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Getting the right gear in any activity elevates the fun and safety. The same goes for cycling. Investing in the right jersey will allow you to enjoy the ride with high comfort and safety.

There are a lot of cycling jerseys out there in the market. While picking the best one, you have to consider all the aspects that define the product's usability and performance. For this, you need to be familiar with the product properly.

Here in this guide, you will get all the useful information regarding size, fit, breathability, and other aspects. You will get all the cleaning and maintenance tips that will help you in the process. Other than that, we also have covered the general questions and queries in this guide.

So, as you will reach the end of the guide, you will come to know everything there is about the product. So, without any further ado, let's begin with this guide.

What are Cycling Jerseys, and why should you opt for them?

Cycling is the best way to get healthy and stay in shape, see the countryside, meet interesting people in an all-new way and have limitless fun. But your pleasure only gets successful when you invest in the right gear.

This investment is limited to buying a quality bike, but getting a cycling jersey also includes it. A good quality cycling jersey is designed to feel comfortable, allow you to move in quickly, and be breathable, and its wicking fabrics will help you keep dry even when you are going all out.

Choosing the right cycling jersey will make your ride much more enjoyable and comfortable. Although they are form-fitting, they are designed to be highly breathable and moisture-wicking for all-day comfort.

There are different types of cycling jerseys available out there, let's find out some of the famous cycling jerseys.

Types of Cycling Jerseys

Buying a cycling jersey is an essential set of cycling clothing. There is a price difference, and quality can be immense sometimes, and you might not be able to see why at first glance.

But buying the best cycling jersey is a bit more complicated than you think. There are plenty of choices with an equally diverse range in prices, there are windproof cycling jerseys, water repellent, razor-thin, and extremely breathable every variant is good in its way.

Deciding about that, we have listed some of the different types of jerseys for you, let's have a look.

  1. The Basic Cycling Jersey

If you are a beginner and just recently entered into the world of cycling, or just looking for going out for a weekend ride in fairly good weather, then getting a primary cycling jersey would be the right choice for you.

These jerseys are not that fitter and are well breathable. If you are wearing an undershirt under the primary cycling jersey, then you can smoothly go out with this combination under the most diverse circumstances.

For the days with bad weather conditions like rain, a good rain jacket will help you to keep yourself comfortable on your bike. The fantastic thing about buying cycling jerseys is that they come at a very pocket-friendly price.

  1. Cycling Jerseys for Summers

There are jerseys available for special hot summer days; these are wafer-thin jerseys that keep you cool on a hot summer day. These summer jerseys are also perfect for those who are often going to tough mountain rides on a sunny day.

The best part about these cycling jerseys is that they are super airy, light, and breathable. Ideally, these types of jerseys are best for steep roads or climb.

But there is also a disadvantage of having these summer jerseys; if it is a bit cold on long-distance waits or the top of the climb, it can give you chills wearing this shirt. So, it is suggested to carry a windbreaker if you are going to the mountains for cycling.

  1. Water and Windproof Cycling Jerseys

As the name shows, these cycling jerseys are perfect to wear when raining all day long. Water repellent cycling jerseys are capable enough to handle few water showers.

Although water repellent cycling jerseys are adequate to handle water, it is also a fact that they can only manage a certain amount of rain after a certain time it starts to leak.

It happens the layers are the weaker spots. That is why the expensive waterproof jerseys have taped the fabric seams. And that taps won't allow water to come in through the seams.

The additional advantage of these cycling jerseys is also windproof, helping you stay warm in child weather.

  1. Aerodynamic Cycling Jerseys

These cycling jerseys provide the most reliable support while riding that are quite tight-fitted and still proffer good airflow on the body.

Almost every branded jersey comes with tight cycling clothing these days. But the real aerodynamic cycling shirts provide you a tight fit and won't come with flapping sleeves.

How should the jersey fit?

The cycling jerseys should befit you appropriately as they are your second skin. They have to be fitted but should not be too tight that you start to feel restricted.

So when you are going to choose one, you choose a jersey that fits you just like your regular t-shirt, but if it is not, it is not the right fit.

There are different fit formats out there, but choosing the one is depending on the kind of ride you are aiming at. Here are some of the typical fit options available in market

  1. Comfort-Fit: It is perfect for recreational riders
  2. Regular Fit: Regular fit is slightly capacious, with the comfort taking precedence over performance
  3. Race Fit: These are high performance, snug-fitting, and aerodynamic

If you find a performance-oriented ride, then buying a snug fit is a good option for you. This makes you more aerodynamic and helps you to wick moisture much better than other jerseys.

But if you are looking more forgiving, then a loose, fitting jersey is perfect for you to choose.

