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Boats can either offer a pleasant experience or an exhaustive endeavor. How? It strongly depends on the type of boat seats you have. As you move around the waters, standing or sitting is the best you can do. Seats need to be comfortable if you don't want to ruin your experience.

So what do you do?

You get the best boat seats! But wait up, it's not as easy as it sounds. There are many different types of boat seats available in the market. What kind of boat seat do you want? Would it match your boat? What are the aspects you should consider?

Yes, it can get overwhelming! But don't you worry!

This guide brings you a complete addition of all the aspects of a boat seat. You will get some tips and learn everything you need to know about boat seats before buying them. What's more? There are different guides to help you make the best decision! So let's begin!

How do boat seats make a difference?

Boat seats are the primary comfort addition to your boat. Regardless of what kind of boat you have, they are available in every model. The primary objective is to bring you comfortable sitting options. However, modern innovations have made them luxurious, even premium level additions to your boats.

Depending on the purpose of your boat, a boat seat can make a significant difference. If you're an angler, you need a boat seat that has apt height and stability. It needs to have lumbar support because fishing requires you to sit for prolonged hours.

If you're a hunter, you would want camouflage boat seats with good quality fiber to produce the least noise as you sit and get off it. For a casual person on a trip, you might want something more comfortable with padding. As you look around various options, choosing the right boat seat becomes indispensable according to the purpose.

Reasons to buy a boat seat

Every boat should have a seat. So it's about whether it's worth getting the boat seats or not. The boat seats will always come in use. However, the real question is what kind of boat seats should you get? Should you upgrade your boat seats, or do they serve the purpose good enough? Reasons to buy different boat seats are:

Increased comfort and leisure

If you're not happy with the current seats you own, you might want to try different boat seats. The best part about them is that there is a wide range of choices available in the market. You can find the seats that precisely fit your requirement and preference. Even if you want to install different seats, you are not under compulsion to buy a complete set. You can get a single seat for yourself or others.

To maintain appeal

If your boat seats are withering away or worn out, it's time for you to get new boat seats. You might want to maintain the integrity of your boat. If you're already investing in the maintenance, then you might want to consider getting boat seats.

The seat of the boat influences its aesthetic appeal and hygiene. So you can't compromise here in any manner.

Fulfill specific purpose

As mentioned above, you might have a specific comfort requirement. If not, then you might have some kids or elderly that would require different seats. Sometimes you might want to get the best out of your boat by installing bench seats.

All of these would need you to buy the right boat seats, and for that, we are bringing you a complete guide with factors, aspects, tips, suggestions, and much more.

Factors to look for when buying boat seats

Have you ever noticed how there are different types of seats, chairs, sofas, and other sitting options for you? Boat seats are similar and get various options for you to choose from. You can buy something as cheap as single digits in cost to thousands of dollars!

Getting the right boat seats is all about understanding yourself, the preference, and your purpose. These factors come with many tips and another quick buyer's guide to help you make the right choice.

Padding and comfort of seats

Padding is the most critical aspect of the boat seats. You might choose some with no padding with a stable construct, but that's not wise if you want to sit for a longer duration. Wooden benches have been great, but they are not as remarkable as other choices.

There are different padding types, but foam would be the best choice for a boat seat. It's waterproof, won't accumulate moisture, or turn heavy. The longevity makes it worth every single penny.

Additionally, you might want to consider back and lumbar support. As rides can get bumpy, proper suspension or shock absorption for seats would be essential, as well.

Important padding parts

It depends on the seat, but you certainly need padding for your base. If there's back support, it could be a great addition but not necessary. Padding is available for armrests and headrest, as well. So you can look in this spectrum to find something that's worth the investment.

Contoured cushioning

This is a form of padding that brings even more comfort and cushioning for anyone sitting. Contouring would mean that you can have a snugger (snuggle) fit to get you utmost comfort. There are many breathable materials available, even with cushioning. However, generally, contour and snug seating is better for a colder climate, but not necessarily.

Back and lumbar support

There are many ways for you to get back or lumbar support in the seat. For anglers, it becomes paramount as you most likely have a small or single-seat boat. Back or lumbar support has become prominent in all types of seating options. The same applies to boats.

There are back cushions, straight or S-shaped frames, among other options that provide better seats for you. Some may even have foam pads that wrap around your back and offer you a 'massage' like feel with optimum hold. Back and lumbar remains a vital consideration.

