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A pair of good binoculars will bring distant things closer, and you can enjoy watching them with ultimate clarity. Compact binoculars are specially designed to give you an amazing experience in the outdoors.

However, it can be quite confusing to decide which pair you should go for. Compact binoculars are available in different types, sizes, and magnification power, so it is essential to buy the pair that is perfect for you.

Just searching for the best compact binoculars won’t help, as it will bring you hundreds of options to choose from. So, to make an informed decision, you need this buyer’s guide by your side.

The comprehensive guide contains multiple factors that should be your priority when choosing compact binoculars.

So, let’s get started:

Benefits of buying compact binoculars following this buyer’s guide

If you buy binoculars following this guide, then you can expect to experience the following benefits. Check out the perks, and then hop onto the factors that you should check before buying the binoculars.


Compact binoculars should be lightweight so that you can carry them without any issues. Furthermore, you can pack them in your backpack so that traveling will be more fun and easier.

Water and fog proof

The guide will help you buy binoculars that are water and fog proof so that there is no need to clean the lens multiple times, and you can even use the pair while boating or kayaking.

Fabulous zoom

A pair of binoculars is useless if it has poor magnification power. In this guide, we have listed multiple magnification options so that you can choose the right zooming power for your compact binoculars.


When you follow this compact binocular buyer's guide, then you can buy the best pair under your budget.

Factors to look for when buying compact binoculars

The list of factors includes almost everything from the types, size, to magnification power so that it will be easy as a breeze. Go through all the factors listed here and then use them to compare different pairs of compact binoculars.

Types of compact binoculars

Start with selecting the right type of compact binoculars so that you can easily streamline the right type for quickly buying a good pair. Whether you want to use binoculars while boating or for birdwatching, it is essential to choose the right type.

Compact binoculars to use for paddling

If you want to use the binoculars while paddling on your kayak or on a boat, then you need a pair of compact binoculars with lower magnification power. Using high-power binoculars can make it hard for you to keep it steady.

Furthermore, you should go for a waterproof model so that the splashes of water cannot damage the binoculars. Go for compact binoculars of size 8x32 as they are handy, and you can use a neck strap to hang the binoculars in the neck while paddling.

Compact binoculars to use for birdwatching

For birdwatching, you should be less concerned about the weight and size but worry about the magnification power. You should go for models with up to 10X magnification so that you can easily focus on the beautiful birds.

Further, you can even go for models with less magnification power if you have a tight budget. However, you need to check whether the compact binoculars have an anti-fog lens or not so that you don’t have to clean the lens multiple times, and you can enjoy birding with ease.

Compact binoculars to use for stargazing

For stargazing, you need a pair of compact binoculars with excellent magnification power to see the distant stars clearly. You should go for full-sized compact binoculars to get the best magnification power.

Also, you can invest in a good quality tripod or a neck band to keep the binoculars steady while you are enjoying watching the stars.

However, there are only a few compact binoculars available that are ideal for stargazing. You should go for bigger models for stargazing with better clarity.

Compact binoculars to use for wildlife viewing

Compact binoculars are best for wildlife viewing as there are some highly popular models available in the market, such as 10X32 and 8X32. These binoculars should have a magnification power of around 8X, and you can even go for better models with a magnification of 10X if you have a good budget.

The binocular should also have an objective lens of 32 or 42, along with decent water resistance. Some models even feature anti-fog lenses and night vision so that you don’t have to miss adorning the beauty of the wildlife animals.

Compact binoculars to use for hiking and backpacking

Compact binoculars for backpacking are lightweight and easy to carry because you cannot afford to buy a heavy and bulky pair that occupies a lot of space in your backpack. The magnification power of these binoculars is decent, and they are waterproof.

Furthermore, binoculars for hiking have a rubber coating that makes them durable and resistant to impacts and shocks.

The common models popular among backpackers and hikers are X28, 10X28, 8X25, and much more.

Magnification power

After choosing the type of binoculars you need, you should move forward to the magnification power. As a pair of compact binoculars without good magnification is of no use. The common magnification options available in the market are 8X and 10X.

Below we have explained the common magnification powers and which one you should choose.

10X magnification power

If you want to have a closer look, such as binoculars for bird watching, then you should go for models that have 10X zoom power. These binoculars are expensive, but you will get good magnification power so you can see distant objects with great clarity.

However, there is a downside to these binoculars, and that is less field of view

8X magnification power

Binoculars with 8X magnification power have an excellent FOV (field of view), so they are great for wildlife viewing. The binoculars may not give you a detailed look, but still, the clarity is decent, and you can zoom on the animals to enjoy watching them.

