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So, the carpet of your boat has worn-out, and you are looking to replace it? Well, you need a rug that's compatible with your boat and lasts longer than the previous one.

Buying a boat carpet isn't like choosing mats for your car. The rug has to withstand extreme conditions and splashes of water, so it should be durable and good looking.

To help you buy the best boat carpet, we are here with this definitive buyer's guide. The guide contains the factors that you should consider when purchasing a boat carpet.

A carpet will only look good and last longer if you have bought the right type and right size. Go through the factors listed in this guide, and then compare different carpets to make the right choice.

Benefits of using boat carpet

There are umpteen benefits of using a reliable boat carpet such as you get better traction, and using a rug enhances the lifespan of the flooring. Below we have listed some benefits that will surely convince you to have a reliable boat carpet for your machine.

Easy to install

The reason why boat owners love carpets over other flooring options is that they are easy to install. You don't need professional help to install the carpet so that you can save a lot of money.

A note: In this guide, we have explained the step by step process to install a boat carpet the right way. Keep reading and collect the valuable information that will assist you in installing the carpet properly.

UV resistance

Some best boat carpets are UV resistant to protect the boat flooring. If you choose the rug that's UV stable, then it will enhance the lifespan of the flooring.

Better traction

Boat carpets offer better traction so you and your family won’t slip even if the carpet is wet. Without a boat carpet, there are chances that you can slip as the boat runs on a good speed. Most of the boat carpets offer excellent traction, and that is why you cannot miss using a boat carpet.


Boat carpets are soft, and you can rest assured that they will safeguard your feet from the metal rivets. A plethora of boat carpet types are soft, and you will get a luxury feel while riding in your boat.

Acoustical properties

Do you hate the noise caused by the feet when you walk on the floor? The only way to dampen the sound is by using a good carpet. When you lay a carpet on the floor, then you are reducing the noise. There will be no disturbing noises when someone walks on the floor.

Low cost

Boat carpets are affordable, so you can get some good options without burning a hole in your pocket. Unlike other flooring options, using a boat carpet is inexpensive.

Easy to replace

You can replace the carpet easily without any professional help. If the older carpet has worn-out, then you can change it with another one following a simple DIY process.

Are boat carpets good for everyone?

You might be thinking about who should and who shouldn't use a boat carpet! If you have a boat that you use to cruise with your friends and family, then you should use a carpet.

Fishers should avoid using carpets as they can absorb the smell of the fish, so you need to wash them frequently. If you can do proper maintenance, then you can use a carpet that has low absorption characteristics.

Factors to consider when choosing a boat carpet

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing a boat carpet. With these factors, you can select the best carpet that is easy to install and looks good in your boat.

Types of boat carpets

When looking for boat carpets, you will find many choices such as rubber carpets, outdoor carpets, and much more. You need a carpet that suits your requirements and is easy to maintain. Also, make a choice based on your budget if you don’t want to end up burning a hole in your pocket.

Rubber boat carpet

You should go for a rubber boat carpet if you are worried about slipping. These carpets are good for rubber flooring and look attractive. Furthermore, rubber carpets are affordable and easy to maintain.

The only downsides of using a rubber boat carpet are that it gets hot when exposed to direct sunlight. The exposure of sunlight will damage the carpet, and it won't last much longer.

A pro tip: Use a boat cover to protect the carpet from direct sunlight. You won’t be using the boat most of the time, so using a cover will be a great option to enhance its lifespan.

Outdoor carpet

Go for an outdoor rug to protect the flooring of the boat and to make it look appealing. When you use an outdoor carpet, then you need to keep it clean as it holds water. Also, these types of carpets require frequent cleaning.

Overall, when you go for an outdoor carpet, get ready to take care of it if you want it to last longer.

Vinyl boat carpet

Vinyl boat carpets aren't just great to use in the garage; you can also use them in your boat. The carpets are a bit pricier as compared to rubber carpets, but they are easy to install and are slip-resistance.

The downsides to using vinyl boat carpets are that they are not UV resistant, and direct exposure to sunlight can damage them. You need to take care of it well if you are using a vinyl boat carpet.

Drainage tiles boat carpet

If you don’t want the water to stand inside the boat, you should go for drainage tile boat carpets. The carpets have holes in it that let the water flow down, and you don't have to spend hours cleaning the water.

