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Love to carry your essentials with you every time you go out, but are tired with the backpacks. Don't worry. Fanny packs are here to solve your problem.

They are easy to carry and keep your essentials safe. They are quite portable, and you can access them whenever you want.

But choosing the right fanny pack is important. You have to consider all the features before picking a suitable pack. Also, without proper knowledge, you can fall into market's bear trap and invest your money in the wrong product.

Here in this guide, we have covered all the details that will aid you in your selection process. You don't have to search here and there as you will find all the useful information under one roof. All you need to do is analyze all your requirements and pin down the best model.

So without wasting any more time, let's begin the hunt with a quick introduction and then dive into the extensive guide.

What are Fanny Packs, and why should you buy them?

Whenever we go on holiday, the biggest problem we face is managing our small stuff such as keys, necessary medicines, sanitizers, tissues, lip balm, etc. You cannot carry all these things in your pockets because they are not big enough to hold everything.

However, this does not mean that you have to carry a backpack when you are hiking or exploring a new place. All you need is to take a fanny pack.

Fanny packs are small bags that are attached to a belt that you can wear around your waist that provide you a comfortable space to store your items.

They are not like your other travel bags; they don't twist your spine or make your back sweat. They are very light to carry in your front, sling it over a shoulder, or swing it around to the back.

Fanny packs are not only comfortable or practical, but they are secure too. You can carry your small and essential stuff in it and can enjoy your day without worry.

Types of Fanny Packs

You can carry fanny packs anywhere, whether it is for a camping trip, hiking, or just any casual trip. These Fanny packs come in different types, so let's take a look.

  1. The Big Fanny Packs

As the name indicates (the big fanny packs), these have a thicker and bigger strap and are comfortable even when they are heavy.

Its compatible size makes it easy to put many things in it, like sunscreen, your car keys, your regularly used small stuff, and much more.

However, these kinds of fanny packs are big, but they are well made and will endure a lot of tension and friction.

  1. The Smaller Fanny Packs

As compared to big fanny packs, small ones are more common and more in demand. Although most people use smaller fanny packs as a fashion statement, they can be efficient.

But there is one drawback with the smaller fanny packs; they have smaller pockets, which might not suffice for all your stuff.

  1. The Shoulder Fanny Packs

The shoulder packs are an evolution of the original fanny pack. But it is impossible to wear these types of fanny packs around your waist. You can only carry them on your shoulder.

Most people don't consider shoulder packs, but some people find this kind of bag more comfortable than the other packs.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Fanny Packs


Before selecting a fanny pack, you must check out its weight because the whole point of having a fanny pack is to be portable and light.

If you are planning for a hiking trip, you will have a heavier bag that you have to carry all along to your trip. You will not only feel exhausted, but it might ruin the enjoyment of your excursion.

Because the whole weight of the pack will be on your back, which might be harmful to your spine, and in the worst case, you might feel severe pain.

Fanny packs are a great substitute to the backpack; it offers you comfort and lessens the backpack's burden from your shoulders.

If you wish to enjoy other outdoor activities, then you probably want to make sure that the packs are light as possible.

Most of the fanny packs don't weigh a lot, but you should check how much weight they can carry to make the right purchase.

Belt Length

Fanny packs always come with one strap around the waist, but you need to be sure they are manageable and comfortable.

It would help if you were definite about whether the length of the belt is correct and adjust on your waist comfortably. You need a fanny pack when you are on a trip or anywhere out where you need to be careful about your stuff.

At that time, these type of packs plays a crucial role by providing you the sense of security and freedom to do anything without any hassle.

Many belts have a high degree of adjustability and can fit any man, woman, and child. But some of the belts are more specific, and it is essential to check if they fit you before making your choice.

Bags that are adroit at taking a great extent of weight might come with the additional straps to make them more comfortable.

When to wear

Fanny packs come in multiple styles and sizes, which make them multifaceted. A Fanny pack is also known by the name belt bags, which you can wear anywhere.

Let's have a quick look to wear these packs to make your excursion secure and comfortable.

  1. Traveling

Travelling is always fun, and we all love to travel. Right? But it will be incomplete without fanny packs because they are one of the foremost bags to travel with.

These practical carryalls are not only useful to hold travel essentials like passport, phone, and wallet, but they allow you to do so hands-free and can give you easy access to your necessities.

