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The best compass watch will not only help you in tracking the path. Also, it will assist you with alarm and some other useful features that will make your life easy! In the wilds, when your phone stops working due to weak signals, the watch will be your support.

However, buying a compass watch has never been easy, as these are multiple options available to choose from. While buying the right compass watch, you must consider these factors to make sure that the watch is easy to use and highly accurate.

To make things easier for you, we are here with this comprehensive compass, watch buyer's guide that will help you in the best watch. Go through the factors listed below to make an informed decision while investing your money in the right product.

Why should you use a compass watch?

You might be wondering why to go for a compass watch when you can get the task done with your phone or any other device! Well, a good compass watch offers immense features, which other devices cannot compete with.

Here are some benefits you will get with a compass watch.

Extreme accuracy

Compass watches manufactured by trusted brands have excellent accuracy. You can rely on the watch to get the directions as these are designed for the task. All the details, including the directions, time, and location, will be accurate, and this is a significant reason to buy a compass watch.

Long-lasting battery

We know how frustrated it can be when your smartphone runs out of battery, and nothing is there to help! In this case, a compass watch can be the help you need. The battery of these watches lasts longer, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Some excellent compass watches can even last for a few months on a single charge, and that’s fantastic.

Easy to use

Using a compass watch is easier than using a smartwatch. You can quickly learn different features that can help you in survival when you are exploring the wilds.


These watches are built to withstand so you can rest assured about the durability. From the dial to the strap, everything is highly durable, and that's what you need.


Most compass watches are waterproof. You can continue your journey even if it rains with the assurance that the watch is safe and sound.

Factors to consider when buying a compass watch

With the below-mentioned factors in mind, you can buy the best compass watch. We have classified these factors so that you can quickly find the most reliable watch you should buy.


Start with selecting the type of watch you need. Generally, there are three types of compass watches available in the market. The performance of the watches is different, and there are a lot of differences in the functionality.

True compass

These watches have a true compass either mounted on the band or integrated into the display. The magnetic compasses are highly accurate, and you will love these watches for the ease of use. If you don't want any extra features, then these watches should be your choice.

Digital compass

Digital compass watches have tons of features to offer. These watches have an altimeter, barometer, and other useful features that are not available in any other watch. You can even pair some of these watches with Google OS if you are an Android user. The electronic sensors fitted in these watches give accurate details and work flawlessly.

A compass watch can carry a multitude of sensors to keep you updated about multiple details. However, reading a digital compass can be challenging if you are using the watch for the first time.

You may find it hard to toggle between different features as these watches offer extensive features.

Analog compass

Analog compass watches are easy to read as compared to digital watches. The regular magnetic compass tells accurate details, and these watches even allow you to track the location using the sun's position.

You will find a plethora of affordable analog compass watches manufactured by trusted brands.

Dial shape and size

The next thing you should check is the size and the shape of the dial. The entire comfort offered by the watch depends on the shape and size. Some users like circular dials due to comfort, whereas some prefer squarish dials as these have bigger screens.

Get a compass watch that isn’t bulky so that you can wear it all day long without getting tired.

Band material

Another thing that contributes to the comfort is the band material. Compass watches come with a plethora of bands such as metal, rubber, leather, and much more. Each material has its own characteristics, so it is ideal to buy the right one.


Leather bands are soft and comfortable. Also, these look premium, and you should get them if you need a stylish watch compass. The colors available can vary based upon the watch and manufacturer you choose.


Metallic bands are highly durable and can withstand exposure to water and heat. The bands are highly adjustable and comfortable to wear. However, you will find these bands a bit heavier as compared to other straps.


Rubber is the most preferred type of band available with compass watches. The material is hypoallergenic and resistant to sweat and water. Also, the rubber is lightweight, so you will love to wear the watch for a prolonged time.

You will find different types of synthetic rubbers when buying compass watches.

Battery life

The compass watch will show you the directions until it is charged, so you should go for watches with long-lasting batteries. Generally, digital watches have less battery life as these have multiple features and sensors that are active all the time.

You will also find some options with solar batteries that charge when you expose them to the sun. Check the battery life of the watch to ensure that it lasts longer and will not leave you with a useless watch in the middle while trekking or hiking.

Always buy branded compass watches as these have better batteries. Moreover, keep some extra batteries handy so that you can replace the faulty one whenever required.

