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Looking for a simple yet effective way to protect your luxurious boat from environmental factors? Opt for suitable boat covers.

These covers protect your boat color and prevent any unnecessary wear and tear. All you need to do is select the best cover and make an informed decision.

For this, you need detailed information about the different factors of the product. A comprehensive buying guide presents all the facts and details under one roof. You can quickly analyze them with your requirements and sort out the best option.

Also, you can find answers to common questions and queries in an instant. However, before all this, you should have a clear understanding of the product and its benefits.

Let us have a quick look into a brief introduction and then move further with the guide.

What are the boat covers, and why should you buy them?

So you purchased a boat to have a fun time with your friends and family, but now you are worried about how to protect it from the sun and rain! Well, if that is the case, then all that you need is boat covers. It is all fun sailing out on the sea or ocean, but to extend your enjoyment for a long time, you also have to take care of your boat!

Boat covers are a mandatory accessory that you need to possess if you already have a boat. These sheets keep your boat healthy and also protects it from any harsh weather condition. It gives your boat a long life so that you can enjoy any season with your family, out there on the rippling waters.

  1. It protects your boat from any harmful weather conditions and also prevents tarnishing colors and metal rust in your vessel.
  2. By protecting your boat, it reduces the maintenance cost. You don't have to repaint your vessel if you keep it covered.
  3. The cover not only protects your boat from weather conditions, but also from burglars who may find it challenging to enter. It boosts your security.
  4. It will keep away dust, insects, and other elements that might give your boat an untidy look.
  5. If you are parking your boat in a dock with other owners, it might get difficult to recognize your boat. A boat cover will give your boat a unique appearance and make it easy for you to spot it.

As time has passed, there have been many options regarding boat covers. However, it is not easy to choose a cover for your boat because the demand is always to buy the best one.

This extensive guide will help you choose the ideal boat cover for your boat. By the end of the guide, you will be well aware of the features that you have to consider while you go on boat cover shopping.

Types of Boat Covers

It is vital to know the type of boat covers as they have different functions. You have to understand each one of them so that you can opt for the one that suits your boat best.

  1. Mooring Cover

This cover can be used when you are sailing on the water even. It will protect you from heavy thunderstorms by keeping the water off from the surface of the boat. They are more significant than the towing ones.

The only disadvantage of this cover is that it cannot withstand snowy weather. You have to rethink this cover if you live in a place where it snows. You will have to take all the efforts to remove the snow. Avoid towing!

  1. Covers for Winter Storage

These covers are made of fabric that is coated heavily. They can easily withstand snowy weather and are somewhat similar to the mooring cover. They are taller than the mooring covers.

This cover's disadvantage is that they can be used only for the storage that gets extended during winter, so if you are an inhabitant of such a place, where it's winter throughout the year, then you can opt for it.

  1. Covers for Towing

This cover is very light, tight, and suitable for storage even during the seasons of sailing. You can also use it at a prolonged speed of towing like 55-85 mph.

These covers are not at all made to withstand winter or snowy seasons. Avoid if it snows at your place.

  1. Bass boat Covers

These boat covers are made of heavy material to tow your vessel up to 90 mph. Your boat won't get damaged by the wind and can also be used during winter. It can even withstand snow.

  1. Bow Cover

This cover is not highly useful as it only covers the open bow area of your vessel. It is not advisable because your boat will be prone to sun, rain, and snow and get damaged.

  1. Cockpit cover

Just like the previous cover, it can only cover the cockpit area. It is not suitable for storage as it does not protect your whole boat. It can be at fault easily.

Things to deem about while selecting appropriate boat covers

There are certain features that you have to consider before you purchase the cover for your boat. These features will guide you in choosing your ideal boat cover.


Before you opt for a boat cover, you have to know the size of your vessel. There are plenty of different sizes and styles of the boat that will be a problem without knowing the size. You have to know the measurement and even about the extra accessory that might be required to cover.

Different brands offer you many sizes so that you can easily choose one for your boat. Do not worry as we have got you covered!


The boat covers' material is essential, as that will help protect your vessel from any harsh conditions. You have to look for a marine grade material as it will be more beneficial. Since marine cloth is best for water, covers made out of them will be efficient for you.

The best material is made out of marine grade polyester or 300-600D. The fabric turns out to be better if the number is high. It is best if you choose the 600D material so that your vessel can overcome any difficult situation.

