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Want a cutting edge over the agile crappie while fishing? Don't sweat. With a suitable crappie rod and reel combo, you can quickly reel in these nimble fish.

Crappie is quite light in weight and is highly aware of their surroundings. Also, they possess a sensitive body. To catch them, you need something that is delicate, powerful, and sensitive.

With proper gear for the task, you can reel them in without any unnecessary hassle. However, you need to study all the elements of the rod and reel to choose the best option.

A buying guide presents a simple yet efficient way to evaluate all the elements at a single stop. With all the necessary information packed under one roof, you can quickly sort out the best product for your needs.

Let us start with a brief introduction to the products and then move into this in-depth guide.

What are Crappie Reels and Rods, and why should you opt for them?

Waited for hours and didn't catch a single one? Want to establish your career in the fishing world?

Across North America, as spring makes its red carpet appearance, people also go out fishing. Not many anglers know that crappies are a species of fish that form a single target.

Since they prosper close to boulders and weed beds, it's effortless to find and trap them. Therefore, they are the perfect target species. That is also the reason why crappie rod and reels are becoming increasingly popular.

Crappie rods are an essential part of a fishing trip, and the most powerful weapon, no doubt. Taking into consideration the size of the fish, many anglers opt for short-length rods.

However, even longer rods result in the same. If you want a longer rod, you need to have some expertise.

Also, note that the sensitivity of the rod is significant when angling. You should test your rod's bending ability too.

You don't need to have angling experience when it comes to the reels. There are two main types of reels you can find, spinning reels and bait cast reels. While both are equally effective but many anglers opt for spinning reels when it comes to crappies.

Why should you read a buying guide before selecting the right crappie rod and reel combo?

Fishing is not everyone's cup of tea and takes a great deal of patience. As the fish is not going to walk up to you on its own, you need to have the appropriate stamina and a calm mind.

Fishing rods and reels are the primary must-haves of any fishing trip and the most cherished part of any angler's life. Investing in the right product is something you'll always look for.

Avoid searching endless web pages to get the best possible crappie rod and reels combo. Instead, you should switch to a buying guide. It not only helps you grasp the main features but also allows you to fasten your decision-making process.

Take a close look at all the significant aspects that govern the rods and reels, and move further to make your purchase.

Types of Crappie Rod and Reels

Your angling skills and experience are counted when you wish to buy a combination of crappie rods and reels.

There are primarily three types of crappie rods and reels, depending on the stage you are in. Select the one that fits your level to carry out your fishing trip with ease.

  1. Spinning and spin-cast rods and reels

If you're a newcomer and want to bring lightweight lures, spin-cast reels are crafted for you. Such reels are positioned just above the rod, allowing you easy access and control.

Spinning reels need a little more experience since the reel is under the rod. It makes it a little challenging to control the rod while the bad guy is battling with you down there.

  1. Baitcast rods and reels

Ideal for large lures, these reels are positioned much like spin-cast reels, on top of the rods. Those rods have brakes to avoid overrunning of the spool. Such brakes use the magnetic and centrifugal forces to monitor movements.

You should also look for ball bearings in the reel to provide it a smooth run. Please make sure your rods and reels can endure rough usage.

  1. Fly rods and reels

These rods and reels are the most favored when the fall arrives. Because fish pile up near the shore, they can easily be captured.

These provide optimum speed and precision. Also, these have cushioned handles and graphite reels to give you enormous comfort and less weight.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Crappie Rod and Reels


As experienced anglers around the world have said, the ideal crappie rod and reel combo size should be at a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 3000.

They are small-sized reels that let you fish even in shallow-water areas. The crappie reels are built in two ways, either for throwing or for spinning. Your comfort should determine your choice.

Check also for options that feature faster rolling reels. It helps you to capture the fish much quicker and more effectively. When you're looking for higher air resistance, go for reel rollers made of three metals.

Length and Weight

When setting out to find a fishing rod, you will realize that the rod length and cast precision are inversely proportional. Which means the longer your fishing reel, the harder it gets to trap your crappie.

Though longer rods help cast longer distances, it is strongly recommended to opt for shorter rods if you want your angling precision.

The length of the fishing rod ranges between 4 feet and 10 feet at most. Also, keep in mind that your rod length determines what amount of weight you are carrying.

Crappie rod and reel combo feature lightweight rods and reels. It means your rod will be no longer than 7 feet in length. You'll have more precision in your cast, but you'll have to give up on your casting distance.

In reels lies the reason why shorter rods can cast only short distances. Short rods use reels that cannot carry a lot of lines.

You can't catch crappies that are far away, but you can be sure you have the most excellent shot. Once you decide to invest in some reel, think about your fishing style too.

