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Want to experience extra propulsion and control while bodyboarding? Equip your feet with suitable bodyboard fins to enjoy the activity thrill safely.

If you love to surf and never want to miss the perfect wave, invest in some good quality fins. They add more power and control to your ride. Moreover, they protect your feet and allow you to enjoy this adrenaline-pumping sport correctly.

While looking for the fins, you should look into different elements like comfort, fabrication quality, size, and other additional properties. Gathering all the information about these elements can consume a lot of your time.

A comprehensive buying guide presents all the necessary information at a single stop. You can analyze all the factors swiftly and funnel down the best product.

However, you should have a clear picture of the product in your mind. So, let us start with a quick introduction and then move further with the guide.

What are Bodyboard Fins, and why should you buy them?

If you are a thalassophile and love spending your time leisurely at the sea or the ocean, you must surely try bodyboarding. It is a technical water sport, where the rider surfs using your crest or face. They usually wait for the waves to hit them, and then reach the shore.

If you are an amateur who has to take up this new water activity, you will require bodyboard fins. In case if you have noticed other bodyboarders, you might have observed them wearing side fins on their feet that are tiny in size. These are known as bodyboard fins.

The presence of bodyboard fins creates a day and night difference in your bodyboarding sport. The fins benefit you in many ways.

  1. Acceleration gets increased

Imagine a propeller working behind your feet to give you more speed! Bodyboard fins help you catch every wave and also lets you control your speed. They won't let you limit your speed according to the waves. The fins are equivalent to the cheat codes you used while playing GTA!

  1. Keeps You Under Control

Bodyboarding will give you an adrenaline rush, and even though it's very fun, sometimes it does get scary! However, with bodyboard fins, you can easily stay in control and even control your turns.

  1. Accessible to bigger waves

Once you start bodyboarding, you will feel like raising your fun spirit by trying it out on the more prominent and more massive waves. You will want to feel the rush on those giant waves. However, if you try it without the bodyboard fins, you will be in a challenging position. You won't be able to control and will be at the mercy of the waves.

  1. Your life is more safe wearing them!

Whether it's a small wave or a large one, you cannot underestimate the power of them. At times, the waves may throw you at the shore, and you may end up hurting yourself.

To avoid such hard landing and save your board, it is best advised to try bodyboard fins. It lets you swim first to the shore, even if you are hurt.

  1. Enjoyment increases!

What is the point of wearing more types of equipment if they do not increase your fun? Well, bodyboard fins make your activity more fun. It's like go-karting with your friends. You can quickly race with your mates to find out who reaches the shore last!

So if you want to purchase a bodyboard fin, then keep reading our guide as it will help you choose your ideal fin quickly.

Bodysurfing Fins Vs. Bodyboarding Fins

The bodysurfing fins and bodyboarding fins can be changed. However, you have to decide what you require for the type of surfing you are planning on.

You have to choose the fins for:

  1. Accelerating your speed
  2. Stabilizing or balancing yourself
  3. Controlling your steering through the waves

When the waves hit you, body surfing flippers will help you in reaching high speed and that too every time. However, to escape from the waves, you need more power if you are flattened.

Powerful waves can throw you anywhere in the water. It isn't easy to maintain your balance when you are swimming in calm waters. The bodysurfing fins must be able to provide you with the perfect stability that you are looking for.

Lastly, you cannot just hope to enjoy the time. You have to control yourself and steer through the waves so that you can surf like the best ones in the world.

The fins are short and stubby with being broad at the bottom. They are triangular and very pointy. Whether you are body surfing or bodyboarding, the fins look very similar.

There is a slight difference between the boogie boarding and the flippers for body surfing. You can quickly raise your feet if you have a board beneath you. So, choose fins that help you in floating in the water.

Stabilizing is easy when you are lying on a bodyboard. The danger is also less as you can hold onto something easily. Avoid models that are not too broad from below.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate Bodyboard Fins

There are certain features that you have to consider before you purchase your bodyboard fins. These features make the fins more efficient and gives a better performance. Let's go through the elements so that you can inspect your fins accordingly, before buying.


The material is one of the essential features to inspect before you purchase your fins. It plays a critical role when it comes to performance. You have to look for the material that does not let the fin slip from your feet. They should not sink in water, instead of float.

The most common material is rubber for the manufacturing of bodyboard fins. The fins made of this material are highly flexible and reliable. They can float easily. For example, if your fin slips off in the water, you do not have to make any attempt to dive in to get it back.

