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You will surely miss one thing when camping outdoors with your friends, and that is fresh and drinkable water. You might have the best water filter at home, but you cannot take it out to filter water, and that is where filtered water bottles can help.

With these bottles, you get filtered water that is fit for drinking and has no impurities at all. These bottles have an advanced filtration system that removes the sediments and particulate matter from water, making it potable.

But filtered water bottlers are different compared to the standard bottle, which is why this buyer's guide is important. With this guide, you can select the best filtered water bottle that is perfect for you in every aspect.

Go through the guide, and find out what factors you should look for when buying these bottles.

What is a filtered water bottle? And what benefits does it offer?

A filtered water bottle is just like a regular bottle that you use every day to drink water; the major difference in these bottles is the filtration system.

Filtered water bottles come with an effective water filter system that removes impurities from water. The bottles don't need electricity or any other source of energy to filter the water, and it uses gravity to purify it.

Here are some benefits of using a filtered water bottle

Using a filtered water bottle can be the best thing you can do when camping outside or hiking on a trail where there is no source of freshwater. Before you go for a filtered water bottle, check out these benefits.


Using a filtered water bottle will reward you with ultimate convenience, and you can use it anywhere and anytime. There is no need to use electricity or any other energy source, so you can use it even in the night to purify water.

Easy to use

Using these water filter bottles is easy, and you don’t need to learn any rocket science to learn using it. All you have to do is pour some water in the bottle, and then the filtration system starts purifying it.


When you carry a filtered water bottle, then there is no need to purchase expensive purifier water while traveling. These bottles will save you hundreds of bucks, and you can drink purified and fresh water on the go.


The filtration system used in these bottles is eco-friendly, and there is no harm to the environment. Further, when you avoid buying mineral water bottles, you are reducing the use of plastic. These refillable bottles are good for the environment, and that is another benefit of using a filtered water bottle.

Are there any disadvantages to using these filter bottles?

Yes, aside from a lot of benefits, there are some disadvantages to using these bottles as well. Here we have explained some of these disadvantages of using these bottles.

Small container

The water reservoir of these bottles is usually small, and it cannot hold a good amount of water. Even if the bottle is big, the container can be small, and you will only get a few ounces to drink.


Filtered water bottles are heavy when compared to the regular bottles. The reason why these bottles are heavy is due to the filtration system and the material. Some bottles are made using stainless steel, which is heavy.

Difficult to drink water

You may find it hard to drink water sometimes, as these bottles have straws. It can be challenging to drink water when walking or running. But once you are used to it, then you will find it easy to sip water.

Limited filtration ability

The filtration ability of the bottle is limited, and you cannot use it to purify water that has a lot of particulate impurities.

Factors to consider when buying a filtered water bottle

Here is a list of factors that you should check before buying a filtered water bottle. When searching for such bottles, you should keep all the factors in mind so that you get a good bottle that is durable and has an excellent filtration system.

Continue reading to know more about the factors that impact the filtration ability and durability of the bottle.

Types of filtration system

The first thing that you should check is the type of filtration system. Filtered water bottles are available with two types of filtration system:

  • Ultraviolet filter
  • Carbon filter

Both filters have some significant differences, so you should choose the one that is fit to use. For the ease of buying, we have explained these filters.

Ultraviolet filter

You will find an ultraviolet filter system in limited water bottles only, as the system isn't very common due to its cost. Using a filtered water bottle with an ultraviolet filter can be hard, and the life of the filter isn’t that great. Also, you need a charger to recharge the battery of the bottle so that the UV light keeps working.

Some of these bottles also come with UV pens, and you can dip the pen into the water to exterminate the bacteria and other impurities.

  • Kills the bacteria
  • can purify water with microorganisms
  • Long lasting battery


  • Expensive
  • The UV lamp is prone to damages
  • The bottle requires frequent charging

Carbon filter

Most of the filtered water bottles come with a carbon filter as they are inexpensive and easy to use. There is no need to recharge the batteries or do anything like this. All you have to do is pour water into the bottle, and it will start filtering it using gravity.

The carbon content in the filter can reduce up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria, depending on the type of water you put into the bottle.

These filters have multiple layers that screen the water and remove the impurities effectively.


