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Woof! Your friend cannot speak and can't tell you how it feels. So, it becomes your responsibility to find that guy his favorite coat. Finding out the best cover for your paw friend can be a little tricky. You need to consider many crucial factors before picking out the right one.

Many variants of dog coats are available in the market both physically and virtually. To find which one is relevant, you need to verify it yourself just like you do for your winter clothing. However, this process can take lots of time, and you can't let your beloved shiver fall ill.

This buying guide holds all the answers to your questions. To help you pick out the best one, refer to this book. You will find all the crucial aspects you should look for, the criteria for checking, which one is the right one, and many more.

Hence, let's take a quick look at the features you need to consider while selecting an appropriate dog coat without wasting time. Till then, cuddle your fluff and sit on your couch.

What do you mean by Dog Coats? Why do you need them?

Who let the dogs out in the snow? Is this your frequently asked question? Do you want to keep your paw friend safe? If so, this is the right place where you have landed.

Dogs are warm-blooded animals, just like we humans. They can also sense the rise and drop in temperature and get affected by it.

While you have a stunning leather jacket to keep you warm and protected, your dear friend does not. Leaving it out in the snow is not suitable for its health either.

This necessitates the requirement of a protective coat explicitly designed for them. Dog coats are flexible, snuggly jackets that protect your pets from the biting cold.

Some breeds like the Siberian Huskies or Saint Bernards have thick skin layered with fur that negates the need of a coat while species like a chihuahua, labradors, etc. need one to combat the cold temperature.

These coats are highly durable, reliable, and useful. Hence, to keep your loyal friend comfortable and protected, give it a warm jacket on its upcoming birthday.

Why should you read this buying guide before purchasing the dog coats?

With several brands gloating over their products, you have to study every element before making an informed purchase. Without the proper knowledge, you can opt for an inferior quality product. Not only will you waste your money, but your favorite pal will also be uncomfortable and uneasy in the coat.

In this guide, you will get all the information about the product in a well-organized manner. You can quickly funnel down the best option. Moreover, you will get answers to various common questions and queries.

So without any further delay, let us dive into this immense guide.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Dog Coats


Whether it is a Chow Chow, Saint Bernard, or a chihuahua pup, you will find dog coats of all sizes. These aim at keeping your eye's apple comfortable and protected.

A tight-fitting coat can choke it, which can be fatal. To ensure that it remains happy and playful, rely on these covers.

All you have to do is measure your dog's chest and choose a coat that suits the size. This is necessary because the coat has belts in it that need to be secured before you take your friend out for a trip.

Choose the correct coat from the wide variety available there. Make sure that the size is accurate and does not fall short. Also, see that you don't buy a big size, which will be of no use because the cold air will still hit its skin.


Size and fit are somewhat correlated but still have differences. It is the size that determines the correct fit of your paw friend's coat. This again differs based on brands and breed. Dogs coats, however, strike a proper balance between the size and the fit.

If you pick the correct size, it will undoubtedly fit your dog appropriately. These coats don't hinder your dog's activity. It does not feel any restriction and can live by itself, sniffing, peeing, and rolling!

The significant aspects that these coats take care of are whether your dog's blood circulation gets disturbed or does it find it difficult to breathe etc.

Keeping these things in mind, the manufacturers make the coats extremely comfortable and snuggly. These feel very soft on the skin and give enough warmth. The fit is accurate, and no amount of air gets to make its way inside.


The coats for your pups feature an outer shell and a warm inner lining. Both the layering uses different materials to give an overall protection to your furry animal from all the harmful elements.

Snow is cold, but it would be wrong to assume that it cannot do any other harm to your pup other than freezing it. Ice is a solid form of water that can freeze and wet your pet. It is, therefore, the job of its coat to prevent shivering and getting wet.

To make your fluff's trip more enjoyable and comfortable, dog coats are made of the materials listed below. So, refer to the points below to know more about your friend's protective shield.

  1. Nylon and Polyester

These two materials are waterproof that keep your furry companion dry all the time. Their excellent durability is the reason for their popularity.

These are so robust that neither the sharp nails of your dog nor any sharp material can tear the jacket's made out of them. This gives your dog the freedom to play and move about.

Since dogs don't sweat, their less breathability doesn't create any issue. This instead helps retain the heat and provide them warmth.

  1. Cotton and fleece

The inner lining of a dog jacket provides insulation. Cotton and fleece being natural material offer appropriate insulation to your pup. They are soft to touch and don't make your lovey-doves uncomfortable. They have enhanced breathability and do not retain any odor.


