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So, you want to travel with your furry friend? Well, you surely need a dog backpack that lets you carry your mate during the journey.

Dog backpacks carriers are available in a myriad of options. Some are small, whereas some are large, and that depends on the species of the dog. On the other hand, there are a few types as well, so making the right choice can be a little daunting.

You need a backpack carrier that allows good airflow, and the dog can breathe properly. Also, it should fit your pet easily so both of you can enjoy the journey.

Here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will help you in selecting the best dog backpack carrier. We have listed almost everything you should consider before clicking the buy now button.

Read on to find out the factors that you should look for when buying a carrier for your doggo.

What is a dog backpack carrier? What are the benefits?

A dog backpack carrier is a full-fledged bag that lets you carry your pet along with some other stuff. With these bags, you get multiple pockets to stash your stuff that's required while hiking.

These backpack carriers are available in a range of options starting from small bags to large bags that you can use for bigger breeds.

When it comes to benefits, then there are multiple advantages of using a dog carrier.

Properly ventilated

Most of the dog carriers available these days are properly ventilated, which means that your pet will be able to breathe without any issues. The mesh pockets let air in and out, and these backpacks are ideal for pets.


The padded straps make the backpack comfortable to wear. No matter how heavy your pet, if you buy the right backpack carrier following this guide, you will experience ultimate comfort.

Always in your control

Now there is no need to worry because your pet cannot run away from you. The carrier will keep it safe, and you can go hiking or other such activities that you love.

Protects it from rain

The dog backpack carriers aren't fully waterproof, but still, it will protect the pet from rain. The roof of the bag will act as a shield, and your beloved pet can stay dry during the journey.

Lets you carry other items.

A good dog backpack carrier will help you in carrying other such items as well. You can carry the leash, dog food, and other items, so you don’t need a different backpack.


When you buy a dog backpack carrier following this guide, expect it to be affordable. Dog carrier backpacks are available in a range of options, and you can buy one under your budget.

Factors to look for when purchasing a dog backpack carrier

Here is a list of factors that you should check when buying a dog backpack carrier. For your ease, we have classified the factors so that you can quickly go through the factors to select the best backpack carrier.

Type of backpack carrier

Dog backpack carriers are available in a range of options. You will find different types when searching for a carrier and choosing the right type of essential so that you get a good experience with it.

Back-facing dog carrier backpack

The back-facing dog carrier backpacks are extremely popular among hikers, cyclists, and other outdoor activities enthusiasts. These backpacks are designed to wear on the back, so you won’t be able to see your pet while wearing the backpack.

There are multiple benefits of using this backpack, such as you can travel more without getting tired due to the natural position. Also, the backpack has a good space to accommodate some other items as well.

Most of the dog carrier backpacks are available with a back-facing design that faces the back so you can travel without any hassles.

Front-facing dog backpack carrier

The front-facing dog backpack carriers are ideal for traveling shorter distances. You can wear a backpack, just like wearing a baby carrier. With these backpacks, you will be able to see your dog through the mesh windows.

However, traveling a great distance isn't a good idea with these backpacks because all the weight is on your frontal part, so that you will get tired quickly.

Long distance vs. short distance backpack carriers

Another type of dog backpack carrier is long distance and short distance. You should choose the backpack, depending on where you will use it. If you want to travel short distances, such as commuting regularly, then you need a small backpack that is ideal for short distances.

These backpacks are small in size and are lightweight. Also, they are affordable when compared to backpacks for long distances.

On the other hand, when you buy a backpack carrier for covering long distances. Then it will help you with ultimate ease. Some of these backpacks come with built-in wheels so you can travel without any hassles.

Carrying a pet can be challenging, especially if you have a bigger breed. You should go for a backpack that is ideal for covering a long distance so that you can pull it using the handle.


It is indispensable to buy the right size when choosing a backpack carrier for your dog. These carriers are available in different sizes, so you should make sure to choose the right one.

You should select the size of the backpack, depending on your dog's size. If you have a bigger breed, then you need a bigger backpack, on the other hand, for smaller dogs, you can go for a compact backpack.

The size will impact the comfort and ease of traveling. If you want your dog to remain calm inside the backpack carrier, go for a bigger size so that the pet gets enough room to relax.


The material of the backpack will impact its durability and weight. You should go for a backpack that is highly durable, and the paws of your pet cannot damage it. Go for a material that is highly durable and allows good ventilation.