However, inspect the rubber quality because, at times, they are very stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

The material used apart from rubber is silicon. Silicon provides comfort and high durability. It is very soft and flexible. However, it does not have the quality of floating. If you want your fins to be safe from sinking, then you can use fin savers.


The size of the bodyboard fins is essential, as it provides better performance and power. The smaller size can give you more speed and maneuverability; however, fins larger in shape provide better propulsion in the water and also power. You must prefer the ones that suit your purpose and use.

Professionals of bodyboarding use large fins because they have mastered the skills to control and maneuver the board. In case you are an amateur, we suggest you buy the small bodyboard fins.

However, it also depends on the size of your feet, which fin suits you the best. But remember to choose the ones that are comfortable for you and are also snuggly.

The sizes are distinct according to the different brands. It is better to compare your size with every brand and then opt for the one that is ideal for you. Measure your own feet before you go for purchasing so that there is no problem with your fitting. Often buying online, will deliver you sizes that may not fit you.

Power and Propulsion

Bodyboard fins provide you with more power and propulsion. It does not happen with bare feet as it cannot produce more power for carrying out the sport.

Always buy a product that can provide you with more power while you do bodyboarding. Certains fins provide you with medium thrust and also maximum propulsion.

However, choosing the fins should be the entire of your choice. The ones with medium thrust are built for thickness. You will move slower if the thrust is high. For more power, you can prefer larger fins.

They are difficult to control. Always inspect the shape of the fin, as they also depict the power it will produce.


Comfort is a very important factor. You cannot make any fin work properly, until and unless you are comfortable wearing them. Fins that are made with soft material provides you with the highest comfort. The fins must be fit in size, but not too much that it suffocates your feet and not too less that it falls off.

It should be snugly on your feet. A tight fit will result in rash and blisters, whereas a loose fit will result in less propulsion and power when you try kicking with it.

Try getting the right fit by wearing and comparing fins from numerous brands. Read the reviews of the customer and then settle for the ones that you want. For comfort, prioritize material, size, and fit on your feet.


The most crucial aspect while purchasing a bodyboard fin is fit. The comfort in it also works accordingly. Always look for bodyboard fins that are snug in fit. They must not be too loose nor too tight for your feet. Chances of losing your fin if too loose, and getting cramps if too tight, is very much possible.

However, they do get loose after using several times. They also feel very different when you are in the water. They come in different sizes-small, medium, large, medium-large, and extra-large. The sizes also vary according to different brands. We suggest you review the product and also try it in a person before you plan on purchasing. It is better if you take some advice from a professional bodyboarder for better results.

Floating Fins

Do not make haste while purchasing bodyboard fins. All fins do not float in the matter, and this is a serious matter that many surfers overlook.

Often during wipeouts, your fin will come off. That is very normal. However, fins that can float are better in comparison to the ones that sink in.

In case you have already purchased a fin that cannot float, you can try a fin saver that will be like a substitute help.

This works by attaching your ankle that connects the fin by strapping it to your heel. It avoids the fins to sink and also protects from being swept away by the waves altogether.


Always purchase a product that gives you the value of your money. It is a crucial factor, and especially if your budget is not too high. Everyone cannot buy products that are too expensive.

However, before you make up your mind on any bodyboard fins, it is better if you compare them with all other products from different brands. At times, if you are lucky, you may find your ideal choice at less price with all the features.

Expensive ones always do not turn out to be the best choice. Even though they are made of fine material, they are for the professional ones. If you are a beginner, then it is best if you look for affordable ones and, first, master your skills.

Often when you compare the products, you will find particular products with similar features but at a low price. However, there may be a minimal difference in the features, and the price will vary. You need to be very alert when you are purchasing, as you might get the best deals at a lower price if you have gone through every other possible brand.


The drainage of bodyboard fins is a very personal choice. Before, it was present underneath the arch of one's foot. That was the standard drainage system. However, nowadays, it is near the toes. Holes are made near the toes of your feet and let the water drain out.

It is highly beneficial because the sand getting trapped in your fins when you walk out of the water won't be a trouble anymore. This also helps in accelerating your speed as your foot won't make any direct contact with your water.

Advanced Features

The bodyboard fins also have some advanced features that make it better in performance. Let's have a look at them.

  1. System of Built-In Leash

The fins are manufactured in a way so that they can float. However, that does not mean that if they get off, then they will float near you. To keep your fins near to you, the built-in leash system has been built that will keep the fins attached to you, even if you are hit by giant waves.

  1. Mimics the natural movement of your foot

This particular feature is designed in such a way that the fins are shaped to fit your foot tightly. It is not reinforced. Instead, the stiffness is uniform.