  • Easy to use
  • No hassles of charging the batteries
  • Affordable


  • These bottles aren’t as effective as UV light filter bottler


The material of the bottle affects its life and weight, so it is important to choose the material wisely. Filtered water bottles are made using the following materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Hard plastic
  • Soft plastic

The choice of the material should depend on your budget and how long you want the bottle to last. Here is the difference between these materials and which one you should choose.

Soft plastic

Filtered water bottles made using soft plastic are the most common among all. These bottles are lightweight and are made using flexible plastic. You can squeeze the bottle to drink the filtered water just like a sipper.

If you need a bottle that is lightweight and affordable, go for filtered water bottles made using soft plastic. Usually, the filtration system of these bottles is a carbon filter, and that is why they are affordable.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible


  • The durability isn’t that great

Hard plastic

Filtered water bottles made using hard plastic are highly durable, and you can rest assured about the longevity of the bottle. The bottles aren’t flexible, and you can pack them in the elastic pockets of your backpack. Furthermore, these bottles have specialized straws because you cannot drink water by squeezing the bottle.

Hard plastic filter bottles are heavy as compared to soft plastic, and that is due to the increased density of the material.


  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to punctures
  • Has good water capacity


  • It is difficult to drink water

Stainless steel

Filter bottles made using stainless steel are the most durable among all bottles. These bottles are heavy, sturdy, and don’t break down easily. If you need a bottle that lasts longer and keeps the water protected from leaks, then go for filtered bottles made using stainless steel.

The material resists corrosion and comes with a sucking straw that lets you sip water easily. Everything about these bottles is good, but the only downside is the weight.


  • Extremely durable
  • Retains the temperature of the water
  • Easy to drink water


  • Heavy
  • Expensive


Filtered water bottles are available in a range of options with different capacities. The choice is up to you if you need a bigger bottle or a filtration bottle with a small reservoir. Usually, the reservoirs of these bottles are small as some space is occupied by the filtration system.

Keep in mind that as you go for bottles with higher water capacity, then the weight of the bottle will also increase. When choosing a bottle with higher water capacity, make sure to buy hard plastic or stainless-steel bottles.

Size of the bottle

Some folks believe that bigger bottles have better water holding capacity, but that is not the case always. Some bottles look compact, but they have great water holding capacity, so it has nothing to do with the size of the bottle.

You should go for a bottle that is compact and handy so that you can take it anywhere, and it is easy to hold in hand. There are multiple benefits of buying compact bottles, such as they are easy to store in the elastic pocket and don’t occupy enough space inside the backpack.

The shape of the bottle

There are many reasons to check the shape of the bottle so that you get the ultimate ease of traveling with it. Usually, most of the bottles have a round shape as they are good to hold, and you can pack them in your backpack.

When searching for best filtered water bottles, you will find multiple squarish bottles as they are also highly popular. Squarish bottles don’t roll down on the floor if they fall off, and that can be a benefit if you are a traveler.

Opening width

The opening width of the bottle will impact the ease of refilling it. You can also say that the opening width is the diameter of the mouth of the bottle. If you go for a filtered water bottle with a bigger opening width, then it will make it easier for you to refill water inside it.

If the width of the bottle isn't that good, then you will find it hard to refill the bottle. Before you click on the buy now button, make sure that the bottle you are buying is easy to refill.

Always check customer reviews to get more information about the bottle that you are planning to buy. These reviews are a great source of information about the product, and that is what you need to know before you invest your money in any product.


The lid or the opening of the filtered water bottle will impact the ease of use. If the lid isn't that good, then you will find it hard to drink water from the bottle. You need a filtered water bottle that is easy to use so that you can even drink water while hiking or climbing.

Here are some of the common types of lids that you will find in a filtered water bottle.


The spout is not the most common type of lid found in a filtered water bottle. Still, you will find some bottles that come with a spout. The spout lets you drink water without spilling it. These bottles are highly popular among hikers, climbers, and campers.

The opening is narrow, so there are fewer chances of any leakage, and you can prevent the water from spillage.


Most of the filtered water bottles come with straws. The straw prevents the water from flowing out of the bottle, and this way, you can save the filtered water. However, there are some water bottles that have thin straws, so you may find it hard to drink water from them.

Make sure to buy the bottle that has a straw with a wide opening so that you can drink water on the move.


Bottles with screw-top are what you see in your house. The lid is often made using hard plastic, so it will last longer and prevent water from spilling. The screw-top lids are easy to use, and there are no hassles of drinking water.

