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It can be quite confusing to buy the best snorkel as the markets are flooded with a plethora of options. You will find multiple types such as dry snorkels, wet snorkels, and semi-dry snorkels that choosing the right one becomes a task.

You cannot compromise on anything when buying a snorkel as it’ll help you breathe properly while diving. So, we are here to help you out with this comprehensive buyer’s guide. The guide contains multiple factors that you should know before buying a snorkel.

Further, we have explained the different types of snorkels so you can quickly decide whether you need a dry snorkel or any other snorkel type that will work great according to your requirements and budget.

What is a snorkel, and how does it work?

A snorkel is a long and flexible tube that lets you breathe underwater. One end of the tube remains in your mouth, and the other end is outside the water to help you breathe. The size and shape of the snorkel depend on its type and other such factors.

How does a dry snorkel work?

The working process of all the snorkels is different, and we have explained that below with each type. The general working of all the snorkels is the same. The tube acts as a passage of air that lets you breathe while snorkeling.

The mouth piece acts as a filter that gives you clean air without any water so you can enjoy snorkeling.

Types of snorkels

Snorkels are available in the following types, and every type has different features and price ranges. You need the right type of snorkel to make sure that you get a good experience with it.

Dry snorkels

Dry snorkels are getting immensely popular among the folks who love snorkeling. Unlike other types of snorkels, they resist the water from entering in your mouth when you inhale air. The snorkels have a special device known as the floatation device that’s attached to the mouthy-piece of the snorkel to prevent the water from entering your mouth.

When you breathe the floatation, the device works as a barrier and stops water from entering your lungs when you inhale so that you can dive for a long time as compared to other snorkels.

Dry snorkels aren’t that old, but they have still made an excellent presence in the market because of the tremendous benefits. The materials used to manufacture the snorkels are of high-quality, but obviously, it depends on the manufacturer.

Semi-dry snorkel

Semi-dry snorkels have a similar design as dry snorkels, but the working process is different. You don't see a floatation device in semi-dry snorkels, so bigger splashes will result in the water entering your mouth.

The reason why they are known as semi-dry is because the snorkel features a device that helps you spit the water out. If somehow the water manages to enter your mouth, then you can spit it out without removing the snorkel.

J-shaped tube snorkel

J-shaped tube snorkels have been used for decades, and you will find the most affordable among the other types. The snorkels have a streamlined design so that there is less drag when you are swimming underwater. If you are a fisherman or freediver, then you should go with J-shaped tube snorkels.

However, water will enter your mouth, so you need to exhale it to keep the snorkel pipe clean.

Kapitol Reef snorkel

These snorkels come with dual tubes and Kadence Technology that helps you in holding the breath for a long time as the tubes have enough air that you can inhale while diving underwater. No matter what type of snorkeling you want to do, these reef snorkels can be a good choice.

No other snorkel can offer these benefits, and that is why the Kapitol reef snorkels have a different place. However, they are exorbitant, so get ready to shell out more if you need Kapitol reef snorkels.

How to use a dry snorkel?

Using a dry snorkel isn’t like using a regular snorkel because there are some components that you don’t find in the regular snorkels. The first thing to keep in mind is that the snorkel mask should fit you properly so that there is no space for the water to seep inside.

If the water seeps through the mask, then you will find it hard to dive underwater due to the excess water inside the mask. Furthermore, check the placement of the snorkel as most of the snorkels are present on the left side.

The mouthpiece should fit inside your mouth properly so that you can breathe without any issues. When you use the dry snorkel properly, then you will get ample air to breathe, and that means you can remain underwater for more time.

Pros and cons of using a dry snorkel

Every type of snorkel has some pros and cons, and dry snorkel is no exception. To understand whether you should buy a dry snorkel or not it is essential to understand its pros and cons.

Pros of using a dry snorkel

Prevents water from entering your mouth

The dry snorkels have a device that keeps the water from entering your mouth. The device blocks the passage of water, and you only get air that you need to breathe underwater.

Saves you energy

When you use a dry snorkel, then you don't have to push the air out of the pipe to clear it. Unlike other snorkels, water will not enter the pipe when you are inhaling, and that will save your energy. If you want to stay underwater for longer, go for dry snorkels.

Cons of using a dry snorkel

More drag

Dry snorkels don't have a streamlined design, so you will feel more drag while swimming. More drag means more power required for swimming.


The air device of the dry snorkel makes it buoyant underwater. When you dive underwater, the snorkel may strike against your head due to the buoyancy.