It means you can do other essential things like enjoy snacking while traveling and can take travel photos.

  1. Hiking

Hiking is best to rejuvenate yourself from all stress. When you suddenly desire to go on a hiking trip, you also start thinking of the personal stuff that you need to take with you.

That is when you start thinking about the fanny packs. You don't need to think about dragging down your huge hiking backpack. What you can do is get the best hiking fanny packs.

Hikers use fanny packs to keep their gear and snacks handy, so they aren't slowed down. Having a large, waterproof pack helps you to keep your essentials safe, and you can enjoy your day out trouble-free.

  1. Running

If you are a fitness enthusiast and always struggle to carry your phone, gels, and keys in your pocket while running, you will need to understand the need for fanny belts.

It would be best if you got a belt that doesn't chafe or move when you run. Choose the pack which provides you a firm grip on your waist and is capable enough to store all your crucial stuff.

If you are a particular petite runner or plan to buy fanny packs over a long distance, you must choose the pack which is lighter to carry so that you can run without focusing on anything else.

  1. Biking

Bikers usually carry a small number of items but do not like to wear a backpack. Fanny packs are well suited to fulfill the requirements of bikers.

These packs can give a small carrying capacity in a simple belt design. A small fanny pack provides you the perfect location for your keys and phone.

  1. Sporting events

Sometimes, there are some rules in sports regarding bag size. Using a high-quality fanny pack is an easy and convenient way to make sure that you can stay within the size restrictions.


The fabric used to develop a fanny pack largely affects how you actually make use of it, or what you would most likely use the fanny pack for.

You need to consider your usage first and then need to find the one for yourself. However, Polyester and Nylon materials are the best for trainees, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts.

These materials offer tear resistance and water resistance properties. But most of the packs are created with thick nylon material.

But every nylon is not durable; it depends on the high and low quality of nylon. Packs that come with the higher denier will have nylon that is more durable and thicker.

Whenever you choose a bag for yourself, it is essential to select the one with the higher denier rating.

In the case of casual use, canvas material is the most popular. However, if you feel like amping up your entire style, then you should get the one with the silk and satin material.


The organization is the first and foremost thing that comes into every person's mind before going somewhere, especially while buying good fanny packs.

Because they are divided into indifferent compartments, you need to organize all your stuff according to your requirement and convenience.

Multiple compartments will be very helpful for you to pack a myriad of things systematically.

Great, isn't it?

Partition in packs provides you the ease to get things more conveniently without creating any confusion. All you need to do is give your focus on enjoying your trip.


No matter what activity you are doing, what type of pack you will buy means a lot. It is because sooner or later, your hip and back will come into contact with water.

It could be a few drops of water or most likely come in contact with the rain. If your pack is not waterproof, it will harm your inner stuff and can also spoil your bag.

Considering this, your fanny pack or waist pouch must have a high level of water resistance to keep your stuff dry.

These products are manufactured with a durable and tough product material with the additional water-resistant coating feature that proves your pack is durable and best in quality.

Other materials promise waterproof protection and are able enough to provide you an added level of security.


It is one of the main reasons that you should get the fanny pack for yourself. Don't buy because they look cool or provide you space to keep your stuff; instead, just appreciate the security they provide.

Nothing is relaxing than keeping your things secure at a place where no one can approach yet is easily accessible for you.

When you explore a new place or new city, there you might face pickpockets that might steal your valet and leave you helpless on the street.

Fanny packs can be a brilliant way to protect you from that notorious activity. You can put your wallet on your hip back and enjoy your trip.

Some of the fanny pack come with a back pocket, which will be hidden from view and work as a great place to store your money.

Some of the bags are a lot smaller and explicitly made to have high-security. There are some short hidden zips that you can use to hide some things.


You will get a different pocket option in fanny packs. There are plenty of varieties available in the market that comes with additional pockets and styles.

Again you should consider the one as per your need or choice. Some come with a large main compartment where you can store most of your items.

Some come with small pockets which are best if you are going for one or two days holiday.

However, the front of the pack is designed in different ways.

Some will have one large pocket on the front side of the fanny packs, while others come with several pockets.

