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Nothing feels better than sipping a hot cup of coffee and enjoying the sunrise on your camping expedition. Don't think this is possible with regular mugs? Don't worry. Camping mugs are here to the rescue.

With proper insulation and construction, these mugs are apt to cater to your service. However, selecting a suitable mug requires possession of information on different factors.

A comprehensive buying guide provides all the details under one roof. You can quickly skim through all the elements and funnel down the best product.

Let us start with a quick introduction and then move further with the guide.

What do you mean by Camping Mugs? Why do you need them?

What good is a winter night complemented with a warm bonfire without a mug of hot cocoa? What did you enjoy if you did not gulp every single drop of that drink with the tinder burning bright?

A camping mug is a necessary accessory that you should carry with you on every trip. This mug keeps the temperature of your drink constant. Whether you want it chilled or steaming hot, you will always get the desired one.

The mugs are lightweight and durable, which makes these a perfect choice for outdoor trips.

Camping mugs are highly portable and occupy minimal space inside your backpack. You will come across many variants once you start your hunt. They are designed to suit your preference and make you comfortable even while you stay away from home.


  1. Depending on the season, your tastes change. These mugs are the best when you want to have a chilled or steaming mug of your favorite drink.
  1. These mugs can also be used as an eating bowl. This multi-use feature minimizes the number of cutlery you will have to carry.
  1. A camping mug helps keep water and beverage separate. The mug ensures that you do not rely on your water flask.
  1. These mugs can also be used as cooking vessels.

Why should you read a buying guide before purchasing suitable camping mugs?

The designers are always on the move to bring out the best design that suits you. With a new collection coming up every month, it becomes challenging to pick out the best match.

How will you know which one is your soulmate? To find out the answer to this challenging question, refer to this guide. You will learn about all the vital features to look for while investing in a camping mug. Besides, you will also come across many new features and get to know about the same.

So, let's jump to the critical sections to buy the best and useful camping mug without wasting further time.

Types of Camping Mugs

A camping mug is an essential entity that helps you stay energized throughout the day. While there are many different kinds of these mugs available in the market, it's beneficial that you have a look at the major ones.


These have a design similar to the ordinary ceramic mug found in your home. The only drawback is their handles. Though these are comfortable for holding in hand, these pose difficulties while packing.

There are two variants of mugs that are listed below.

  1. Single wall mugs

These mugs are durable and cheap. Their wall is made of a single layer of steel. The single-layer makes them lightweight and comfortable to use. The only drawback is, they fail to maintain the temperature for a long duration.

  1. Double-wall mugs

Due to the additional layer, these mugs maintain the temperature day long. This double layering adds to the mug's weight and costs a bit more than the other ones.


Like a steel thermos that you use at your home, these cylindrical shaped flasks keep your drink at the desired temperature and prevent any chance of spillage.

These have excellent insulation and are easier to carry than the mugs. Due to the absence of any handle, you can easily take them and keep them in the bottle holders.


Water glass with a lid on top exactly represents a tumbler. With the sleek design and narrow bottom, these vessels are comfortable to use. Tumblers also prevent spillage and maintain the ideal temperature throughout the day.

Things to deem about while selecting an appropriate Camping Mugs


Your mug's most crucial task is to keep the beverage at the desired temperature throughout the day. A mug with excellent insulation and durability is what one should look for. All these preferred features are determined by the material used.

The material used affects your mug in various ways. If not made with durable material, it can break. The insulation might get affected, or even the increased weight might pose problems.

To eliminate these future disasters, camping mugs are designed with deliberately chosen materials. These materials, with their benefits, are listed below.

  1. Plastic

Plastic is a lightweight, durable material. This material is flexible, and its flexibility helps increase your mug's life span. Plastic made mugs are relatively cheap. However, these have some drawbacks.

You all know that plastic is not a good material to use, especially for storing food and drinks. This is the disadvantage of purchasing a plastic mug.

Besides, plastic mugs retain odor. This will affect your drink. You will sense the taste of your last meal or drink that you had in that mug.

  1. Stainless steel

The majority of the mugs are made of stainless steel. Steel is a robust material and imparts the same characteristic to your mug.

Steel mugs have a thin coating inside. This coating helps in preventing the metallic taste that you might get in your drink. Besides, steel is not expensive and does not add any extra weight to your mug.

  1. Titanium

Titanium mugs are highly durable and damage-resistant. Despite using such an efficient material, the mugs do not cost a lot but are a little more expensive than the two mentioned above.

This material is suitable for food and beverages. Titanium does not retain any odor or change the taste of your drink.

Titanium mugs have excellent insulation. This insulation keeps your drink chilled or steaming hot. If you can get hold of a titanium made camping mug, you are all set for your trip.

  1. Enamel

If you are searching for the camping mug with some attention-grabbing visuals, nothing can stand stronger than the mugs made of enamel. The travelers who post their pictures holding an adorable mug use these.