Furthermore, compact binoculars with 8X magnification power are cheaper, so you will find a good model under your budget.

Size of the binoculars

When buying a compact binoculars, it is essential to check the size. Further, it is even essential to check the size if you want to go hiking or climbing, as handling heavy binoculars can be daunting.

The size of the binoculars is determined by the diameter of its lens. There are three sizes available in binoculars, and here’s what you should choose.

Compact binoculars

Compact binoculars have a size of less than 30mm. If you need binoculars that fit into your palm, then go for models with the size around 10X28 and 8X25, etc.

Mid-size binoculars

Mid-size binoculars are a bit bigger than compact binoculars, but you will also find them easy to handle. The size ranges around 30 to 40 mm, but it should not exceed 40 mm.

Full-size binoculars

Full-size binoculars aren’t compact and can be hard to handle due to the size and weight. When looking for the best compact binoculars, you should avoid going for models that have a larger size than 40 mm.

Field of view (FOV)

The field of view or the FOV impacts the total area that the binoculars cover. More field of view means you can see more area with the binoculars. When looking for FOV, you should look at the magnification power as well.

As with increasing magnification power, the FOV decreases gradually. If you need a pair of binoculars for watching wildlife, then go for better FOV as you don't need potent zooming power.

On the other hand, if you need binoculars for birdwatching, you should go for less FOV to get good zooming power to adore the beauty of the birds.

Binoculars with 8X and 10X zoom are excellent and have decent FOV. You can choose any of these models depending on your budget and requirements.

OLD (Objective lens diameter)

The OLD or the aperture is the diameter of the lens. It helps you in determining the size of the binoculars, along with determining its clarity. The options you will get under the compact binoculars’ category are 30 mm and 40 mm models.

Also, you can go for models that have less than 30 mm objective lens diameter. The lesser the objective lens, the lesser the light that will enter into the binoculars so that the clarity won't be that good as compared to the bigger models.

Make sure to choose the best compact binoculars that have a decent size and allow more light to enter so that you get a clear picture on the eyepiece.

Eye relief

In simple words, the eye relief is the distance between the ocular lens and your eye. The small space between the binocular lens and your eyes. The ocular lens is behind producing a clear image and magnification, so you should make sure that you are buying a pair of binoculars with excellent eye relief.

The eyepiece should be adjustable so that you get a clear image with ultimate stability and zero distortions. Go for compact binoculars that let you adjust the eyepiece so that you can wear it even with your glasses.

Also, consider environmental factors such as dust, heat, and temperature as they can have a significant impact on the clarity of the image.


Stability refers to the image stabilizing capability of the binoculars. The binoculars should produce a stable image even if you keep walking while using them, or you are riding on an SUV to enjoy the jungle safari.

In simple words, a good pair of compact binoculars should let you focus on the objective with great stability, and you can keep watching it even while moving. If you go for a cheap pair, then you will find it really hard to get a stable image.

Even shaky hands can result in a distorted image, and you won't be able to enjoy watching the birds or the wildlife or for whatsoever reason you are buying compact binoculars.

Furthermore, compact binoculars with excellent image stabilization are essential especially, if you are going for a pair that has 10X zoom. The more you zoom, the more image stabilization you need.

Always buy binoculars manufactured by prominent brands such as Nikon, so that you get excellent image stabilization.


Durability can't be compromised, especially when you are out in the wilds with your binoculars. You need a pair that is made using durable material and has a shatter-proof or scratch-resistant lens. Durability is essential so that the pair remains working even if you drop it accidentally.

You will find a plethora of compact binoculars that have outer rubber coating for better grip and added durability.


If going for paddling or boating, it is critical to buy compact binoculars that are waterproof. When searching for a good pair, you will find multiple models with decent water resistance. Some models can resist splashes, while others can even withstand a dip into the water.

Waterproof binoculars are pricey, but it is worth investing in them because rains are inevitable, and you can keep using the binoculars if they are waterproof.

Fog-protection lens

When you move from a warm to cold or cold to a warm place, there is a chance that the lens will develop some fog. Further, the fog can damage the lens permanently if it enters into it and becomes uncleanable.

To battle fog, manufacturers have produced anti-fog binoculars that don’t develop fog as the air inside the tube prevents it. There will be no fog on the inside or the outside, so you can enjoy using the binoculars without any hassles.

If you need compact binoculars with fog-protection, be ready to spend more as compared to the regular models.

Exit pupil

The exit pupil has a direct impact on the brightness of the image produced by the binoculars. Higher exit pupil means a better image, with good brightness and ultimate clarity. Furthermore, the exit pupil impacts the clarity in low light conditions.

