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Fishing carts can be a valuable addition that can improve your fishing experience. They simplify your requirement to store and carry your gear. Additionally, if there's enough space, you can add personal items for conveniences such as a cold unit and whatnot.

If you're an angler who prefers to fish around the beach or pier, it becomes paramount for you to get a fishing cart. However, you have to make sure that it meets your purpose. More importantly, it should provide value for money. For that, there are numerous considerations to make.

Don't get tangled in the endless array of manufacturer's schemes. To ease up your selection process, we are bringing you a complete guide. This is your one-stop solution to everything related to fishing carts. You will learn about essential factors, get some valuable tips, and acquire well-versed knowledge about fishing carts.

So without further ado, let's begin the guide straight away!

Factors to consider when buying a fishing cart

Fishing carts are also known as surf carts or surf fishing carts. These look like a frame of solid constructs that store a wide assortment of fishing gear. While it seems simple to go to the market and buy it, there are various aspects.

Depending on your requirements, a fishing cart should fit your storage requirements. It should have the right material and durability to long last. More importantly, it should be lightweight and easy to port so that it wouldn't hinder your experience.

Therefore, this guide will specifically help you narrow down these aspects for an easy choice.

According to the location

The first step to finding the right fishing cart should be to determine it's purpose. You need to consider the type of terrain you will take your cart to. It can be a pier, beach, or pond. Some anglers even carry fishing carts on their boats and whatnot. Thus, it becomes pivotal to consider precisely where you will use the fishing cart.

If you're unsure or need a versatile choice, you would have to consider the factors according to that purpose in mind. Primarily, there are two types of fishing carts according to terrain, but you can always modify them or find better options.

Beach fishing carts

A beach fishing cart comes explicitly with wheels that make it easier for you to pull them through the sandy terrain. These wheels will provide easy maneuver. Most of the time, beach carts are more lightweight not to get stuck in the sand. With specialized, even 'flap-like' wheels with bigger wider openings, they make it easier for you to pull your cart around.

That's the only known difference between beach fishing carts and pier fishing carts.

Pier fishing carts

A pier fishing cart is more well-versed. If you want to take your fishing gear to different locations and terrains, this option would be more suitable. The wheels are durable, and you can even pull it on a paved road. However, these won't work on sandy beaches at all. You will most likely get stuck just like any other vehicle without a specialized set of tires.

That's what makes pier fishing carts challenging to use on beaches.

Wheels always matter

From the above-given information, you can probably guess that wheels matter for a fishing cart and ease of transportation. If you want a genuinely versatile cart, you can invest in an extra set of tires that you can interchange in your cart—for example, buying a set for the beach and pier. T. Others even more specialized sets, like the ones for road traveling.

If you buy different wheels, it makes your cart more well-versed. However, you should only consider this step if you have an extra budget. You can gradually invest in the wheels over time. So, choose the fishing cart that would suffice your requirements for starters.

Different types of carts

Many people would argue that pier and beach fish carts are two different categories. They are more for the wheel options. A type of fishing cart has more to do with its purpose and not the location. There are many different options available in the cart. Some have two wheels and a stand, others have three wheels. Therefore, you can narrow it down to three primary categories:

Luxury fishing carts

These carts are high-end and generally much more extensive than other options available. You will find around four wheels and a handle that is easier to hold and carry. Luxury fishing carts come with better wheels that make it easier for you to drag them around the beach or pier.

The primary benefit is space provision. As these carts are larger, you can put more stuff on them. Most of the time, they look like a tray connected to wheels, but others have bigger or 'trolley' like frames. You may even get a steering wheel for them if they are too big.

Stroller fishing carts

A stroller fishing car uses two to three wheels and comes with a handle at the backside. Thus, you can easily steer it and push it around to reach your destination. These are not very common, and you will find people seldom use a stroller design. Some come with a vertical structure or frame to carry fishing gear.

Standard fishing carts

These are opposite of strollers. Instead of pushing, you have to pull them, and these are more horizontal in design. When considering fishing carts, this or luxury is among the best options. You will get a handle to ease your pulling requirements.

The build of the cart

Once you can narrow down your cart's terrain and purpose, it will be easier for you to select a fishing cart. The next step would be to look at the build and determine the quality of the cart. It will also enable you to decide whether or not it fits your purpose. Let's take a quick look at what you need to determine:

Size and capacity

Your fishing cart size will directly impact the number of accessories and the amount of storage you get with the cart. Keep the size of your fishing gear in mind. It should adequately fit your cart. Some people use boxes to carry rods, lures, and other essentials.