These mugs don't change the flavor of your beverage. Because of their single-wall construction, these mugs fail to offer appropriate insulation. Also, their outer appearance wears off with time. So, if you are looking for good insulation, enamel mugs are not worthy of investment.


Hiking or camping in the winter season demands hot beverages, and the same goes for the summer season where you want something cold as ice. An ordinary mug is unable to maintain a constant temperature.

Camping mugs are known for offering excellent insulation. So, without putting any effort, you enjoy every sip of your favorite drink. What's the use of a mug if your beverage needs to be warmed up again?

To ensure that your beverage stays at the desired temperature, invest in a camping mug that has double walls. Having a double wall is the most significant benefit of any mug.

The space between the two walls has air pockets. These pockets help your mug maintain the temperature. The air pockets reduce the heat transfer from the surroundings to the inside of your mug.

This reduction helps to retain the temperature of your drink. It stays cold or hot as it was initially. Therefore, by using these mugs, you can have the best camping experience.


A camping mug features different sizes. But do remember, with great size comes great weight! However, to help you out and suit all conditions, camping mugs come in a size range of 14 ounces to 20 ounces.

Mugs of this size are not very large or bulky. You can easily carry these wherever you go. By investing in a mug of this size, you can ensure yourself a satisfying amount of your favorite drink.

A camping mug within this range does not occupy much space. You can alter the amount of your drink, depending on your drink's availability.

If you have the option of refilling your mug, you can put less amount of drink. If you have no such facility, you can fill it to the brim without any difficulty.

Hence waste no time and quickly pick out the best mug. If you miss this golden opportunity, you will regret the rest of your life. Also, search for variants that feature the same size with more attractive features.

Lid Type

Does your drink spill out while on the move? Do you find your drink lukewarm whenever you have it? Worry not! Camping mugs are here to end all your problems with an easy remedy.

These mugs come with lids that help protect your drinks from spilling off and maintain the temperature also. You will find mugs with different types of lips. These are:

  1. Lidless mugs

You will find mugs that do not feature any lid. You can use these to drink beverages such as instantly made coffee or any chilled drink grabbed from the cooler. These are not preferred because they fail to protect your drink from spilling.

  1. Tab lids

Mugs with tab lids are relatively easy to use. You can simply twist or slide the lid to have a sip. This can be done using one hand or with the help of lips.

Mugs with tab lids are great if you are always on the move and want to enjoy your drink while hiking. These offer some amount of protection. Until the mug is roughly handled, your drink has no chance of spillage.

  1. Flip-top lids

These lids feature a firm plastic latch. This latch makes your mug spill-proof by tightly securing the opening present on the lid.

These are the types of lids that you can commonly find. If you want to own something different, you can search for options that have press-buttons and built-in straws. With these exclusive features, you can enjoy your trip with ease and comfort.


Though not a very essential part of a mug, a handle sometimes helps. You may want to opt for a mug without a handle or one with it. It depends entirely on you which one you want to invest in.

To make your decision-making process faster, let's have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of mugs.

  1. Mugs with no handles

A mug with no handle provides you the liberty to store it anywhere. The absence of a handle makes your mug more space-efficient, and you can carry it even inside your backpack. These mugs can be easily stacked on the bottle holders on your bag.

Besides, mugs with no handles make a slight variation in terms of weight. You can comfortably hold your mug and feel the warmth or the chill. The best part is you don't have to worry about the handle getting detached.

  1. Mugs with the handles

Mugs with handles on them make it easier for you to hold them. In case you have a hot beverage inside, you can protect your hands from burning. There is no risk of any slip off. These mugs can be easily hung on any hook, which helps in easy transportation or storage.


When you invest in a product, you intend to use it on every occasion and for everything. The same is expected from a camping mug.

An ideal camping mug should have adequate insulation to maintain the temperature of various items.

What will you get by investing in a temperature specific mug? You cannot use it for storing things that demand other temperature ranges, right!

Besides, your mug should be flexible enough to be used on different occasions. Whether you are going for a drive or camping in the wild, it should fit every scenario and surroundings.

Camping mugs are the most popular when versatility is considered. These mugs reduce the number of utensils that you need to carry. Moreover, they can make a good cooking vessel. Their temperature regulation is excellent, and all the items can be stored in them irrespective of the difference in temperature.


The capacity of your mug is an essential feature to consider. If it has to be used for soup or any cold beverage, you should opt for a large capacity for a camping mug.

Larger capacity will help you have more drinks because you know how tempting cold drinks are. Something yummy like a healthy soup can't be left out because a small mug cannot accommodate enough amounts.

If you intend to have hot coffee or tea in your mug, you should opt for a moderate capacity.

Since caffeine is not so good for health and to minimize the intake, moderate capacity is the best.

