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Having an electric beverage cooler is not less than a boon if you love chilled beer and soft drinks. Electric coolers are available in a range of options starting from portable and ranging up to some freestanding options that are a bit heavy.

Whether you want a cooler to fit beer bottles or to transport items while they remain fresh, it is essential to buy the best one. Buying a cooler may seem like a cakewalk, but it isn't. Most buyers only check the price and the capacity of the cooler, but they forget to check tons of other things that have a significant impact on the performance of the cooler.

Here in this guide, you will find some essential factors that you should check in an electric cooler before buying it. The guide contains information about the size, capacity, power consumption, and much more.

Let’s find out what to look for before you decide which electric cooler to buy.

Benefits of having an electric cooler

With a good electric cooler, you can expect to experience the following benefits. The coolers let you keep your drinks chilled for longer as they run on electricity.

No hassle of installation

There is no need to install anything as the coolers come pre-assembled from the manufacturers. You can start using the cooler right after connecting the power cord with your car or with the AC outlet. The cooler comes ready to use, and you can keep your drinks chilled on the go.

Easy to use

Using electric coolers is easy, and there is no need to worry about anything. Some of these coolers even have a temperature control unit, so you can regulate the temperature whenever required or depending on the type of drink.

Less energy consumption

Most of the electric coolers available these days consume less electricity. The coolers are energy-efficient and run on the battery of your car. However, energy consumption depends on multiple things, such as the capacity and the size of the cooler.

Highly durable

The coolers are designed to offer durability, and they last longer. Usually, most of the coolers have a plastic body that can resist impact and is great when it comes to durability. Furthermore, you will also find coolers made using a combination of metal and plastic that offer ultimate durability.


This is probably one of the best benefits of using an electric cooler. The coolers are quiet and don’t produce loud noises, so you can use them while traveling. However, it is essential to keep the cooler in good shape to make sure that it doesn’t squeak while working.

Ample space

Modern electric beverage coolers have ample space, and you can store multiple beer cans, water, fruit, and some slices of meat. Furthermore, some coolers even have small shelves that let you organize things with added ease.

Ultimate insulation

When you buy an electric cooler following this buyer's guide, expect it to offer ultimate insulation. Even when you disconnect the electricity supply, the cooler retains the temperature and keeps the stored items fresh and cool. However, the insulation entirely depends on the type of electric cooler you are using.

Considerations to make when buying an electric cooler

Before you click the buy now button, it is essential to ensure that the electric cooler you are going to buy is perfect for your requirements. You need a cooler that has ample storage and works well by keeping the stored items cool for more time.

Here we have listed some critical factors that you should check when buying an electric cooler. We have listed almost everything that should be on your mind so that you can purchase the best cooler.

Let’s get started:

Types of electric coolers

Start with choosing the right type of electric cooler. The choice depends on where you want to place the cooler. If you want to use it while traveling, then you should go for a portable option. On the other hand, if you need it inside your kitchen or media room, then you can go with a bigger cooler with better capacity.

Here we have explained the common types of coolers you should know about:


Freestanding electric coolers are excellent, and you can place them almost anywhere. Whether you need a drinks cooler for your living room, gaming room, den, or entertainment area, you can go with a freestanding cooler. These coolers are portable and highly versatile.

Fixed location or built-in electric coolers

These coolers are designed to stay in one location only, such as the beer chillers you see fixed in the cabinet. The coolers are less portable, and you cannot travel with them due to the size. If you have a dedicated area to install the cooler, go for built-in coolers. These coolers have ultimate storage, and you can stash a lot of items in one go.

The capacity of the cooler

The next thing to check is the capacity of the cooler. The capacity is something you should check to ensure that you can carry all the food and drinks that you need. Electric coolers are available in a plethora of options with different capacities. Furthermore, the capacity of the cooler impacts its size and energy consumption.

If you go for a bigger cooler, expect it to consume more energy. Also, the size of the cooler will be bigger, and it may be difficult to carry.

The best way to shortlist the right size electric cooler is knowing what you want to carry. If you want to carry cans of beer, fruits, and some other eatables, then go for a bigger cooler with more shelves and storage areas.

Conversely, if you need to carry some water bottles and a few other things, then it isn't a good idea to carry a bulky cooler. When searching for the best electric coolers, you will come across several options, such as small, medium, and large coolers.