Choosing a fanny pack with a large number of pockets is the best choice. It will provide you the different compartments that are best for your stuff and great for an activity like fishing and another kind of water sports.

Water Bottle Holder

Having a water bottle on your fanny pack is a plus, especially for those bikers, hikers, and for all those who are sports enthusiasts.

You cannot run or hike while holding a water bottle! It would help if you had a pack that comes with the water bottle holding feature.

Water bottles are heavy, and therefore there are types of fanny bags that are usually designed for an activity where water should specifically be needed.

It would be best if you went with the option to find enough space along with the water bottle holder feature.

This feature is quite useful for you because you don't need to think more about putting the water bottle while hiking.

There are some packs out there in the market with one or two slots, depending on your requirement or depending on how much water you can carry with you.

Storage Capacity

Storage is the second thing you need to consider before making any purchase of a fanny pack. If you choose the one that didn't provide you enough storage, then it is no more than a useless item for you.

You need to consider the one with enough stores which can satisfy your requirements. Fanny packs are designed for many different activities and come in a variety of different styles and designs.

Some people want to secure their precious items like money, house keys, and phone; these are their top priorities, but they don't cover much space.

Some hiking lovers always look for more space in the fanny pack because they need to carry a water bottle and other kinds of stuff on hiking.

There are different waist packs available in the market that come with a lot of space and are strong enough to carry a water bottle.

Adjustable Straps

A perfect fanny pack should have long and adjustable straps so that anyone can quickly wear it. Never go for the stiff straps that you cannot even move easily.

With the adjustable straps, you can wear a fanny pack in different ways. You can either wear it in classic style around your waist or cross it on your chest, depending on your comfort.

Whatever style you choose to carry the fanny pack, you just need to keep the pouch in front for easy access.

Before making any purchase, you must go through the size chart to ensure that the pack's strap is suitable for your weight and size.


The bag's size is the most crucial consideration you should keep in mind while evaluating various fanny packs to purchase. Before starting your shopping, it is vital to ensure what type of items you will keep in the fanny pack. For workout fanny packs, you may want something small that can easily fit in your bag.

But if you find the one for extended outings, like festivals or hiking, you will indeed consider the larger one with ample space and capable enough to carry you all your stuff.

It is worthless if you have to buy a small pack and later you are struggling with things. It is good to make up your mind first about your requirements for a fanny pack then consider anything.

Brand and Price

Quality matters a lot, whether for fanny packs or any other stuff you will purchase from the market.

You might have noticed that there are plenty of fanny pack options available in the market. But choosing one is not easy like it seems.

It would help if you did some quality checks before taking any decision. Check out what type of material they used on the pack, the durability of the packs, whether it is worth buying, the strap is adjustable or not, etc.

All these quality checks will help you to choose the perfect package for you. You can also check the top ten brands of fanny packs and explore their specifications, durability, and price.

After complete satisfaction, choose the best from them and make your purchase successful.


Pack models that come with a product warranty are worth buying because it covers the bag against manufacturing defects.

In some cases, you will get warranties of six to twelve months depends on the company and its products.

Getting a warranty on a product is a kind of trust that the company is giving to its customers.

Basically, they are ensuring that you are investing your money in the right product, but in any case, if you will face any problem, you can exchange the product. In many cases, some of the manufacturers will also offer you a money-back guarantee.


  1. Are there any hip packs that can be hidden?

Yes, there are some models available that can be concealed under your clothes. You can keep your essentials hidden under your clothes, but you have to compromise with comfort.

  1. How can I clean my fanny pack properly?

Here are some handy tips to follow:

  1. Always read the instruction manual before using any cleaning agent.
  2. Before cleaning, take out all the items and brush all the dust and debris with a clean brush or dry cloth.
  3. Always use a mild soap solution to wash the pack. Wash the product thoroughly but never use abrasive strokes to clean it.
  4. Dry it in normal air. Never put it in a dryer as it will loosen the seams and ruin the shine.

Final Verdict

Fanny packs provide a simple and convenient way to carry your essentials and make a fashion statement too. Here in this guide, you will get everything that there is to know about the product.

We have covered all the aspects and laid out all the details in a well-organized manner. Hopefully, you will get answers to all your questions and queries.

Go through the details and in down the best model by using this guide. Purchase an ultimate product and make your life easier. / - © Copyright 2020