A fishing cart also carries your cooler or food storage unit. Fishing is a sport of patience, and you often need snacks or refreshments. A proper fishing cart should eliminate the need for carrying or using other storage options. Thus, it should conveniently fit with your cooler.

Some anglers even use live baits that they store in the cooler. So you might even have to carry two coolers on your cart. For this, you have to consider proper compatibility. Remember, coolers are generally the most space-consuming selection on your fishing cart.

When talking about the capacity, another vital consideration would be to check weight limits. Each cart has a specific limit to the weight it can carry. Size isn't the only factor that would matter. For weight support, you might have to look at the material and durability of the cart, as well.

Material and durability

The next consideration should be the durability of your cart. For that, you would have to look at the construction of the cart. Check the assembly of frames and whether they securely support your gear or not. Additionally, you might want to check for strength.

If your cart has too many joints and requires assembly, it is bound to loosen up over time. Any item with too many pieces that need assembly tends not to offer well-versed performance for a long time. After that, check for the material of your cart.

Plastic is a common material that is lightweight and can support a decent amount of weight. However, consistent exposure to UV will degrade them and make them weak. Thus, they will either require an anti-UV cover or coating. Furthermore, these are prone to breaking from physical damage, even though these are flexible.

A metal fishing cart will add to the overall weight you can carry. However, it is more durable and can support more weight. More importantly, it is not weak to UV rays like plastic material. It is prone to bends or dents if you choose aluminum. However, these are relatively easy to carry, and you don't have to worry about them breaking too much.

Metal fishing carts would require waterproof protection to prevent corrosion, rusting, and such as moisture. Mold can form if you don't have proper protection. Thus, metal carts often require more care than plastic.

Overall, if you want something cost-effective and 'gets the job done,' then a plastic fishing cart is better. However, if you want a long-lasting selection that would require a little more care, then metal carts are a great option.

Weight and portability

Your cart's weight is an entirely different factor that would depend on the material and then the construct. If you choose a hollow construct of the metal frame, it will be lightweight but slightly weaker. Similarly, if you select a complete metal build, it would be expensive and heavier. Those will most likely require two people or even transportation to carry them around.

You can't overlook the weight of your gear and items when considering a fishing cart. These will stack up. Alternatively, some carts come with a foldable design that enables you to store them more conveniently. If you have a car, this design can work very well. Transportation becomes vital to consider. How exactly are you going to carry the fishing cart?

Some carts come with better wheels and frames that you can directly tie it to the backside of your vehicle and pull it. These carts can make it easier for you to move the items around. Most of the time, you will find these options in luxury carts.

Understand your accessories

This factor directly correlates to your storage space requirement. Alternatively, you can also consider it an 'additional investment' you would have to make with your cart. After all, a fishing cart is just a frame of wheels. These accessories are what will make it a 'fishing cart.'

Number of rods

What type of angler are you? Some decide what kind of fishing they will do and carry a single rod with minimum baits and lures. If you're one of those, you can get by with a compact fishing cart. However, if you're someone who carries multiple rods each time for versatility and has a wide assortment of baits and lures, you might want to consider a bigger cart.

As a general rule, it's better to buy a cart to accompany the equipment you usually carry. Don't go into the idea of expansion or emergencies. Take a minimalist approach. However, if you don't have any budget consideration, you're free to choose as many as you like.

Some carts come with a specific rod holder to make it easier for you to carry them. You can check this feature out.

Checkout your cooler

As mentioned earlier, coolers occupy the most space on your fishing cart. Thus, it becomes indispensable to measure your cooler and understand your storage requirement. Your cooler can't be too big for the cart. Smaller can work as long as you can secure it on the cart.

Bait & lures

Do you carry your bait and lures in a box, or do you have bags? Whatever it is, make sure that you can take it on your cart. Some anglers carry fishing backpacks on their carts, which makes it easier for them to organize everything. Of course, this being said, you can look for a fishing cart that has assigned parts and an organized build to support everything accordingly.

Some people don't like to carry their lures or baits but catch them before fishing. For that, you will need a useful net and storage unit instead of a box. You will most likely need a separate and smaller cooler for fresh baits you catch. Apart from the fishing role, a bait pole would be essential, as well. So you have to check these aspects for your fishing cart.