There are numerous benefits of using tile carpets, such as they are UV resistant and easy to install. If you want to install, these carpets get ready to spend a lot. You don’t find any cheap options because the carpets are pricey among all the types mentioned in this article.

Types of boat

So, some of your friends say that you cannot use a carpet in your boat? Well, it isn't true! Irrespective of the type of boat, you can use a durable carpet. You can cut the carpet to use it on the floor and can use the leftover in your patio deck or garage.

In short, you can use the carpet on any type of boat.


Checking the size is essential, and you know it very well, why choosing the right size matters. The best way to get the right size is by measuring the floor of the boat. Measure everything and note down the measurements in a book so that you can order the right size.

Experts recommend that you should order more carpet than the measurements so that you can cover the sides as well. You will find a plethora of sizes when looking for the best boat carpets.


The weight of the carpet depends on its size, thickness, and type. The manufacturers use ounces to measure the carpet's weight. The carpet's weight will enhance its durability, so don’t go for the most lightweight options as the carpet won’t be durable compared to its heavy counterparts.

A carpet that feels soft and good should be your choice. Another thing to consider when choosing the weight is the price. Heavy carpets are expensive because more material is used to manufacture them.


Go for a boat carpet that’s highly durable so that you don’t have to replace it after a few months. The durability of the carpet depends on its material and how you take care of it. Polypropylene carpets are highly popular among boat owners as they are extremely durable.

Also, check if the carpet resists the growth of mildew and mold so that the floor of the boat looks neat and clean.


There are a variety of color options available when choosing a boat carpet. You can choose any color depending on the color scheme of your boat. When choosing colors, make sure that you are going for something that’s easy to clean.

Light colors attract a lot of dirt, but they don't get heated just like dark color carpets. Go through some customer reviews to make sure that the color you are going to buy is perfect.


After selecting the boat carpet, it is time to go for an adhesive that sticks the carpet to the floor, and you can enjoy boating with your family. The reason to include glue as a factor is that you need to check if the carpet you are purchasing supports marine glue.

Usually, most of the boat carpets support marine adhesive, which is waterproof, and the carpet remains glued to the floor for a long time. If you get the wrong carpet and the wrong glue, then you need to re-glue the carpet multiple times, and the life of the carpet won't be that long as you are expecting.

Ease of installation

The ideal boat carpet should be easy to install so that you don't have to spend hours installing it. Some carpet manufacturers provide an installation kit with the carpets that include the tools to install it quickly.

Some boat carpets require you to use marine adhesive while others come with a snap-in design, so installing them is way easier.

You will find some installation tips in this guide that you need to know before installing the carpet in your boat.

UV resistance

If you go for a boat rug that's not UV resistant, then it will fade over time. The UV rays can damage the carpet badly, and the color won't last long. Moreover, the durability of the carpet will get hampered due to the exposure of sunlight.

If you choose a UV stable carpet, then it will hold its color for a long time, and you don't have to replace the carpet anytime soon.

Yes, UV resistant rugs can be a little bit pricey as compared to the other options, but it is worth investing in quality rugs.


Boat carpets are available at a plethora of prices, starting from affordable options to some high-end carpets. You should choose the carpet that’s reliable and durable so that you don’t have to replace it after a few months of installing it.

Make your budget and then look for carpets so that you can buy a good option under your budget.

How to install a boat carpet properly

So, you have purchased the carpet? Now go through these tips to install the carpet properly. Follow the steps one by one, and then you can install the rug without any professional help.

  • Start with preparing the area.

Start with preparing the area where you will lay the carpet. If there is an existing carpet already installed, remove it, and then scrape off the glue or adhesive so that you can install the new carpet.

Clean the flooring and make sure that it is ready to install the new carpet.

  • Take the seats out

Take the seats and other such things out of the boat so that you get access to the entire floor. Also, consider cleaning the floor as it will help you in laying down the carpet properly.

  • Do the touch-ups

If the flooring requires any touch-ups or repairs, get professionals to do it. If you lay down the carpet on a damaged floor, then it can be disastrous, and the life of the carpet won’t be that good.

  • Take measurements

Check the earlier measurements that you took while ordering the carpet and match them with the new measurements. Try to measure the floor twice so that you can cut the rug properly. While cutting the carpet, leave a few inches on the side for a better fit.

Now lay the carpet on the floor to ensure that it covers the entire floor, and now you can trim the edges by checking how much rug is required on the sides of the boat.