Ease of use

You will find a plethora of features such as altimeter, barometer, and much more, but all of these should be easy to use. You should buy a watch that’s easy to understand and use so that you know how every feature works.

Some people find digital compass watches hard to use as these watches have many features as compared to analog watches. The choice is up to you; if you need multiple features, then digital watches are excellent as these have more features.

Just going through the instruction manual will help you understand the features. In a nutshell, a compass watch that’s easy to use should be your choice.


A good compass watch should withstand normal wear and tear as it is a part of the adventure. The durability of the watch depends on many factors, such as the brand, material, and type of watch you have. As an example, rubber straps are more durable as compared to leather straps.

You have to check each and everything while buying a compass watch. Durability is something you cannot compromise with as a damaged compass watch is of no use. The watch brand also plays a vital role while choosing a compass watch.

Prominent brands sell watches that are highly durable, so you should get one from the popular options available in your budget.

Highly accurate

Accuracy is the foremost factor when buying a compass watch. The watch should be highly accurate so that it shows the perfect time, and all the sensors work well. There is no way you can determine the accuracy of a watch, and that’s why go with reliable brands for the assurance.

Another thing to check is the adjustability feature. The watch should allow you to change the date and time on the go. To find out the accuracy of a watch, you can use it around your house before taking it on a trip. Or compare it with some other watch or compass to determine how precise the details are displayed on the brand new watch.


Yes, compass watches can be stylish, and you can get one that suits your personality and style statement. You will find some sporty and formal looking options. Sporty watches are usually highly durable, and it is evident why.

You can use a semi-formal watch on any occasion, including everyday life. If you are a keen traveler, go for sporty-looking watches, or settle down with semi-formal options.


Compass watches with shock resistance are able to withstand impacts and shocks caused by dropping or striking the watch against something. Furthermore, it adds up to the durability of the watch, and you should check it if you need a highly durable watch.

Generally, sporty compass watches have high shock-resistance because of the design and build.


Not all compass watches are lightweight, as some of them can be bulky. Checking the weight of the watch will help you in buying a watch that's perfect to wear. The weight of the watch depends on many factors like the material and the type of watch. So make a choice while keeping all these things in mind.

Dial window

The dial window is the transparent glass on the top of the watch. You should check the type of dial window when buying a compass watch as it impacts the durability. Usually, there are three choices available:


Compass watches with acrylic dial windows are the cheapest of all. The material looks like plastic, so it is easy to maintain. Also, the chances of scratches are minimal, and the watch face is shatter-proof.


Sapphire is a costly material used to make dial windows of watches. The material is a form of aluminum oxide that's crystallized to form a transparent shield. The reason why watches with the sapphire head is that the material is highly durable and gives the watch a premium look.

Mineral glass

The material is used in budget compass watches that are more expensive than acrylic but cheaper than sapphire. You will find mineral glass watch faces in most options to cut down the overall cost.

Some features to check when buying a compass watch.


You will see the backlit feature in most digital compass watches. Going with a watch with a backlit is a good option as you can check the time and other details even during the night. Usually, analog watches lack in backlit, so these have tritium, which shines in the dark without using the battery.

The main problem with the backlit feature is that it consumes battery, and that's why the digital watches don't last long. Depending on your need and where you will be using the watch, you should make a choice. If you want to travel in the dark, go with watches that have backlit support.


The alarm is a useful feature a compass watch should have. It will keep you informed about the important tasks such as returning to the camp. You can set multiple alarms in a watch, depending on the model. The feature is usually available in digital watches that work on a dedicated OS.

Furthermore, alarms will keep you updated about the time in case you forget to check the time while enjoying hiking or fishing.


If you are a hiker, then you might understand the importance of a stopwatch. These are ideal for tracking the time, especially in long and short hiking durations. If you want to know how much time it took to reach the peak, then the stopwatch feature will be beneficial.

Again, the stopwatch is usually available in digital watches as you can switch to the stopwatch mode, but you will find some analog options as well if your budget is good.

Heart rate monitor

If you love jogging and other high impact sports activities, then having a compass watch with a heart rate monitor will be great. The watch cannot replace your fitness tracker, but it will be beneficial if you get useful insights about the heart rate.