Apart from this, most of the cycling jerseys are longer from the back. It aids in keeping your back stays covered when you are bent over on your bike.

Essentials to look into while selecting appropriate Cycling Jerseys


Usually, most of the cycling jerseys are composed of synthetic fibers, specially developed with high breathability and keep sweat fully resistant from the body and keep you comfortable and cool.

They are also equipped with a great cut to ensure your comfort when you take a position while riding. The different riding conditions also regulates your decision of selecting the right material for your jersey.

Apart from this, almost every brand's design cycling jersey has been made from great material that breathes well, quick-dry, and feels great on your skin during a full day riding on it.

Most of them are light in weight and fully airy to promote coolness during high output. Here are some of the materials that you will like the most when shopping for the jersey.

  1. Technical Polyester

The blend of synthetic material is the standard for most jersey manufacturers. This lightweight material provides breathability and moisture-wicking potentiality. Also, it protects you from the sun's rays during a long day on your bike.

  1. Merino Wool

The wool is old fashioned yet legitimate. While synthetic materials are quite expensive for their moisture-wicking capabilities, Merino wool offers a natural feel, soft hand, and dries quickly, and gets sweaty well.

It implies that it takes a longer time to dry. One of the fantastic things about merino wool material is that it naturally comes with anti-bacterial properties and prevents the funky smell from fouling your garment.


Buying a perfect cycling jersey is as important as buying a cycling helmet. Your jersey needs to have ideals in all sorts, like its material, fitting, seams/hems, etc. A jersey is made with multiple panels that are joined together.

A flawless jersey should have neat stitching so that they don't bother you when wearing them as they won't rub against your skin when you ride your cycle. The perfect jersey must be heat sealed and seamless feel, and finish like one soft cloth envelopes your body.

You might face the biggest issue with your jersey when they are not stitched well and loose enough to irritate you while riding.

So before getting the one, you need to pay attention that they should be stitched well and fit you well to enjoy your ride. The hem can create irritation if it is not designed well, as cycling apparel sit close to your body. It may cause itchiness or rash on your body.


Zippers are the most important of the cycling jersey, so you need to be careful and carefully check the zip part of the jersey so you won't face problems at the time of riding.

Imagine you are riding a bike, and suddenly your zip starts falling because it is loose and the ziplock is working well. What you'll do in that situation? Give focus on riding a bike? Or stop and deal with the zip? Annoying right?

It is good to buy a jersey after the complete quality checks, especially on the zip part, to ignore this issue. High-quality zips give assurance to your prudence in the morning time when you have worn your jersey for riding.

Moreover, they make sure that you are able to ventilate efficiently on your own when you are out riding for a whole day. Generally, most of the road bike jerseys come with the front zipper, which allows you to ventilate when needed.

Some zippers come with the full length, while some come with only about two-thirds of the way. Full-length zippers are the best for ventilation, but it can be harder for you to close zip (after being wholly unzipped) than a partial-length zipper.


Pockets in your cycling jersey can be a plus in your jersey, especially when you are riding your bike on a high elevation, as you can carry all the spares, essentials, and nutrition-sources while riding.

So, pockets can be considered an essential feature that needs to be considered at the time of purchase. But it also depends on your requirements or depends on how often and how long you go biking.

If you are a professional biker and obsessive about biking, it would be good for you to choose a jersey and the pocket as you can carry small stuff of yours.

A perfectly designed jersey should have deep pockets with a proper opening that helps you keep all the internal items sealed.

Most of the road jerseys come with three pockets and designed well to carry things without even noticing the pocket items. On the other side, a low fabrics jersey becomes the reason for your bike-ride.

UPF Rating

You might have heard about the UPF ratings when buying a cycling jersey. But do you know what they are? And why do you need to check UPF ratings before purchasing a jersey?

Well, UPF stands for the ultraviolet protection factor, which will protect your skin all year round, especially in summers.

Professional cyclists have been known to get sunburn through their cycling jerseys as some fabrics like wool and elastane are inherently great at stopping harmful UV rays.

Most of the companies list the UPF ratings of their jerseys. And because of this, a jersey with a high UPF rating is considered great quality jerseys to choose from.

Whenever you buy cycling jerseys for yourself, make sure you will find the one with the 50+ UPF rating.

Temperature Rating

The temperature rating of the cycling jersey depends on where you are going riding. Being dressed up for the right weather is quite confusing and can go beyond, but it can only end up by choosing between the short and the long sleeves of the cycling jersey.

Every cycling company will often list the recommended temperature range for their jersey. It is mainly valuable if you do not see the biking jersey in person or specifically find a hot weather jersey.