  • Spread the marine adhesive

Now spread the marine adhesive on the carpet using a trowel. Apply enough adhesive so that the carpet sticks to the floor tightly. Use a branded adhesive and follow the process until you lay down the whole carpet on the flooring.

Press the carpet with your fingers or consider walking on it to make sure that it settles down. Wait for the adhesive to do its wonder, and park your boat for a few days, so that the carpet sticks to the flooring properly.

FAQs: Best Boat Carpets

Q: How to remove the old boat carpet?

A: Before installing the new carpet, it is essential to remove the existing one so that you get access to the floor. Here are some steps that you should follow to remove the carpet without damaging the floor.

Removing the carpet is a laborious task, so call your friend to help you out so that you don't get bored during the process.

  1. Chock the boat trailer so that it doesn’t move while you remove the carpet. You can even consider taking the boat in your garage.
  2. Unload all the stuff such as the seats and gear, and disconnect the battery.
  3. While removing the seats and other such components, consider taking the pictures so that you can install them back without any hassles. The pictures will help you in rewiring if you are removing the wiring setup as well while laying down the new carpet.
  4. Remove all the panels and hatches. You can use a drill machine to unscrew the rivets without damaging the floor.
  5. Keep all the hardware in a place so that you don’t miss the rivets or screws that you removed.
  6. Get a staple remover and start removing the staples.
  7. Now try to pull the carpet slowly and make sure not to pull it off vigorously. Hold the carpet in your fingers and pull it using gentle strokes.
  8. If you are not able to pull the carpet off the floor, use a scraper, and then try to remove the glue.
  9. Repeat the entire process for all the hatches and panels unless you remove the entire carpet.
  10. You can even use a glue dissolver if you don’t want to use a scraper.
  11. Look for any damages and inspect the entire floor before you install the new carpet.
Q: How to maintain a boat carpet so that it lasts longer?

A: If you want the boat carpet to last longer without getting damaged, then follow a maintenance regime just as you do with the rugs of your house.

  • Stick to a cleaning process like some carpets support steam cleaning. You should keep the boat carpet clean so that it lasts longer and looks like new. Check out this video to learn the cleaning process.
  • Always use lukewarm water to clean the carpet as it helps you get rid of the odor as well.
  • Don’t forget to use a brush or broom as it will help you clean the debris and dust particles.
  • Never ride the boat when the carpet is wet as walking on a dry carpet will affect its life.
  • Use a boat cover to keep the rug protected from direct exposure to sunlight.
Q: Is marine adhesive waterproof?

A: Yes, the marine adhesive is highly waterproof; that is why we have recommended to use it. The glue is specially designed to withstand the exposure to saltwater. Go for branded marine glue so that it lasts longer, and the carpets remain sticking to the floor.

Q: What material is the best for boat carpet?

A: Boat carpets are made using a plethora of materials such as synthetic plies and rubber sheets. Also, some manufacturers use polypropylene, so you should go through customer reviews to ensure that the material is good and the carpet is durable.

Q: Is getting a boat carpet worth it?

A: Yes, there are numerous reasons why you should go to a boat carpet. The carpet improves the life of the flooring, and you don’t slip while riding on the boat. In short, you should go for a boat carpet that matches the aesthetics of your boat.

Q: Can I use paint on the boat carpet?

A: You can use latex paint on your boat carpet, depending on the type of carpet you have. Using paint will help you in changing the color of the carpet. Also, the paint safeguards the carpet from UV rays, so it would be great if you use the paint.

Q: How to cut the carpet?

A: You can use a measuring tape or utility knife to cut the carpet. Place the measuring tape on the carpet, and then use the knife to cut the rug in pieces so that you can lay it down on the flooring.

While cutting the carpet, make sure to cut it gently and don't do it forcefully. Keep measuring the rug over and over so that it covers the entire floor.

Q: What is a carpet installation kit?

A: Some manufacturers provide carpet installation kits with the carpets that include a utility knife and other such tools you need to install the carpet. Not every manufacturer offers a kit, so make sure to get these items separately if you don't get an installation kit with the rug.


When buying a boat carpet, make sure to check the warranty so that you get a replacement for the carpet if it gets damaged within the warranty period. Also, follow proper maintenance, and clean the carpet regularly so that it lasts longer.

Follow all the factors listed in this guide and go through the tips and FAQ section to learn more about boat carpets. A carpet is an essential component of the boat as it has a lot to do with the appearance and life of the floor. / - © Copyright 2020