While checking the material, check the stitching of the backpack to make sure that it lasts longer. Before buying the backpack, go through some customer reviews and find out the experience of the existing buyers.


Ventilation is something you cannot overlook when buying a dog backpack carrier. You need a backpack that lets the air in and out so your pet can breathe without any issues. When looking for a backpack, check if it has multiple mesh windows that offer ultimate ventilation.

Air flow is one of the most important things to check when buying a backpack for your pet. Some bags even have an open design that lets your pet take its neck out to breathe and see the beautiful locations.

However, the material should be breathable so that the pet remains cool and relax during the voyage.

Built-in wheels

Dog backpack carriers with built-in wheels are excellent if you have a bigger breed that is heavy. Also, if you want to travel to a long distance, then you should consider backpacks with built-in wheels.

The wheels will distribute the weight on the ground, and you can cover more distance without getting tired. Generally, these backpacks are big in size, and that is why you get wheels with them.

Furthermore, make sure that the pull strap comes with thick padding, so there is no hand fatigue at all.


How many pockets do you need? The reason we asked this question is because it is a matter of personal preference. The number of pockets should depend on how many of them you need. If you need a backpack for traveling to a long distance, then you should go for backpacks with multiple pockets.

Some backpacks have multiple pockets so you can carry the leash, dog food, and other such items. Usually, back-facing backpacks come with various pockets, whereas front-facing backpacks have fewer pockets.


When choosing a dog backpack carrier, you should consider the comfort of your pet as well as you. If the backpack isn't comfortable, then your furry friend will scream to come out of it. On the other hand, if the bag isn't comfortable, then you will find it hard to wear for a longer voyage.

Checking the size of the backpack will be a great idea to determine how comfortable the backpack will be for your pet. Similarly, check the padding on the straps to ensure that it will be comfortable to wear all day long.


The durability of the backpack depends on multiple things, such as material and stitching. You should go for a backpack that’s made using durable material so that your dog cannot damage it in any way by biting or scratching it.

Don’t just fall for the look of the backpack so that you get a decent lifespan from it. The best way to find out the durability of the backpack is by checking its reviews.

Ease of cleaning

When you carry your dog in a backpack, it is essential to clean it regularly to get rid of the smell of pee and poop. The bag should be made of a material that is washable so that you can clean the bag whenever required.


Securing a backpack is critical so that your pet remains secure in it. Some dog backpack carriers come with secure zippers that ensure guaranteed safety. These backpacks will keep the pet safe inside, and there is no need to worry about your pet falling out of it.

Furthermore, some backpacks come with lockable zippers that let you keep your stuff secured in the backpack.


It is important to buy a backpack that you can use in all types of weather. Go for a backpack that keeps your pet dry when it rains. Similarly, the backpack should be breathable so that the pet remains comfortable while traveling.

When choosing a weather-resistant dog backpack carrier, always make sure that it is breathable as well. When you go for a water-resistant bag, the breathability gets reduced due to the insulation.

So, it is important to make an informed decision. Check some customer reviews to find out if they are happy with the backpack or not.

Extra storage

No matter if you want to carry your pet to the picnic or for hiking, it is always a great idea to keep its leash and food handy. You should go for a backpack that comes with extra storage so that you can carry a lot of items along with the pet.

Look for some extra pockets so that you can keep these items handy. Modern dog backpack carriers have ample space, so there is no need to carry an extra backpack with it.


Check the weight of the bag to ensure that it is lightweight and easy to carry. Dog backpack carriers are available in a range of options with varying weights. Some backpacks are heavy, whereas some backpacks are lightweight.

Choose the weight that you feel is ideal for carrying. The weight depends on the material and size of the backpack. The weight will increase dramatically after your pet enters into the backpack, so check it before buying.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the backpack is how much weight it can carry. Some backpacks can carry around 20 pounds only, whereas some backpacks have a capacity of carrying up to 60 pounds.

The weight capacity depends on the weight of your pet. If your dog is heavy, go for a heavy backpack so that it doesn't get damaged while carrying it.

While choosing the dog carrier backpack, take your pet's growth into consideration. If your pet is growing quickly, then you should go for a bigger backpack.


The straps of the dog backpack will impact the comfort of the backpack. You should go for backpacks that come with padded straps. Going for padded straps will reward you with added comfort. You can travel to more distances without getting tired.

Also, the straps should be able to bear the weight of the backpack with the pet inside it. Another thing to check is whether straps are adjustable or not.

