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Love to camp in the wild? Then you must know the importance of the camping pillows. After setting up the fire and the tent, your body needs to rest. It is essential to have a proper sleep to re-energize your body. If you don't provide adequate rest to your body, then it will not function properly.

Camping pillows present a comfortable way to rest your head. They ensure adequate support for your neck and allow you to sleep comfortably. However, an ill-fitted cushion will hinder your sleep and may cause injuries to your head region.

To select the best fit, you have to consider the different characteristics of the product. A buying guide provides you with all the essential pointers that are crucial to deem about while funneling down the best fit for yourself.

Also, you get all the information at one stop that saves your valuable time. Now let us first get familiarized with the product and then move further into the guide.

What do you mean by camping pillows? Why is it important to have it?

You must need sufficient sleep after day-long camping activities. Without having a camping pillow, you will not be able to sleep well at night. It helps to hold your neck and head in a proper position to feel refreshed and energetic the next morning.

A camping pillow is different from a pillow that you use at your home. They are smaller in size and lighter in weight, which makes them portable and comfortable as well.

Moreover, they are capable enough to absorb sweat and do not get moistened easily. If you have experience using the sleeping bag, you will know the uneasy feeling, and you will not want to use it again.

Your camping pillow not only increases comfort but also provides supports to your neck effectively. When you sleep on the hard ground, you may end up with fatigue, neck pain, etc. So, having a camping pillow means you can rest at night without any disturbance.

Why should you look into a proper buying guide before selecting the pillows?

You may think that choosing an appropriate camping pillow is a walk in a park. But, wait a second. You will be surprised to know that you have to consider the right size, material, weight, durability, and other additional properties to select the best fit.

You can easily access all the information on the critical characteristics of the product in a comprehensive buying guide. With all the facts in your head, you can easily invest your many in the right product.

So, without any further delay, let us start with the guide.

Types of camping pillows

  1. Compressible pillows

These pillows are not very different from the regular pillows you have at your home. Usually, they are designed with synthetic materials such as foam. So, if your main aim is to get comfort, these are the best options for you.

But they are not very suitable for supporting your head and neck. Also, they are not so compact after packing. Having a compressible pillow means you can rest well during camping as you do at home.

  1. Inflatable pillows

Typically, the inflatable pillows are equipped with TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane bladder, and you need to inflate the bladder with air before using the pillow. The best thing about these pillows is that you can adjust their firmness according to your convenience.

When they are deflated, they can be packed so compactly, which makes them extremely travel-friendly. But if you are looking for comfort, inflated pillows can not satisfy you entirely.

  1. Hybrid pillows

As the name suggests, hybrid pillows come with the right combination of both compressible and inflated pillows. They are designed with the inflatable bladder, and on the other hand, they have a soft layer on the top filled with foam. With these pillows, you do not need to compromise with the quality of sleep.

However, these pillows are a little heavy and bulky, and they are also costlier than inflated pillows.

Things to reckon while selecting the best camping pillows


The comfort of the camping pillows directly depends on the material they are made of. Inflatable pillows are mostly used for camping, so they are designed with durable materials making them lightweight and portable.

The exterior of the pillow is made out of comfortable material to increase the coziness and softness.

There are some pillows for camping, which are made using water-resistant elements. Pillows constructed of ventilation are very appropriate for hotter weather.

The primary materials used in camping models are like –

  1. Inflatable

Standard quality materials are used for inflatable pillows to make sure that they will not get damaged easily. It is essential to avoid puncture and makes them lightweight to carry.

  1. Foam

Foam pillows are beneficial for camping because they provide maximum support to your head and neck. Usually, foam pillows come larger, but camping models are smaller and easier to use. It is better to have a cover for the foam pillow that will help in ventilation.

  1. Down/Down alternative/feather

If you have enough room for large pillows inside your camp, you can go for down pillows to get a cozy feeling. Down alternative models are not as expensive as the down pillows. However, they are very appropriate for camping.

  1. Polyester

Polyester pillows are less expensive, and they come lightweight. Though they do not last for a long time, you can have the highest breathability with these pillows. So, if you are planning for camping in hotter areas, you should look for a camping pillow designed with polyester.

  1. Latex

Latex pillows are as good as foam pillows in terms of support, but the biggest problem is that they are not compressible. It means you are not able to pack them in a smaller size. Therefore, you can choose latex pillows for comfort if space is not an issue for you.

  1. Buckwheat

You will find some pillows for camping that are filled with buckwheat. It makes the pillows heavier, so they are not very convenient to use. Also, they are more expensive than the other models, so they are not the right choice for camping.

Pillow loft

The loft of the camping pillows specifies their height. Before going to choose the best camping pillow, you should know that several pillow lofts are there for these pillows. The primary purpose of the loft is to determine the comfort of different users.

Many people like to sleep on a high-loft where some others prefer a low loft for their pillows. The inflatable pillows are more adjustable, so they allow you to set it according to your preference. You can do it easily by adding or releasing air.