Sometimes you may want to make your dog look more adorable by matching its jacket to its body color while the other times, you may want something that grabs attention.

Dog jackets come in various styles and color combinations. There is always room for customization so that you can blend the style and color according to you and your dog's wish.

There are vibrant to subtle colors available so that your family member doesn't feel left out while you all are wearing the same shade.

It depends entirely on your preference which one you want. There are many variants, and you can always opt for the one that strikes the right string of your mood.


Like the hood on your jacket, the ones for the adorable pups also feature the same accessory. Their ears are sensitive regarding both sound and cold. To prevent the chilling cold air entering their ears and making them shiver, you should look for a dog coat with a hood.

These are made from the same material the jacket is made of and hence offer the same benefit. The only difference is that you need not worry about size and fit.

While many argue that hoods obstruct their pet's vision and make them vulnerable to bump somewhere, dog coats have enabled some improvisation.

These coats feature a hood with an elastic in it. This adapts to the head shape of your pup and sits at the place. The elastic used prevents the hood from slipping while your dog is on the move. Hence, the problem is solved!


If you have noticed a small baby in your house, you can easily correlate movement and thickness. Like the small baby has difficulty to move when coated with many layers of clothing, the same situation arises when you cover your fluff with a thick coat.

While thickness is essential, having access to anything is bad. The same goes for the coats. However, you should not entirely frame this notion that only thinner jackets are the best. This feature changes according to breed.

A small pup will need a thicker coat to keep warm because his body warmth is not enough. On the other hand, a big breed will require a thin jacket that aids in movement. So, keeping in mind the breed of your pup, pick out a coat with an appropriate thickness.


Reversibility is another significant factor that needs to be considered while purchasing a dog coat.

Buying separate coats for different weather conditions can be time and money consuming. To narrow down your search and offer you monetary benefits, dog coats feature reversible coats.

You have to buy one coat and use it all over. Whether it is rainy or snowy, this coat is a one in all solution to combat all weather problems.

This coat has two sides: waterproof and insulating. While it's raining, you can keep up the waterproof side that prevents your dog from getting wet. When you're going out during snowfall, the insulating side of the jacket will effectively work.

Besides, the two sides also feature different colors and patterns. This helps you to distinguish your bundle of cuteness from the others.

Zipper vs. Velcro

Every dog coat comes with a convenient and reliable closure system. It can either be the zipper or the velcro. These two have their pros and cons.

  1. Zippers

A closure system involving zips is fast but not so convenient. Since your pet has fur all over, there is a risk of the hair getting stuck while zipping up. This can be painful for your pet and cause injury and infection.

However, the significant advantage is, no matter how much your dog plays or runs, the zip is less likely to get undone on its own. This ensures that your pup stays protected from the cold throughout.

  1. Velcro

With velcro, you don't have to worry about the hair getting stuck. You have to place the jacket and secure it with the help of velcro straps. This is very easy to do, but the drawback is it gets undone as soon as immense pressure is experienced.

If your dog is highly energetic and runs fast, this velcro can open up, and the jacket will come out as well. Thus, exposing your dog to the snow.


The style of any dog jacket affects your pup in many ways. Hence, styling plays a significant role in coat hunt.

If your dog loves to play and move, you should look for a coat with no leg cover. This enables your dog to move freely without any discomfort.

On the other hand, if you have a lazy bone at home who only eats and sleeps, you can look for coats with hoods, leg covers, and many more features.

Dog coats are styled and designed to meet individual needs. You will find all types of coats to suit the types of activity your pup indulges itself in. It depends on what breed you own and what style offers its maximum comfort.

These coats are dog friendly and have been designed that way. So, you will find no scarcity of the designs and will always have various options to get confused.


Dogs have a habit of scratching their backs on the surface, be it concrete or snow. This habit won't change, and they will continue to do so everywhere. If you want to stop them, you will get mesmerized by their smile and won't stop them either.

To keep them safe and protected, having a waterproof jacket is crucial. Dog coats are made entirely of waterproof materials.

This helps your dog have fun and roll about anywhere, irrespective of the place. The water from the snow will wet the surface of the jacket but won't penetrate inside.

This is the most significant improvisation done in the dog clothing industry. The mute animals cannot express their viewpoint, and it's you who has to understand their needs and do the needful.

Machine Washable

Are you thinking what's this feature here for? Well, it's not surprising to say that dog coats are machine washable.

