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Are you looking for the best Bluetooth beanies? Wait up! You might want to consider the quality of earphones. What's that? There's the fabric you have to pay special attention to. Oh, there's also fitting and comfort. Woah! There's too much for you to contemplate before you choose the right Bluetooth beanie for you.

Let's not forget the cost factor. Does brand matter? If you're already feeling confused, then don't you worry! Here you have a simple guide with a straightforward approach. We are going to keep it clear for you. Therefore, as you read ahead, you will get everything you need to know about Bluetooth beanies!

More importantly, you will have all the essential information to make the best buying decision. This guide aims to break down and organize all the information to bring you a 'plan' and 'checklist' to buy Bluetooth beanies. There's no need for you to feel perplexed anymore. Just read ahead. You will reap the benefits!

What is a Bluetooth beanie?

First, you need to understand what a beanie is. Beanie is a clothing article designed for your head to help keep it warm. Sometimes, people also use it as an added form of protection or cushion. If you're in a cold climate and performing a physically taxing task, it becomes vital to protect your head.

Alternatively, people also use beanies in the summer to shield their heads from intense sunlight. Cotton beanies help in regulating temperature and maintaining breathability while absorbing sweat. There are countless applications to a beanie. So, what is a Bluetooth beanie?

A Bluetooth beanie uses intelligent Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices wirelessly. Primarily, a Bluetooth beanie has earphones that you can put on and listen to music, watch movies, and whatnot. The purpose of a Bluetooth beanie is to regulate temperature for your head while you can enjoy music, audiobooks, or even watch movies.

It's an effortless yet effective innovation. Wearing earphones or headphones with a beanie can be equally comforting, but not necessarily. If you have the right fitting for a beanie, wearing extra earphones or headphones will cause the beanie to push against the earphones and into your head.

As a result, you will feel uncomfortable due to applied pressure on the head. This could lead to many problems such as aches or developing pain in the area. It's because consistent force is being used on your earphones that don't blend with a beanie's fitting. Hence, beanies are more useful.

They usually have softer padding for earphones to snug with ears. You won't have any problem with the winds of colder temperature as it will keep you warm. The right fitting of Bluetooth Beanie will bring you utmost comfort. More importantly, if you use air pods, they can still drop and go missing if you take off your beanie.

However, with a Bluetooth beanie, your earphones are built in the beanie. Therefore, you won't lose them in case you take them off and want to cool off. It's a win-win. Overall, a Bluetooth beanie is a cloth with modern technology. So, while buying it, there are two different segments to consider.

Benefits of buying a Bluetooth beanie

Are you wondering if Bluetooth beanie is worth it? What if it's just a marketing scheme? Well, you didn't know you needed earphones until you tried them, right? The same argument can be made for a Bluetooth beanie. Still, to give you a more 'reasonable' explanation regarding the Bluetooth beanie, read ahead.

A beanie is essential to protect your head from extreme colds that you can't withstand naturally. It's especially important to prevent the chilly winds from possibly causing health problems. After all, exposure to cold winds is a leading cause of falling sick.

A Bluetooth beanie combines the utmost comfort and protective aspect of a regular beanie with impeccable connectivity and earphone technology. Thus, it brings you an option to listen to your favorite music on the go without any problem. You can watch movies anywhere without taking the beanie off.

There's no need for you to put the earphones under the beanie. More importantly, using headphones would be uncomfortable in extreme cold, so if you don't have earphones, a beanie solves the problem.

Temperature regulation

Most importantly, the beanie is paramount for temperature regulations, and if you use one, you will secure your head. In winters, it is a highly practical choice to keep yourself warm. After all, much like our feet and hands, our head is a primary temperature regulation point.

Just like any other part of your body, it's vital to cover your head optimally.

Entertainment access

You don't have to put earphones under the beanie consistently. Nor do you have to compromise the warmth by wearing large headphones. You can use beanie Bluetooth that comes with built-in earphones to give you comfortable access to entertainment.

You can use them almost anywhere without any restriction. Unlike wireless earphones, you don't have to worry about losing them or dropping them as you take your beanie off. Sometimes people forget that they are wearing earphones. Thus, you can save your pricey AirPods from falling to the ground if you use a Bluetooth beanie instead.

Best fitting and comfort

Anyone who has ever given beanie a try never wants to return to an exposed head. This appeal of beanies amplifies when you use it with earphones. That's what a beanie brings you. Imagine not needing to pay attention to anyone. It's just you, your favorite music, or movie as you enjoy your day.

That's the best part about using a Bluetooth beanie. If you get the right beanie, you will have the most comfortable experience without getting any discomfort. Therefore, if nothing, it's a good idea always to have your Bluetooth beanie lying about, for someday when you will use them.

Things to look for when buying Bluetooth beanies

A Bluetooth beanie is a mixture of a clothing article and technology, including physical hardware. Therefore, there are three segments in this guide – Beanie, earphones, and Bluetooth.