To calculate the exit pupil, you can use a simple formula. What you have to do is divide the objective lens’s diameter by the magnification or zooming power of the binoculars. You will get a reading in mm.

More millimeters mean the binoculars have higher exit pupil. The minimum exit pupil is 2mm, whereas the maximum of it is around 7mm.

Binoculars with 2mm exit pupil

These compact binoculars are good for use in broad daylight. They offer reasonable clarity but fail to perform when it is dark.

Binoculars with up to 7mm exit pupil

If you want a pair of binoculars to see clearly even in the dark, then go for an exit pupil around 7mm. The binoculars work well in the dusk and in areas covered with dense forests.

Heat resistance

Not all compact binoculars are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. If you are traveling in areas with extreme temperatures just like Africa, then you should go for binoculars that have good resistance against heat.

Heat can damage the lens and other components of the binoculars, so it is essential to make sure that the binoculars are able to work well even in high temperatures.

Prism type

The prism redirects the outer light inside the tube, and then it gets projected on the eyepiece. When you are choosing a pair of compact binoculars, then you should check the prism type. The two types of prisms available are Porro prism and roof prism.

Porro prism

Binoculars with Porro prisms are the conventional models that have two prisms aligned in a row. Adjusting them requires expertise, and that is why newbies should take their hands away from these binoculars. Also, they have a bulky design as the two prisms are aligned in a row, so the tube is thick.

Roof prism

In compact binoculars with roof prisms, the light passes through a straight line as the prisms are aligned vertically. The clarity of the lens is amazing, and you will find a plethora of models when searching for compact binoculars.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the binoculars will impact its performance, as you won’t be able to hold a heavy binocular for much time. When buying a pair of compact binoculars, you will find multiple models that are extremely lightweight and are handy.

Go for binoculars that have moderate weight and are ideal for carrying in the backpack. The size and weight of the pair depend on your personal preference.


Branded compact binoculars come with warranties to cover any manufacturing defects. When you are investing your hard-earned money into a pair of binoculars, make sure that it comes with a good warranty.


The last thing to check when buying a compact binoculars is the price. The price of the binoculars depends on multiple factors such as the magnification power, quality of the lens, prism type, brand, and much more.

To get a good pair under your budget, you should make your budget before searching. Only shortlist the options that are under your budget to avoid overspending.

Accessories to buy with the compact binoculars

Here are some accessories that you should consider buying with compact binoculars.

  • Tripod and mount

To get ultimate stability with the binoculars, you should invest in a quality tripod stand and tripod mount. You can install the tripod on a flat base to enjoy watching birds and wildlife.

  • Cover

To protect the binoculars from damages, scratches get an excellent protective case. Also, the case will make it easier for you to carry the binoculars, and you don't have to put them into your backpack.

  • Lens cleaning kit

Just like your glasses, the lens also needs timely cleaning so that there are no scratches on them, and you get an uninterrupted picture. Buy a branded lens cleaning kit, and carry it with you to keep the binoculars in good shape.

  • Neck strap

Using a neck strap, you can hang the binoculars in your neck. Go for a padded strap that is lightweight and is compatible with your binoculars.

FAQs: Best Compact Binoculars

Q: How far can I see with the binoculars?

A: The distance depends on the power of the binoculars. You need a pair of binoculars with more magnification power to cover more distance. Some other factors that impact the distance are eyepiece, exit pupil, and eye relief.

Q: Are all binoculars waterproof?

A: No, not all compact binoculars are waterproof, so you should check it beforehand. There are some anti-fog and waterproof binoculars available that you can buy under your budget.

Q: How long does a pair of binoculars last?

A: The durability depends on multiple factors such as the material, construction, and the brand; if you want the binoculars to last longer, then go for models that come with an outer rubber layer to absorb the impact.

Q: How to clean binoculars?

A: Cleaning the binoculars is easy, and it is important if you want them to last longer. Get a lens cleaning kit that has a cleaning cloth and cleaning lotion. To clean the entire body of the binoculars, use a microfiber cloth, and clean it gently.

Q: Which protective case is ideal for compact binoculars?

A: You can go for leather cases as they are durable and good looking. Choose from a range of cases that can accommodate your binoculars, and then make a choice.

Q: How to adjust the zoom?

A: To adjust the zoom, you need to adjust the magnification adjuster knob. Rotate the knob and get the zoom you need.


Buying the best compact binoculars will be easy with this definitive buyer’s guide. Make a list of binoculars you like and then compare them based on these factors. Go through customer reviews to find out some valuable insight that isn’t mentioned on the product page.

Lastly, consider branded options only if you want good after-sales services with the binoculars. Check everything thoroughly, and then compare the binoculars to shortlist the best option. / - © Copyright 2020