The features are available in high-end compass watches, so be prepared to spend some more if you need a compass watch with a heart rate monitor.

Sunset and sunrise

This feature is highly important if you need a compass watch for hiking. Knowing the sunset and sunrise timing will help you schedule the long hikes and climbs. The feature is highly beneficial when you are traveling from an area with heavy clouds where the sun is not visible.

Compass watches are highly accurate so that you will get precise details about sunset and sunrise.


The oxygen level drops as you climb the height, and that's where the altimeter steps in. The compass watch with altimeter sensor will keep you updated about the altitude or height so that you don't cross the limits.

You will find an altimeter in most digital compass watches, as analog watches don’t offer it.


The barometer keeps you updated about any fluctuations in the air pressure. Knowing the air pressure is important when hiking and climbing, so check if the watch has a barometer or not.


A compass watch with a thermometer will keep you informed about the temperature. In some areas, the temperature can reach up to the freezing point, and the thermometer will be helpful in these cases. Check if the watch features a thermometer and the measurement in which it shows the reading i.e., Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Countdown timer

There can be many situations where the alarm won't work so that you can use the countdown feature. With the countdown, you can get help while hiking or climbing. Also, setting a timer is easier than setting the alarm.

Tide tracker

Compass watches with a tide tracker will help you understand the nearby water bodies better. If you want to use the watch for fishing or for kayaking, then you will find the tide tracker feature helpful. Only a handful of watches have this feature, so check it beforehand buying a watch.

Storm alert

The watches that allow you to feed-in the current location will help you with the storm alerts. The worst thing that can happen while hiking is facing a storm, and a compass watch can save you from the hassle.


Don't forget to consider the budget if you don’t want to end up burning a hole in your pocket. Look for watches that are under your budget and then compare them following the buyer’s guide. Compass watches are available at affordable as well as high prices based on the brand and model you prefer.

FAQs: Best Compass Watch

Q: Digital or analog, which watch is better, and why?

A: The comparison between digital and analog watch depends on your preference. If you need a watch that's easy to use, then analog watches should be your choice. The traditional dial and needles will make you feel comfortable when using the watch.

However, digital compass watches come loaded with a plethora of features such as barometer, altimeter, and much more. But these are a bit tricky when it comes to using them. Furthermore, digital watches use GPS, so these are highly accurate in telling about the locations.

You can quickly make a choice based on this difference.

Q: Can I take a compass watch for a swim?

A: It depends on the model you have. If you have a waterproof watch that allows you to submerge it in water, then you can take it for the swim, else drop your watch in the locker before entering the pool. Generally, most compass watches are waterproof, but the water-resistance varies with different models.

Q: Which compass watch brand is the best?

A: There are many factors you need to evaluate before declaring the brand as the best. Some offer affordable watches, whereas some offer excellent build quality. When buying a compass, watch always go with brands that have a strong presence in the market so that you get a reliable product.

Q: How accurate are these watches?

A: The accuracy of a compass watch depends on the model and type. Digital watches are more accurate as compared to analog watches as these have built-in GPS. To check the accuracy of a watch, compare it with a compass or some other reliable watch.

Q: How long does a compass watch last?

A: A compass watch is like a regular watch that you regularly wear, so the lifespan depends on many factors. Watches that are durable, last longer so you should pay attention to the durability.

Q: Are compass watches expensive?

A: You will find multiple models in the market, some are expensive, and some are affordable. So saying that compass watches are expensive is not true. Everyone can afford a compass watch, so you should follow this guide to get your hands on the best watch.

Q: Do compass watches have a thermometer?

A: Yes, some models have thermometers that are perfect to know the exact outdoor temperature. This feature is available in high-end compass watches that are suitable for avid hikers and climbers.


With a compass watch, you can have a glimpse of essential details on the go. The watches are comfortable to wear, and you will find them easy to use. With this buyer's guide, you can quickly choose the best compass watch that's perfect for you and is under your budget.

We have listed even the smallest of things to check, so the guide is ideal for the beginner as well as traveling enthusiasts. When buying a watch, make a list of the models you like, and they compare them based on the factors listed in this guide.

Lastly, go for renowned brands if you want a watch with high accuracy. When choosing a digital watch, check if the brand rolls out timely updates to improve its functionality. / - © Copyright 2020