Each segment will give you guidelines and tips regarding how you can get in that aspect. As you combine all three parts, you will get full information about how to buy a Bluetooth beanie. If you have any more doubts, there are some frequently asked questions to clarify any doubt.

With that, let's start the guide:

The beanie factors

A beanie makes up for the majority or even the whole of a Bluetooth beanie. Hence, it is the first consideration you would have to make when buying it. Your level of comfort, warmth, fitting, and overall appeal of the Bluetooth beanie will depend on these aspects.

Now, as always, we are not going to dive into the price factor. However, you will get some tips about how to affect the cost by considering some points. Similarly, the guide is to help you get a personal preference regarding beanie. We will not get into 'which color to choose' and other similar questions.

Check the fabric

Acrylic, cotton, fleece, and wool are the most common materials available for Bluetooth beanies. An acrylic beanie is synthetic and offers a wide range of elasticity, fitting, and options. However, it might not be the most comfortable option.

Cotton beanies are suitable for summer and a warmer climate but would fail in winter climates. Therefore, fleece and woolen beanies are the best choices. If you choose fleece, you get a remarkable moisture-wicking capacity. Fleece beanie is trendy among campers and sports enthusiasts who want to protect their heads.

For casual use where you don't have to get sporty, woolen would do a great job if you don't mind the itchiness. Due to their possibility of itchiness, fleece is preferred. However, if you can tweak up your price, you can get your hands on merino wool, which is the most premium-grade material you can get your hands on. These are brilliant.

Look at the style

The style of your beanie is another personal preference similar to colors. However, you need to understand the different types of styles and what they bring to the table. That's how you will select the best technique for yourself. Here's a brief overview of each style.

A chunky knit beanie is those oversized or thick beanies that are often available in woolen style. They give an appeal of a 'homemade beanie,' and there's a big chunk of cloth hanging overhead or behind. Hence, the name, but they have more outdoor appeal.

A crochet beanie looks very identical to a hand-knit hat that your grandma or mom would make for you. These are very similar to chunky beanies but tend to be more durable with thicker fabric, great against strengthening.

There's a double knit beanie that brings you two-layers of finely woven wool in a single beanie. As these are thicker, it's a better choice in frigid climates. If you want to have a snug comfort and warmth, this is the right choice.

Then you have earflap beanies if you want to look cute. Usually, these are popular amongst kids and females. However, these provide extra comfort for ears and could be a great choice as a Bluetooth beanie.

A jersey beanie would give you a more casual appeal that you could wear over any type of clothes. They go well with leather jackets and other styles or the sporty look. Usually, there's artificial fabric blending with wool or cotton to bring you style and comfort. This is a better choice for summer beanies, as well.

Then you have a lining beanie, which brings you a thinner fabric. These don't provide the best fit on your head because of their elasticity and loose-fitting. A liner beanie is more for when you are feeling cold and need extra heating. You won't find many Bluetooth beanies in this aspect.

Now, reversible beanies bring you an option to turn them upside down and wear them with different colors or textures. Ribbed beanies are the most common choice for Bluetooth speakers, and slubs wouldn't provide you the best fitting as they are smaller beanies. Therefore, if you want to pick the right Bluetooth speaker, a ribbed or reversible beanie would be the best choice.

However, some brands offer earphones in other styles and designs. In the end, it comes down to your preference.

Choose the perfect size.

The most vital aspect to consider is the beanie's fitting and size for the best fit and comfort. Don't look for additional features as much as the fitting. So, wear a beanie and make sure that you can quickly move your fingers around the beanie. It shouldn't be looser than two fingers at best when you wear them. If it is, then it will slide off way too often and cause discomfort.

Therefore, you should get a beanie with space for two fingers at best as you wear them. However, there's another factor of height. Always wear a beanie covering the top half of the forehead at best, of 1/3rd from the top of the forehead. That's the best fitting.

You can measure your head's dimension to get the right sizing if you're buying online. Usually, for this, get a beanie that is one or two cm smaller than your head's measurements.

Get the right features.

Many brands will market a beanie as if it's full of features like moisture-wicking, breathable, stretchable, and whatnot. Please don't fall for their scheme. Just look at the material they are using. A material's quality will tell you if the beanie's worth it or not.

The second thing to look for the feature is that some offer size adjustability. It could be through snap-on buttons, zippers, or straps. Either way, it could be an excellent option to choose if you have a varying preference for the size from tight to loose and what not. However, it would increase the price of the Bluetooth beanie.

Most of the time, these features are irrelevant. All you need is proper fitting and the right material with perfect style.

Earphone considerations

Once you have decided on the perfect beanie for yourself, you can immediately look at a Bluetooth beanie and see if it fits your preference. Now, if a beanie does meet your taste, the next thing is the earphone consideration.