If you are a side-sleeper, you should choose a pillow with a medium or high loft. It is also the same for the back sleepers. However, stomach sleepers are likely to have low loft pillows because of the comfort.

Space efficiency

Most of the experienced backpackers know about the importance of space during their backpacking trip.

Generally, backpackers prefer to have lightweight pillows for camping, which can be packed down compactly.

Inflatable pillows are considered to have the highest space efficiency because you can deflate them anytime, anywhere, and roll them up to keep inside your backpack. You can remove air from the bag when you need to pack the pillow.

Some inflatable pillows are available with a carrying case, which is very useful in carrying it without any unnecessary hassle. If you have a plan to camp near your car, you can avoid thinking about space efficiency and give priority to comfort.

So, you should choose a space-efficient camping pillow that will help you sleep comfortably without hassles.


You should also consider the size of your camping pillow so that it does not take much space and you can store it easily. In addition, the right size of the camping pillow plays an essential role in enhancing the comfort.

If you choose a small corner pillow, it will not be able to support much. Accordingly, you will not get the comfort you need for sleeping on a camping pillow.

So, the pillow's overall dimension is crucial to ensure better support and comfort for the sleepers during the backpacking and camping trip.


Some campers do not pay much attention to the structure of the camping pillows, but it will depend on your sleeping pattern.

You should pick up an ergonomic design if you tend to roll while sleeping. It will help you to keep the head in the proper place during your sleep. Some other sleepers require a rectangular shape pillow to rest comfortably at night.

It means the shape of the camping pillow ultimately depends on your personal choice.

Nevertheless, you should go for the perfect form you need for your convenience.


Weight is another critical factor that you should never overlook while choosing camping pillows. When you are going on a trip, you will need to carry different camping gear, which automatically causes a heavy load. You will never want to take extra weight throughout your camping.

So, you should select such pillows that are lightweight and do not add much weight to you. Different types of models are available with different weights. You have to choose it carefully considering the weight of all other gear.

Typically, inflatable pillows come with lighter weight, so they are effortless to carry and space-efficient as well. On the contrary, the foam pillows which are not inflatable are a little heavier, and they are preferred for camping near cars.

Ease of use

When you are about to buy a camping pillow, you must check whether it will easily fit in inside your backpack or not. You will find some pillows that can be rolled to a smaller size like a soda-can so that you can pack them effortlessly.

Besides, you should also be able to unfold the pillow without any trouble.

In general, the compressible pillows are equipped enough to open and fluff up without much help. As they are made up of foam materials, they are heavier to carry.

But when it comes to inflatable pillows, you must have a sturdy and robust valve that will help you blow air inside the pillow in less time. Also, you should be allowed to deflate the pillow as quickly as possible.

So you should consider all these aspects before buying a camping pillow so that you will not end up with disappointment.

Head and neck support

The primary purpose of using camping pillows is to protect your head and neck from getting sore. Therefore, the camping pillow you choose must support the back of your neck and head in the best possible way.

After heavy camping duties, you will want to sleep peacefully without any difficulties. But if your pillow has a lack of support, it will be challenging to rest appropriately.

On this note, you should always remember that everyone has a different sleeping pattern, so you should buy your pillow according to your sleeping position. Some people are side-sleepers, some sleep on stomachs while others sleep on backs.

For the stomach sleepers, a thin camping pillow will be enough as their heads do not need much support. But a thick camping pillow will be beneficial for the side sleepers. People who are back sleepers can sleep on something between thin and thick.


You should buy a camping pillow which will last long. Your camping pillow needs to be durable so that they do not get damaged quickly. The strength of the pillows is closely related to material quality.

Some advanced materials, such as ripstop, ensure the highest durability of the pillows.

Inflatable pillows are designed with ultra-strong materials, so they become strong and sturdy. It will allow you to use the cushions for a more extended period of time without any replacement.

You can also go for a pillowcase for the inflated pillows to avoid any type of puncture or hole.


The price of camping pillows also matters a lot when you are going to buy one for you.

Different models come with varying ranges of cost, so you should select the best camping pillow within your budget. Keep in mind that you should look for all the critical features without having a hole in your pocket.

Usually, these pillows are available within the range from $15 to $30, but there are some models that can go up to $50. The pillows range within $15 are made of polyester or inflatable.

When the range increases to $20-$25, you will have a wide variety of features and materials to choose from. You can have the inflatable pillows covered with clothes or self-inflating valves, different types of foam filling, and more.

If you afford over $25, you can get natural components, including inflatables covered with a foam layer on top, memory foam, bamboo covers, etc.

Furthermore, you are able to buy a pillow with a removable cover so that you can clean easily.


The campers and backpackers are more likely to have a camping pillow, which is inflatable. It is because after setting up the camp, things inflate, extend, and become more prominent in size. Then, having an inflatable pillow means you are able to define the size of the pad in advance.