Considerations to make when buying a dry snorkel

Check this list of factors to buy the best dry snorkel. All the factors that we have explained below will impact the performance of the snorkel, so it is essential to select a snorkeling device that fulfills your requirements.


The first thing that you should check is the material to ensure that the snorkel is durable and it will last longer without getting damaged. You will find two common materials used to manufacture dry snorkel.

The reason why the choice of material should impact your decision is flexibility. When you take a dive into the water, the snorkel has to bear the impact, so it should be flexible.


Dry snorkels made using plastic are affordable as usually dry snorkels aren’t that cheap. If you have a tight budget. The material is hard and isn't that flexible, so the durability of plastic snorkels isn't that great.


Dry snorkels made using silicone are extremely flexible and are better than plastic snorkels. The snorkels can withstand extreme pressure, and the snorkel will last longer as compared to the plastic counterparts.

However, these dry snorkels are expensive as compared to the dry snorkels made using plastic. Another reason why silicone snorkels are great is because they are durable and have less buoyancy as compared to plastic, so the snorkel won't strike on your mask while diving.


Go for the dry snorkel that makes you feel comfortable after wearing it. If the snorkel isn't giving you a natural and relaxed feel, then drop that one and look for another one. The comfort depends on the material and the size of the snorkel.

There is no reason why you should buy a snorkel that is not comfortable as dry snorkels aren’t cheap. You cannot try a snorkel while sitting at your home, and it isn't possible to guess how comfortable it is just by checking the picture.

The best way to find out how comfortable the snorkel is by checking the customer reviews. Go through some customer reviews and check how comfortable the snorkels are.

Diameter tube size

The size of the diameter tube has a significant impact on the performance of the snorkel and its compactness. If you go for a snorkel with a wider tube, then more air will flow through it, so it will be easier for you to breathe underwater.

On the other hand, these snorkels aren't that compact, and you will face more drag due to the thickness of the tube. However, dry snorkels with a thin tube allow lesser air to pass through, so breathing can be a bit difficult if you are a beginner.

These snorkels are easy to pack as the thin tube requires lesser space. Another benefit of dry snorkels with a thin tube is less drag. The thin tube faces less drag, and it will be easier for you to swim.

Purge valve

The purge valve is a primary component of a dry snorkel because it will keep water away from your mouth so that you can breathe. The valve comes with a drain system, and you can quickly drain the water by exhaling.

Some dry snorkels even come with a self-draining valve that drains out the water automatically, and you don't have to exhale air multiple times to clear the snorkel tube. Just release the purge valve, and the snorkel will drain the water on the go.

Flexible and rigid models

When choosing a dry snorkel, consider the type of tubes you should choose. The modern models are available with rigid and flexible tubes that you should choose according to your preference. Snorkels with rigid tubes remain secure in place when you are swimming as the material is hard.

However, it can be uncomfortable for beginners to find the best position as the tube isn't flexible. If you are a beginner and need ultimate comfort with a snorkel, then you should choose flexible tubes that are easy to put in the mouth.

The design

The design is an important aspect when buying a dry snorkel, and you will understand the importance of the design when swimming underwater with the snorkel. A poorly designed dry snorkel will make it hard for you to breathe as the tube requires more force so that you will get tired after some time.

A dry snorkel with a good design will be comfortable so you can swim for more time without getting tired. Always go for prominent brands when buying a snorkel. These brands manufacture excellent snorkels that don’t require a lot of force to clear the tube.

Another thing you can do to understand the design of the snorkel is by reading some customer reviews. You should go for a snorkel that has a streamlined design so that you don't face much drag while swimming.

Mouth piece

Go for a dry snorkel that has a comfortable mouthpiece so that you don't have to adjust it multiple to enjoy snorkeling better. When you are purchasing a dry snorkel, check how comfortable the mouth piece is by trying it.

The snorkel should comfortably sit inside your mouth so that you don’t have to clench your teeth till the time you have the mouthpiece in your mouth. Another thing to check is that the mouthpiece should be replaceable.

With time the mouthpiece wears out as your teeth touch it continuously, and that is why it has a limited lifespan. Go for dry snorkels that have removable mouth pieces so that you can replace them whenever required.

Release mask straps

Some modern dry snorkels have releasing mask straps so you can detach the snorkel from the mask for cleaning purposes. A lot of high-end snorkels models have these straps, so removing and reattaching the snorkel with the mask will be easier for you.

Another benefit you’ll get with the release straps is the ease of packing. You can remove the snorkel from the mask to pack it conveniently.