Other accessories

If you have any specific or exclusive storage requirements, you can take your time to think if you can use your fishing cart for it. Some people carry a rod holder, a shade umbrella, and other similar equipment to fish at the beachside while also indulging in other activities.

Value for money

In this segment, you will find some considerations to determine your fishing cart's value for money. Some of these are additional features you can consider.

Handle and grip

The handle of your cart will determine how easy it would be for you to carry it. Some handles make it challenging to move the cart with a rigid design. The grip on the handle can determine its slippery nature. If there's a rubber grip, you will have a firm and more comfortable hold. A bare handle that is the same as your cart's frame can be slippery and make it difficult for you to carry them.

Stable brackets and frame support

If your cart comes with some lock or closure to fix the equipment to the cart and secure them, that would be a valuable addition. It will make it easier for you to transport your gear without worrying about losing or dropping them. Many fishing carts for boats and cars come with this feature to secure your item on the cart.

Bucket holders or basket extensions are some valuable additions. Extra handles to connect with vehicles or for multiple people to carry (For bigger fishing carts) could be a good addition. Look for these convenient additions.

Type of wheels

As mentioned easier, wheels play a vital role in making it easier for you to transport your goods on the fishing cart. You have to check the material and design of the wheels. Some come with a complete rubber design. Others may have tubeless or air-inflated tires. Balloon tires are generally bigger and make it easier for you to drag your cart around.

You might think that four-wheel carts are better, but they are less stable and durable. Thus, two-wheel carts are much better unless you are going for a large luxury fishing cart that can even accompany you on top.

Repairs and maintenance

How often do you have to clean your cart? That would depend on the material of your cart. More importantly, are the repairs and maintenance going to be frequent or once in a while? For these, consider the tires, frames, handles, and the other aspects of your cart. Think about how frequently you are willing to clean your cart, lubricate, or coat it correctly and if each part requires specific consideration.

The more maintenance you have to consider, the less value for money it is. However, it can very much increase the longevity of your car. You are looking for a highly durable and long-lasting cart for your money. If you fail to find it, look for other dealers and options.

Don't forget the stand.

Of course, if you're using a two-wheel cart, there is a stand. If not, there should be a braking system to put a 'stop' to the wheels and prevent the cart from rolling around. This is a convenient addition, especially if you're carrying the cart on a boat. You will have an easier time securing the cart in a position.

FAQs: Best Fishing Carts

Q. Why do you need a fishing cart?

A: If you are an angler with a lot of fishing gear and find it inconvenient to carry them, a fishing cart would be a great choice. It will enable you to organize your gear and move it anytime, anywhere you like. A fishing cart makes it easier for you to carry your rod, baits, lures, and even caught fish. Some cart support cooler storage for beverages and food for you. Thus, it becomes more like a 'hub' for you during a fishing trip.

Q: What can you carry on a fishing cart?

A: There's no limit to what you can carry on a cart. It strongly depends on the size, space, and weight support. You can carry multiple coolers or boxes, rods, and everything related to fishing gear. Some anglers even store their rain gear and other extra accessories on their fishing cart. Think of it as a transportation unit for everything you need for fishing.

Q: How can you transport a fishing cart?

A: It depends on the design and the wheels. Foldable fishing carts are not built for the road. Thus, you will have to carry them inside a car or other vehicle. IF you have large and luxurious carts, you can easily pull them behind your car. It depends on the type of wheels, as well. If they don't have the right wheels, it can quickly wear out on the paved road. Thus, transportation depends on how much you have spent on the cart and the type of cart you bought.

Q: How to maintain or clean the fishing cart?

A: It would depend on the material and the frequency of the use. As a general rule, it's better to use warm soapy water and clean your cart after each trip. You may use covers to prevent external elements from affecting your cart.

Q: Can you store your cart as it is in the house?

A: Yes. You don't have to remove your gear. People often use the cart as the organizer for their fishing equipment. You can keep it as it is in your house, garage, or storage room without any inconvenience. Whenever you want to take a trip, just roll your cart out, check everything, and you're good to go.


That's everything you need to know about fishing carts! The aim is to help you with information and its application. Different tips and suggestions are to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Remember, fishing carts are just like any other cart. It depends on how much you are willing to invest in it. And whatever you invest, you should get proper returns by using it! With this guide, you can be assured of getting the best fishing carts in the market! / - © Copyright 2020