Look for other models that are incredibly light in weight and have some extra room to accommodate extra lines. It will allow you to quickly and easily throw your lines and make sure you have a little more distance to reach.


Do you know what your favorite fishing rod and reel are made out of? If not, then don't worry. After reading this section, you'll become a pro in selecting the right gear for fishing.

The crappie rod and reel combo feature rods made of three primary materials and they are:

  1. Graphite

To make your rod and reel extremely light in weight, you should always opt for graphite fishing rods. They are also the ideal material when it comes to your rod's sensitivity.

  1. Fiberglass

When you are fishing, you do not know how powerful your target is. Since they are underwater, it becomes tough to assess their weight and size.

To avoid your rod from getting damaged and twisted, you can rely on fiberglass. It makes your rod more durable and prevents it from breaking off.

  1. Composite rod

Graphite and fiberglass amalgamation works best when you want your rod to be lightweight and resistant to damage.

Both of them work so well individually, then just think about what wonders their combination can create.

Composite rods are highly durable and lightweight and are ideal for professional anglers.


When you're fishing for crappies, you need to be conscious that they've got a tender mouth. So, there is a risk that it can get ripped in seconds when your rod hook pierces it for a more extended period. You never want your catch to get damaged halfway.

The action of the fishing rod determines where the rod will bend under the influence of a heavyweight.

For crappies, you can opt for a fishing rod that has moderate to fast action. That is because fast-acting rods are rigid and only bend at the tip. The crappie rod and reel combo comprise rods that have the requisite action to capture crappies.

These fishing rods often have hooks cushioned to provide sensitivity and absorb almost all of the force exerted to prevent it from being transferred to the mouth of the fish.


If you invest in a fishing rod, you want it to be sufficiently robust to withstand harsh conditions and to last long years.

The durability usually depends on the materials used, and the crappie rod and reel combo, as described above, includes rods made of graphite and fiberglass.

It takes us to the reel too. What should be the ideal material which is suitable for the reels? Crappie reels are made of aluminum and graphite to help keep the reels rustproof, lightweight, and sturdy.

Besides, the rods are coated with three distinctive graphite and carbon mixture layers. That makes them long-lasting and more durable.


Crappies call for more precision than enormous strength, because of their tender mouth. When you apply high pressure to catch them, the hook can hurt their mouth, and the chances of them swimming away are enormous.

It should be worth waiting for hours, and you should focus on the sensitivity more to make sure that you have caught hold of your chosen trap.

The rods used in the crappie rod and reel combo are sensitive and alert when your bait is nibbling at the other end of the line.


Rods and reels are two distinct things that work together to make your fishing trip more pleasant. They also give you the ability to sit back and relax while the line is underwater.

It is crucial to verify whether the rod and the reel are compatible. What if you buy the reel separately and notice that it doesn't suit your rod's seat? All your effort will mean nothing.

You should always count on crappie rod and reel combo to eliminate this problem. The combination provides a compatible collection of rods and reels. It certainly guarantees that your operation is carried out in a trouble-free way.

It also reduces your extra expenditure and takes full responsibility for helping you to catch the best crappies.

Type of Fishing

Until beginning your search, it is recommended to consider the types of fishing you are preparing for, the species you are targeting, and the venue.

Because different rods and reels complement different types of fishing styles, if you make a purchase randomly, you can experience difficulty.

The crappie rod and reel combo are designed exclusively for catching crappies and not for any other fish.

You may lose your catch or rod if you use it for some other form of fishing or catch other types of fish. So be sure to be specific about the type of fishing and the necessary parameters in your mind.

Level of Fishing

Fishing levels depend on various factors. You may be a newbie, an average angler, or a professional angler.

Different levels have specific criteria, and to satisfy those criteria; you must first clarify the tier at which you are standing. Skilled anglers opt for faster rods and reels, which yield better performance.

Beginners search for rods and reels, which help them achieve a descending experience in the world of anglers.

Besides that, do bring to light what fish species you plan to capture. It helps you find a rod that can hold the fish's weight, and lets you fight it.

Crappie rods and reel combo consist of rods that can't bear the weight of fish like the giant bass. The line splits. Thus, it becomes crucial to analyze certain essential factors that can hinder your choice of rod.


Money is worthwhile, and you won't want to invest in a commodity that doesn't guarantee you quality.

Different combos vary in price, and a cheap combination does not necessarily mean an inferior quality product. A higher price quotation may often include rods and reels that are even worse in quality than cheaper ones.

However, with crappie rod and reel combos, price is no longer a matter of doubt. This combo is cheaper and assures you a quality product so that you can always rely on them.