When buying dry snorkels, you should consider the brand so that you get excellent after-sales service, and the quality of materials is good. There are some superb brands out there that manufacture good-quality snorkels that are durable and convenient to use.

The tube of the snorkel is the most sensitive part as it fetches the air so that you can breathe underwater. By choosing a reputed brand, you are investing your hard-earned money in the right product.


Never overlook warranty when choosing a dry snorkel because you may need the after-sales service at any time. There are multiple components in a dry snorkel, such as the mouth piece, purge valve, and much more that are prone to damage if not handled or used properly.

Also, there can be some manufacturing defects in a snorkel that will be covered if you buy a device that comes with a warranty. The timeframe of the warranty will depend on the manufacturer and the model you are purchasing.


If you want to buy a high-end dry snorkel, then get ready to pay more for it. Dry snorkels are available at a myriad of prices, starting from nominal rates to some expensive models. If you have a good budget, then you can go for some high-end models.

However, if you have a packed budget, then don't settle for a cheap model. Show your research skills and look for models that are good and are under your budget.

If you invest your money in a cheap dry snorkel, then all the money will go in vain because the tube will get punctured, and water will seep inside the tube, making it challenging for you to breathe and clear the dry snorkel tube.

Accessories to buy with a dry snorkel

The aforementioned factors will help you buy the best dry snorkels, but what about the accessories that you need while snorkeling? Here are some accessories suggested by the experts.

  • Purge valve

Always keep an extra purge valve with you so that you can replace the existing valve if it is not functioning properly. You can quickly find out if the purge valve is faulty, if the water is seeping through the snorkel, or you are finding it hard to clear the tube.

  • Mouth piece

Just like a purge valve, you need a mouth piece so that you can replace it if the older one wears out. To replace the mouth piece, you need a dry snorkel with a replaceable mouth piece.

  • Disinfectant spray

When you go diving, several contaminants and microorganisms stick to the snorkel from the water. Barely rinsing the snorkel won't help, so you should use a disinfectant spray to keep it clean. Spray some disinfectant on the snorkel and let it sit for a few hours before you pack it.

  • Snorkel holder

A snorkel holder is a device that you can use to attach the mask with your snorkel. If you keep a snorkel holder by your side, your experience during snorkeling will be even better.

  • Diving fins

You can buy diving fins that are essential for snorkeling. With the fins, you can swim much quickly and easily.

  • A bag

Get a good quality bag that allows you to pack your snorkeling gear so that it remains protected from damages. Look for a bag that has ample space so that you can pack the dry snorkel without any issues.

FAQs: Best Dry Snorkel

Q: How to clear a flooded snorkel?

A: It is essential to clear the flooded snorkel so that you can breathe easily. Below we have explained the common techniques you should use to clear the snorkel tube.

Blast technique
Using the blast technique, you can clear the water present inside the snorkel. What you have to do is exhale with a force so that the water gets out of the snorkel. Or you can reach the surface to exhale the water quickly. The blast technique can be a bit difficult for beginners, but if you keep trying, you will find it easy.

Displacement technique

In the displacement technique, you need to reach the surface to get some air inside the tube. The outer air and the pressure that you create by exhaling will force the water to move out of the snorkel, and you can get fresh air to continue the dive.

This technique also needs practice, so it may take time to learn the displacement method. So, keep trying and focus on this technique if you love snorkeling.

Q: Can I breathe underwater using a dry snorkel?

A: The purge valve of the snorkel shuts down when you go underwater so you can breathe the air present inside the snorkel tube. As soon as you reach the surface, then the purge valve opens, and therefore, more air enters the tube.

Q: How deep can I go with a dry snorkel?

A: It depends on your ability to hold the breath. If you can hold the breath for more time, then you can go deeper with a dry snorkel. If you are a beginner, then you shouldn’t try to go deeper as it needs practice.

Q: How durable are snorkels?

A: The durability of the snorkel depends on the material and its type. If you go for a branded snorkel, then you can expect it to last longer because of the quality materials.

Q: Which is the best time for snorkeling?

A: The best time to go snorkeling is in broad daylight when the water is clear, and you can see everything clearly. Get the best dry snorkel, and enjoy snorkeling like never before.

Q: How to clean the snorkel mass?

A: You can buy a cleaning liquid to clean the glass of the snorkel mask. Always clean the glass before you pack your snorkeling gear in the bag.


With the best dry snorkel, you will enjoy snorkeling even better. The snorkel has various components that prevent the water from entering the tube so you won't be inhaling any water, and it will be easier for you to keep swimming.

Check all the types of snorkels listed in this article and then compare different devices so that you can buy the best one.

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