The adjustable straps will let you enhance your comfort, and you can adjust it according to the weight you are carrying in the backpack.


This is a matter of personal choice as dog backpack carriers are available in different designs. You will find a plethora of carriers with different shapes and sizes. Some backpacks have a boxy design, whereas some have an ergonomic design.

Choose the design that is travel friendly and is perfect for your needs. You should choose the design depending on where you will be using the backpack.


It is essential to buy a dog backpack carrier that is durable and lasts longer. Always go for backpack carriers that are made using good quality materials and can withstand the paws and canines of your furry friend.

When buying a backpack, check the material, and pay attention to the seams of the backpack. Also, check the straps and the mesh material so that the backpack lasts longer, and you can travel with your pet with ease and comfort.


The price of the dog backpack carrier depends on multiple factors such as size, brand, and other such things. You should make your budget before looking for a backpack carrier. These backpacks are available at a range of prices, so having a budget in mind will be a great move if you want to save some bucks.

Accessories to buy with a dog backpack carrier

After selecting the best dog backpack carrier, you should choose some accessories that you can use while traveling. Here we have recommended some accessories you can buy with a dog backpack carrier.

  • Dog leash

Buy a good quality dog leash that fits into the pocket of the backpack and is ideal to use while traveling. Go for leashes that are highly durable and are suitable for the dog breed you have. Some breeds are aggressive and need a super-strong leash.

  • Dog rake comb

Get a dog rake comb to pamper your pet whenever it wants. You can remove the excess hair from his body before putting it into the backpack.

  • Feeding bowl

Carrying a feeding bowl will be great to feed your pet whenever it needs. Go for a handy feeding bowl that you can carry in the backpack.

  • Dog mat

Your dog cannot spend his entire day inside the dog carrier, so go for a good dog mat that you can use to reward your pet with comfort. The mat works well on rough surfaces and acts as a thick cushion.

  • Lock

Buy a lock that you can use to protect the dog. Most of the dog backpack carriers have a built-in lock, but having a separate lock will be better.

FAQs: Best Dog Backpack Carriers

Q: Is it safe to use a dog backpack carrier?

A: Yes, using a dog backpack carrier is safe provided that you are using the right type of carrier. The first thing to take into consideration is the material. The material should be breathable, and there should be enough windows so that the dog can breathe properly.

Look for backpacks that are ideal for dogs depending on the size of your pet. Also, go through some customer reviews before buying the backpack to ensure that it is safe for the pet. In short, dog backpack carriers are safe for pets.

Q: How to wash a dog carrier?

A: When washing a dog backpack carrier, it is essential to take certain things into consideration. You cannot be harsh on the backpack, so washing it with care is important. Here is the proper regime that you can follow to wash the backpack carrier.

  • Empty the bag and clean the pet hair using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the inner basket if there is any in the backpack.
  • Rinse it with water, and prepare a cleaning solution in a bucket using water and a few drops of detergent.
  • Most of the dog backpack carriers have a frame, so you can wash them in a tub.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush and start cleaning the innards and the outer areas of the backpack.
  • Let the backpack dry in the shade, and it is ready to use.
Q: Are dog backpack carriers expensive?

A: The price of the backpack depends on multiple things, such as the type, size, and brand you are going for. These backpacks are available at a range of prices so that you will find some cheap and expensive options.

Prepare your budget before shopping for a backpack to avoid overspending.

Q: Do these backpacks have built-in locks?

A: Yes, most of the dog backpack carriers have built-in locks that you can use to secure it. The lock will prevent the door from opening, and your pet is safe inside it. Also, you can buy an external lock to lock the zips for added safety.

Q: How to waterproof a dog backpack?

A: Most of the dog backpack carriers are waterproof, so there is no need to use any rainfly. However, in heavy rains, water can seep inside through the mesh windows. But using a rainfly is not a good idea as the dog can feel suffocated inside it.

Look for a dry place and wait for the rain to slow down.


Having the best dog backpack carrier is essential to have a decent traveling experience with your dog. The carrier will reward you and your pet with ultimate comfort, and you can go for hiking and other such activities where you want to take your pet.

Keep all these factors in mind to select an ideal backpack that is lightweight, durable, and easy on your pocket. Compare a few backpacks to make an informed decision and use these factors as parameters for comparing the backpacks.

Lastly, go through customer reviews to make sure that the backpack you are planning to buy is perfect for the pet. / - © Copyright 2020