Small electric coolers have a capacity around 7.5-18 quart, and you can use them to carry ice packs and some cans. Further, medium coolers have a capacity of around 21-36 quart, and they have more space to carry bigger bottles. But if you need coolers with even better storage capacity, then you should go with coolers that have more than a 45-quart capacity.

These electric coolers can carry a lot of items with your ice packs so that you can travel with multi-day food and drinks supply.


The choice of material will impact the durability and portability of the cooler. Most of the electric coolers are made using plastic as they are durable and last longer. Furthermore, plastic coolers are good as they are highly portable due to their weight.

The choice should depend on where you want to place the cooler. If you want to travel with it, then you should go for an electric cooler that’s made up of plastic and has no glass door. There are some coolers available that have sides made using metal, and a glass door at the front.

These coolers are good for keeping at home in a dedicated place as the glass door is prone to breakage. Always check the weight of the cooler when choosing the material to make sure that it is something you can travel with.


Electric coolers come with a range of different handles. Some coolers have a handle at the top attached to the lid, whereas some coolers have handles at the side. The choice of handles will impact the portability of the cooler.

Lid handle

Electric coolers with lid handles are often small in size. These coolers are excellent if you need one for camping and other such purposes. The handle lets you carry the cooler on the go, and you can travel without any issues. These handles are generally longer in size and are god to hold.

Side handles

Some coolers have their handles on the side, so they are easy to carry. You cannot carry a bulky cooler from a lid handle as it can break during transportation. The handles available on the side are durable, and two persons can carry the cooler with ease.

You can even use a rope with the side handles to carry the cooler for longer distances without getting tired.

Built-in wheels

The built-in wheels can impact the portability of the cooler up to a great extent. You will find some big electric coolers with built-in wheels. The wheels let you pull the cooler so that you don’t have to carry all the weight.

Built-in wheels are only available in bigger coolers due to the weight, but you will also find them in some compact options. If you think that you have excess luggage to carry already, and you cannot carry an electric cooler. Go with a cooler that has built-in wheels.

Built-in LED light

You will find some electric coolers with built-in LED light, and they are excellent to use, especially in the dark. If you need an electric cooler to use while camping or in areas with less light, go with coolers that have a built-in LED light. The light will illuminate the stored items so you can quickly find out which to take out for drinking or what to take out for eating without relying on guesswork.

The light turns on when you open the lid or the door of the electric cooler. Also, some lights have a light on the outer side that you can use as a flashlight. The choice is entirely up to you and where you want to use the cooler.

Ice retention ability

The ice retention ability of the cooler is an important factor that you should consider when buying an electric cooler. The cooler will keep the ice pack intact till the time it is connected with the electric supply, but once the supply is off, the ice will start melting.

An electric cooler with better ice retention ability will keep the ice intact for a longer time, and you can use the little cubes for chilling your drinks. Some coolers have a dedicated slot where you can keep the ice pack, and it lasts longer. Make sure to check the ice retention ability before buying the cooler.

Power source

Electric coolers are available in a variety of options; some of them are compatible with the car as well. The regular electric coolers feature a plug that you can connect with the AC wall outlet to supply the power. Furthermore, some coolers have a plug designed to fit in the cigarette port of the car that you use to charge the smartphone.

You can even use an adapter to convert the regular plug so that it fits with the cigarette port of the car. Electric coolers designed for cars are known as thermoelectric coolers as they have less power consumption, so the battery of the car can bear the load.

You can even use these coolers in your truck due to the compact size and easy connectivity. On the other hand, some electric coolers are only good for using at home, as they have more power consumption that the battery of your car cannot handle.

Weight of the cooler

Check the weight of the cooler to ensure that you can travel with it without facing any problems. Electric coolers are available in a range of options with varying weights. Some coolers are lightweight, whereas some are heavy. The choice depends on you and why you are buying a cooler.

If you want to travel with the cooler, then go with a lightweight option, whereas if you need it to be placed in your room, then you can go with a heavy cooler. One thing to keep in mind when buying an electric cooler is the availability of wheels.

If you need a heavy cooler that has more space, then make sure to check that it has wheels. An electric cooler with wheels will let you relocate it whenever required.

Zoned cooling

Some high-end electric coolers feature zoned cooling that's perfect for keeping the drinks chilled and the food fresh. No matter whether you want to carry the soda cans, beer, or wine, coolers with zoned cooling should be your choice.

