the biggest priority. Fishing pliers are also effective and efficient in various terms, such as cutting hooks and lines.

There can be cases where the hook gets stuck inside the fish's mouth. Fishing pliers can be extremely helpful in such scenarios.

Some basic steps of using a fishing plier are

  1. The first and foremost step is to open the jaws by opening the plier's handle.
  2. Then you will have to open the split ring by pressing on the nose of the plier between the rings.
  3. The split ring should be open in a way that the hook can pass through.
  4. Repeat the steps until the hook clears the ring and is securely placed.
  5. After it's done, remove the plier from the link.
  6. When you are done with all these steps, your lure will be prepared for fishing with the current hook.


  1. What is the right way to remove the hook with the help of Pliers?

It is very easy to remove a hook using a fishing plier. All you need to do is uncurl the wire hook by placing the wire in the hook in the metal side of the plier and pulling it straight. Once the wire in the hook gets on the same level as the remaining wire, your wire is successfully hooked.

  1. How to properly maintain and take care of the fishing pliers?

Follow the given steps to maintain the fishing pliers easily and keep them working for long:

  1. Grease the metal part of the pliers now and then to avoid any type of rust.
  2. Don't overestimate your pliers to be versatile for all kinds of metals. That means either you should go for a supreme quality fishing plier or know about all the metals your particular fishing plier can handle so that there is no trouble.
  3. Further, using pliers for any other operation is also not a good option. Not only will it damage the metal tip, but it may also hurt someone.
  4. Don't leave your plier hanging as it may fall and break or the worst case, hurt someone unintentionally.
  1. What is the use of split ring tips?

These play a pivotal role in opening split rings so that you have no problem in changing the hook. This also helps in keeping your fingernails completely fine. We highly recommend you use split rings so that there is no chance of any injuries which may happen in case of using fingernails.

  1. Which options should I opt for, and is the best for me?

There are a plethora of high-quality options available in the market. You can go with the one that comes in your budget and caters to your specific needs well. We insist you buy a premium quality plier so that you can have a perfect fishing experience since the beginning.

Final Verdict

Fishing pliers can quickly solve the frustrating situation encountered on a fishing expedition, making your experience smooth and relaxing. In this buying guide, we have listed out all the crucial factors of the product that enhance its performance.

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