You need to use two hands to open and close the lid, and it is its upside and downside as well. When choosing a screw-top bottle, make sure that the bottle has bigger screw grooves so that there is less accumulation of dirt, and you can clean it easily.


A nozzle is just like a straw, but it is easier to use because you don't have to suck water, and it comes directly to your mouth. The nozzle comes covered with a cap that prevents the water from coming out of the bottle.

If you want to use the bottle when biking or hiking, then you should go with filtered water bottles with a nozzle.


There are some filtered water bottles available that have a built-in handle. The handle lets you carry the bottle, and you will find it convenient to use these bottles. The handles are usually available on the lid so that you can carry it with ease.

Furthermore, there are some other benefits of using a bottle with handles such as you can use a strap or lanyard strap.


Generally, filtered water bottles don’t have insulation as they are made using plastic. However, you can expect decent insulation from bottles made using stainless steel. The bottles that are made with steel are thick, and they retain the temperature of the water.

Filtered water bottles aren’t designed to offer insulation, but still, there are some bottles available that can offer decent insulation.


You may think that the color of the bottle isn’t a thing to worry about! But it is important to choose the color when buying a filtered water bottle. Some bottles are transparent, whereas some are opaque.

When you buy a transparent bottle, then it becomes easy to check how much water is left inside the bottle. There is no need to rely on guesswork or open the lid multiple times to check how much water is left inside the bottle.


BPA is a harmful industrial material that isn’t good for health, so when buying a filtered water bottle, make sure that it isn't made using plastic that contains BPA. Usually, most manufacturers don’t use plastic with BPA, so you can rest assured about that.

When buying a filtered water bottle, look for the BPA-free label so that you can drink water without worrying about anything.


Filtered water bottles come with a warranty as there are multiple components inside the bottle. When you are looking for a filtered bottle, look for a warranty so that you get a good quality bottle. Further, buy branded bottles only if you want a durable bottle that comes with a warranty.


The price of the filtered water bottle depends on the type of bottle that you want to buy. Also, the cost of the bottle depends on the material and filtration system. Usually, filtered water bottles that come with a UV filtration system are expensive when compared to water bottles that have a carbon filter.

Make your budget before you start searching for a bottle to make sure that you don’t overspend when buying one.

Accessories to buy with a filtered water bottle

So, you have selected the best filtered water bottle? Fantastic, now it is time to buy some accessories that can make your journey even smoother and easier. Here are some accessories to buy with these bottles.

  • Cover

Buy a bottle cover so that you can carry it with ease. Even if the bottle doesn’t have a handle, you can carry it using a cover. Get a cover that has an adjustable strap for ultimate convenience.

  • A lanyard strap

If you don’t want to use a cover, then you should go for a lanyard strap. You can attach the lanyard strap with the handle of the bottle to carry it.

  • A replacement filtration system

The filtration system of the bottle has a limited life, depending on how many times you use it. You should carry a carbon filter with you so that you can replace it if required.

  • A charger

Buying an extra charger will be a great idea if you are thinking of buying a filtered water bottle with a UV filter. A UV filter requires charging, so carrying a charger will be good.

FAQs: Best Filtered Water Bottles

Q: How long does a filtered water bottle last?

A: The life of the bottle depends on multiple factors such as the material, quality, and how you use the bottle. If you need a highly durable bottle go with bottles made using hard plastic and stainless steel.

Q: How much time does it take to filter water?

A: It depends on the type of filter. If you go for a bottle that has a carbon filter, then it will only take a few minutes to filter water. On the other hand, if you go for a filtration bottle with a UV filter, then you need to wait for more for the UV lamp to exterminate the bacteria and microorganism from water.

Q: Are filtered water bottles expensive?

A: Not all filtered water bottles are expensive, and you will find some good affordable options in the market. If you have a tight budget, go for bottles with a carbon filter that are made using hard or soft plastic.


Having a filtered water bottle is essential so that you have a source of potable water all the time. With this guide, you can buy the best bottle that filters the water quickly and makes it good for drinking.

When selecting a bottle, compare different options based on the factors listed in this guide. Shortlist multiple bottles and compare them so that you can buy the best one. It is essential to buy a bottle that is made using durable material and has an effective filtration system.

Always consider checking customer reviews to know more about the particular model. Lastly, make your budget so that you can avoid overspending when buying a water bottle. / - © Copyright 2020