Your comfort and the temperature are often subjective, but if we refer to the jersey's climate, it can still be helpful. It can provide you a better sense of how breathable and thick that particular jersey fabric might be.

Your selected jersey must have the ability to resist temperature and water so it can do its work even in harsh weather conditions. Whether it is rainy or snowy out there, it should be good enough to let you freely ride your bike.


No matter whether you are riding your bike on-road or on rough mountains, you will find a jersey as per your requirement. There are different lots of variety in the market when it comes to choosing suitable cycling jerseys.

Some of them come with short sleeves, and some are available in long sleeves, depending on your requirements. Shorts sleeves cycling jerseys are good for summers as it provides you a good airy feel.

These jerseys also offer you a flexible movement for your shoulders, which helps you flawlessly ride your bike without feeling any stiffness in the arm. These short sleeves jerseys are suitable for hot day riding.

On the other side, long sleeves jerseys are ideal for wearing on wintry days. These jerseys are very common with mountain bikers as they are more endangered to fall and scratches from their immediate surrounding.

Road bikers are also preferring full-sleeved jerseys during the winters as it protects from the sun and keeps them warm.

Different Cuts

It is always suggested to see the company's size chart before making any purchase as sizes between different brands can vary ferociously.

For purchasing a jersey, you should know your exact chest and waist measurements (Measurements can be done with the soft/tailor's tape, which makes finding your measurements easy).

Most companies offer different fits ranging from skin-tight to loose fit; it depends on you what size or what you will prefer. Some cyclists love looser-fitting tops, while others preference skin-tight jerseys.

You should prefer the one which is more comfortable. Knowing your exact size will help you to find the right jersey size.

Sweat Wicking

Sweat-wicking is one of the essential features which you need to give focus on at the time of purchasing a jersey.

Preferably, the best jersey is the one that not only fits you well but also is capable enough to wick sweats and keeps you ventilated when you get hot while riding a bike. Jerseys are specially designed to feel comfortable and easy to move, and breathable.

Wicking fabrics are the ones that will help you to keep you dry even when you are in all sweaty conditions. So it is always good to choose cycling jerseys that come with the wicking fabric and are capable enough to keep your dry even in hot weather conditions.

Your body always produces heat when you ride a bike. The harder you ride the bike, the higher your body temperature will go.

Your cycling jersey needs to wrap your body snugly to cool your body temperature and allow the sweat to exit. A regular jersey t-shirt will soak your sweat and keep you dry.

How To Take Care of Cycling Jerseys

  1. Machine wash Or Handwash

When choosing between the machine wash and hand wash of your cycling jerseys, it is always considered the machine wash as it is live apparel, and nothing gets rid of trail grime and sweat.

Also, your synthetic fiber garments like cycling jerseys are more durable, repellent, and good to wash in a machine. Besides, the machine dryer's heat will bring them back to their original state and let them fit and work better.

  1. Hang Jerseys and shorts out

It is always good to hang your short and cycling jerseys out when you get home. If you cannot wash them right away, you should hand them out instead of throwing them in a pile.

  1. Read washing instruction

Before washing your cycling clothes, you should read the washing instructions that are mentioned on the labels in cycling jerseys.

You need to follow the directions given with the garment and wash your garments accordingly. By following those instructions, your jerseys will live a long and productive life.


  1. Should I add any layers beneath the jersey?

Yes, on cold days, you should add a base layer beneath your jersey. Just make sure that the layer has high breathability. If the layer retains moisture, then you feel cold and wet, which will ruin your riding experience.

Moreover, it will hinder the functions of the jersey. So, avoid any cotton layers when you are going for a ride. Undoubtedly, the layer will be soft and comfortable, but it will retain moisture and sweat, making your riding experience uncomfortable.

  1. Will I see any difference in the riding experience with a proper cycling jersey?

Yes, definitely. You will see a lot of difference in your riding experience. The cycling jersey is explicitly fabricated to reduce air resistance and drag while cycling. It takes the form of your body and is quite comfortable.

The jersey's breathable material wicks the moisture and sweat quickly, so you don't feel cold and wet while cycling.

  1. What is the function of bright graphics on the cycling jerseys?

These bright graphics improve visibility when you are riding a bike at night. Other vehicles can see you and your bike properly, and several unfortunate accidents are prevented.

Other than that, they look cool and improve the aesthetics of the whole rig.

Summing Up

Regular clothes may work while cycling, but you will not be able to enjoy the activity with full comfort without a proper jersey.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find all the useful information to pick the best jersey in this guide. Make sure to look into quick cleaning tips to maintain your jersey for a long time. These tips will come in handy when working with stains.

You will get everything in this guide, so skim through the pointers and make an informed purchase for yourself. / - © Copyright 2020