Hence, depending on what you are willing to use your mug for, hunt for variants and then pick out the one that caters to your needs.

Look and feel

If you are one of the kinds who cherish every sip of the drink and are concerned about how the mug feels, you can always opt for camping mugs.

With their attractive looks and great feel, these mugs do not feel harsh when you hold them. They are as light as water glass and do not weigh much. You also get a smooth feel as soon as your lips touch the brim of the mug.

Despite their temperature, your sensitive lips won't get hurt, and you can enjoy every sip of your drink without any discomfort.


A mug has to be portable because you will be traveling along with it every time. If it isn't portable, you cannot use it. Your mug will make a new piece that shall be kept on the shelf as a decorative item. Then what's the use of investing in it?

The portability of your mug is determined by the type of camping you are planning for. The necessary portability needs for different types of camping are mentioned below.

  1. Car camping

When you are planning for car camping, weight is not an issue, but space is. Although your mug will be stacked in the trunk, the need for space is still more.

Hence, if you are searching for mugs to take on car camping, focus more on size than weight. Look for smaller mugs that do not compromise with your needs and are easily stackable.

  1. Backpacking

When a backpack is used to carry your mug, weight, and size, both are equally important. You will carry your backpack on your shoulder. Having a bigger mug will add weight and demand more space.

The heavyweight will hinder while you are hiking. To negate this problem, opt for variants that can be easily stored in the bottle holders and are lightweight. Also, do not compromise with the comfort and insulation.

Packing Space

Packing space is crucial while camping. While you are packing clothes and other necessary gears, you also have a mug to carry.

Investing in camping mugs can pull you out of this issue. These mugs have a compact design. Due to this compactness, they do not occupy a large space.

Also, to make more space, you can fill up your empty mug with other items. This way, you can make use of your mug even when it is empty.

It will be beneficial if you opt for a mug with a D-ring. With the help of this ring, you can hang your mug outside your backpack. There are many other essential features to look for when searching for a space-efficient camping mug.


While you are traveling, uncertainty surrounds you. You can never predict the future mishappenings. To ensure that you have a strong mug with you to survive, opt for camping mugs.

A camping mug can endure the rugged use and few bumps. It can withstand enormous pressure and is tested for the same.

By investing in these mugs, you can ensure your safety even in the worst situations. Even if nothing is left, you will have something to sip and survive until help comes.

Methods to remove Stains from Camping Mugs

Camping is mostly carried out either in monsoon or winters. Nobody loves to camp while sweating.

Such cozy weather makes a camping mug more desirable for sipping coffee or any other hot beverage. If you are aware, chocolate, coffee, and tea leave dark stains on your favorite mug.

This demands that you should get rid of the stains quickly so that they don't get harder to remove. Listed below are some tips to remove the stain quickly and efficiently by using common ingredients.


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, and this makes it great for removing stains. You need a soft wet cloth, a piece of lemon depending on the amount of stain your mug has. You can also make use of salt to increase the power of lemon.

Now, carefully read the procedure and do as stated.

  1. Pour some lemon juice inside your mug and roll your mug. Rolling will help the lemon juice to cover all the stains inside.
  2. After the stains are coated, sprinkle a pinch of salt. Now leave the mug for 15 to 20 minutes so that the stains absorb the lemon juice.
  3. Take your soft wet cloth and scrub the stains with it.
  4. After scrubbing is over, rinse your cup with freshwater to see the results.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the best cleaning agent when you have tough stains to remove.

  1. Take a small bowl or the mug itself. Add some water to a small amount of baking soda and make a thick paste.
  2. Coat the stains with the soda paste and let it rest.
  3. After a few minutes, use a soft damp cloth to scrub the stains.
  4. Rinse your mug with water once you finish scrubbing and see the results.


Another powerful stain remover, vinegar, is widely used to clean utensils and remove bacteria or foul smell.

  1. To remove the stains, use hot vinegar.
  2. Fill your mug with the hot vinegar and leave it for 24 hours. Make sure that all the stains are covered.
  3. Empty your mug and rinse it with fresh water.


  1. What is the best material for camping mugs?

Titanium is considered as the most long-lasting material for mugs. It is super lightweight and perfect for campers.

  1. How much space do camping mugs take?

Camping mugs are compact and, thus, fit in any camping bag easily. Their size is the same as of your regular mugs. Therefore, you don't need any extra space to add it.

  1. Can you use camping mugs in other places as well?

Yes, camping mugs are versatile and can be used for different purposes. However, we recommend that you don't use regular mugs in camping as they lack insulation.

Final Verdict

With all this information under your possession, what are you waiting for? Here, in the guide, you will find all the pointers that are necessary to deem while choosing the best product.

Analyze all the points with your requirements and make an informed purchase. Select an elite mug for your expedition and have a smooth and safe trip. / - © Copyright 2020