Polyester is the superior material for boat covers, and this has been proved after years of examination and inspection. It can easily withstand high UV radiations and also helps in maintaining the integrity of the structure of the boat even during high temperatures.

The yarns are dyed and then sewed, which makes it more aiding to UV radiations. Before purchasing your boat cover, make sure that the straps and thread material is polyester and not nylon. Nylon always breaks down in the sun, so it is better to avoid it.

Ease to use

Always try looking for a cover that is easy to use. It should not be complicated to strap. You cannot opt for something that might take hours to set up. Imagine a thunderstorm is hitting you, and you race to cover up your boat. In the meantime, you realize that it requires a lot of strapping and hammering.

What is the use then? By the time you finish figuring how to use the straps and cover your vessel, your boat is already wet by the heavy rainfall, and so are you. Please look for accessible features such as elastic hemming that allows you to secure and cover your boat just by sliding easily. Inspect every cover and its feasible features, if any, so that it makes your work easy.

Go through different brands and companies and look up for boat covers that are easy to use and the ones that won't end up giving you a headache.


You have to choose such a material that prevents your vessel from getting damaged from any other condition. Waterproofing is one of the most vital features that will help your boat survive for the longest time.

This keeps the water off your boat and also does not allow any moisture to get collected. The water cannot come through and nor can it be trapped inside the boat if you are using a waterproof boat cover.

If you do not use waterproofing cover, often the water results in a mold and mildew that keeps spreading and makes it unhealthy for you and your boat.

It often starts smelling at times, and this may result in many problems. The quality of your vessel will also deteriorate, and so will the durability. It is better to look for materials made of marine grade polyester clothing as it will keep your vessel better.


Boat covers need to be durable in nature so that your vessels can be well protected, and you can use them for a long time. What is the point of purchasing a cover that needs replacement the very next year? The durability of the boat cover increases the durability of your vessel too!

When you are purchasing boat covers, put emphasis on criteria like:

  1. The materials that have been used to design it
  2. The rating of its denier
  3. Features that it will protect from UV radiations or any harsh condition that your vessel might encounter.

Boat covers may tend to be expensive, but it is best to buy it from a brand that has well inspected and examined it. You have to opt for the ones that can easily withstand any environmental conditions.

There are different covers, and it has its withstanding powers for every season. If you are a resident of snowy places, then make sure to check the covers before purchasing as not all covers are made for the snowy season.

One of the best options is to get a custom cover that fulfills all your conditions. It will increase durability.

Support System

Boat Covers have a support system that is very important for the covers. Most of the covers require a pole to keep them straight and prevent any water pool from them. However, if you plan on buying a cover, make sure that the support system already comes with a pole.

In case your support system does not have that pole, you have to spend on it individually. That will cost you a lot. So we advise you to examine every product of the brands and go through the support system's details. Do not make haste in purchasing your boat covers.


Snaps are required to attach the boat covers to your vessel very securely. Glove button fasteners and Fasnap are the common types of snaps for your covers.

Always make sure to remember the features according to which your boat might require a boat cover snap. Purchase accordingly and make sure it is compatible with your vessel type.

You will find different shapes and sizes and also the price of covers. However, the price of the cover gets influenced by certain factors:

  1. The manufacturing brand of the boat cover that you purchased
  2. The grading of the waterproofing material. Remember, the higher the grade, the more waterproof your cover will be.
  3. Features that are unique in your boat cover
  4. The materials that have been used to design your cover
  5. The amount of each material that has been used for the manufacture of your cover. Every difference in percentage makes a difference in your material.

The price of your boat cover will increase if the size is significant. The materials used are also more in comparison to others.


It may sound weird, but choosing colors also play a role while purchasing boat covers. You might contemplate a lot about the colors that may suit best. Still, the truth is that every color has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no one superficial color that outshines others.

If you opt for white, then it will be a wise decision as it does not absorb heat and also reflects the light. However, it might get filthy, and you will have to spend hours cleaning it.

Black and grey have the ability to resist UV radiation more because the dye that is being used to get the perfect color does not produce any glare.

However, dark colors absorb heat in a tremendous amount. Moreover, bird droppings will be visible, and there is a risk of vinyl seats and chemical pinking too. Well, it ultimately depends on what color you want to prefer, but do it wisely!


When buying a boat cover, notice the seams because they are the weakest point of a cover. Seams are the very point that may let in other elements, or your boat cover may break down.

Make sure that it is put together tightly so that it does not create any problem. It should be able to provide you with the service for the very purpose that they have been bought for.