Many manufacturers add extra earphone features to entire people. You're not looking for wired earphones. You're looking for Bluetooth beanies. Hence, the first thing to examine is Bluetooth connectivity. After that, it will come down to certain features and aspects of the Bluetooth earphones. Let's take a quick look:

Fitting of the earphones

Many earphones come with silicone cushions. If that's what you're getting, then you can have the best fitting possible. You can either buy silicone cushions separately or get varying sizes as you buy the Bluetooth beanie. That's how you maintain the best fitting.

Another consideration is the size and grip of the earphones. It should settle better in your ears. As these are integrated into a beanie, you should make sure that they are not pushing too hard into your ear. Next, make sure that the beanie is not pulling the earphones upwards or away from your ear as you move your head.

What's the cushioning?

Check if there is cushioning around the earphones. Silicone softening instead of plastic or rubber would be better. However, for better warmth, rubber could be a great choice as well. That's all you can consider here.

The second type of cushioning is the beanie flaps or beanie in general. How does it feel in your ear? That would make a significant impact on your comfort and extended use.

Quality of the sound

Of course, how can you overlook the quality of the sound? Ensure that earphones offer high-quality sound output. HD and 3D output has become a common choice. Bass and treble according to your preference. Don't settle for anything less than what you like. Otherwise, you will end up never using your Bluetooth beanie much.

If you're an audiophile, it becomes paramount to consider sound quality. Check if there is 'hi-fi' sound output. Some earphones come with extra features like noise cancellation. So you can check these out to see if it meets your requirements.

Battery life and charging

As these are Bluetooth beanies, you would have to check for the battery life. Nowadays, you can find at least five to eight hours of battery life easily. Find something that meets your requirement as you go about your day. Multiple hours performance is vital.

How long does it take to charge the earphones? Next, how long do they last? All of these options will help you with deciding whether the earphones are best suitable for you or not. If you think that you have to remove and charge the battery separately, it won't be a good option.

Earphones should have a built-in charge to make it easier for you to charge them.

Bluetooth aspects

Now the third aspect is related to Bluetooth and its performance. To save you some time, we will quickly overview each factor that matters when getting a Bluetooth beanie.

Range of Bluetooth

If you're using a Bluetooth beanie, you're most likely going to use it outside. Hence, you will mostly have your device or phone in your pocket. So the range might not matter too much unless you're into sports or working out. In these cases, you need something with a good range from your device while it's away from the arm—most of the Bluetooth offers around 100 ft of coverage.

Connectivity power

As you consider the range, the next thing is connectivity power and Bluetooth quality. Some devices have distortion and delayed response from the Bluetooth. Thus, it becomes paramount to check if there's any static, distortion, and other similar disturbances while connecting Bluetooth and playing songs or movies.

Sometimes putting your device in a specific pocket and closing it could interrupt Bluetooth connectivity as well. So look out for this, as well.

Compatibility option

Not all Bluetooth beanies are built equal. You have to check out which version of Bluetooth does your device support. Is it high speed and seamless connectivity or not? Does it require two-way authentication, or would it connect directly? There are many things. Yes, most of the Bluetooth devices would connect immediately and don't require two-way authentication, but you should still double-check.

Some Bluetooth beanies would connect with your smartphones but not music systems, PCs, or tablets. So check that out to ensure you get universal compatibility.

FAQs: Best Bluetooth Beanies

Q: How to wash a Bluetooth beanie?

A: Most of the time, Bluetooth beanies have a pocket or pouch in which they hold the earphones. You can unzip, unbutton or undo these pockets and remove the earphones. Then you can wash your beanie just like any other regular beanie.

For Bluetooth earphones, clean them like you would clean any other earphones. That's all you can do here.

Q: How long do Bluetooth beanies last?

A: It depends on the price you paid for the quality. Most of the Bluetooth beanies will last anywhere between two to three years. As technology is constantly advancing, it's possible that Bluetooth would become outdated, but it will always connect. However, the material of the beanie might wear out.

Q: Are there other features in the Bluetooth beanie I should consider?

A: You can consider volume control, call picking options, and other similar additions that you would find on your Bluetooth beanies or hats, and these are generally easy to track. After that, you can look for waterproofing. IPX4 to IPX6 waterproofing is essential if it's snowing or if you sweat a lot. That's all you can expect for extra features or factors to consider in a Bluetooth beanie.


A good Bluetooth beanie brings you comfort and warmth. It adds the leisure of listening to music and movies easily. You can attend calls better without feeling cold. The fitting is snug, and you get the best comfort. If you have these qualities, you will always get the best Bluetooth beanies.

Almost all of them are worth the investment as they don't cost too much. So why waste money on a pair of earphones if you can buy a full Bluetooth beanie at a similar cost? As a plus, it looks stylish and something unique that not many people would own.

Now you can always get your hands on the best Bluetooth beanies with this guide. Hopefully, it was informative and helpful as we broke down the information into segments to make it easier for you to cover all the aspects. With this guide's help, you can also find better earphones, Bluetooth, or just a beanie, as well! / - © Copyright 2020