  1. Neoprene Socks

These socks reduce the irritation in your toes that may occur because of the friction between the palm rubber material of your fins and your foot.

Neoprene socks are most useful for boarders who experience cold feet and professionals who want to train during the winter season. These socks will keep the bodyboarders maintaining a thermal temperature.

If you are planning to buy a pair of neoprene socks, we advise you to buy a size bigger than your foot.

  1. Webbed Gloves

If you want to escape the giant waves faster than your average speed, then you should undoubtedly purchase webbed gloves. It increases your turbocharge and the power of paddling. With them, you can easily paddle with your hands too!

  1. Closed or Open Heeled Fins

Open heeled or closed fins are highly popular and available in the market on a large scale. The gigantic pocket for your foot makes them much more wanted by the users. They are designed in such a way so that you can wear and use dive boots too!

Dive boots are vital as they keep your feet protected from blisters and from cuts that you might encounter from corals. Your feet will also maintain an optimal temperature when you will be in the cold water.

They are advantageous when you are doing a bodyboard ride to locations that are full of sand, rocks, corals, and rubbles.

Foot Vs. fin

"Foot shape" Vs. Fin is essential when you are selecting your bodyboard fins. It is determined by the different shapes of the feet that people have. Feet are most typical in shape, and that means, they can fit any fin incredibly.

Do not suffer from any complexity regarding typical shape! But all of them have individual foot pockets.

Viper fins are best if your foot is narrow. However, if you have a wider foot, then you must try Churchill or fins that are similar.

Personal Preference

We have listed many features and do's and don'ts for your better purchase. However, prioritize your personal preference too. If you are not comfortable in your fins, then no professional bodyboarder review is worth it.

Everything depends on how comfortable you are using it because comfort differs from person to person.

Nobody has the same feet structure. It is distinct even in minimal ways from others. However, you can try a lot of fins as they come in different shapes and sizes for a category. Inspect the fins based on the suited features that you want. Make comparisons with other brands and then make a decision.

As time will pass, the fins will turn old and even break. At that time, most people try different types and with different ones. Then they opt for their new ideal pair!


Most fins work the same way for both board surfing and bodyboarding. However, consider the question- What will be the fins' function in the sport that I am interested in? Naturally, all fins are compatible with the water sports, but still, there is a difference when it comes to length, width, and blade stiffness.

Long fins are significant in terms of bodysurfing because you swim without a board, and you ride the wave with your body's help. You hardly carry out any tricks when you are bodysurfing.

In case you are into drop kneeboarding, then fins that are shorter and wider will enhance your performance. However, there are a lot of different fins that will also help you out.

For prone bodyboarding, use fins with a medium blade length provide you with great power and comfort and are also stylish in outlook.


We do accept that all the features are essential to look out for when you are purchasing bodyboarding fins. But that does not mean that you will look uncool in the water! It would be best if you looked amazing and also in style. There are many stylish fins for you to choose, and all you have to do is select the one that rationalizes your taste and outlook.

Churchill and Stealth fins are considered the most stylish. Well, Churchill was deemed to be the first stylish fin from where many other fins took inspiration. There is a massive list of stylish fins that will justify your taste.

Viper fins are a bit heavy and clunkier. However, individual professionals have made them a trend because of their skills that they flaunted in those stylish fins.

Remember to choose something that expresses your style and taste. Once you sort it out, you will look cool in water!

Bodyboarding requires fins, as it is an essential part. This guide gives detailed guidance to you regarding the bodyboard fins. If you purchase your fins based on all the features, then you are good to outshine the other bodyboarders in water.


  1. Can I repair my fins without replacing them with new ones?

Yes, you can repair your damaged fins with resin. Just clean the damaged area properly to remove any dust and rubble. Pour the resin onto it and let it dry. Make sure that you hold the damaged area for some time so that the resin gets a little firm.

  1. Should I put on a leash on my product?

Yes, the leashes are quite handy when you go bodyboarding. Sometimes the fins get off your feet and may drown in the water. With a proper leash to your ankle, you can fetch your fins quickly, saving them from being permanently lost in the depths of the ocean.

  1. I am new to this activity. How should I feel when I put on the fins?

For purchasing the right fit, always see that the fins don't put any pressure on your feet. Go with your regular shoe sizing and make sure that your feet sit in the fins comfortably.

Final Verdict

Bodyboard fins provide a simple yet effective way to get more power and control while body surfing and even keep your feet safe.

Here in this extensive guide, you can quickly go through all the critical pointers to analyze different products available in the market. Purchase an ultimate pair to enjoy your thrilling water activity. / - © Copyright 2020