Keep a notice that seams are not breaking, because if one of them starts unraveling, the rest will continue to unravel too. This will result in the breaking apart of the entire boat cover. You have to keep a check on this so that your vessel is protected from any kind of damage.

Tying Cords

Another essential accessory while purchasing a boat cover is tying chords. These cords let you keep the cover on the top of your boat even if you are pulling or buckling it. These cords will protect your vessel and keep the boat cover in its place even when there is a storm outside.

Buckles prevent the boat cover from flying away in case of strong winds. These are highly required so that the boat covers stay in a fixed place.

Storage Vs. Trailer Cover

Before buying a boat cover, be sorted about the purpose that it has to provide to you. Based on the use of the boat cover, there are three types- storage, trailer, and mooring covers.

The cover that is used to store the boat outside the water is known as a storage cover. If you plan on storing your boat at a very secure place, then the storage cover needed should be made out of astounding and light material. A material that is made of marine-grade is much required.

Waterproofing cloth is required for the boat to be stored in a place that is full of moisture. However, if your boat is going to be outside, then it has to be made in such a way that it resists UV radiation.

If you need boat covers that can withstand any weather conditions or harsh calamities, then it is undoubtedly Trailer covers. Trailer covers are manufactured and designed in such a way that they can survive in any climatic change. They are made to fit your boat accordingly.

The material used for trailer covers is a very high-quality fabric that is durable in nature. Marine polyester is used for UV protection and protects your boat from any damage due to exposure to sun rays. It makes sure that there are no cracks or fading in your boat.


There are two types of fit:

  1. Universal-Fit

Universal-fit are designed for boat models that are broader in shape. These boat covers are massive in size, and their fitting is also quite loose. You will get them in two-foot increments.

We won't suggest this fit for trailer use. Universal-fit covers come at a low price, and you can find them in a wide range of colors.

  1. Custom-Fit

Custom-fit is designed for specific models that are highly expensive. These covers provide the best fit for your boat and are much more recommended in comparison to Universal-fit. The fabric used is significantly less in this type of cover, but you can also use them as Trailer covers.

Boat Covers Maintenance Tips

Having fun on your boat is not the only thing that you should look forward to. Like you have to take care of the boat that you own, you also have to tend to the boat cover. If you can follow the tips, then it will be well and comfortable for you.

  1. Try avoiding water to pool at the top. If you have support poles, then they will help you with that.
  2. Do not let debris, snow or water settle on the top of your cover. If this happens, then use a rag and lukewarm water mixed with soap to clean it. The cleaning should depend on the amount of time the elements were present on the cover.
  3. Always tie the cover tightly. If the weather turns windy, it might make the cover waggle and tear down. Often strong winds blow away your boat cover. For this problem, you can use buckles and snaps to prevent it from flying.
  4. When you are installing the cover, try to keep it away from sensitive materials on your boat. Either remove them or cover them with a firm pad so that it does not cause any harm to your cover.
  5. Keep a watch on the water repellency feature of your boat cover. The repellency factor diminishes soon. When you notice that your cover is not holding water, please give it a coat of repellency. We suggest you apply a high fabric water guard like a 303 fabric guard.
  6. Always read the washing instruction for your boat cover. Avoid detergents as the chemicals will diminish the water repellent feature in your boat cover. Always follow the instructions because certain cleaning products are forbidden.
  7. Always wash your boat cover and dry it off before storage. Please put it in excellent storage back where it is away from moisture and protected from heat.

This guide completely covers up all the related queries about boat covers. If you follow all the features and the maintenance tips, your boat and both the boat cover will be full of life!


  1. How should I clean the cover properly?

Use a warm soapy solution with a soft cloth to clean the cover. Never use harsh chemicals and detergents. Gently clean the cover and avoid hard scrubbing over the stains.

  1. What is the best color while selecting a boat cover?

Different colors have their own pros and cons, and it depends on your personal preference too. A white cover absorbs less heat but gets dirty quickly. The darker colors have no glare and high resistance against UV rays but absorb more heat.

  1. Should I go for nylon or polyester cover?

Opt for polyester material as it is more durable, retains color for a long time, and is highly resistant against water and weather damage.

Final Verdict

With the right boat covers, you can easily save your boat from snow, dust, wind, and water damage. In this guide, you will find all the necessary information to funnel down the best product.

Quickly analyze all the factors and invest your money in the right product. Protect your boat with an ultimate top. / - © Copyright 2020