High back support would also suffice for the back support you'd require on a boat. You can also make do with a simple seat or cushion against the wall. It all comes down to how much comfort you want and the money you're willing to spend.

Shock absorption

You'd think that there aren't many bumps in the water, but you're mistaken. The waves against your boat are bound to provide some of the bumpiest rides. Apart from back support, it becomes vital for your boat seats to have shock absorption. However, it could depend on the type of water.

Shock absorption of the seat is like a suspension system that would add comfort and prevent your body from suffering any damage. Some bumps can be too extreme and cause neck or back problems. You wouldn't want to get stranded on a boat with those problems, alone or with the company. Therefore, shock absorption should be another essential consideration to make in the seats.

Protection for seats

A standard boat seat will fail to withstand the trials of water, sunlight, and other elements that you'll face. It requires proper coating and protective layers to ensure longevity. If you don't have the following measures in your boat seats, you can't expect it to last long. So, here's the list:

Moisture barrier

You might think that if the seats are vinyl and other synthetic, there's no need for a moisture barrier. On the contrary, to prevent mold and mildew, it becomes essential to get a moisture barrier. You see, your seats are still prone to collecting moisture. It can very well reach your seats' depths, which will degrade your seats' quality.

Over time, you may either develop an unhygienic seating for the boat, or it will simply wither away. If you want your boat seats to last long, it's pivotal to get a moisture barrier.


A moisture barrier would prevent moisture from getting inside. Your seats should have proper waterproofing. See, even if you have plastic seats or vinyl material, it's prone to mold, as mentioned earlier. However, if you have a steel or wooden frame (internal or external), it becomes vital to get waterproofing.

You wouldn't want the metal to rust or wood to rot away due to excessive water exposure. That's where waterproofing proves to be essential. More importantly, you might want to consider special coatings or specially coated boat seats if you're going to ride in saltwater as it is more corrosive.

Consider the water you're going to travel on and get excellent water resistance.


Yes, it's getting a little exhausting, but Anti-UV capacity would be equally vital as other proofing because your seats will consistently be exposed to the sun. You can use shades and other methods if you don't want anti-UV coating or material.

Sunlight can take a significant toll on the colors, as they will fade away. The material will wither away and lose durability. However, to extend the life of your seats and their overall integrity, it would be better to get anti-UV addition.

The material of the seats

There are many standard materials available for the boat seats. Vinyl remains a primary choice for the covers and foam for padding. For internal frames, you can get metal like stainless steel for long-lasting and cost-effective integrity. For external structures, plastic would be better.

However, if you want to raise the cost, you can easily find better material for covers and structures. Even padding can become contoured, but that's not exactly a material.

Marine-grade vinyl

A marine-grade vinyl could be a great material to choose from for your boat seats. It comes with all the essential qualities such as anti-UV, waterproofing, moisture-resistance, and even higher integrity. It won't cost too much and give you better, well-versed comfort. The material is breathable and aims to deliver the best comfort you can get in boat seats.

Corrosion resistance

Sure, you can get as much anti-moisture, waterproof and anti-UV qualities as you'd like. In the end, you'd still require a corrosion-resistant material for the integrity of your seat, regarding the frames and such.

Tips for buying the best boat seats

The above-given information aims to highlight certain aspects of buying considerations that many people fail to acknowledge. Now, as you accumulate all the essential information, here is everything you need to consider and decide.

These tips act as a guide to help you make the best decision according to the boat and your preference. So let's begin:

Always measure size

You need to get the right size for the seats. Most of the boat seats will tell you if it's suitable for a person of a specific height. But that's not what you need to consider. For the proper installation of boat seats, you need to consider its dimensions.

Therefore, you should always scale or measure the dimensions in your boat and understand the space. After that, you can check the measurement of each seat before you buy them to see if it will fit your boat or not. The number of seats also depends on the capacity of your boat.

For example, a 100 square feet boat might get up to 20 seats that take five square feet of area. However, it will only house ten seats for 10 square feet in size. This is not an actual number, just an example of how the measure will go. So if you want to consider the number of seats, it's vital to consider the space properly.

Pre-decide the number of seats

Whether you get the boat for personal or professional use, it's better to always go shopping after deciding how many seats you want. For example, if you wish to get five seats, even if you have more space, always aim for five seats. There's no need for you to get more.

Buying the right boat seats strongly depends on how many passengers you would want. Of course, you can't just add as many seats as you'd like. You would have to check the boat's weight support to ensure that you're adding the right number of seats.