With an inflatable pillow, it is easy to compress the size of the pad by adding and removing air.

If you are not allowed to deflate the pillow, you should have an idea of how tightly it needs to be compressed so that it can fit in a small bag.


When you camp in a wet area, only a water-resistant camping pillow can give you the maximum comfort. Otherwise, it will be all saturated, and you can sleep properly.

So, you must be prepared for that wet weather condition beforehand to make sure you will not have any problem to deal with the situation.

You must select a camping pillow that is resistant to water damage and does not soak it.


Needless to say, the pillow is all about comfort level. No one wants to sleep on dirt during the camping trip. So, you have no other option than having a comfortable camping pillow to make sure you can sleep comfortably at night.

It will be challenging to just sleep on the ground. You should choose the pillow material with care so that it is capable of providing comfort exactly how you want.

If you have a comfortable pillow for camping, you will not have to worry about back pain or fatigue, and you can take rest without having any problem.


If you want to have the best camping pillow, you should check the model's warranty before paying for it. This is one of the most significant ways to ensure longevity and durability of the pillows.

Also, you should never forget to check the return policy because it will help you return the pillow in case of any manufacturing issues.

You will find some companies offering a 100-day money-back guarantee, which means you are allowed to use the pillows for up to 100 days, and if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can get a full refund after returning the pillow.

Some companies present their products with a lifetime warranty. So you must look for the highest warranty especially, you are thinking of buying an inflatable pillow.

Camping pillow maintenance guide

  1. You should know the right way to keep your camping pillow clean and maintain properly. At first, it is vital to know the cleaning methods that include machine washing and hand washing.

You can say the machine washing is the easiest way to clean the camping pillows. However, if you have an inflatable pillow, you should remove the bladder before washing. Ensure that the pad you have is machine washable and dry it with a dryer properly after wash.

  1. Hand washing the pillow is considered the safest way, and it is beneficial to remove the deep strain from the pillow. Dry the pad correctly, but do not put it under direct sunlight.

However, you must abide by the institution given by the manufacturers to avoid any damages. Also, using chemicals and harsh cleaners can have a terrible impact on the pillows.

  1. You should never scrub the pillow with more pressure. It will be better not to use any hard brush for scrubbing. As mentioned above, you should not wash the inflatable pillow without removing the bladder in the washing machine.
  2. Once you are done with cleaning your camping pillow, you need to store it properly. Without storing in the right way, your pillow will have odors, get damaged, and lose the shape.
  3. So, every time you come back from the camping, you should clean the pillow and then dry it in an airy place. Make sure there is no moisture left in the pad before storing it.
  4. It will be wise not to keep your pillow compressed. Otherwise, it will ruin the original shape, and that will cause discomfort while sleeping.
  5. There is a thumb rule to store the camping pillow. You should store the pad loosely. It will increase the lifespan of the pillow effectively.
  6. Some simple steps will help you to clean the pillows effortlessly.
  7. Do not leave or store the pillow in any unfavorable conditions, and it will be useful to ensure the longevity of the pillow.
  8. You have to ensure that the pad is dry. Do not let moisture to be inside the pad. It may cause stains and odors.
  9. In case your camping pillow is available with a pillowcase, you must consider it to use. Using a pillowcase means there will be fewer chances of getting your pillow dirty quickly.


1. Can I make a DIY camping pillow? What is the process of making a camping pillow?

A camping pillow is very easy to make. The main materials needed are ziplock bag, memory foam, leather strap, and polyester fleece. The steps to make a camping pillow:

1. Once you have cut the foam in a pillow's shape, the next is to push it to the bottom of the ziplock bag.

2. Place an aluminum foil on the top of the pillow and iron it to close the ends.

3. Then, complete the sewing using a polyester fleece. At last, roll it and tie it with a strap.

2. What is the ideal pillow for camping?

A pillow that is lightweight and proffers a soft and cozy surface to lie your head on is a perfect camping pillow. Also, the pad needs to be compact so that it fits the bags easily and can be carried to the intended destination without any hassle.

3. Are the travel pillows and camping pillows the same?

We can say that a camping pillow can be used as a travel pillow but not vice versa. The camping pillows are a little bigger than the travel pillows and offer more comfort while sleeping. However, a traveling pillow is a tiny headrest type pillow that cannot be used for long hours of sleep.

4. Is it essential for a camping pillow to be water-resistant?

Yes, a camping pillow needs to be water-resistant. It is because if ever rain hits your camp, your pillow stays moisture-free and can enjoy a good night's sleep without facing any problems.

Summing up

Without a suitable camping pillow, you will not be able to enjoy your expedition to the full extent. Read this extensive buying guide and go through all the details to strike down the best option.

All you need is to arm yourself with an elite product, and you are all set for your hike. Go through every point and invest your money in a suitable option. / - © Copyright 2020