Also, if you are a beginner, these provide you with affordable rods and reels which come separately. It helps you in understanding which rod and reel suit the type of fishing.


Power and action go hand in hand. You need more power to catch a big fish and to complement that you need to use a rod with the appropriate action.

Given that crappies do not need a lot of power to capture them and that moderate to medium action rods are the most appropriate, a massive power rod is not the best option.

To catch crappie, you should opt for extremely lightweight rods. There are three reasons which justify the recommendation.

  1. Hooksets which are cushioned

The ultralight, medium, and quick action rods have cushioned hooksets. It will help you get your catch off the water and land it on your boat without damaging it.

Ultralight rods are very tender and fragile, and the cushioned hooksets make it much easier for you to raise your crappie intact, even though they feature fast motion.

  1. Sensitivity

Since these rods bend very quickly, it increases the rod's sensitivity. You can feel every nibbling move of your crappie as it bites on your bait.

  1. Fun

The use of ultra-light rods makes your job extremely easy. Whatever be your background, you have reasonable control over the rod. It also doesn't hurt your crappie's paper mouth. Thus, you can enjoy your catch and also flaunt it to others.

Line and lure Weight

You use a lightweight rod when you catch crappie. It prohibits the use of a heavy lure or a heavyweight line.

Crappie rod and reel combo work the best in this case. This combination includes rods and reels designed to carry a line ranging from 2-6 lbs in weight and 1/64 of an ounce to 1/2 ounce in lure size.

Also, look for other variants. In case it is your lucky day, and you find the best deal at an affordable price. What can be better than that?

What is the difference between different Crappie Fish and how to catch them?

Easy to spot and capture, crappies are the most common fish in North America found abundantly near the shore.

They are so tiny and fragile; even if they are nibbling at the end of your rod, you'll hardly know if your rod is not sensitive enough.

Much like we humans, crappies are also of various styles. Not talking about the different countries and continents but talking about the different characteristics they possess.

During their fishing trips, anglers have come across two types of crappies, black and white. They are distinguished according to the following characteristics.

  1. Dorsal fins

Black crappies are known to have around eight dorsal fins while the white ones have only six.

  1. Colour

If the crappie that you caught is pale with various dark spots on either side, you have caught the white crappie. The spots are arranged vertically.

If you witness irregular spots, be sure that you found the black one. But color is not a reliable basis for differentiating between the two.

  1. Thriving habitats

Black crappies chose to live in cold environments and are mostly found in large lakes. You can also find them in water bodies where the flow of water is slow.

White crappies grow in warmer areas and are not like their counterparts, so stubborn about their location.

Crappies crop up amid woods or weed patches. You must first prepare a detailed plan to capture them, taking into account the size, preferred location, etc.

If you know about the favorite food of crappie, that will add a star to your performance sheet.

Due to changing seasons, crappies are found at various locations. To capture them effectively, you can read in what season where they are found.

  1. Spring

If you're fishing in the spring season, hunt from the shores and go on. The reason behind this is, as the temperature rises, the crappies move to their spawning location, which is in shallow water areas.

  1. Summer and winter

Summer and winter crappies are shy, and often challenging to locate even though they form large schools. They are covered in dense coverings and move to deep water areas.

If you still want to try your hand on them, use some sonar tools to equip your line with, and position it at different depths.

  1. Autumn

You need to extend your quest into deep waters to find autumn crappie. Since these crappies are always on the move, it is challenging to locate them. At one moment, they will be right in front of you, but within a second, they will move somewhere else.

So, bear all of these things in mind and invest in a rod that pays off. Also, remember the strategies mentioned above to find your best pick.

The best way to capture crappies is by focusing more on their environment, habitat, and way of living.


  1. Is Braided line great for fishing crappie?

Yes, a braided line is known for its extreme sensitivity. That means catching crappie is the best thing with this line.

  1. What is the power rating for crappie fishing rods?

Crappie fishing rods are smartly designed to catch crappie easily. Its power rating can be anywhere between ultralight to medium.

  1. What should you buy- long or short crappie rods?

Always go for a long crappie rod that helps you to opt for a strategic plan to catch it in the rod quietly.

  1. What is the most lightweight material for crappie rods and reels combo?

Graphite is considered the most lightweight among all. It is entirely corrosion and weather-resistant material with negligible weight.

Final Words

A complementing crappie rod and reel combo will allow you to catch the fish in no time. No matter the environment and conditions, the combo will act on your command and serve your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we have displayed all the facts and details in an organized way. Go through all the elements quickly and evaluate them to choose an elite combination for your fishing expedition. / - © Copyright 2020