This brings you to another consideration. Always calculate the weight of the seat as it will affect your boat's overall weight support capacity. For example, if a ship can carry 500 pounds and add ten seats that weigh 100 pounds, your maximum weight support of the boat is 400 pounds now.

Subtract the storage requirements

When you weigh and measure the seats, make sure to consider the storage requirements. It's vital to dedicate a fixed amount of weight and space for storage on any boat and ship. It would include essentials such as a lifeboat, floating device, anchor, tools, fuel, even extra luggage, and whatnot.

You wouldn't want the boat seats to occupy the complete vessel.

Composition matters

Your seat's overall material composition will significantly impact its life, but that comes with added cost. For instance, if you choose leather instead of vinyl, the price mostly multiples by up to double. Therefore, it would depend on what you have a pocket for.

However, that's not what this is about—material matters in terms of breathability and comfort. You'd want boat seats that are comfortable to sit on. Breathable fabric and the right amount of padding is essential when considering the composition.

Adjustable seats

This is the best feature you can get in any seats, so it should be considered for boat seats, as well. Adjustable seats with a reclining capacity and angular placement would enable you to have more comfort. If you can get those with adjustable heights, then you'd be able to customize the seat for people.

Buy according to boat types

If you don't want to get into all of the details but get some suggestions for buying the best boat seats for a specific boat type, this is an excellent segment to consider. Here are some of the recommendations of boat seats that fit perfectly with different kinds of boats:

Pontoon Boats

For pontoon boat seats, you can either get individual seats or a complete furniture collection. Individual seats allow you to get bench-like appeal with storage boxes underneath them for apt space. It is easier to install as it uses the boat's floor primarily.

A furniture set would be better if you want a complete package that fits in a different part of your boat. These are similar to individual seats but come as a matching set.

Cruiser boats

There are two best options - bolster and back to back boat seats available for cruiser and runabout boats. A bolster would be suitable for its flipping capacity to provide better standing. It's great for fishing, skiing and often offers apt support.

Back to back seats are similar to individual seats. You install them on the boat's floor, and they are back to back with each other with internal storage.

Fishing boats

This is where you have some of the most versatile choices. You can use a folding seat that is very common in very low-end boats and save a lot of space. Bucket seat brings you added comfort, but it's similar to folding. If you want to turn the seats into a bench, add two buckets with a buddy seat in the middle.

Alternatively, you can buy bench seats. Casting seats are often a great choice, especially for standing support, but they don't offer back support.

Offshore boats

Here you will have too many premium-grade considerations to make. It becomes complex as many offshore boats are high luxury or require quick actions. They have apt height, and these boats are too large to be considered boats anymore.

Still, though, a helm or pilot chair works best for the captain. For fishing, you'd need a fighting chair that you can install on the decks and get ready for fishing. Learning posts help you get extra support and mid-style seats.

FAQs: Best Boat Seats

Q: Should you invest in boat covers?

A: If your boat seats don't have anti-UV, moisture-resistance, and other protection, it becomes pivotal to invest in boat covers. Even if they have these qualities, a boat cover will further reinforce these aspects and provide longer-lasting seats. More importantly, you will have an easier time cleaning the seats and maintaining them for regular use.

Q: How to clean your boat seats?

A: The best method to clean your boat seats is to consider the material first. Don't use bleach and other potent agents as it would damage the fabric. Use supporting cleaning agents that are available for boat seats. If required, make sure to use a proper waxing or coating polish after cleaning your seats.

It's not essential to clean your seats regularly, especially if you have boat covers. However, to maintain optimum hygiene, you should consider cleaning according to the use.

Q: How to remove mold from boat seats and other parts?

A: The best way to remove mold is by using baking soda or vinegar. You can combine these two and make a solution to apply to the areas with mold. Let it sit for six hours or more, depending on the content of the mold.

Always use a clean piece of cloth. Microfiber cloth is better. Use mild soap and warm water to wipe off the solution, and you will be able to remove the mold and other similar elements from the seat and other parts of the boat.


Now you can get the best boat seats! Multiple segments cover different requirements. From information provisions to tips and tricks, you have a complete buyer's guide. Of course, if you don't want to get too deep, you can always buy boat seats according to the type of boat you own.

You can consider many accessories such as cup holders, but those are not vital for a seat if you have apt space for other additions. Make sure to always consider the purpose and number of passengers before you buy the boat. In the end, you have all the methods to lower or increase the cost of boat seats. So, have fun and get the best from the market! / - © Copyright 2020