Yes, they are, and this is a big relief for those who have more than one dog. While you can clean their clothes using your hand, this will drain both energy and time.

A machine-washable coat is more comfortable to wash and dry. The coat materials are machine friendly and don't get damaged.

All you need to do is use a fabric-friendly detergent and put the coats inside the washing tub. Switch the button on, and there you are! The dog coat will come out fresh that will attract your dog and make it feel so good.


Insulation is the primary purpose of purchasing a dog jacket. You should check for the lining of the coat before making any purchase. A dog coat, as mentioned earlier, features an insulating inner lining of cotton and fleece.

Also, keep in mind the thickness and weight of the jacket. A jacket with adequate insulation can be thick and heavyweight. You don't want your pup to get down with such a heavyweight. On the other hand, a less thick jacket fails to provide enough insulation.

Both are necessary but cannot be blended. To end this problem, the designers have introduced a moderate design that includes both in the right proportions. Still, you need to compromise a bit for the sake of your pet.

Leash Attachment

Dog coats feature a leash attachment system in them. This enables you to keep your pup under control effortlessly.

This is the most important feature out of all of them. While dogs love being outside, they can cross their limits anytime if not attended. Having a leash attachment in a coat is a boon to keep them in sight and prevent them from biting others.

You can search for variants with different attachments and pick out the one that suits you and is easy to use.


The price of a coat is quoted, taking into account a lot of aspects. The material, the type of attachment and closure system, etc. all contribute to the price.

It is not a regular affair that you will have to invest more to get hold of a high-quality coat. If you are lucky, you will get one at a lower price and with good quality.

However, if you are looking for more features, price is something you will have to be flexible with. If fewer features do, you can get hold of an affordable coat.

Hence, try to focus more on the quality of the material rather than the features available. This will help you buy an affordable and durable coat.


Your dog has many parts that need to be covered. The entire back and the chest, legs, neck, and whatnot. Having them covered with a single piece is possible to some extent but can differ depending on your suitability.

It would be beneficial if you look for a jacket that covers more space for your pup's body so that the void can be replaced. You can search for coats with hoods and leg covers.

There are other variants available that offer more coverage as compared to the others. So, you can search for more to get hold of a deal worth the penny you are investing in.

Steps to take care of Dog Coats

Maintaining a dog coat is not a difficult task, but the challenge is to protect the parts. A machine washes the coat thoroughly by spinning faster, but in the process, the machine's wall and the straps and buckles can get damaged.

This requires some attention. To take care of your dog's coat in the best manner, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Zip up the zippers or close the buckles. Remove the dust, fur, and mud from the coat.
  1. Remove the soap water's foam and let it stay as it is for some time till the suspended particles settle down.
  1. If possible, take the help of a mesh bag for the cleaning procedure. Place the entire coat inside this bag to keep the hard parts safe.
  1. Set your machine for delicate washing. Make sure that you are using a fabric-friendly soap.
  1. Prevent the usage of fabric conditioners. This is prohibited because dog coats have to be sturdy, and conditioners can damage the material.
  1. After washing, put the coat on a line under the shade and let it dry in air. Do not spin or tumble dry.


  1. Is it necessary to opt for coats for dogs?

It depends on the weather in your area where you are residing. If the temperature takes deep dips in winters or you live in a place where it snows heavily, then investing in the right coats for your dogs is imperative.

Small dogs and dogs with light fur can easily be affected by low temperatures. They can catch a cold and start shivering. They won't be able to keep themselves warm. Putting the right coat over their body will allow them to regulate their body temperature and will keep them warm.

Make sure that you are investing in a comfortable coat so that it provides proper comfort and warmth to your pet.

  1. How can I select the right size of the coat for my dog?

Good quality coats come with a size chart. However, if the chart is not present, then you can measure your pet and then select the size. The size range of the coat lies between extra small to extra large.

Make sure that the coat is not too tight nor too loose for your pet. The right fit will keep your dog warm and will not fall again and again. Also, it will not bother your pet.

  1. How can I train my dog to wear a coat?

Some dogs quickly adapt to the coat. But some get frustrated and struggle with it. Love, care, and positive reinforcement can help you in making your dog comfortable.

In the beginning, try putting the coat for 1-2 minutes and awarding it after it. Gradually increase the time until your dog gets comfortable with it.

Final verdict

Dog coats present a simple yet effective way to protect your best friend from colds. They keep your dog warm and are quite comfortable.

Here in this guide, you will get all the critical factors that will aid you funneling down the best option. Go through them and make an informed decision. / - © Copyright 2020