There are multiple zones available in these coolers, such as dual-zone, or triple zone. If you want to carry a variety of things, then go for a cooler with triple zone cooling. On the other hand, if you need one for general use, then a cooler with dual cooling zones can be a great choice.

Below we have highlighted how much temperature dues different types of drinks need so that you can quickly decide which electric cooler to buy.

Beverages (dairy drinks, soda, juices)

  • Low temperature 45-degree Fahrenheit


  • Beers with high alcohol presence (55-60 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Beers with low alcohol presence (45-50 degrees Fahrenheit)


  • Sparkling wine (55-60 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Red wine (60-68 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • White wines: (45-55 degrees Fahrenheit)

Using these readings, you can find out the type of electric cooler you need. Coolers with triple zone cooling are expensive when compared to coolers with one or two zones.

Internal shelves

You will find some electric coolers have internal shelves to define the storage space, whereas some coolers have a big basket with no shelves. If you want to carry a lot of things such as cans, bottles, and food, then you should go for coolers with shelves so that you can organize the items with ease.

On the other hand, electric coolers with a single storage box are good to keep the cans and bottles along with the ice packs. The choice depends on you and what you want to carry inside the cooler.

Most of the coolers have removable shelves, so you can even remove them to make a single and big compartment inside the cooler.

Easy to clean

The electric cooler should be easy to clean so that you can keep it spick and span all the time. Spills and stains are common when carrying food and drinks so go for a cooler that lets you clean it on the go. When buying an electric cooler, make sure that the lid and the shelves are removable so that you can clean it on the go.

Also, look for a drainage plug that lets you drain the water out of the cooler. Not every electric cooler has a drain plug, but the portable options available in the market have these plugs so that you can drain the water quickly without lifting and tilting the cooler.

Door lock

Do you need a cooler with a door lock so that you can stop your kids from eating ice cream in the night or whenever you don’t want them to? Well, you need an electric cooler with a built-in door lock system. Some coolers have a simple locking system, whereas some coolers have a latch lock that lets you close the lid tightly.

Electric coolers with a lock are good for traveling as you can protect the stored items from animals paying visits at your camp.


It is critical to check the controls of the cooler so that you can regulate the temperature according to the type of food and drinks that you want to carry. Some coolers have digital controls, whereas some have normal controls, such as the knob. Also, look whether there is a power turn on/off button so that you can control the cooler without removing the power cable.


Don’t overlook the warranty when buying an electric cooler. Usually, most of these coolers come with warranties that you can use to get service against any manufacturing defects.


The price of the cooler depends on multiple factors, such as size, type, and capacity. If you need a bigger cooler with a multi-zoned cooler, get ready to spend some more. These coolers are pricey because of the features they offer. On the other hand, small coolers with basic features are affordable.

FAQs: Best Electric Cooler

Q: Are electric coolers better than the regular coolers?

A: Yes, electric coolers are better when compared to the regular cooler. You can keep the drinks and stored items fresh and cool for as long as you want. There is no need to worry about the ice pack melting inside the cooler as you can keep it on using the power of your car or electricity from a wall outlet.

Q: Can I carry a cooler in my RV?

A: Yes, you can carry an electric cooler in your RV provided that it has a port compatible with the RV so that you can power it up. Check the size of the cooler, and make sure that it fits inside your RV.

Q: How long does the cooling last without power?

A: It depends on the insulation ability of the cooler. Some coolers have excellent insulation ability, whereas some have poor insulation. If you want the cooler to retain the cooling for more time, go for an electric cooler that has better insulation.

Q: How durable are the coolers?

A: In general, electric coolers are highly durable as most of them are made using plastic and metal. However, check it beforehand to ensure that the cooler you are planning to buy offers ultimate durability. Go through customer reviews to find out the durability of a cooler.


With a good electric cooler by your side, you can keep the drinks chilled for more time. Whether you love camping outdoors or playing games inside your room, a cooler can make it easy to access chilled drinks all the time. Go through the guide and learn about the factors that you should check when buying an electric cooler.

The factors listed here will help you choose the best cooler that is affordable and has long-lasting insulation ability. Make a list of coolers and compare them based on the guide to make an informed decision.

Lastly, go through some customer reviews to know more about the cooler and its functionality. / - © Copyright 2020